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Jumping in topic....

Posted By: tia on 2005-10-11
In Reply to: Radiology rate ? - Boo

A third of my work is radiology and the rest is basic four reports.  I prefer doing rad because of the fast pace.  It's a small hospital with a rotating doctor and I do anywhere from 50 to 150 (this is not counting combined reports) reports a day which only takes a couple of hours of my day.  Would really like to do more rad but afraid of the committment it would mean.  Any suggestions?

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Jumping in here .....

But I just wanted to say that I know very well where both Rome and Douglasville are -- I'm in Cedartown !!


Change your macro or Expander to include a destructive backspace.
Also, if you do not use those fields to type on you can simply hit Alt + A then ctrl + shift + F9 and it will turn all the field codes to test instead of having to go delete them all.
No hoop jumping
I said nothing about specific companies, nothing about cpl.  It was mentioned having to sit for days with no work and to that I say, then why stay?  Keep one job while you look for another, but there is no reason to stay with a company that has no work.  And while we are at it, why do so many people say "Tell me a good company that pays well."  Do you want someone else to write your resume and do the work for you, too.  Check out ALL the MT boards, Google for jobs, send out resumes, make phone calls.  As has been said a million times on this board, a good job for one will not necessarily be a good job for another.  Just don't sit staring at an empty screen, waiting for the MT fairy to drop jobs in your lap.  Last I heard, her job was sent to India.
Ctl + F9 works for me, then F11 does the jumping

Have you taken MT courses yet? Or are you just jumping in on your own? nm
You are right. I guess I'm jumping the gun. It
just really upset me.  I'll be shocked if it's NOT true, but stranger things have happened.  Time will tell.
I'm jumping in a day late.
I just wanted to second that dogs don't do well with berber. My dog loosened one loop while chewing/playing with something (I can't remember whether it was a treat or toy). When he realized what he'd done, he then proceeded to pull it until I had a huge run in the carpet dead center in the room. We've never had behavior problems with him since we got him, but he didn't know any better and kept right on going. I vowed never to get berber again after that.
jumping around in word doc
Is there anyway that you can jump around in a word document?  Meaning say if i have a template set up with all these headings is there a way just to put a * or something after the heading and be able to hit shortcut keys to jump right to that spot so I could start typing.   THANKS FOR THE HELP!
Why is everyone jumping all over her post?
I don't believe she mentioned that she believes there is anything wrong with prayer.  I think she was surprised to hear this being dictated.  It is surprising!  I have never come across such a statement in my entire career.  It doesn't mean that prayer between patient and physician does not happen, it just is unusual that it is being dictated...that's all.
Jumping to fields

Hi everyone!  For years I have been jumping to fields in Word by using the F11 key.  Does anyone know if I can customize my keyboard to use alt/c to jump around and how to set that up?


Those jumping on you are jealous, that's all.
I think when some people got into transcription, they figured it would be easier than it is. It's a real job that you have to concentrate on at all times. I don't answer the phone, my husband knows not to bug me and when my kids were still at home they knew not to bother mom while she's working.

This is still a great career for me. I get as much work as I want and make as much money as I want.
Again - Someone jumping to conclusions
Is it that they can not comprehend what they read?  This post was an effort at encouragement to some, not all.  Again, someone takes a sentence out of context, turns it into something else, just so they can be this rude.  No some may not want out of this business.  It is all they have left.  What she was encouraging was that if you are still young enough, why not start searching for another passion if this one has been taken away from you?  I don't think the message was too hard to comprehend.  If you want to "vent" (if that is what some call it), please do not do it to people who do not deserve this.
There you go jumping to conclusions.
I seems strange that clients would be jumping
ship when the TAT time is pretty much up to the minute. You would think transcriptionists would be jumping ship instead. I don't believe the clients are jumping ship.
I really don't have any problem jumping accounts

A bit time delaying at first to learn the specifics and keeping the client profile open for referrence.

