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No way in heck!

Posted By: No, no. on 2005-09-20
In Reply to: Any Starting Over fans? - kyradmt

Everytime I scroll through the channels and I even see that show for 1 second, I feel like getting a hammer and hitting the wall with it repeatedly. Those women are gross!

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Oh, heck, YES!!!

It's always feast or famine around here.  One week, I'll be sitting on my thumbs stressing about bills and not enough work.  The next week, everyone dumps so much on me that I'm working double shifts.  Why can't it be regular instead of sporadic?  Then again, I do rather like those unexpected days off and not being chained to a desk during certain hours like with the nationals.  I work when I want to as long as I meet TAT.

Do you really want to work 10-12 hours a day?  And you know that some days it will be 6 hours and some days 18 hours because it is truly feast or famine.  I took on a third IC job recently because things were so slow for weeks with my other two.  The other two must have heard me accept the third job because I got dumped on.  I wound up wigging out and quitting the third position.  I feel really bad about leaving her in the lurch, but holy cow! A human body can only take so much of this.

I don't see the little sleep deprived icon with cramped up fingers and pedal foot.  Owie.  I'm just not going to gripe about not getting much sleep or time off.  Work is good.  Being unemployed is bad.

Do the local docs pay more than the national?  And their workload is a lot easier, too.  You get the same dictators every day saying the same things over and over again so you can use your word expander to the max.  Make a list of pros and cons and see which is better.

How the heck did you get that?
Interpretation of my post: I like ESLs not for any other reason other than I LIKE ESLs. Whatever impact that has on those who can't or won't do them is not MY problem.

Oh so thankful to have a job? Sounds to me like you are the one who should be thankful to have a job considering you have a hang-up about doing a majority of what our job description is.
What the heck is CMT?
What the heck are you looking for?

Most women I know that think men are scum continue to end up with the same type.

It's usually a self-esteem issue on the woman's part which harbors lack of trust and very high expectations concerning the opposite sex.

You need to lower your expectations and give to others as much as you would expect to be given to you.

Only then will you realize that not "all" men are scum, just possibly the ones that you choose to hook up with.

Heck no!

I mean, like really, why in the world should you let your clients know that you're going to be out of town for a couple of weeks??!!

Why, let em' wonder where you are and why their work's not being done.  I can't think of a better way to do business, get lots of referrals, and build a solid bond of trust!



Heck no, 41's not too old
Honey, 41 is NOT OLD...OK! Go for it...you'll do GREAT!!! Best of luck to ya...and I envy you...I wanna do that too, so bad.  I might...when I get 41!!!
Me too, then got the heck out of there. (sm)

I thougth for sure I was going to have my computer light up, start erasing data, or something. 

What in the heck is EHR and what does this mean
to us as transcriptionists? I have worked in VR and know about this but am told here lately still a demand for MTs as healthcare is steadily moving towards EHR. Where exactly does this leave MTs - out of a job or like VR, some sort of editing? TIA
Why the heck donít you all just
quit, do something different, anything? I have so many years in this and enjoy my work. If you donít like the salary/work, etc. you can always do something else, can't you?? This job paid for homes, vehicles, travel, raising kids, the bills- if you donít make enough money and just want to stay at home, how about a second or third transcription job to go along with the one you have already. Quityourbellyaching.
I say, to heck with that!
There is no way I would work for a company that does that. You should not, either. Work for a company that respects its MTs. There are such around. Look at the company board for ideas. Plese do not accept this!!
Well, heck, do tell about it! :-)

I'm in the market, I think.  I'm starting from scratch and I want to get what's right the first time, if possible.

Well heck. -sm
The link didn't work like I thought it would. If you put cardiology in the specialty field it will bring up a list of cardio sample reports. Sorry about that.
Heck no.
Too much? Not nearly enough, if you ask me... but I guess the question is really, can you actually GET that kind of $$ or more....

And that wasn't of any help at all. Sorry. Guess you have to decide whether you are willing to work for that, if your costs will be covered, and whether it's worth it to you.
where the heck do you go to even log in to your e-mail? sm
I can't even find the flippin place to log into my e-mail! Why did they change it? It was so much easier before! Guess that's just too much to ask, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?
Where in the heck do you live? sm

I would definitely go to the DMV and tell them what happened and try to get this cleared up, but I don't understand how someone could get away with saying they were you. You do have pictures on your licenses, right?  Or are you a twin?

In my state everyone is issued a driver license number when they get their license and keep that same number as long as they live.  The number is run through the computer if you are stopped by the police to make positive identification. Our new license cards are supposedly computerized to make it even more difficult to have someone steal your identity.

One more thing.  Why you weren't wearing a seatbelt, I will never understand.  That's just plain dumb.

What the heck! No RadGuy!!!!
What the heck happened to my most of us are........sorry about that! nm
What in the heck are you talking about?

