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Is there another shortcut program

Posted By: kat on 2007-08-02
In Reply to: Help!!! My AutoCorrect is not - (sm)

that you are working with inside Word? Because that may override your autocorrect entries, I found out the hard way using esp and then adding autocorrect because it is the better program

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For those who use Shortcut expansion program...
I have been a ShortHand user for the past 2 years and prior to that Smartype. I need to try ShortCut to see if I can get it to work in CS.net (Chartscript) since my Shorthand does not. But before I download the trial version, I wanted to find out: Does it also offer a "suggestion window" like Shorthand...like a preview window to see that the expansions are as you type? I relied on that with Shorthand (and Smartype) and hate to give that feature up. (I can't afford Instant Text)
I have never found a program shorthand does not work with, it works outside the program (I think tha
PRD is a DOS program. I don't think it work with Word, a Window's program.
It will count everything if you go in the settings and program it to. Good program!
Sylcount is an awesome and accurate counting program also. That will count everything if you "tell it to".
You can use Shorthand in ANY program, it works outside your program
I have never found a platform it did not work with and I have worked on several different versions of Meditech. Just start using it.
I use shortcut
but this has happened to me with it and I was told to always make sure you open your expansion program behind the document you are working in.

What are "Shortcuts" and "Windows" expanders?  I don't like the Expander I have and I can't use the one I bought about five years ago.

No shortcut!
Notice all these products say somewhere in fine print (even on commercials) something like "works best with a sensible diet and exercise." Proper diet and exercise the ONLY answer to losing weight.
Another ? Has anyone used PRD and ShortCut?

I'm having to switch Expanders too and have used PRD.  While researching it seems that ShortCut is very similar to PRD.   Does anyone know if you can import Expander word list from Dos to Windows?

I use every shortcut I can
That is the way to make money
I think these only work if the software has it written into it.

Try Control plus "+" to enlarge and Control plus "-" to decrease the viewing size of the characters.

Otherwise, you could go into your software's "view" option and see if there is a shortcut there.
Here's a shortcut for you.
Using the information given to you below on how to write the formula, you can copy the formula(s) to a many rows below by doing the following:
Left mouse click in the first cell that contains the formula to be copied. Hold down that mouse button to highlight the cell(s) containing the formula(a) you want to copy and all the cells by dragging the mouse across them (still holding down that mouse button). When you get to the last cell you want to highlight, let go of the mouse button and hit Ctrl+D. This will copy the formula(s) into their respective columns, changing all cell references accordingly.
(Please post if you don't understand this and I'll try to re-explain.)
Here's another shortcut
If you have to have multiple apps open at once: i made a macro and assigned to an F key - so to switch back and forth I only have to hit one key.

Also did the same with block and copy - one stroke on an F key.
LOVE ShortCut and have used it for years with success on virtually every platform I have ever used
I use Shortcut
This one is really simple to use/edit. I've been using it for years but I can't rate it against anything else because I've never used anything else. If you're using a platform that doesn't work well with the expander, there is a way to load the Expander entries into the autotext function and it will expand the same way.

As for the entries themselves, here's what I usually do:

I'd enter "chff" for congestive heart failure, using the extra "f" because there are times when a client only wants the abbrev. This way I can type "CHF" without it expanding every time.
Have used shortcut for years, when I changed jobs, the tech people were able to do it, there is also an 800 number to call the company that distributes shortcut and they will walk you thru it when you first purchase - also I think their web site had directions. I currently work in Chartscript so don't know if it is the same.
I went to the website for ShortCut but still have some questions (there's not much info about it out there, like on Productivity Talk). Does it have a preview window like ShortHand and the old SmartType? Can you import your word list from other Expander programs into it?

There is a book Saving Keystrokes that can be purchased on the internet that of great help for some commonly used phrases and words.  I did find this website for downloading shortcuts, but I have not actually gone in and done it so not sure what is there, but probably not much for medical shortcuts  I just typed in autocorrect shortcut in the address box and there are several sites you might check also.


You can figure out from each of your doctors what they use a lot and make your own, and put them in autocorrect perhaps under the doctor's ID number and then something you will remember. 

Most of these shortcuts are your personal phrases and what your doctors use on a regular basis, so will have to be done individually and in ways that you remember. 

I'm looking for a keyboard shortcut
to type the date, 10/13/05, using the microsoft word 97 program.  I'm sure I read somewhere that there is one. 
thanks to all for shortcut ideas
This is wonderful.  Thanks to all of you for sharing.  I really appreciate and will pass it on to my friends as well. 
Shortcut programs?
Which shortcut program is easier to use?  Shortcut for Windows, Smartype, or InstanText?  I need to start building a good shortcut list so I can build up my line count?
RE: Shortcut programs
I really like Shortcut.  I just upped my version.
shortcut question

I am using a trial version of shortcut.  I have added shortcuts to a file, but when I pull them up the first letter is duplicated -- for example.  tpt -- the patient -- comes out tthe patient.  Anyone dealt with this?  I have e-mailed tech support but no response yet.


shortcut or shorthand? I know there's
a little incapatability with ShortHand and activewords. If it is shorthand, then you have to install a specific version of activewords to use shorthand. Here's the link for that

If it's shortcut, sorry, I don't know what the fix might be.
shortcut keys

I am wondering if anyone knows this- there is supposed to be a shortcut key that you can circumvent an Expander with.  Say I want to type the name Lee and lee is my expander for lower extremity edema, is there something I can hit that would keep it from expanding just when I typed the name?  I swear I remember someone telling me this once but now nobody in our entire facility seems to know what that would be.  Thanks!