The only thing I hate is when I'm literally changing accounts with every other report and realize (usually as I hit send) that I did things on that report that is the standard from the account previously ie: number med list versus not...using 1. vs 1) etc.

Woops. I am so sorry for jumping the gun like that. Didn't know. Sorry! :(
You are certainly jumping to conclusions. I assure you sm
I would not send anyone to AAMT for any reason. 
For 63 yrs old, I was surprised he's still jumping aound like that.

I think alot of people are jumping to --sm
conclusions here about the whole situation, including yourself. You do not know that just because she gave your husband's friend a ride home, that anything happened between them. Since she already had his friends cell number, perhaps he simply left something in her car and she wanted to return it. It could be totally innocent on everybodies parts. She may not even be aware he is married. But any way, that all is between your husband's friend and her. Since your husband told you about it in the first place, I think there is nothing to worry about in that respect. However, your over reaction to it will probably change things between you and him, and calm open communication is the only thing that may change that back. You already crossed the line with a jealous outburst, and perhaps will never be able to cross back. He will always see you in a different light now, and that you possibly do not trust him, and he will be very careful about what he tells you in the future. I have learned through experience that jealousy, anger, and mistrust are the quickest ways to drive your husband to find someone else. Secondly, if there IS an affair going on between the friend and this woman...it is none of your business. Don't confront the friend..don't confront the other woman...and definitely do not call the wife to tell her. If there is an affair going on, she will find out on her own, but if you stick your nose in, and they patch things up between them, you will have lost a friend for yourself, and your husband. Stay out of it. I definitely think you need to sit down with your husband and calmly talk about this. Tell him that you are sorry for over reacting and that you DO trust him. That is the most important. Never bring up the phone call again. Never ask for the number. He probably feels that you will interfere in something that is not your concern and that is why he does not want you to have it...not because something is going on. He thinks you will embarrass him. that is all. Don't start making waves when you are the one who would end up losing in the long run. Trust me...I know. I was jealous and suspicious of my ex husband and all of his female friends. I reacted to every situation with jealousy and anger, and tried to FORCE him to stay with me. If they want to go, you can't stop them from going. I ended up losing him because I drove him away with mistrust and jealousy. He is married to her now, and I hope they are very happy together. I am not angry and I am not bitter. I did it to myself and I take full responsibility for that. I just do not want to see it happen to anyone else, because it can be avoided simply by how you approach things. Take care and good luck to you.
Cannot remember macro for jumping

I need a macro for Word 2003 to jump to ?? as the next field and, even though I've done this before, I cannot for the LIFE of me remember how to do it.  


Any clues? THANKS in advance!

Microsoft Word margin jumping
Hello. I've had this happen before when opening MS Word and suddenly the curser jumps to the very top of the page and not at the usual 1" margin that I have set at. Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't remember how I did it last time. It just started doing this again. I've checked my margins and they are fine in page set up.Thanks.
That's hilarious, hiring bonus. Everyone jumping ship?
I'm afraid if you posted anything on here, people will just start jumping -
down your throat. People on this board, unfortunately, are notorious for that. Hopefully, you are working for a better company now and not dealing with the MQ problems and accounts.
If you have the knees for it, jumping rope slims fast.
Jumping rope is effective because it doesn't build a lot of muscle bulk in the thighs, which many women don't want. You get calf definition and it works your core muscles, arms, and especially your heart and lungs. The effect is very slimming.

But I also saw a study that said men slim fastest with aerobic exercise, and surprisingly, women slim down fastest if they do strength training in addition to aerobics. Weird, hey?
They're great! Lots of sweating, jumping, dancing. Fun! I just ordered more. nm
Need to get up every 2 hours and take some sort of break. Food, dog walk, jumping jacks, laundry,
On the topic.......
I would certainly hope that any woman, young or old, has the common sense to wear what is most attractive on her. Of course, that doesn't always happen, but ya can't lump any group together by age, etc., and say that one particular style won't look good on all women in that particular group. We're all unique and what may look fine on you will look like hell on me. Or vice versa.

