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In your dreams. They are not taught how to dictate, nor do they care. sm

Posted By: jj on 2006-09-13
In Reply to: I beg to differ with you. An MT transcribes, - Wannie

They, the doctors, barely get a 1 day course in prescribing medications, let alone dictating.  That is why we are medical transcriptionists.  If you thought it would be like it was on the SUM tapes, you are wrong.  This is the real world of doctors dictating.  For the one who laughed at the big bucks,  well maybe you don't make them, and maybe this is why.  If you can only do easy, clinic work, then you will never make it in this business.  That is the work that is easily done off-shore and by VR. 

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Yep, they dictate in noisy nursing stations, dictate in the ER, dictate in the OR when they are
cleaning up banging around and we are supposed to hear them. So much for HIPPA.
7 cpl in your dreams!
in my dreams? 9 CPL reg....sm

7.2 cpl for ASR/VR.............check with the BIGGEST national.......that's what they pay a level 2 (tier 2)!!! 

I have nothing to prove to you..........7.2 CPL believe it or not....20% less than 9 CPL............YOU DO THE MATH!!


Yes but not dreams

I don't have any dreams or anything like that but sometimes, as silly as it sounds, I just get gut feelings about things.

For example, I kept getting a bad feeling that my husband was going to get in a car accident. Every "feeling" I had involved the same highway in the same location & this bad feeling kept reoccurring and getting stronger & stronger to the point that I was freaking out. This went on for about 2 weeks, practically every day until I convinced myself that I was being ridiculous. A few days later, on that same highway and at that same exit, my husband got into a car accident. Fortunately he was OK but those gut feelings I had really freak me out now!

American Dreams!!
Dreams? I don't think so. I make 9.5 as an MT with MQ. They cut my pay 20% as an ME, so you go fi
sweet dreams, because
at MQ if an MT has a base rate of 10 cpl then she gets 80% of that for ME, 8 cpl. AND, I might add, there are some MTs who make *more* than 10 cpl.............
Do you ever transcribe in actual dreams? (s/m)

Along a similar, but different thread with regards to the post below about daydreaming or thinking about other things when transcribing, do you ever transcribe in your dreams?  Thank goodness it doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes I will have a dream where I'm sitting at the computer and transcribing dictation, and can read all the words in front of me.  Is that strange, or what?  And I also sometimes dream that I'm reading a book.  I guess that's what happens when you're in such a word-oriented profession! 

I agree - his dreams are more important than mine; however, sm

I just see him throwing opportunities away and he doesn't even realize it.  So sad for me to sit back and watch. 

I guess that is what being a parent is - having to let go, let them make decisions on their own, and hopefully grow up to be a good responsible adult giving back to the world. 

This is very difficult!!!!!

