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Only if you want..its all about attitude and effort.

Posted By: my 2 cents on 2006-03-23
In Reply to: trying to re-enter society and failing miserably - leaving my MT hole...eek

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Without too much effort?! A good yard sale takes a good deal of effort, IMO.
I think this is a noble cause/effort but it will
It is about money.

It costs less for businesses (nationals, small MTSOs, hospitals) to send their transcription overseas. Less costs to business relate to less costs to consumers and more insurance profits.

When it fails, and it will, all of you will be more angry, more upset, and feel more cheated.

Not worth the effort - probably
But if you do it, target carefully and always follow up the letter with a phone call.

(call first and find out the name of the person/administrator who would consider your letter) then call that person back.
And maybe you both should pur forth a little effort little nicer in the AM. What I said was
at being a little bit nicer in the AM. What I said was possible Adware. What a sally that you think I would allow that type of trash to rear its ugly head on any of my PCs. NO NO NO. I have far more superior PC knowledge than to allow that to happen to me, but I have received e-mails from others who visit this site and are perturbed by it.
My post was for the benefit of MTs who have little or no knowledge regarding safeguarding their PCs and are not afraid to ask for help.
Therefore, if this does not apply to you, MYOB. NO need for argumentative posts, nor do I have the time for those who are habitally and perennially in that simple-minded mindset.
Have a great day all!
If you aren't willing to make any effort
to get the information you need ("no patience", indeed), then why should anyone take time from their own lives to do your research for you? You're the one who wants the answer. Do your own work.
If everyone wanted to make a little effort...
And take an area to call, I bet the information could be obtained from the hospitals, etc. There is no reason you couldn't call and say you are considering a procedure/doc there and want to ensure your private information is secure and you would like to know if their billing/transcription is done in-house, outsourced or both, and if outsourced, to whom. I have received answers, but sometimes I have had to make a few more calls.
Isolation-bad...it takes a lot of effort. Do you have
a window nearby? I put a bird feeder that suctions to the window so at least in the nice weather I can watch the birds. The huge blue jays come right to the window and it is funny to watch. I also play the TV in the other room but I can hear it and I do not feel so alone.

I play guitar so that has helped me (saved me actually) a lot. Do you have any other interests, say like knitting or anything?

Because I also have SAD I turn all the lights on now on the gloomy days, that helps a lot.

Do you have any pets? We even had a goldfish that brought me a lot of happiness believe it or not (until he died and now he is in my plant!). They can be relaxing to watch in a decent sized bowl.

Lastly, of course, do you exercise? Walking releases your body's own natural tranquilizer, the endorphins, 20 minutes 3 times/week, or even in your house.

I also picked up Suzanne Somer's EZ Gym and use that occasionally in between real
"abusive" dictations.

Best to you,
Effort is not enough...c'mon, brud plessure??? nm
What a shame. All that time and effort for HIPAA regs, but not for this. (nm)
What an incredibly fruitless effort. People, you need to realize
The chance to have done something has long since come and gone.  Just give it up.
A big waste of effort and money. You won't make 1 penny more.
Orientals, although they try harder to pronounce words correctly Give 'em a A for effort (nm)
LOL LOL LOL? What do you know about my attitude? LOL
I know you are management and you know what? You can't put out this fire. Attitude? Why I'll just tell my mortgage company that my attitude was bad, I got a bad QA report because I couldn't interpret ESL dictator and could I please not have them foreclose on my house. Attitude indeed. Check own queenly gotta be right I'm better than you lowly MT attitude yourself.
you can keep your attitude to yourself
The information I got was in the email, not on actual paperwork.  If you don't want to answer, then go but somebody else.  I understand the concept of work more, get more, DUH yourself. 
I am truly sorry if I offended. The question itself sounded kinda "duh" to me. Again, I apologize. I've been 46 hours with no sleep and okay, so my brain is not on it's best functional mode.

I am utterly at a loss for words now as I honestly meant no offense.
wow, what an attitude he has!
Well, I am sure glad that I do not work for THAT company! Seems this outsourcing thing is getting WAY out of hand. He moans about not having enough MTs in this country - I think that they just need to get the pay per line rate up some (pay us what WE are actually worth for once, and quit sending it ALL overseas so that these companies can "SAVE MONEY??"). I would like HIM to live on what WE have to live on!!
i like your attitude
excellent point
Someone with her attitude needs to
go elsewhere. With her around, I was almost dreading coming on the board sometimes. She is always looking to start an argument or putting somebody down. I, for one, am glad to see her go, and only pray she stays gone. What a drag!!!
Attitude is everything.
My impression of your post is that management never gets it right; only you do. I wonder if they could ever do anything right in your eyes.