I'm a size 1-2-3, depending, and even though I'm almost 48, I do have to do most of my clothes shopping in juniors. Not all, mind you, but the majority. I hate to admit it, but I own shorts from the girls' rack (size 12). I also work out on a daily basis and have my natural brown hair. The makeup I own could be stored in a single small Glad bag with room left over. I wanted to switch from bikinis to one-pieces this summer, but friends told me that I would be crazy to do so.

I wonder......are you talking about someone like me?

Please think before ya post; you just might offend someone. :)
Off the topic but really need help with my dog. sm
My 7-month old little cocker was neutered on Friday. Overall, he is doing good, eating fine, drinking fine, up and around and in generally good spirits. The only thing we have had to do is give him Benadryl and 1/2 aspirin three times a day to keep his agitation level down since he was extremely off the wall the first 36 hours. He has one of those clear lampshade collars. Now, my question is, I would like to take the collar off since he can't scratch his ears or play with his toys-and he does love his toys. How on earth do I keep him from licking the surgical site? Does anyone have any good ideas? The aspirin is helping, but he still wants to lick. My son told me he used lots of vaseline with red pepper mixed in for his dog, but I'm afraid to try that. My luck he would get it in his eyes or in his sutures. I had a female years ago that was spayed, but never had a ounce of problems. She didn't lick once.
off topic...
I would say there is no such thing as "Somewhat unfaithful." That is like being a "little pregnant." SO, first just say it - your husband was unfaithful and you worked through it.

No, you do not have a right to feel angry and betrayed by your mother-in-law. You did not marry her nor she you. The 2 of you did not exchange vows. You have a right to feel hurt that she's having a relationship with the other woman and not you, but who she communicates with is her business. Now you know, mom-in-law is NOT your friend. Most mothers-in-law are not friends with their son's wives, so join the club.

You say your marriage is now stronger than ever - that's where your focus should be, not on your mother-in-law. Be cordial with her, but she's given you evidence of her true colors and you should not take her into your confidence again.

There is never a topic here (sm)
As far as comfort goes, I think it is great.  If the frame would make it higher, then that would be good for an older person as they would probably have a problem getting down on the floor.  (I know)
Along the same topic as below...

What do you find makes a man sexy? Is it his eyes? his smile? his ruggedness? his sensitivity? Or is it all of the above?

For me, it's all of the above.  I love a rough and rugged man, not a sissy man that's afraid of getting his hands dirty! Deep eyes that can see right through you...a smile that still looks like a child...and sensitive enough to cry over The Notebook...

Hey, that describes my husband to a T!!! Woohoo lucky me!!!

Off topic, but why...
did you take the "O" out of God? Just curious...odd to me that you would do that...no flame here, just an honest-to-goodness curiosity question
Trying to keep this topic near the top! sm

I wanted to do some research on the stuff we're discussing (offshoring), but unfortunately I cannot find recent information.  I googled "bills to stop offshorting" and came up with this article:

Markey Introduces Bill to Block Offshoring of Consumers' Personal Data

WASHINGTON, DC -- May 13, 2004 -- Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA), a senior Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the Co-Chair of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, today announced that he is introducing legislation to clarify the rights and responsibilities of companies, their regulators and consumers regarding the protection of privacy in global commerce.

Rep. Markey said, “It is becoming increasingly clear that both our jobs and our privacy are being shipped offshore, and federal regulators aren’t doing nearly enough to stop it. In effect, regulators are telling consumers to ‘check your privacy at the shore.’ The bill I’m introducing today will help stop this dangerous trend from continuing.”

