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One at the moment, but looking for second as getting slow--nm

Posted By: none on 2006-07-14
In Reply to: How many companies or contracts does everyone have. - Just wondering MT


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Slow day for me. Typed two reports in two hours. Anyone else having unusually slow day?
my fav moment
was when Taylor won and he was so overwhelmed!  During the whole show last night I felt like he thought Kat was going to win but he was having a good time anyway.  He's been my favorite the entire season.  I just loved watching his reaction when he heard the news!  Kellie Pickler was always annoying to me, but I have to say the little skits of her were funny last night.  Like her hair short that way too--it's very cute.  Was that her dad sitting beside her?  I heard he had been released.  Didn't see her grandpa I don't think.  He was usually always there to see her. 
Fav AI moment
I thought Clay's appearance was great - the other guy was so surprised. I also wondered about plastic surgery - but it may just have been the longer hair that made him look different. He looked more "built", too. I am so glad that Taylor won.
Oh no, senior moment sm
Am I describing the right state? Could I mean Utah? So confused. Anyway, I've been to both states and they are both beautiful.
Some need to step out of their box for a moment - eh! LOL. nm
Surreal moment this a.m./CNN
Today on CNN they had on the phone a doctor by the name of Tony Asher, a local (Charlotte) neurosurgeon.

I have been to him and I work at a hospital where he practices, so ironically this a.m. I recognized his voice before I looked on the TV and saw his name during interview with Sonjay on CNN.  For me, it was a weird experience, but only one that another medical Transcriptionist could fully appreciate.

Also I have seen him as a patient. I was misdiagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and he verified it wasn't that diagnosis. In long run, it was a bad tooth - I actually went to Duke for a consultation and they couldn't figure out the problem, BUT the first thing the doc there asked, "Are you sure it isn't a tooth?". AND it was a tooth, but that didn't happen until a x-ray by dentist later on (which contradicted findings of x-ray when this first happened).

I will always remember the resident that was in with the doc (whose name I long forgot) - the resident looked just like Raymond's brother on "Everyone Loves Raymond." And talked like him.

These are my issues with VR (at the moment, that is)
I say this because the platform I work on has changed from 1 of really, really good to now: No periods even though starting another sentence and the next letter of next sentence capitalized so it knows; numbers can be completely haywire from 4,4, 3, 1, 4 and 5 to perfect for some dictators, mostly not though, doctor's names no longer in although previously had them in; no matter what the patient's name is, completely opposite from what is being said; sometimes throws in categories capitalized not even said and in wrong place. Now the good thing about VR, I am my own spell check now. Everywhere I go I am seeing misspelled words and I find literally hundreds all over the place. Just found 1 this morning in the doctor's office, surgeies. I guess the person making the sign did not have or use spell check. I do not think literally possible to do that many lines per hour myself.
At this moment I have 5011
and that's just in my ShortHand dictionary. All of my spelling correction type things go in the autocorrect file, and since I work in DQS, I'm not sure if there's a way to count those....

I'm adding more expansions every day, as I think up new and different things that need expanding. And not so coincidentally, my average daily line count is creeping up as well... although I am sure that is partly due to just getting more and more familiar with the dictators as I go along.
Say "I'm having a MedQuist Moment" instead of "Maalox."

My only "where were you" moment was JFK assassination.
I was a sophomore in high school and was in English class. I remember being devastated and the guy sitting next to me made a rude comment and laughed. I wanted to knock the heck out of him.
My favorite moment of the night was
when Simon made that remark about Ryan with the Desperate Housewife look. Did everyone see those pictures of Ryan and Terry Hatcher? It may be a shock if Katherine or Mandisa go. I hope it's not Chris.
HA!!!! Lucid, don't you mean "Lucy" moment. LOL. nm
LOL. It took a moment to realize you weren't
Please don't flame me, I'm having an Alzheimer's moment, but what is the (sm)
basic 4.  I know it includes H&P, discharge summaries, and operations and procedures, but what is the 4th.  My brain is just not functioning today...it's my only day off and therefore I don't have to think right???  TIA
Have just landed a great job.  Good $$.  No nights, weekends, or holidays.  How long do you think that is going to last?  Look at the trend 6 months ago, now, and 6 months from now - or a year from now.  The face of the MT business is changing.  No one is secure and one thing is for sure - we can not all stay.  I have a good client in a specialty I love now.  I guarantee you, this client is going to obtain a cheaper source than me in the next 12-18 months.  I am at the age where I need steady, secure, decent paying work.  When this one goes, I am hanging up my headphones too.  Hope to get my social security figure up first though.
I am drawing unemployment at this moment
due to being laid off my primary job. I can earn up to one-third the amount of my weekly benefit without being penalized. I have to be available and actively looking for work every day of the week, and I must be willing to accept work on any shift. I was specifically told that enrolling in school would forfeit my eligibility for continued UI benefits unless I was accepted into a state-endorsed training program because I have to be available for work 24/7. Tomorrow I have to attend a 2-1/2-hour job-search-assistance class and will ask about this again, but I know things worked the same way in my previous state of residence.
there are a bunch of these on ebay at the moment. NM