I didn't say how much it costs per dictated minute, because that's now how you figure it.  What matters is how long you are on the phone line.  It costs $1.50 an hour on the phone line, whether you type 1 minute of dictation in that hour or 30 minutes of dictation.  If you transcribe for six hours during the day, it would cost you $9 of long distance for that day.  What's so hard to understand?

heck yeah

I've only been at it a few mos but I am getting so many aches and pains from sitting. I am still in the process of adjusting my workstation so that my shoulder stops hurting.  I thought working again would satisfy me, but what I really need is people too! 

Love the flexibility and dress code - hate being alone and doing the same thing all day.  Sure the dictation varies, but my body stays in this chair and my fingers stay moving. 

I would not mind doing MT as one of many duties, but 38 hrs per week of it is making my rear end wide and flat.....

Heck I am an IC and can't stand it

I was told when considering the position that they wanted someone who could work at least 30 but closer to 40 hours since they had a lot of work.  I thought about it, and decided to do it, and placed my 2 little ones in daycare.  I have since adjusted my schedule so that one is in only 2 days per wk, and the other goes 5 days but abbreviated hours -but, I still have to pay the weekly rate plus the full day drop in rate for the other one. Not a problem if there is a lot of work.

About a month ago, it slowed down and we were told that it would pick up soon, as one MT was leaving and we were getting a new account.  I feel like we are fighting each other for scraps, as the volume has not increased and all of the new hires (I was the first in a hiring wave) are picking up speed as they get better on the accounts.  I can see from the company's standpoint where it is better to have MTs running out of work than to be behind on TAT, but its a balance, because some people are willing to walk away from a job if lack of work goes on long enough.

I honestly would prefer fewer hours and if I were not paying for daycare, I would be happy to cut back, but I just know if I pull my kids out, the long awaited glut of work will finally arrive and I will have to pull all nighters.  I AM getting ready to do this anyway.  The extra money helps us out, but mostly it is going into savings. 

It has to totally suck to be an employee and be required to sit there.  I at least can get tired of checking for work that is not there and decide to go run errands.  Even as a waitress, I got minimum wage if I had no sales for my shift, and the managers were wise enough to cut some people free for the night if business was slow. 

Good luck to you in your situation. 

Heck yes, that is how I meant it!!
So do my kids. It takes a special people to enjoy this movie!! Or do I mean "special?" lol
Heck, I just dump it in! sm
I think I used one part (maybe a cup) ice cream and just enough milk to keep it thick (about 1/8 to 1/4 cup) and poured in the chocolate syrup, added the banana and pureed it in my blender. I like my shakes thick so I experimented. If I had too much I poured it in a bowl and ate it with a spoon. I gained weight in a hurry eating them and they tasted better than Ensure. I gagged on that stuff.
Me again...heck, I transcribe

doctors once and may never hear again!!  Every day is like a new day on the job.  Just really sucks!!  Just sayin' that even though you are seemingly having it tough where you are now, it could be a LOT worse.  Whatever you do, for your own sake, do not quit where you are now to take a national job.  There are so many variables that you can't even imagine with these places.  It is more like slavery in your own home than a real job. Worked for one national where I averaged 150 lines an hour for 8 cpl, that's only 12 dollars an hour, before taxes!  Who can live on that? Most of my time was spent on looking crap up, demographics and such!  Had to buy own spell checker and abbreviation Expander and other crap, and it's just a big racket!  Well, as I said before, just my humble opinion, but wish I was in your shoes!  Good luck, but don't do anything with the job you have now....

I truly wish I was in your position than mine  (that's green with envy ;) lol  

We just got rid of the agent from heck....sm
We signed with an agent who for 3 months sat on her keister and didn't show the house but one time. The pictures she took were horrible (took a picture of one corner of a bedroom which was really stupid)- the house was empty as we'd already moved out. Every couple of weeks we called to find out what was happening on the house and all she said was "I'm sure it will sell soon. It's posted on our website and in MLS" She came to us with glowing recommendations - but the 2 people that highly referred her also had homes that were above $300,000 and ours was $140,000 - probably accounting for the difference in sales style.

Finally the 90 day contract with this lazy person ran out. We got the house sold on our own through word of mouth and saved thousands by not paying some lazy bum agent to sit on her butt and collect a check for doing nothing.