It's too bad that there are so many people out there with the attitude that the company is "out to get them". There are a lot of good companies and people running them out there--just as there are good MTs.

If I work with someone like you, I'm sure I already avoid you because I don't want to be around such a negative attitude; if you work at home, I'd like to say "thanks for staying home".
With your attitude you should do the same
Since the only thing you can come away with from this discussion is "give up and do something else"!
Certainly, with that attitude...
You will have a difficult time achieving anything positive in life, connections or not.
Are you serious? The only attitude so far has been yours! nm
just me and my attitude?

apparently not.

Maybe it's your attitude to begin with.

Change your tune.  Be sugary sweet when you think someone is being rude to you and see what happens.  Pay it forward.  Give someone a smile or a kind word.  Let someone in line in front of you.  Just do one little nice thing per day and it will multiply.  People are never rude to me.  Everywhere I go, they know me by name because I take the time to be kind to them.  Gas station, grocery store, bank, school, doctor's office.  You might have to fake it 'til you make it, but you can change your outlook and how you perceive the world treats you.  If someone is "rude" to you, blow it off.  Maybe they're having a bad day and it's nothing personal.

Their attitude usually starts it!...sm
I've dealt with some really helpful techs, but mostly alot of real winners (not):

One experience I had at MQ (no longer work for them), but I told the tech that the modem they just sent to me was fried. He told me that was impossible; they check everything before shipping. He made me do this and that for about an hour! When none of that worked, he said, "you don't know anything about transcription equipment do you?". I told him I knew enough to know when a modem is fried, and probably said something else! He told the supervisors that I was rude and whatever else he wanted. The next day the supervisor called and alluded that we had a "personal problem"! UGH!

After two supervisors had me do this and that with the modem and computer, they decided the modem was unusable and would ship me a new one (24 hours later with me losing work time while paying them to rent the equipment, not to mention getting stressed and frustrated wasting time with the tech with an attitude).

Your being frustrated and sarcastic is perfectly understandable! But, yeah, they "tell" your supervisor!
There was no "I'm better..." attitude in my post.
Your perception of me is that way because you don't like my point of view, my success, my refusal to be a part of the pity party like everyone else.

I gave the OP a good piece of advice. Save her money and work on healing the heartache of this situation. I stated in my post that it is a heartache and her frustrations are completely right on.

Too bad if you don't like my advice. I'm not cat fighting with anyone. Sounds like you have PMS!

Take some Midol, will you!
nice attitude
And it is exactly this kind of attitude....sm
that will continue to keep MTs classified as clerical help. Until we start taking some accountability for our own professionalism, nobody else will sure recognize it!
18-year-old with attitude
Our son is a sophomore in college now. He works during the summers for clothes, books, etc, but we pay his monthly tuition. He is almost 20 and just now got his license, no car or truck, cannot afford to insure that right now. Last year we paid 700.00 a month for tuition, this year 1300.00 a month for tuition, but he is a good kid, has ADHD and studies hard. Tuition is a lot to pay for every month, but if he can get a good education, works hard, etc I am willing to pay for it. He is home now for winter break, helps me around the house with everything and is a good kid. We never thought he would go to college because he struggled so in his vocational school in high school, but his last year of high school he studied and turned his life around, got help with his ADHD and now seems to be on the right track. I opted not to take out a lot of loans for him because I do not want that burden on us or him in the future. Do what you think is right for your son. Of course their attitude is everything. We don't mind helping our son out because he has a "good attitude" and wants a college education so he does not have to work as hard and as many hours as his mom and dad do, as we both have 2 jobs each.
lol Who are you to say her attitude is out of line?
She probably doesn't have your attitude and THAT
It is all about the attitude, not the accomplishment!
I am not a Dr. Phil fan either. Just do not like his attitude.
Horrible Attitude
That's really a horrible thing to say....just because someone feels confident in their skills is not a negative thing...it's a good thing....more people need to be "in love" with themselves and maybe the world would be a better place!
good attitude
Bless you for raising your sons to be men of honor -- soldiers. No matter what one thinks of this war, I so admire the men and women who are putting their lives on the line for us every day. Thank you. (Though I envy the part about "fantastic salary" at the hospital where you work, you deserve it!) You go, girl.
good attitude

Thank you so much for your kind words Dawn. I hate the war, this is not a "good" one....but all the gals and guys that are in it deserve all of our prayers and good wishes. We must stand behind them until they all come home.