It's the topic of the moment. You must be in a foreign country maybe.
There was a catastrophic hurricane with a devastating flood afterwards! A disaster of biblical proportions! Many people lost their homes, the worldly positions, billions of dollars in loss. Lives were lost, the poor, the elderly and the infirmed. We watched it on the news (it was on here in the U.S. around the clock). Try www.cnn.com for all the details.
Hey! I just got my second dach (mini). Henry is in my lap at this moment.
My favorite moment last night of American Idol...
I loved the moment when that Clay Aiken wannabe was given that razzie award and was singing Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (much to the regret of my ears, LOL) and out walks Clay Aiken, the crowd goes wild and I'm sure the wannabe thought they were cheering for him.  LOL  I think he was truly shocked that Clay was there.  Nobody could have acted his reaction out!  I loved it. 
Need help with calculating expenses for bid on large account. At the moment I do not know *sm*
how many lines they dictate per day/week.  I am going to call the person who sent me the bid forms and ask.  I do not have my own call-in system and would be using a TASP. Can someone tell me that currently uses a TASP how to go about figuring my costs in so that I do not under bid.  I know that each dictator and the type of report is going to vary but on an average what would you say?  Bottom line is I need to know how many cents per line I need to charge to cover the call-in system and my other expenses.  Another thing they listed in the bid is that the vendor is to provide all other supplies including plain paper to complete each assignment.  The hospital will provide any special letterhead, envelopes, etc.  How do you provide the paper and probably the toner if you are doing this remotely?  Would there be any other expenses that would fall under other supplies that you can think of other than toner and paper?  How much toner and paper do I provide or should I ask the hospital what they use on a  weekly basis?  I would assume I have the right to ask questions as to how much paper, toner, how many lines they do each day or week on average.  I want this account very much but I do not want to have to pay a cheap line rate and I need to make this worth my while.  Thank you very much for you help. 
Ditto that. Some of us are just extremely lucky and are there at the right moment. The rest of us...
I would NOT recommend Transcend at the moment.Worked there recently for several months, and it was
a HUGE disappointment.  Very antiquated platform - total chaos on account rules - shuffling thru piles of papers for each job - horrible.  Supervisors were totally unorganized. Most accounts had no work. I had work, but it was just a huge bummer...job was opposite of everything promised...or implied.
I totally loved Instant Text from the moment I started using it.
I imported my Expanders from my PRD that I used in WP5.1 so that I didn't have a great learning curve. You can import a lot of different programs expansions so that you can use what you're used to. The other part of the program I truly like is the ability to make compilations from files of reports that I've already type. IT makes the lists for me of phrases that are often used in the reports. IT is less profitable to use if you're just expanding words. Why exactly are you expanding entries that you don't intend? Guess I don't understand.
My favorite moment on a soap was years ago when Hope was marrying someone else and Bo came up riding
on his motorcycle to break up the wedding and take her away.  I always thought that was the most romantic thing in the world!  My favorite was the Christmas episodes when Mrs. Horton would put up the Christmas tree bulbs of all of the family members and it was basically like reliving the old episodes.
To slow down....
#4 with decrease speed.  When you are ready to go back to "normal" speed just press #5  or to reset speed do a **  Good luck with that report!!!
too slow

I wish I was fast enough to be able to meet my line count and relax a little. Maybe in another year or so.

Slow for me too!
Both compaines I work for have no work--- no work = no money!
Slow day?
Wish it was - I'm swamped with residents! ARGH
Slow day - I wish!
I keep getting work from other offices dumped on me, but how am I supposed to do my regular work and work for another office when the computer guy can't even keep our computers working??? Today the problem was with the cable - HELLO - OUR SYSTEM WON'T LET US WORK OFF-LINE!
very, very slow? ... nm
Never had a slow day, but sure could use one.
Yes, it seems to slow me down (sm)
Except, of course, when I'm having a bad day with really diffult dictators. For the most part though, I can be rushing like a crazy person and then sit down to transcribe and it just eases me into a different frame of mind. My mind goes all sorts of places thinking of everything else I need to do, etc. Not in a stressful way though. It is more like when I am transcribing my brain is in a different "realm" and able to work out other stuff and come up with sometimes the onliest things. Seem to do much of my brainstorming while transcribing, whether I intend to or not. Seems easier to plan dinner, etc. Weird.
Is it slow or is it just me?
I have not had a full day of transcribing in weeks!  I'm getting a bit worried.  I know it's probably slow because of vacations, etc. but enough already!  Anyone else out of work? 
Slow with this doc

I have had this doc for a while now, but I am so slow with him. I noticed that I have to stop the dictation at least once every sentence, sometimes more, and it just took me ten minutes to do a 2:50 dictation.

