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Looks Like UTMT has an ax to grind... Bias!

Posted By: MC on 2006-11-22
In Reply to: The ad on the job board DOES say... - UTMT

Career Step grads, as well as grads from other well-known schools, can perform quality work! They have proven it!

Visit aamt.org for recommended schools. As far as placement, Career Step has many industry partners who recommend their course, including the nation's top companies--like, Medquist, Spheris, Focus Infomatics, etc.

So, UTMT, I can only assume your "name calling" or mischaracterization of before you "name call" or mischaracterization of Career Step graduates as "willing to work for less" is a result of misinformation or frustration you have about how Career Step's success may affect your own "bottom line."

The industry has definitely jumped on-board with Career Step, which has the other schools scrambling. You can visit Career Step's page about industry partners to learn more: www.careerstep.com/site/type=mt/page=companiesrecommend-mt (Click on the links, and see for yourself which school leading MTSO's refer you to for training. If even one of them recommends Andrews or mtec, I'd be surprised.

LINK/URL: List of just some of the MTSO's that recommend Career Step!

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anyone grind their teeth?
I've done it for so long I know have extra growth of bone on upper and lower buccal mucosa.  It looks unsightly, and I'm going to try to find an oral surgeon who can remove this.  I'm also constantly burning it with food because it naturally drops there.  I'm seeing a dentist to finally get fitted with a mouth piece, but I have my doubts about stopping the grinding!  I take muscle relaxers, and Xanax, massage my jaws with warm clothes, and also sleep on a heating pad (burned myself a few weeks ago and woke up with welts and blisters) I just dont see an end to this.  Anyone at all have success in stopping grinding??
Yes. Especially high-end merchandise. Someone has an ax to grind with Walmart
The media is so corrupt trying to paint pictures with one side to the story omitting the fact that everything else is made outside the US, not just Walmart merchandise. Then you have posters like the above get all mad and huffy about Walmart. Fact is if you educate yourself and read labels, watch the marketing of any retailer, Walmart is not unique as Frontline would have you believe.

I get tired of daily grind. I get tired of having

horrible dictation/dictators and not able to produce lines, which directly affects my paycheck.  I don't mind doing the difficult stuff, and I pretty good at it, but it is stressful and I find it very hard to budget when you never know what your paycheck is going to be.   I hate being tied to having earphones on all day.   I have children at home (I homeschool and don't have toddlers running around) and my DH works third shift so he is home during the day.  I try to work around all this, but can't always.  If I had a "desk" job I could be part of conversations at least, but having to have the earphones on you can't do that.   I get tired of being sedentary, my feet swell, my shoulders are tired, my elbows hurt, etc.  

I stick with it because of my children, and also because I like the flexibility.  I don't have to be up at 5:30 to get the kids up and ready for school, I don't have to fight traffic to get to work at 8:00.  It is a trade-off.   Sounds like you just need a break.