As to the good salary...I am most grateful for it. I wish each and every MT could have the same, and let us hope things change so they (and you) will.


Keep smiling and pray for peace!

Oh, that's a great attitude.....
I am very confident in my job and my brain and my knowledge of the use of the English language. I know I am better at composing a grammatically correct and near perfect report than most doctors dictating as fast as possible just to get it done, or especially since the surge of ESLs. Sorry you don't have that confidence, some have it and some don't. That attitude that this job is just typing what they say is what got this industry into the poor quality state it's in today. If an account doesn't state *strictly* verbatim - and most do not -we are expected to type it using proper English and good grammar by editing without changing the context or meaning. How long have you been doing MT? Just curious.
Having an "I'm worth it" attitude
However, with so many companies hiring to simply crank that work out, it is a shame that we are not compensated for such.  If you are an MT from home, there are quite a lot of advantages to that.  I also have found that working online is less stressful, therefore, I really do not mind the cut in pay.  The online work is where I have taken the cut.  It is not the accounts that I have attained on my own.  My suggestion would be to cut out the MTSO and gain your own accounts, and I think you'll find that MT pay is really good.  Sometimes you have to take your own initiative to make a situation better.  What is the saying?  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!   
This attitude is a prime example of why
This is the kind of attitude

Almost any job can be viewed as helping humanity. The checker at the grocery store helps you in the process of obtaining the groceries you need to feed your family. The bagger helps you bag them and maybe even helps you carry them out.

You don't have to be some hotshot doctor or nuclear physicist to help humanity. Just smile at everyone you come in contact with today. THAT's helping humanity. You may not know it, but someone may really appreciate that smile, and it may give them a sorely needed boost.

MTs work day in, day out, transcribing various types of medical records which are a VITAL link in the chain of medical care. Helping humanity? You bet we are!

It kind of seems to me like an "I was here first" attitude-
"I was here first and this is MY job and who do you think you are trying to get in on it now?" Just my 2 cents.
I can't believe what a lousy attitude this MT has
That certainly isn't the way to get a better raise next time.  If I were in your position, I would start training someone else for this job. When that person is up to speed, sayonara, Ms. Bad Attitude.
She HAD a 'positive attitude', and look where it got her. (nm)
I don't understand this attitude. At other
jobs to people just get to pick over what they want to do and not do the rest?? NO! Our job is to transcribe the doctor's dictation, be it bad or good. You will never learn anything if you just take the simple things. I for one, enjoy my job and like the challenge some dictators provide.
Ask away. But no reason to get an attitude
Good attitude
I think your way of thinking is the best. Many issues do take care of themselves and often lead to a better place we could never expect.
that's a terrific attitude
I think you have a great attitude about all you have been through. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself you appreciate what you *do* have. Good time of year for that reminder. :)
you have the worst attitude of any MT
I have ever encountered! Why wouldn't you want to learn more than one account? If you primary runs out then you have otehr work to do. Are you going to be complaining if and when your account runs out of work? If you are not willing to do other accounts now, don't expect the MTSO to give you work in another account when yours is slow when they can give it to somebody else!
Don't have an attitude. Just making an observation.
If you want to move on to something else that's great because not everybody can do that. I've done that in the past. Used to be a nurse and moved to transcription. The money's better and I have more freedom for other things. I just thought from reading your posts that you were very happy with your job and I just found it amusing that you were in the process of changing careers. Hope you do well in medical school.
I am slamming the attitude of QA personnel who obviously
hate their job as it is and obviously have verylittle respect for the people they do need to deal with. Your attitude alone is enough to make me not like you and I don't have to deal with you. Thank Gawd!
I dont know what gave you such a bad attitude, but i am sorry for
you. Maybe you could talk to someone about it. You seem very angry. :(