49 years old/self taught/daughter 20 years old/self taught. I'm a CMT, and daughter is studying t
take the test soon.
I wish someone had taught me..
To this day, I still feel uncomfortable and unsure about what to do. If only someone had taught me when I was young! Your boys are very blessed to have a thoughtful parent like you. 
I was taught to use two
and it is hard to change now. Most of my accounts use two, but I also have one account that uses ChartScript platform and I have noticed that it takes out the two and replaces it with one. And yes, I do think that over a period of time, it would make a difference in the line counts. However, that is the platform they use and I cannot change it. I get paid well anyway, so I am not complaining. Glad someone else noticed it though, I thought it was just my imagination
Some of us do, I was taught the same,
disc for back and disk for eye, however, I have to use disk for everything if I want to keep a job, among other asine rules per BOS.
yes it is accurate I also was taught sm
5 characters equal one word. Therefore, there are 13 words in a 65 character line.
Makes you wonder what they were taught in sm
high school, though I learned most of this in grammar school.
Proof as I go, was taught this way! nm
Weren't you ever taught that if you
don't have anything nice to say to someone, don't say anything at all? You must like being rude and hateful, and I don't mean just YOU personally, I mean everyone who has to criticise and be rude.
Please let me know if wrong, but I was taught to
always put in the patient's name if a dictator said to instead put the patient. Now here years later we are told by the hospital and now we are told to put in the given name if dictated. I do VR, and I read word by word by word everything on all reports. We are also held to the 98% accuracy be it VR or straight.
I was taught by my mother that
if someone gives you a gift, say thanks even if you toss it out your back door. Some do not get even a $5.00 gift card. It is inappropriate to not be thankful for what you have, get or whatever. I did not get a $5.00 card from my company so the OP got more than me. I am not offended by the lack of a gift, does not bother me at all, I did not expect anything.
my 2-yr-old taught me or made me learn...
Left click and hold it down on the task bar and drag, still holding the left button down and drag it to the bottom and drop it.
Children understand what they are taught!
Kids are capable of understanding social situations like this, even at young ages.Adults need to give them more credit. Personally, from listening to the story, sounds like lots of families I know with 5 kids or more. They can get the attitude of entitlement someone else mentioned - their parents are always getting aid from the govt, or town, or churches, and so the kids naturally adopt the attitude of the parents - that they are entitled to everyone's stuff just because...I always go over the normal "rules" with my kids before they go over someone's house - say thank you to the mom, don't ask for anything to eat, be polite, etc. If they are going over and it includes eating, like invited for lunch, I give them the look before they leave and make them promise to at least attempt to eat something even if they don't like it, and to NEVER say they didn't like anything! Guess I'm teaching them to be wimps, huh?!
I was taught about this when typing psych (sm)
one of the doctors used to come into our office (typing pool) and tell us stories from the ER. He then explained what these guys (the majority of hamster/gerbil stories were from guys) would do to these poor little creatures. Gives me the creepy crawlies to think of what people do.
I've been MT for 17 years and was taught (sm)
that from the beginning. "Patient sent to Radiology" is "The patient was sent to Radiology." I remember covering it at AAMT meetings and training interns from the local college who were taught that also.
Here's my theory. We were taught to place nice.

Even if you hated the person and hated their ideas we were taught we needed to share and play nice.  Well here on boards and in chat rooms, you don't have to play nice and we can vent and rant and not have to suck it in. 

I believe it is healthier here on these boards than in real life where you need to smile in people's faces in the workplace, in the neighborhood or even in the family when you would rather tell them what you think at best and at the very worse give them a good old fashion A$$ kick and tell them to get out of your face with their BS..

Here you don't need to be phoney baloney and you can tell people exactly how you feel w/o repercussions.  And that's a good thing.


Ditto, ETMT. I was being taught plateform and
specifics of one account. Then, was hired PT (needed backup since working for nationls has some many uncertainties) so was learning that format and style preferences. Then, the national wanted to train me on a second account with a new platform. I requested not to be tained on the second account - I was overwhelmed with the two new accounts I was already being trained on and, call me stupid, but I can only absorb so much new information at a time. I saw it as a breeding ground for an error and well, we know what an error can do to our reputations. I just needed some time.

Yeah, I was taught the same thing in typing
some 30 years ago, but since my employer prefers it that way, then I will do it; after all, they pay me to do the job the way they want it. It doesn't mean I have to agree that it is correct, but that's just the way it is.
Was taught in my program that all those eye words begin with
My parents taught me that 2 wrongs do not make a right.....
I guess you didn't learn that, or worse you think that *makes* it all right. And people wonder what is wrong with the world these days? Your message pretty clearly outlines it, in my opinion. Working under another Social Security number, no matter WHO does it is wrong, wrong, and, oh yes, ILLEGAL!
We were taught Disc - eyes, Disk - back
Blind boys are being taught MT now in Indonesia or someplace like that. Was
My middle schooler is being taught the changes in typing class.
I was taught two spaces in high school typing class
places want only one space. BOS (pg 66, 2nd Ed) says either/or but be consistent, and that it is usually is set by company/client, but I've definitely noticed that most MTSOs want only one space and that's how I always do it now.
My mother taught me to always "ignore the ignorant." The more attention you give her, the mor
I have given my kids cell phones..and taught them how to press and hold the key to call me..so that
My kids are only 6, 8, and 9 and i used to think it was silly to give kids that age cell phones, but not anymore!!
i was taught opposite, lol, but then at another company they preferred all disc; wide varieties. n
Kinship care versus foster care/adoption
Having been placed in a position where I now have custody of my 3 YO granddaughter and going through the legal system, I sought an online network of relative caregivers for children. I would encourage you, especially since you are in Georgia, that if you take any children into foster care with the idea of adopting them, there is federal law that requires the state to take certain actions in a specific time frame. When a child is removed from it's bio parent(s), the state is required to investigate any possible relatives who can take the child before foster care is considered, but even before that, reunification with the parents is the priority. Once a child enters the system and is in the system for 15 out of any 22 months, the state is required to find permanent placement for the child.

