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OTI is just that kind of place. nm

Posted By: Very happy OTIer on 2005-09-05
In Reply to: Any suggestions for a GOOD company? - Time to move on...


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www.myspace.com.....it is kind of like a place
where you can journal, share pictures, comment your friends, etc. It's basically like your own little space.
It's the only place I have ever lived.. Great place to retire or raise a family. Low crime rate e
living is pretty easy here. Low stress..
The position varies from place to place..
Sometimes you end up doing VR, which can be really easy or a real pain. Sometimes you end up simply editing files and all is good. Other times, you end up with more job responsibilities and hours than you ever wanted. All in all better than typing LOL.
You, well you have obviously put ME in my place
with that little lecture. Since youd didn't say anything meaningful to respond to in all that bandwidth, I won't respond to any of the content of what you said.

But just for your information, your little tyrade had no affect on the reality of what is going to happen, so get over it and get used to it.
I saw that place on TV (sm)
a lot of celebrities own there!
It is most definitely not OUR place to be
making phone calls or turning people in.  The doctors and nurses are trained to do it as part of their job.  If they suspect abuse, drug seeking, whatever, it is up to THEM, not us.
know your place sm
Student Rule #1: Keep your thoughts to yourself when ti comes to CEOs and your opinions. "I read a post by the CEO and felt the need to comment."
I see this is not the place to be
People are right when I have been told - not many nice people in this field. My first week coming on here to look for help and talk to other was this past week and you know what, you can have it. I will look for other places to figure out my problems with work and I suggest you look for help with your personality problems as my work problems do not require nearly the attention your personality does. Good bye and thanks for nothing.
I am not sure if you tried this place..
Did you happen to go into your closet and look for a reference book only to find the administrator of this forum smelling her finger?
I have never been to a place that does that and
would not shop at one.
Not every place is like that at all.
Not very believable.
Why is the cat outside in the first place?
I think 2nd place gets..........nm
then that's what you should have said in the first place.
And this place does?
This place makes no sense to me.  People are mean here.  I love cafemt.  Makes the job fun.
33 yrs, 9-10 at same place.
If you get $ from this place, they sm
will not touch you with a 10-foot pole.  I've been in this situation and you will be a no-rehire.
I think I used to be an IC for the same place.
I liked working there, but no time off allowed. One day an MT co-worker of mine got a headache and got in trouble for calling out that day even though she gave plenty of notice early in the morning and they had all day to distribute the work. This is when often-times there was no work at all. I left because after hearing that, I realized I would not be a true IC. Why, as an IC you are supposed to make your own schedule aren't you? And if something comes up isn't it true that you are allowed flexibility? They say it is a small company and everyone is expected to be there for them when the hospital decides to send in the overflow, yet with no notice to the IC. It was too confusing, in may ways worse than employee when at least you know when you are expected to work. Not an IC job at all. Sorry for your experience, but I and many others I know have had the same experience.
not if you get it from the right place
I have bought 2 refurbished computers & both were screaming deals.

I got my desktop from the Dell online outlet & am using it as we speak. I got my laptop from Costco.com & I also still use it every day for personal stuff. They are both going on 5 yrs since my purchase and worked perfectly when I got them & still do. They both cost about half of what brand-new ones would have cost.

Most times "factory-refurbished" means that you also get a manufacturer's warranty -- but not always. I got 1-year warranties on both of mine; Dell also offered an extended warranty purchase at the time I ordered it, which I did get. Some of theirs are refurbished, some are "scratch & dent" or "open box" - which means customer return, but virtually new.

Costco offers a 1-year warranty also. They don't always have a huge number in stock so you may have to keep checking until they have what you want. There are some online sites selling refurbished computers but most have only a 3-month warranty.

I think both sites take trade-ins as well.

Mine are both getting a little old feature-wise, but still work well enough for my purposes, so I suppose I will drive both until the wheels fall off.

Best place you've ever worked for and why . . .
If you do not want to give the company name, just give the reasons why you like or liked your company.  What keeps us gals happy around here?
Your school should be the first place you go
for job-placement assistance. At the very least, they should be able to tell you what employers seek to hire their graduates. In the case of schools such as M-Tec and Andrews, many employers will waive the two-year experience requirement for their graduates because of the high quality of their education and their reputation for turning out job-ready MTs. Some employers will also waive the experience requirement for Career Step graduates, as well. Perhaps there are employers who hire graduates of your school without experience. Your school should be able to give you a lead on employers who have hired their graduates. In any event, any reputable MT school will provide job-placement assistance to their graduates.
franks place
It is at the MQ site, click on Qnet.  There is a column ask frank where you can send him emails.
here's the best place for a response

Does Keystrokes run this place? nm

And it is my place -- I work for MQ too and
if you don't like it and it isn't changing for you like you want it as quick as you want, get out!

