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Never use the mouse, only hot keys. nm

Posted By: Another eScriptionist on 2006-12-14
In Reply to: 600 lines per hour with Escription - duck


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you mean keys instead of mouse?
Using the keys is always faster than using the mouse. I learned this the hard way going from an old key system to a mouse system -- my productivity was cut in half.
Mouse vs function keys?
OK, I just started with a new company and going through extensive training on-line.  Been doing MT for 15 years and am very comfortable with the mouse.  Trainer is trying to get me to use function keys.  She says it helps greatly with speed and the mouse slows you down.  I even have a "cheat strip" of all the function keys but cannot for the life of me get comfortable with using all the commands.  How do you know (besides looking at the "cheat strip") when to use Alt, Ctrl or shift key in combination with the F keys?  Is there any mindset you can get into that makes you remember Alt is for this type of function, Ctrl is for that type of function, shift for another?  How many of you use the function keys vs the mouse and is it really that much faster with time and practice?
Navigating a page using keyboard keys/mouse

I have an HP desktop with MSWord, less than a year old, laser mouse. 

I had a lot of problems with the keyboard, which was finally diagnosed as "keyboard failure".  It was replaced, but it seems to be happening again and that the mouse is getting in on the action. 

I want to know what the "computer speak" would be for the issues below. I'm trying to describe them in a letter. Indeed, is there a pithy way or phrase for:

1--Using the mouse or page up key cause a "stutter"--the text appears repeated (which was not actually typed) and the cursor won't move upward. The page sort of "stutters" or flickers and movement is stuck. I usually muse use the outside bar to break free and navigate up or click to another spot on the page and try again to move up via the mouse or the key.

2--Often, at the end of a document, I hit page up or the arrow up, nothing responds on the page. I may have to use the mouse to click on the page which then will get me a response to those keys' use.

As well, could either of these problems be related to my keyboard settings?


put your mouse on the bar, hold down the left side of your mouse and move it back to the bottom, let
hope this works
Control Your Mouse with Mouse Gestures/Kim Komando sm

FYI.  This was on Kim's Cool Site of the Day for June 15.


Keyboard and mouse. Is there such a thing as a keyboard that has a mouse on the actual keyboard?

I Take the Keys Off
I take the keys off and then clean it with a keyboard cleaner kit I bought.  It contains a little vacuum, lint-free cloth, and a few attachments to get between keys or whatever.  I use alcohol for the keys and the keyboard itself.  To just clean the wrist wrest and 'My Favorites' buttons, (I have the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000) I use Lysol sanitizing wipes.
well in my 40s, looking for keys and....sm
my eyeglasses all the time began.....and is still happening and I'm no longer in my 40s....*LOL* - you have to laugh at it, or you'll cry, and we don't want you to cry so try to laugh at the aging process......try fighting it if you want...you know, you're as young as you feel/look, etc.  Certainly try NOT to worry about these things that happen to EVERYBODY!! 
use alt keys
you can use the alt keys:
f2-slow speed, f3, fast speed, f4 stop, f7 rewind, f8 ff, f9 play, f10 play reel speed.
hot keys
my last job we used the alt F keys and i actually got used to it. i never had a pedal. the stretch on the fingers tho does a number on ya. i will be back to using the pedal soon tho with this new job...back to tapes, oh my godddd. i took three steps back. surprise surprise, the voice recognition thing didn't go over well...
You must be working with VR. I never use my function keys either. I follow along with my mouse. To me it is easier.
F keys
You dont have to use them, the mouse is fine. I personally dont like having to use the mouse and keep typing. I also use the F keys instead of the foot pedal. After 20 years, my foot and ankle are in pain after about one hour of typing.
Any others use hot keys only? sm
I know of someone in same situation, however, I did not suggest the hot keys as I tried them myself and I found it to be extremely slow and thought no company would ever put up with it, so I didn't suggest it. Does anyone else use hot keys exclusively? Could you be an Editor this way, just wondering. Seems very cumbersome, time consuming and probably could not keep up speed wise and get canned. Perhaps I've been wrong all this time, it would be nice if some company had the patience, they all seem to want speed, speed, speed.
Hot Keys
I transcribe with my footpedal for 1 account and then my big money maker is editing which I do exclusively with the hot keys. It works very well for me.