The problem with this is that there are case workers who may favor a foster family and do not seek out relative care. I have a good friend in Georgia who had to fight all the way to the state level to get custody of her grandson after the child was placed from the hospital into a foster care home with the promise that the foster parents would be allowed to adopt. She has now adopted her grandson, but it was a long, hard battle to get the state to admit their own interests were placed above those of the child and/or family.

If you get a child placed through the state, please make certain there is not a relative who wants that child before you get your hopes up. The courts are now favoring return of children to relatives even after a child has spent years with a foster family who hoped to adopt them.

States get bonus federal funds by complying with the time lines and being able to close the case, so some states place children in foster care because it is easier than trying to locate relatives.

Didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but I can't imagine my sweet bella going to someone outside her family.
If it was a clinic, it might have been urgent care, but it was NOT acute care. sm
Acute care refers to work in an acute care setting, a hospital, doing at least History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Consultations, Surgery notes, Emergency Department notes, and much more, including GI procedures, Cardiology procedures, Neurological procedures, Pulmonary Function Studies.  It goes on and on and it means and acute care hospital setting, not a clinic.
800 dictate can help you set it up.

Cannot dictate for MDs
You cannot dictate for a physician unless you have a PA or MD degree.  We volunteered at the last in-house position I held to dictate the discharge summaries instead of paying quite a bit for interns/residents to do the dictating and were told it is not legal.
If they dictate
your hours, you are not an IC and the IRS will sooner or later jump on it.  Do you file a schedule C with your income tax?  Be careful, because if you're not a real IC your deductions may not be allowed.  
I often dictate for a doc sm
that will send his patients to a therpaist named Candace Jones, but he always sends them to Candice Bergan.
If they dictate them, they want them on there.
I always figure if they don't care about their dictation, they probably don't care about their
Dont care how many languages you took. Care
1-800-dictate (342-8283) [mq]
so, where do you get the information to dictate?
I mean, how much time do you spend on listening to a report and turning around and dictating into your machine.

Just curious...a male friend of mine suggested I do this years ago already.

He said, why not get a voice recog machine, and use it with your job.

Is this what you do, Snow Bunny? I am awful curious, because I was thinking of asking my employer, if they would pay for one of those machines so I can do my job better.

We could probably eliminate about half the MT work force...maybe that is what is happening already, why MQ is always out of work.

If that is the case, however, the only problem I have with that is that everyone should be able to have access to this technology, and it should be above-board from employer to employee...it should be like general knowledge that a company either uses this or allows this...

You have been doing this a long time and whether you know it or not are probably paving the way for the future.

I am the one who keeps trying to get everyone to check out what the MOHCA is doing...within a decade (my opinion) med records may not even need editors at all...

They are pushing for standardized text rather than free text, where a doctor does not even dictate anymore...will be a thing of the past.

My question is, then what?

they seem to be trained to dictate that way.
I worked at a hospital that had a podiatric residency program, and the residents were often required to do the dictation for operations performed by others.  Obviously the long format wasn't something the resident made up on his own, it was something they had been trained to do.  Other doctors tend to stumble into dictation without much in the way of instruction.
before they dictate....I presume...nm
Yeah, become a PA and dictate really WELL.

most surgeons dictate very well sm
That is one of the best things about ops.  When I say "dictate well" I mean that they normally know exactly what they are going to say and use the same phrases over and over, which means a better line count for you.  Plus, you are much more likely to get normals doing ops than you are consults and H&Ps (especially in acute care).  Instead of doing one of these docs who repeat everything, or change everything, or a resident who is all over the report back and forth.  That is what slows you down.  I absolutely love op notes; they keep you up-to-date on equipment, etc., and the line count is great, but most of them get farmed out to Spheris (gee, I wonder why?)  However, if you never type OP notes, they can be difficult at first. 
Will it is true that not just anyone can dictate
notes, you have have other degrees and dictate.   They have to be certified by the hospital to be able to dictate, at least at the hospital I work for.  With psych dictation I often have RNs that dictate.  I also have lots of NP that dictate.