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Kinda on the subject, but not....

Posted By: anyone know? on 2005-07-20
In Reply to: Need some advice - Poor MT

My son planned a trip to New Orleans for the 4th of July. We tried and tried to find a room through travelocity.com, hotels.com, expedia.com, etc. without success. I'm not sure exactly what the site was, but I finally found a hotel room (I think I searched New Orleans.com or something similar) at the Cotton Exchange Hotel which seemed to be a very good hotel by all sites description. It was booked on all these other sites. So I grabbed the room for the guys. However, when they got to New Orleans and showed their confirmation, the hotel sent them next door to the Holiday Inn. What was up with that?  Of course, they didn't care one way or the other, but I just wondered why the hotel did that. Thought maybe they were affiliated, but by the description of the hotels, I would rather have stayed in the Cotton Exchange and would have been somewhat disappointed had the reservation been for me.  Just curious

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Kinda but not kinda
My son is heading to Japan to study for a few months. He's NOT a partier and detests anything related to that, but still I will worry.
this is kinda fun.....sm



Shortcut to: http://www.njagyouth.org/Liberty_.htm

I guess some people like to be left alone - I would rather a little more guidance when I start - until I more sure of things. I was trained by a QA person who was supposed to be QA and mentor - now someone else's name comes on my corrected reports. The QA person is not even available on 2nd shift when I work - if I have questions I have to email and get answers the next day. Don't want to seem needy but sometimes you need an answer NOW

Kinda sorta...
I have received my certificate from completing my transcription course and have been in the medical field for 5 years. From hospital to doctors office to home health care agencies. This should help me quite a bit. I'm confident know that I have gotten this response from you. Thank you very much! I am very excited.
Seems kinda strange,
if it is just for 911 purposes, it could be so that emergency personnel could have several contact numbers in case of an emergency.  However, I've moved 6 times in the past 8 years, and I've never had to give that info out for any of my utilities.
Forgive me, but isn't that kinda mean?

Besides, my friend has the "collar" for her yorkie and the dang thing yaps right over it. The way I did it with my dog when he was a pup didn't make him "afraid" of barking (knowing he'd get zapped). He just learned that we did not like it when he barked.  He also doesn't jump up on people unless I give him the okay and he does NOT lick people. EEEEW.

I didn't rely on gadgets with my dog.  I trained him with patience and rewards.  Works every time and makes a heck of a better dog.

If you're going to zap a dog when he barks, why not just kick him?  The "correction devices" are only made for people that don't want to bother to spend the time.


LOL!!!!!! Kinda pathetic that I have nothing better
Just kinda curious
what does attract a man to this field?? I suppose it really is no less "manly" than being an accountant or computer programer or whatever, but its not exactly high paying if the best MTs are getting say 50K. Not that that's bad I'd be ecstatic if I made that much. But for on average being a low paying and traditionally a "women's" if (I can say such a sexist thing)job why did you decide to become a transcriptionist?

Besides what's wrong with being gay- in my next life I want to come back as a gay man, their having all the fun anyway
Doc said CO2 88.4 - isn't that kinda high?
No, I don't have that kinda time, but . . . .
most of the time when a guy has a sexy voice he has a face for radio, if you know what I mean!

For example,
Steve Perry from Journey
Elton John
Boy George

Once I was "fixed up" with a guy who called me to talk (I'd not seen him yet) and his voice sounded like a total dweeb. I wasn't sure if I wanted to meet him but did reluctantly anyway. When I did he was the most gorgeous creature I'd ever seen so boy was I glad I didn't base my opinion on the high-pitched voice that sounded like a 13-year-old that was my first impression of him! LOL
I'm kinda sorta doing that now.

I work for a national but do acute care stuff, which means I have to be glued to my desk in case I get an "instant message" telling me to type up a stat report.  I have the kind of personality where I NEED a schedule, otherwise I'll just frig around and wind up typing up a days work at the last minute.  I tried it before and it didn't work out so well for me. 

I'm not forced to punch in and out for breaks though.  I do take short breaks here and there to rest and get up and walk, but then I'm right back here at the keys.  Some days I even eat while typing, but that's the nature of the beast where I am.  Yeah, sometimes it wears thin like on days when everything aches and no matter how fast I type, there's always a stack of stuff waiting that needed to be done yesterday.  It also sucks when I get asked to type up stuff because some other typist has gone "MIA."  I just get bent because I figure I have to be here during my schedule, why can't they?  

Oh well, at least there's an overflowing amount of work, unlike some other companies I read where the people are sitting twiddling their thumbs waiting for stuff to come in.

Actually they DO kinda' look like hearses!
One passed me in the fast lane on the freeway yesterday -- big, long, and black -- headed up to the city. Was wondering where on earth they thought they were gonna park it.............
Kinda slow

I bought the preferred version because I switched computers and my new laptop came with Word 2003 which SmartType does NOT work with.  I was able to teach it the medical words for the most part.  Some stuff was tricky like x3 and I could not get that to work.  Unfortunately it seemed awfully slow to me and you have to get a really get microphone.  FOr me though a lot of my work is VR except for new doctors so I just don't bother with it.  But if you're typing all day it might be useful after you spend the time training it.  I spent about 100 on it so it's MUCH less expensive than the medical version.