When I first started on-line transcription (I worked locally with tapes for nearly 3 years) I wanted to make sure it would be a good fit for me and find a good company ( I had heard and read many horror stories about not getting paid, etc) so I used the hot keys exclusively then too. I have found many transcription companies are looking for a certain number of lines a day (they do not care how long it takes you as long as it is within turn around time) rather than speed, but I understand that is not everyone's experience. Anyway I became quite fast with the hot keys on transcribing as well so it can work, but not for everyone certainly. Of course I do not and never expected to transcribe more than 200 lines per hour or rihgt around there:)
Hot Keys are....
They are your "F" keys at the top of the keyboard. This way your hands stay on the keyboard at all times. It can take some time getting used to, but it is well worth it!
hot keys
It took me probably a month before I was really comfortable with the hot keys.  I would try and learn a new hot key every few days.  The first one I would recommend is the ALT-K.
Hot keys
I give you lots of credit if what I understand is that you have been doing transcription without a foot pedal, but rather are using hot keys! I am utterly lost without my foot pedal!
If you can't get used to the marker keys, then
right click on Phrases, go to Options, Marker Keys and pick the ones you want to use. I used the space bar for a long time and maybe this option gave me the comfort to use what I knew. Use what you know for now so you can get used to it. IT really is a great program. I like the single and multiple file compilations too as IT then picks out the terms and phrases that you use a lot for you. Keep trying, it's worth the trip.
I have it too, but find the keys take
a lot more pressure than my previous keyboard. Do you have that problem?
Blob Keys
Lol - yes the good thing about the lack of paint on the keys is it freaks anyone else who wants to use my PC! That'll teach 'em!

Yes, it is now looking quite fargin' ugly. The last keyboard had black keys and the sliver letters wore off. I used to write them back on with a white marking pen and ooooh didn't THAT look perty!

This time, the letters are not fading, but the black paint is chipping off slowly but surely. I am so disappointed because I did NOT get mine at Sam's Club and it was very expensive, as keyboards go. I've been going through keyboards about every 6 months for the past bazillion years and I hoped this would last longer. It functions just fine, but my H and N keys are no longer black but bright white. E and T are not far behind.

BTW, I am quite partial to the purple - just wish the lighting was brighter. Anything to make this job more exciting. Doesn't take much, huh? There is a keyboard in the works where each key is a LED. How cool is THAT?
shortcut keys

I am wondering if anyone knows this- there is supposed to be a shortcut key that you can circumvent an Expander with.  Say I want to type the name Lee and lee is my expander for lower extremity edema, is there something I can hit that would keep it from expanding just when I typed the name?  I swear I remember someone telling me this once but now nobody in our entire facility seems to know what that would be.  Thanks!

The short cut keys help.
You move around the document much more quickly. The short cut keys for the header, ccs, template, etc are key. I'm not a huge fan of the alt+K but I still try to use it. I also use just my autocorrect for expanders.
Try the shortcut keys
You will do much better with the shortcut keys. Remember, the linecount varies, depending on the physician and the customer. Give Alt-K a try.

Good luck

Try looking at the function keys...sm
in your laptop. If you have that CRT/LCD key, press "Fn" and then that function key (on mine, it's F8--I have a Dell). Your extension monitor should show your desktop, and your laptop monitor would go blank. Of course, I am assuming you already dealt with Control Panel/Display/Settings, and you've matched the physical arrangement of your monitors. I also have my "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" unchecked. If you do leave it checked, your laptop desktop is going to show in your extension monitor as an "extension" of your desktop, meaning, you will be able to drag your mouse onto your secondary monitor. But, if you're like me and want to extend the life of your laptop monitor, then try to look for that function key. Good luck!
Clickiness of keys?
Are any of these keyboards nice and *clicky*???  I like springy keys, not the soft barely there mushy keys. 
Emdat F keys
I work with Emdat. I use the F keys all the time. What function are you trying to do?
ExpressScribe hot keys
If you open the ExpressScribe and go to control, then hot key set up you can make it work by assigning keys.  I work in MS Word and was using F5 to open files, but when I have the ExpressScribe reduced and hit F5 it opens the ExpressScribe window instead of my Word file.  I just assigned a different key to open and close the ExpressScribe.  You can also create a new one to assign a file to "done" so you don't have to use your mouse.
I just use the F keys with InScribe

Go to Options, Set actions, and select which F keys you want to have which function.  I thought I would die at first, now I don't think I would go back to the pedal!


Please, what are hot keys? How does this work? Thanks. NM
Function keys with IT
I have a doc that says the same thing over and over. I have made a template for him and I use my F11 key to jump from field to field to "fill in the blanks". How can I get this to work with IT. I have added it to my glossary using the formated option and the F11 key does not work. I have tried using the command key (I insert the F11 key before every field in the template and then save it to the glossary) and this has not worked either. Any suggestions?
Short-cut keys
Do you all use your mouse much?  What short-cut keys do you find the most helpful?  I am trying to cut wasted time where I can and think maybe I can pick up something new from you. 
Try other F keys. I had platfor where F2 you
Already tried all F keys and nothing worked...nm

Function keys

I am typing now, but wanted to send you a quick note and say that you are right about the function keys for playing, FForward, and Rewind....I have been doing that this morning, and it works well!  I thought it would just be too much confusion to try and use those function keys instead of the foot pedal, but honestly, it's working great, so thanks!!  I appreciate any advice that's making it easier for me to use this system, and I got some good tips!