As far as the hype goes by realtors to use them or risk legal problems - a good closing attorney will make sure that all of the i's are dotted and t's are crossed, and that everything is spelled out in the contract that needs to be. On the 2 houses I've bought over the years the agent that I worked with basically did nothing more than show me a dozen homes (we knew the area we wanted and gave them specifics on the type of house we wanted) and passed paperwork back and forth. Each of them made a good commission for that. Next home we buy we'll look on the internet first at the Assist2Sell and similar sites to see if we can find something without using lazy agents who make thousands for doing a little bit of work.
Heck, I'm drunk now!
heck if they were honest
If they were honest no one would work for some of them!  We cheat you out of lines, we don't know what we are doing in Quality, we don't understand the BOS, we will stick to our guns even though you (the MT) are right.....  And the newbies don't know they are being cheated and taken advantage of but are grateful for a job.  Why change a good thing (for them)?
Heck, don't apologize
They don't deserve it. If they have one ounce of sense in their heads, they will do what they can to accommodate you. If they don't, there are plenty of companies out there who would be happy to hire the talented and witty Hayseed. Seriously.
The heck the MTSO isn't.
MTSOs ARE responsible when they don't pay as promised in the contracts we sign. I'm not working for fun. I had a month's pay "cushion" and that woman forced me to use it up. I'm so tired of hearing this crap that it is my problem we don't have more money. IF I was paid on time, we would be fine. IF I was paid late by a couple days, we would be fine. Not paying for a month or more is going to screw me. Paying me with bouncing checks is going to screw me. It is time MTSOs like that take responsibility for the results their nonpayments cause.
Me too, what the HECK does he know about having a baby, having not even fathered one.
heck i wouldn't tell either with that rate

Heck, I can't even keep my sink clean

And I hate shoes. I guess I need to be more dedicated. Just working on my hot spots every day would do me a world of good.

What the heck is it? Pretty funny looking.
Do you talk to it? It might answer you with all of those teeth! LOL LOL!!
Where the heck are you paying 5 bucks
What does that have to do with what was being talked about. How is bashing Bush going to change the gas prices that he has nothing to do with.
Who the heck is Avril Lavigne? nm

How the heck do you edit a typo??


ESL from heck today. It sounds like he's saying

The patient is courageous when he poops.

I know that can't possibly be right.

Heck, YES!!!! Most of our Walmart employees
are all ex-employees of K-Mart, Target and Shopko. Money is very tight here, but I will not compromise this subject in the name of the almighty dollar. I would rather go to the downtown shopping district and pay more there than to shop at Walmart. All of the small businesses are interdependent. Walmart is NOT a customer of my or my husband's businesses but all the local folks are.
Who the heck is Matthew McCaughnahey
I must be working too hard. I never heard of him. LOL
Heck no, I'm not mad... You sound like MY kind of gal!

LOVED the response!  Thank you... I will take that advice.  I just needed a little wake-up call and confirmation that yeah, I was getting taken advantage of around here. 

 <--- Make one of those a margarita, and you've got yourself a deal! Woo hoo! 



2800 lines a day???? How in the heck
Or, are you just wishing that you type 2800 lines a day (LOL). Not being sarcastic, just laugh with me. I would love to do 2800 lines a day, in 8 hours or less.
Heck, there is math and chemistry
and even surgical procedures. If these courses are any good at all, they could really help a person prepare to go back to school, even test out of certain classes.

Thank you so much for the link.
You know, I have a heck of a time understanding sm
music lyrics to rock songs or anything that has loud instrumentals playing with the vocals. Go figure.
Heck no! I still have Meditech flashbacks!

I still have a folder with all the old Meditech stuff and that little strip of paper for my keyboard with all the 'helpful' F-key notes.  I'm thinking it will make good kindling for my woodstove soon. 

Aww, heck. Just pick a tense and go with it.
Heck, IMO, dont even have to be fluent, just
So can all of us start our own forum and get the heck out of here!
professional forum! I do learn a few things here and there on this board, but to wade through all the negativity before finding a positive message is getting exhausting! I seriously am finding it is the "professional" MTs that went about medical transcription as a career the right way, paid our dues, and have worked hard with a great attitude, are the ones that are successful at this job! It is the newbies expecting too much money for their quality or time they are willing to put into reports day in and day out. The just expect it to be so "EASY" for them. Well this isn't an easy job! Please "positive professionals" help us!
i second the "again" poster -- where in the heck is professionalism?
i have never seen so much whining. Gripe if you have no work, gripe if you get a backup account, gripe on and on...how about either #1, call and request a DIFFERENT backup account and/or #2, just work the secondary with the intention of trying to get handy at it... or of course you COULD go back to MT school, as if you can only make $2/hr on your secondary account, you may need more training...better yet, get into another field!
What the heck does Madquist care? 1,000,000 lines is SM

1,000,000 lines, and they don't care who types them. That is why I have resisted the temptation to work for them.

I did my time at EDiX and learned A LOT.

I never called anyone a loony -- heck, I'm a liberal myself. sm
My only point is, people who don't believe in Christmas, including those in the ACLU and all of the others, still want the day off.  My feeling is, if you don't believe in Christ or the reason for the holiday, why not work it?  The day means nothing to you.   I used to work for a man who took off for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah (sorry for the misspelling), and I respected that, but didn't jump up and down and expect to have the days off too.
What the heck was wrong with dog chat? Oops, that
Heck yeah! DH and both kids have their degrees,
I'm 47 and am studying Psychology at the University of Massachusetts!