Kinda agree
I kind of agree with the above poster. There is so much negativity on this board. People who are thinking about becoming an MT or ones who are just starting out and even ones who are seasoned and are just having a bad day come to this board for encouragement and advice. All anyone (not all) can do is make you feel even worse and feel like there is no hope in this field and you have a sucky job! I feel very lucky to be able to work from home. Compared to when I used to have to get up in the morning, get dressed up, pack lunch or have money to buy lunch, drive almost an hour to work, be miserable all day long and stare the clock down, drive all the way back home, and then before I know it, it's time to do it all over again. Now I am 30 seconds from my office, do not have to buy expensive clothes or get dressed up, do not have to spend tons of money on gas, do not have to worry about packing or buying a lunch. I think we are very lucky compared to a lot of people. I just really wish some people on here would be more optimistic and not make people who are coming here for advice feel like @!*# for having chosen this as a career. One day I was having a really bad day and just thought I was a total failure and I came here and asked for encouragement and afterwards with all the negativity I felt like blowing my brains out. Not literally but you get my point. Glad I got over it and decided not to listen to those people and decided to go with my own instincts.
300 lph is kinda hard to believe, unless she does
Kinda? What's that? Indian?...nm
Well, it kinda depends...sm

I work in-house in Washington State and I'm sure I don't make as much as someone working in-house in California, but my fingers and wrists are saved by working in-house.  I do have a minimum minute count to get, but I can pace myself throughout the day and it is very easily achievable.  If I were working at home I would be pushing myself to the absolute maximum by trying to get as many lines as I can in a day (did that for several years...hated it).  However, there is only so much you can make in a day getting paid by the hour instead of the line.  If you make a decent rate per line and you have a high line count per day I'm sure you could make more than someone working in-house who only gets so much per hour for an 8-hour day no matter how much they type.  So, it kinda goes both ways.  

thats kinda hard on your bladder
you could eat something salty (? popcorn), try spring water, iced water, a squeeze of lemon or a bit of vinegar in it... its what your body NEEDS!! :)
I agree. Kinda fishy isn't it?
Thanks for this post, SB. I have to say these comments kinda
I'm definitely not a redneck, but I do know some country people whom some of you board MTs here might call rednecks, who are absolutely the best of the best - pure hearts of gold.

If you would ever do research of the term "redneck," you would find that it really does not mean drunks and carousers but, rather, refers to hardworking, salt-of-the-earth, farming people who LITERALLY got red necks from working the land, out in the sun all day, to make a living and provide for their families. Yes, it has come to have a more negative connotation, but if you think that all Southern, hardworking country people are rednecks, then you are dead wrong, and I'd love to show you around here sometime. You'd probably love our Southern hospitality if you'd give it a chance.
Well, its kinda funny - but not overwhelmingly so...
Found it on another site and thot it warranted a look see! LOL. But U are right - not grade A humor - more like C...
Kinda along the same lines as muff (sm)
Would you believe I have an 18-year-old college daughter who does the same thing!!!???

Needless to say, we are very close and I've been a home MT for most of her school-aged years.

Actually, she doesn't do it as much now...

My solution was I switched to the red-eye. I work 11-7 (or loosely similar). I started doing this when she was in the 10th grade. I worked all night, finished, woke her up, took her took her to school and slept until time to pick her up.

Then we had the evenings together. It made a huge difference. She was always very tolerant because I'd work every little chance I'd get to add up to 8 hours or more. With all the interruptions of daily life, it seemed like I worked every waking hour.

It's not easy working nights at first, but eventually your body clock gets the hang of it. Weekends can be challenging, but if you take a nap sometime Sunday, you can get back in the *groove.*

Best of luck to you. I know it's hard. I'm a single parent and my daughter has been my life. She still plans *our* time, mother/daughter time.

Do what you have to. They are only young once. :-)
legs get kinda numb ???
Does anyone else experience this?  After sitting at my 'puter and transcribing, my legs feel like they are asleep.  Not really pain but numb.  It does not necessarily happen after long periods of typing.  It can be after just an hour or two?  What causes this and what can I do about it?  Or is it even related to sitting in a chair all day?
Mine's kinda funny . . .
I ALWAYS seem to type SHITORY instead of history, I kid you not! LOL
My kinda cook! I can sure relate! nm
Can someone tell me kinda what it's like to work on Meditech? nm
I understand - kinda in the same situation. nm
Kinda ugly?...she's scary looking...

She's way too young to have had all that work done.  My guess is it was a mistake when it said Kat's family and friends... apparently she doesn't have anyone except her parents and grandma!



Wow that's kinda harsh- it seems to me its the opposite
from what I have seen it seems like the seasoned MTs resent the Newbies- I have seen no sign of it being the other way around, which I would actually even understand considering the nastiness they run into on this board.