Suggestions for a shortcut for with....
Silly, I know.  I just can't seem to come up with a good one.  I already us "wi" for "within".   Thanks for any input!
Try the shortcut keys
You will do much better with the shortcut keys. Remember, the linecount varies, depending on the physician and the customer. Give Alt-K a try.

Good luck

I've never used shortcut,....
only Instant Text, but have used it for over 7 years and love it.
Need help with Shorthand and Shortcut
Can someone tell me how to convert my ShortHand File to my Shortcut for windows. Thanks!!
ShortHand Shortcut

do you want to create a shortcut on your desktop for ShortHand?  if so, use your start button and find your ShortHand program on "All Programs," then right click the ShortHand program and select "create shortcut." 

or you can find the shorthand.exe using the "my computer" button on your desktop and right click from there and create a shortcut. 

hope this helps!

How did you get Shortcut to work in DQS?
Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I'm wondering about Shortcut.  Did you have it imported into DQS to make it work?  I've been trying to find an Expander that I can use in DQS.  How did you do it?  TYI!
bayscribe re yo shortcut
On status screen, bottom right is link for transcription manual. On next menu, click bayscribe manual and scroll down to word Expander tips and tricks...an exerpt:

Word Expander Tips and Tricks
One handy definition that you can create is one that will easily expand to, for instance, "11-year-old". To do this, create an expansion with the ShortHand of yo. Then in the With: box type Ctrl-Backspace followed by -year-old. To activate this expansion, just type any number followed by a space, yo, space. For instance, "11 yo" will expand to "11-year-old ". Backspace characters show up as dark vertical lines in the With: b

question for those who use ShortCut
Does it also offer a "suggestion window" like Shorthand...like a preview window to see that the expansions are as you type?
Your question about ShortCut
Not really sure what you mean about a preview window, however, if you maximize your ShortCut program you can see what abbreviations you have created. I have used this program for years and find it to be extremely user friendly.
can u explain your shortcut to me...
like i'm a 6-year-old because either your quotes are freaking my eyes out or i'm just too dense. i'm trying to speed myself up and i can't get what you are saying, plus how do you "name" that shortcut for example?
word shortcut for date? NM
They also recommend ShortCut for Windows. nm
Which do you prefer, Shortcut or Shorthand (sm)

I've always used Expanders already built in to program, but making a change and need to purchase an Expander (Word-based platform).  So I don't know much.  Please enlighten me.  Which do you prefer?

Thanks, guys :-)

what is the shortcut to take out an entire sentence? sm
I know ctrl backspace takes out one word at a time, what is the key to take out a sentene at a time?  I have an MD is is just awful about changing his mind.  Thanks in advance!!!!
Need Advice on Shortcut software

I need to buy some type of shortcut/word substitution software.  I need to be able to program whole paragraphs into the program and use 2 letters to get it back out.  What is good out there now?  What about cost?  Any advice is appreciated.


Different combination shortcut keys that I don't want to
also incompatible with Stedman Smartype (Word 2003 made a change that conflicts with Smartype, not a Smartype issue). Earlier versions of Word do not have this conflict.
macro / shortcut question

Hi guys ... I'm having a mental block. Years ago, in WP51, I had set up shortcuts for formats, such as "alt L" for a Letter, or "alt C" for consults, etc.  Now I type in MSWord, but I want to set something up for a new doc Im typing for.  What were those shortcut called?  How do I set them up?  They were not macros ... something else, less complicated.  I either used the ALT key or maybe it was the CTRL key - not sure.

Please help; I want to set up some quick hospital formats, one for an H&P, one for an OP, etc.  Thanks again !


I worked with it and used Shortcut with no problems. nm
For some reason my keyboard shortcut ... sm

has changed from CTRL+P to Shift-CTRL+F12.  What can I do to get it back?

Expanders: Shorthand vs. Shortcut....
Has anyone used both of these?  And if so, did you like one more than the other?  Thanks!
Meditech shortcut for date (sm)
Could someone who knows Meditech tell me how to use the short cuts.  No one ever taught me - just basics of typing - and I know there are things that can help.  thank you for your help.
Keyboard shortcut to scroll down

Anyone know of a keyboard shortcut to replace using the mouse to scroll down the scroll bar line by line?  I have a neck problem, and would like the text to stay towards the top of the screen.  It would be easier for me to do this with a shortcut rather than reaching for the mouse each time.

The "page down" key scrolls down, but not a line at a time.

Would appreciate any tips on this, thanks.


Anybody know if Shortcut for Windows works with Chartscript? nm
Opinions on shortcut programs wanted - sm

I'm looking for something to replace this garbage ShortCuts for Windows.

In order of priority, I'm looking for something;

1.  Easy to use.

2.  Compatible with multiple programs.

3.  Not terribly expensive.

Any opinions appreciated.  I will be checking them all out.

Anyone use ShortCut as their expander with Meditech? I don't want to change with my new job
Maybe you have a shortcut that's interfering. Did you check the manual for
the program shortcuts that you might be hitting thinking it's for something else?