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Numbness can be eliminated

Posted By: Mary on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: Also another sciatica question - Lisa

Barring any other diagnoses, Rolfing (soft tissue body work) did address this for me. Block energy channels (from Eastern medicine) and old scar tissue/adhesions need to be broken down. Such blockages put pressure on nerves/nerve pathways. Often, the numbness/pain are referred from their origins. Once damage is advanced, there may always be residual problems so it is best to address things now. A good trigger point therapist or Rolfer will help you with these issues. Physical therapy (stretching) ought to be done in conjunction or after you address the underlying problem. Spasms also could be from trapped toxins/accumulated proteins in muscles and without massage/body work, those will not release. Proper lymph drainage is necessary for good bloodflow, which of course, carries toxins out for elimination.

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I also work for both Spheris and MQ. If quarterly bonuses are eliminated I too will still be with M