I don't think anyone thinks their having completed an MT course puts them on a par with someone who has been doing it for years- they simply want to be given a chance. So you were trained on the job- good for you. But thank God there are training courses out there now so that people come in with at least some knowledge.

And there is nothing wrong with not wanting to work every single weekend and every single holiday. Where I work everyone has to work at least one weekend day, newbies and seasoned alike. There are only a couple who have been here so long that they have monday-friday days due to seniority. Everyone here has to work at least 12 hours of holidays a year,no matter who you are or how long you have worked here. I don't mind working holidays so that people with families can have them off. I don't see why someone should get stuck with all the scut work just because they are new.
eh I like it. It's kinda like a savings plan for me.
Plus I get the child tax credit. Usually get around 5 grand back. Nice. but after buying an HDTV, computer and two Xbox 360s last year this one will alllll go to the credit card companies!
Kinda like "Use spermacide the day before you
Kinda sad that MTs have to rely on things like that ... (nm)

kinda miss those times. Had one
dictate to me over a phone and another perch on the corner of my desk because he never dictated, but needed an x-ray report. Of course, it was from his clinic and I guess his girl was out and now, of course, that is a big no-no, but it was more casual then and you helped one another more.
Thanks. I'm not really overly worried, just kinda
wanted confirmation of others who have done the same thing. Have no experience doing this kind of thing is all. I'll be taking to my sup when she gets back off PTO.

Enjoy your trip to California!
Kinda have to agree with you. Flip side would be
I've had supervisors send occasional bloopers or things around the holidays that are appropriate, but never the forward type things.

This reminds me of the MT who was complaining that her super didn't want chit-chat on the phone.

It's just best on both sides to maintain a professional decorum most of the time.
so, what kinda nasty thing does peep mean? sm

cause my kids say it all the time, referring to people, "their peeps" etc.  I've never heard it used as anything nasty. Can't even think what it might mean, the nasty version! Please, do tell!

So... what ya'll are telling me in a schizo kinda way is...
...whether or not they are right or wrong, is this is going to be a royal pain in my backside, which may take a very long time to resolve and that I could be living under a bridge eventually if IRS decides they want to be right even if they are wrong...

Okay. I feel better... or maybe I don't...

The national was MQ, so I know that I was not self-employed and taxes, SS, etc. were deducted.

I'm going to call them after I pray and go from there, whether it be an attorney or finding a nice big box to live in.

This is just the most recent of a string of strange events in my life that have occurred since January. Just silly, nagging, time-consuming things that are about to drive me crazy. I know what my problem is. I keep asking, "What's next?" I'm going to stop that.

Thanks again for all info.
sounds kinda familiar (see message)
I encountered this problem with a few software programs a short time ago. Had computer problems and I kept wiping my hard drive to start over, thinking I couldn't resolve the issues any other way. The line count utility I use keeps track of the installs and only allows three (Sylvan), though the program can be uninstalled and registered as installed if connected to the internet when uninstalling and that way can be installed more than three times but only available on three computers at a time ... am I confusing you? ... I think I've confused myself! LOL

But, yes, I think that is the trend of software companies now that they are finding they can program their programs to only allow so many installs. Great for them, not so great for those of us who really have a need for more than the allowed installs.
independent contractor kinda sorta....nm
Yeah, kinda like Alfred E. Newman!!
kinda harsh?...it's downright ridiculous.
Sounds kinda scattered, what I meant
wsa in essence you wrote a bad check, found out what they said you owed and gave them a check for that amount, then stopped the check. That is where the deceit comes in and that is what is against the law.
Haha! that's so funny. Kinda looks like my keyboard!
Takes a lickin but keeps on tickin!

Most of my letters are worn away...esp all the ones I use my middle fingers for.
Kinda funny that the word "integrity" is in there -
Love the show and the concept!! Wish that were me with that kinda problems...
I feel kinda lazy reading your post as i'm content just

Where I feel crazy, I set a goal of around 300 lines an hour (ha! not with these dictators but 250 is still good), every two hours make a snack to get me moving.  I love juicing veggies and making fruit smoothies in the blender, coffee makes me nuts.  I also do calisthenics (sp?) every couple of hours for about three minutes to keep my blood flowing and keep toned.  I walk the dog two times a day for about 10 minutes to get energized from the sun and keep a good color.  I take an hour break to watch good ol Judge Judy, and fix myself something nice n yummy, and after Judy I crank out my last hour called the 'power hour' where I take no prisoners and smoke comes off my keyboard!  Like a race to the finish line.

I can't see how you could do the 20 and the 10 minute clean break, that would slow me down!  Maybe I should take cleaning breaks, because I never want to clean when I have a block of time off and the dirt just collects.

Fear of change. Kinda like I am when I am faced with learning a new acct.
It's kinda like playing a gameshow every day! Beat That Production Limit!

Kinda hard to call Rosa Parks, she died recently. nm
you get a network of MTs to cover as backup whom you can trust. kinda like docs are "oncall"
network with MTs, you cover for them, they cover for you when times are necessary or take your laptop and go mobile if you wish to not do that.
While we are on subject, how about 1 and 1/4 cm. Is it 1.025?