The bill Rep. Markey introduced today, the “Personal Data Offshoring Protection Act of 2004” (HR 4366), would prohibit companies from transferring personal information to any person outside the United States without notice and consent. Specifically, the Markey bill:

  • Requires any business enterprise that transfers personally identifiable information regarding a US citizen, such as the citizen’s name, address, financial information, medical records, or other personal information to first provide prior notice to the citizen;

  • Requires such businesses to allow consumers to block (or “opt out”) of information transfers to any countries that the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has determined provide adequate and enforceable privacy protections, such as the European Union (EU);

  • Requires such businesses to obtain the prior consent of the consumer (or “opt in”) before personal data can be sent to other countries that the FTC determines do not provide adequate and enforceable privacy protections;

  • Bars companies from refusing to provide goods or services to consumers who elect to exercise their “opt out” or “opt in” consent rights, or from charging consumers more if they chose to exercise such rights;

  • Provides for enforcement of the bill’s restrictions by the FTC by defining violations of the bill as a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act’s prohibition on unfair and deceptive acts or practices, thereby allowing the FTC to seek injunctions against violators and to impose financial penalties of up to $11,000 per violation;

  • Provides for additional civil remedies against violations, including authorization to the state attorney’s general to bring civil actions to enjoin violations and impose monetary penalties of actual monetary losses or up to $10,000 per violation, whichever is greater; and,

  • Provides a citizen whose privacy rights are violated with a private right of action to sue a business who has violated the act for actual monetary damages or up to $10,000 per violation, whichever is greater.

Rep. Markey noted that Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) recently introduced similar legislation in the Senate (S. 2312).


It is a few years old, but I thought someone might be able to use this as a place to start.  I also attend college and am going to try to use the school library resources to find out some more information.

Off topic
Did anyone seen the Today show this morning? I have seen and heard it all now.... The Ultimate Outsourcing- people going to India for surrogate mothers!!! OMG.... compared to about 80 grand they would pay here in the US, they would pay only 30 grand (This includes travel for the perspective parents to india).
Off your topic, but
On Topic
Well aware of that - just in a rush while typing - but thanks - so do you have an answer to my question?
Off topic -- but regarding the CMT behind your name, SM

what does this mean and what does one have to do to get it?  I am also a CMT and just wondered how this works.  You may email me if you want.  Thanks.

This is a different topic really and I don't
IMO, newbie MTs should not work on ASR. They typically do not have the knowledge base required, at least with regard to acute care, to be able to discern when what they are seeing and/or hearing is incorrect in the context of the report.

ASR editing requires a different skill set than straight transcription and new MTs need to focus on developing their knowledge base.

The problem is that the experienced, quality MTs that should be working on ASR and properly training the platform should never take the crummy wages wages paid for ASR editing. So the MTSOs have created a catch-22. They don't pay enough to attract quality MTs that will improve the quality of the ASR platform which would in turn improve production across the board so the settle for newbie or subpar MTs who will work for the measly pay they offer, but the quality of the ASR never improves or even gets worse, which slows production causing MTs to speed up to make more money and miss errors, which the ASR adopts as correct, etc., etc.,
The topic is about
whether or not one "can" or "should" transcribe in public. Was just pointing out that I cannot because of a written policy. I am very happy in my stable hospital work-at-home job thank you very much.
On the granparents topic..what would you do.sm

In our house, the kids have been raised that if they do something wrong then we should hear about it from them, not someone else.  This helps to foster responsibility and open communication so things can be discussed as the growth and get into mishaps of the ages.

Hubby's mother has always wtached the kids while we are on vacation.  This year I was a bit leary and so I made other plans, which he had a fit about it would hurt her feelings, blah blah blah.  I left STRICT instructions for my good friend to be called for ANY trouble with the kids as she is not known for being good at standing up to the kids...hence the worry with 3 teens.