I think all those who are happy with MQ are getting tired of hearing your same old sad story all the time.

If you can't change the company (duh, who thought they could) and it still doesn't suit ya, get out! Leave! Believe me, we don't want you there! You are free to go!
About MQ-A great place to be
I worked for MQ for 7 years and then left to work for another MT Company, thinking I would be better off. To make a long story short, after 3 months I am back with MQ and very happy to be back where I belong. The grass always looks greener, as they say, and when I compare my experience of the last 3 months to my 7 years with MQ, there is no comparison. I have seen messages about no work in certain offices, especially Amherst, but our office seems to be doing well. They are also organized and very considerate to deal with. You can be sure that problems exists with any of these services. Some MTs are hired and then never hear another word from the company. A friend of mine was told she would have a job when the equipment was updated and that was 4 months ago. They are still giving her the run around. So, let's not assume that MQ is the only one with problems; in this business they exist all over. As for me, I am very happy with MQ and hope to be there at least 7 more years.
that's the first place mine went, too (sm)
figured it was some lame troublemaker...sorry! But, made me laugh! 
Only place to buy RAM is from Crucial.com.
They will tell you what is compatible with your system and it is guaranteed for life. 512 RAM chip from them is about $71.00, so you really did not save much. And they provide all the tech support you need for installing or problems.
Where is a good place to

I am looking at IC jobs and most require Word 2000 or above.  I have a Dell computer and it came with WP.   I need the full version, not an upgrade.  Does anyone know of any deals online?  or is it best to go somewhere like Staples?



Horrible place
I would not recommend it
a place to start


Then, look at your state jobs (I know, in California, there are lots of listings for MTs working for the prison system.  Which criminals do you prefer, the ones we're working for now; well, yeah, inside or outside! ), or go through your employment development department (where there are links to government jobs and state jobs). 




ask the place you work for
PET scans are simple FDG-18 radiopharmaceutical.
We have a place like that in town. sm

It's a teeny little grocery store and their prices used to be off the wall because they were owned by a big grocer (IGA). I never shopped there for anything but meat as it is cut right at the store while you wait or it's fresh in the cooler.

When big Wally World decided to build the Superstore the teeny grocery store decided to buy out from IGA and named it their own market. The prices there now are even cheaper than Wally World and I no longer shop anywhere else. What used to cost $75.00 at the local market costs about $30 because they got rid of the "middle man."

They had to save themselves and they did. I can actually walk there if need be and sometimes I should as the teeny parking lot is usually packed full. The checkout girl (or girls if it's busy) don't wear name tags because we know them. They go to school with our kids. It's like, "Hi Megan, still playing soccer?"

Good for them.

You are supposed to place
your terms questions on proper board. This is per instructions of Moderator. They may remove your post if it is not categorized correctly.
Home is the place
for me. Worked for years in office, then was IC for approx 8 years, loved that and the $$$ was great. Lost my major account to EMR but stayed on for awhile inhouse doing some data entry for EMR system, until I found something else. Now I work for a large national at home. Not as great as being IC..but I'm a pretty fast typist and money is twice as much as in-office data entry position (although not as good as IC), plus no commute (big plus since I live in the country with the price of gas now) no office politics, no uniforms, etc. I have a friend in that office and we get together once a month, after every visit I count my blessings that I'm at home! There are good points and bad points to both options, you just need to evaluate your priorities and pick what works for you.
In my opinion, I would think it would be their place

I've been told you don't have to tell them anything, but if asked I would tell them how I feel. I feel if an employer cares at all, he'd ask if there was anything he could do to get one to stay...at that point, you can say yes or no. But at least he showed enough interest to ask. We aren't talking about a short-term employee, you know..

Did she steal them or just buy them and have no place
Best place to buy headset

We must work at the same place. LOL (nm)
There is no way to place an average
other than figuring out the average within your group of MTs. To ask a general question of all MTs on this forum will not get the answer you need. There are too many variables. Experienced MTs are going to work a lot faster than newbies. Someone working easy clinic notes will be able to work faster than someone doing difficult acute care work. The quality of the dictator makes a difference. Just way too many variables.

I would evaluate how many minutes each MT does in an hour, within your group, and then give an average. This factors in YOUR dictators, YOUR work types, etc. It doesn't give equality as far as if you have a 30 year vet and a newbie in the group, but I still think this is the only way you are going to get the info you seek.