He talkes very fast and quiet but other than that he is great. Although he talks fast, he is pretty clear and I rarely have to look things up with him, other than to CC at the end of the dictation which is almost every report.

I do not have this problem with any of my other docs, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I have his favorite sayings in my expander, but just cannot seem to get faster at his reports. Thanks! 

PT I do 500-800 a day; I am slow though - sm
avg. 140-165 lines an hour; sometimes less, depends on the degree of difficulty and if ESL, but make a min. of $12 an hour up to $16 so I am happy enough.
How slow is slow.
What's your connection speed now?
I am not slow and ive done everything
from MT to Quality Assurance to supervisor. I have seen many a platform in my time. There are some really crappy ones out there that steal from the MTs, in particular Dictaphones managed Ichart service. Heres what they say --- As part of our ichart service, Dictaphone can help you assess the "true" cost of your current transcription infrastructure - Inadequate Billing Detail.
No true MT line counting standards for billing.
Challenging Audit Trail and Process.
"Special Characters" Can Inflate Line Counts By 15%.
"Invisible Characters" Can Inflate Line Counts Up To 20-40%!
Poorly Designed Templates can lead to Excessive Line Counts.
Multi-page Reports can Drive Excessive Characters and/or hidden words. If thats not trying to control line counts I don't know what is.
seriously, is that what causes everything to go slow?
I have often figured that I was getting the rejects of others - my account has mostly pretty good dictators but some weeks I never get the good ones, repeatedly get horrible dictators, long reports with huge spaces - yesterday it was moving so slow I thought it was going to crash.
It's #4 for me to slow it down (nm)
Slow IT
Try going into the tools area. There is a button somewhere that is called some sort of optimizer. See if that works. Also, uncheck the continuations box. Good luck.
too slow
from what it shows on the website you posted, it would be too slow --- the processor is less than 3.0 and the hard drive is only 5400, you need a 7200 rpm --

And there is no mention of a serial port -- which you will quite often need for you foot pedal.

My opinion -- Too much money for too little return -- keep looking

Nothing slow here, they just want sm
you to think that, and I have no idea why. We are swamped, in over time for the last three weeks.
Is anyone else finding it to be really slow lately?  I have had very little work since shortly after Thanksgiving. 
Slow going sm

Rhode Island, the smallest state, was bumper to bumper, took 4+ hours for a normal 30 minute commute Some ran out of gas and had to abandon their vehicles. Tempers flared and school kids didn't get home on buses for hours, no snacks, bathroom breaks, etc., it was very poorly prepared for, although there was plenty of warning. If I had young children in the house (as I did when younger) I would always make sure they had some kind of energy bar with them if they left for school on a day a storm was forecast (or not send them at all). Girl Scout motto: Be prepared! A clue for me is always the birds. Sounds silly, but if you see the birds flocking, noisier than usual, etc., they are getting ready for a big storm. In the blizzard of '78, I was more prepared than anyone else and I have the birds to thank for that. I saw their frenzy, prepared for a big one and had all my work done in a timely fashion and enough food for a week (which it took to get back to normal.) (Showing my age.) Birds are great predictors of a storm if you watch and listen.

Do you consider 250-270 lph slow?
I don't. I get faster every year. I can also edit fast enough to make it worth my time. I'm on a much better VR system than you though. That makes a hugh difference.
re: slow
They had told me that I would have a back up account but they are having issues with sending me the information that I need to get on that account. I just dont understand what the hold up with this company is.
I got a job through them but they are very slow
still slow...
Had 2 reports all day and it's almost 1 p.m. Today has been a total waste.
Slow pay?
I recently worked as an IC for a few weeks for a company, but it did not work out because I could not make any money with their platform, ADT, etc. Sent in an invoice 2 weeks ago, and when I emailed the owner to ask when paycheck would be sent, she replied that she has not billed client yet and when she got paid, I would get paid.

Anybody ever hear of this type of arrangement before? It is not a lot of money so it makes even less sense that I have to wait for her to get paid. I did not know this beforehand. I was just told to invoice twice a month. Stupidly I assumed I would get paid twice a month! I am just glad I quit when I did before I was owed too much money.