Anyway, we get back from vacation, everyone is weird the first night we are home.  The kids all go off to school the next day and even weirder is that my MIL stays in her room until hubby is up.  THEN she comes out bawling and blubbering about how we should not be mad.  After 30 minutes of her crying jag it comes out my son was arrested while we were gone.  She did her ususal, no punishment, no in trouble of any kind and let him sit on his ass while suspended.  To top it all off, AFTER she leaves I find out he was suspended AGAIN only 3 days later and nobody bothered to tell me this...I am told by a daughter who informes me she waited for her bother to tell me or her grandmother as my son had thrown the origial mail to me away.  I just blew up..to say the least...suspended twice and arrested in 10 days....whole new territory to me and all she can do is cry about how we should not be mad at him and not to punish him.  Really?

Now, I REFUSE to let my children go there as I do not feel she has any idea what dangerous behavior is and even when she had the names and numbers of others to deal with any problems decided to hush things up and not use them.  To top it all off, SHE told my children not to say a word to us when we got back....basically having them lie to our faces when we asked how things went, etc. when we got back.  I am sooo furious I could spit.  Hubby cannot believe I will not let her have my children any more and says I am insane. 

I want other opinons if YOU would entrust your children to someone who pretends such activites did not happen and sweep it under the rug and break huge house rules of being truthful with the parents.  She pulled the "if you love me you won't tell your mom and dad" crap and do not feel she can be trusted with supervising teenagers for any time whatsoever.

Yes I am. That's what the original topic was, after all.
agree with you on the Nagin/Blanco thing. Did you want to change the subject?

I don't have tunnel vision.
You can usually tell by the topic whether or not it pertains to MQ.

off topic...need help with cat problem..sm
does anyone know of a good over the counter tape worm medication.  the cat has fleas and a tapework. I know the frontline is the best for fleas, but unsure of the tapeworm.  Thanks for any advice!
I think it means it's a hot topic -
been viewed a lot of times.
off topic, but bear with me here
would you be upset if your husband had been somewhat unfaithful in the past, but the two of you worked through your problems and sought counseling and now had a stronger marriage than ever?  except you didn't know for certain about the somewhat unfaithful part until after you had reconciled and renewed your vows?  but then you find out that your mother-in-law knew about the infidelity and preached to you about marriage and family without telling you the whole story?  because it was her son's place to tell me, not hers.  and now you find out that she is friends with this other woman and calls and emails her on a regular basis, which is more than she does with you?  do I have the right to feel angry and betrayed here?  or am I seriously just overreacting and freaking out about something that's in the past?
Off topic - please do not flame...
I will be moving to a smaller house (simplifying and paying off my mortgage in the process..yay!) and will need an Aerobed for guests. For those of you who own them, are they comfortable enough for an elderly person? I have seen some really high ones and see that you can now purchase a separate frame. Any thoughts? TIA.
Off Topic. Does anyone take Lexapro?

I was on it for generalized anxiety disorder and it worked great.  I felt like me minus the anxiety.  No side effects at all.  But I did some research about weight gain and so I stopped taking it.  I was only on it for one month and the weight gain supposedly starts to appear after a few months to a year.  And we arent just talking 5 pounds or so.  People are reported 30-50 pounds.

I would like to go back on it but I have been really good with my exercise routine and am really looking forward to fitting nicely into that bikini this summer.  I am torn. 

Anyone out there who takes Lexapro and has not gained weight????

why not start this topic? sm
Those who want to participate can and those who don't won't. The lady asked for help and advice not insults. Grand for you, you were smart enough not to put yourself there but this girl made a bad choice and her aunt is asking for some help, support and ideas.

Why be ugly about it?
I know this is off topic, but I just had to share with everyone that
$30,000.00 scholarship for her community involvement going back to 7th grade. She wrote a paper on how all people should get involved and make a difference in other peoples lives. I'm the proudest mom in the whole wide world! :D
Great Topic! sm
I use the basic sites:  Google, One Look, Rx List.  Here is another great word and equipment site that I saw posted on this forum:  www.eneel.com .  Here's an interesting site to search hospitals & nursing homes: www.zapconnect.com .