If you still want to try to figure an overall average of all MT rather than going that route then I would say 15 to 20 minutes of dictation takes about 1 hour.
I suggest going to some place like Best Buy
that has lots of keyboards on display and try them out.  I have a keyboard that came with another computer that has a light touch, but you can't buy the keyboard separately.   I also have carpal tunnel and have had surgery twice.   What works for me is to use a pillow under the keyboard.  You can push your chair back a little, put your pillow on the edge of the desk or the edge of the keyboard try and then put your keyboard on top of the pillow.  It supports your wrists and arms and it makes you sit back in the chair, thus relieving back/shoulder strain.   My orthopod also recommended soaks, 15 minute cold, 15 minute hot, and then 15 cold again.  I also recommend wearing splint(s) at night because you may bend your wrists while sleeping and wearing a splint will prevent that, which will help the discomfort during the day.  
If you are in a place where you cannot get a cell

phone signal, you will not be able to get an Air card signal.  I travel quite frequently and you always have to have a backup plan.  You need to have dial-up as a possibility or limit where you stay based on where you know you can get WiFi or use an air card.   Sprint is supposed to have more service with their air card than Verizon, but I haven't used either so I can't say for sure.  If you go to their website you should be able to find a map of their service area. 

Getting internet access depends on how you will be traveling and where you are staying.  If you are staying in a hotel, most of them have WiFi available, either free or for $$.  You can check the websites and find if they do or not. 

If you are going to be traveling/living in an RV lots of campgrounds now have some form of hook-up.  Many are now getting WiFi, though most of them still charge for it.  If you get a campground directory this info will be in there so you can plan your trip, though it is always good to call to verify.

Everywhere you go know the Panera Bread locations.  They have free WiFi.  I've had to use them on occasion, though I always purchase at least a cup of coffee, it not a meal.   Starbucks has WiFi, but at least in my area you have to pay for it.  

If you are on the road and you see a hotel advertising free WiFi you may be able to pick up a signal in their parking lot. 

If having a signal is an absolute must and you'd like to go to out of the way places look into satellite.  It can be pricey and the signal is not reliable, but as long as you can get a clear view of the southern sky you can get a signal.  If you travel often, instead of staying in one place for a length of time a satellite is a pain, unless you spend upwards of $5,000 and get one that mounts on the top of an RV/truck. 

JODY....that's for you...sorry not in right place..nm
Does anyone know if there is a place to find...sm

The averages charged for transcription in a certain area?  I am typing up my offer letter and wanted to be able to show them what the average is compared to what I am offering them. 



The place I do VR for is so slack
I do not go and change the sentence structure so does not slow me down. Things we were accustomed to changing in the past now just mostly goes on through. Just mostly change wrong words, numbers. I find it extremely fast and as far as going by, think it is BOSS, or maybe BOS that is a laugh for the hospital I work for.
There's a time and a place for everything, and
I prefer to spend mine editing the work I get paid for, not every note I post on web forums.
This is strange, why would the tax place ask you
about your hours?? I am independent and one of the most known places is where I have my taxes done year after year and they asked no such question. I am sorta scratching my head on this one as seems like an hmmmm.
The only place I have ever personally seen MTs used -
Was in the large teaching hospital I took one of my cats to for a very specialized consult. The vet dictated my report to someone in another part of the clinic and she brought the completed report (with errors!) to him to sign. My regular vet clinic, which has 6 full-time docs and numerous techs, uses EMR as much as possible and then the techs fill in the blanks with what the doc tells them. I have seen them using it. So, from what I have personally seen, a large teaching hospital might be the way to go. :-)
I worked for a place
just like this. I finally told them I couldn't take the work unless it was given at the time they originally said. I had no problem refusing my assignment if it came at the wrong time. To me, it was totally disorganized and not worth my time. I was becoming a slave to the computer waiting to receive work.
This has happened every place I have.....
ever worked, and I complain about it - document it - and then finally the cherrypickers are let go - but it takes someone with enough stamina and wherewithall to stand up to the managers and/or supervisors. Most of the time it is the "favorites" who are cherrypicking, making tons more money than the rest of us - and just no one has turned them in. This happened at my first job 15 years ago - I learned then the ins and outs of trapping them at their own game - and turning them in - it doesn't make you a popular person, but at least you get your fair share of the gravy work once they are out of the picture. Good luck.
Do you really want to stay at the IC place?
If you do, maybe they can cut your work load/schedule. Good luck!