Have a good day

Hot keys and practice.

How long have you been on this account?  My average is typically between 550-600 lines an hour but I have bad days too, today is only 394 but that is with the kids home and lots of distraction.  At night is when I get my good lines in.  I use the shortcut keys, keep it mouse free, try to keep the audio speed increased whenever I can and do my proofing as I do my spellcheck and throughout the report.  I also still use my autocorrect a lot during editing for common mistakes that must be typed in (usually the same VR mistakes every time). 

I know that when starting a new account and still checking on specs and such it does take time to get that number up.  There are also days like today myself that typing just seems to be faster.  It happens.  I also noticed when I did a short sting on a clinical acount on Escript that it had horrible lines.  I much prefer Acute Care with VR. 

How long did it take you to get used to hot keys only?
I've been on escripiton for 2-1/2 years and only now has the company I work for even mentioned hot keys and they trained me. I'd love to get my lph up, but so far I am no where near you and the OP. Just wondering how long it took of daily practice to get used to using hot keys and not using the mouse. Thank you in advance for your response.
Right now I have 10 keys without letters
on them and it works fine. I don't seen need to replace unless the keys are sticking or not working.
skipping keys
No, it is just a plug and play
Plus and Minus Keys
It has the plus and minus keys by the backspace key, and they work the same as the 10-key.
Keys sticking

Get a new one or else clean it out with a vacuum or one of this spray cans for keyboards. When my keys start sticking especially the spacer bar, it's usually a sign that it's ready to be replaced.

It's amazing how much junk you find between the keys. Slide a little business card through your keys and see what you come up with. LOL

I also do VR but the arrow keys?
Maybe I am doing wrong but I do not use the arrow keys hardly at all. Why are you using these, are you supposed to? I think escription tells you not to use the mouse, well I hate to tell them but never have given that up. They say use hot keys, never have. Just too set in my ways to start at this late date. I never have any problems with arms, shoulders, on and on.
Arrow Keys
I use Dictaphone EXT and they told me not to use the mouse but to use the arrow keys to move around in the document.
Program keys
Sometimes the C-phones lose their memory and the keys need to be reprogrammed. If there is a sheet on the display page, the program numbers may be on the reverse side. I may be able to find directions later in day.
Keys to my success
Take them or leave them.

Work for yourself..not for a money-hungry MTSO who wants to use you up, throw you away and outsource your work to a foreign country.

Try to keep yourself an employee-status hourly or salaried job at all times. You can take other jobs on the side, but again, don't accept pay lower than you deserve. This is a profession and skilled career. I dare say that at least 5 (and probably more) MTs working as MTs are not truly professional MTs, as they do not have the skill level to qualify them as such.

If you are talented and outstanding in your field, all of this can be done successfully. Refuse jobs paying by production.

Again, take it or leave it, but this is how I have become successful in my career for many, many years now. I have greater than 35 years in the field and have never suffered the economic setbacks. There are some doctors who realize the value of a personal MT working for them...you just have to find them and prove yourself to them. After that, if you do the job above and beyond what is expected of you, word of mouth travels quickly between these doctors and their colleagues. Mind you, it took years of hard work to reach this point, but once you reach it, you will be a true success story.
DQS and using the mouse
You know, maybe the loss of lines is because with DQS you have to use the mouse so much.  I took have noticed since I switched to DQS that my lines are down.  With the last program I used, I hardly ever had to use my mouse.
Not using mouse with DQS?
Really?  How do you do that?  Like when you have to fill in demographics and go from screen to screen?  Or in the body of the report to go from paragraph to paragraph?  Tell, me, please..cause I sure would like to find a faster way as the mouse has slowed me down.  Thanks for any info you can give me!
I'm really technologically deprived, so forgive me.  I was wondering if anyone knew the typical "life" of a mouse?  I just replaced mine about 6-10 months ago, and it's starting to go out already.  It's like the little ball thing (see my tech terms?) isn't working, and it's a pain to try to get the cursor to move.  The one before I had for about 5 years, and before that, it was eons.  Did I get a bad deal, or is this average? Thanks for any help!  (I use it daily, working, if that helps determine the life expectancy!)
Same with me, I still use the mouse. SM
BTW, tell me how you do so many lines! I used to be a good producer back in the day when I did a lot of OP notes, but now I'm lucky to do 1500 lines in a day.
I don't have CT and I'm on straight transcription, but thanks to a recommendation here on the board I bought an Evoluent mouse and I can really feel a difference in my wrist when I use it.  Maybe that would help you somewhat????? 
Mouse gone.
Check your settings on your mouse. Go through the Control Panel, click on "mouse", click on the tab "Pointer Options", make sure the box that says "Hide pointer while typing" isn't checked.

Glad it worked!