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Oops. Thought I had:) Sorry!

Posted By: LOL on 2006-02-06
In Reply to: post this on the company board here....nm - just a suggestion - you might want to


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oops sorry - thought you had a

so you have the memo from Barbato.

All the memo says that I have talked about FT and PT employees and

benefits for same.

Sorry we have been going in circles - LOL - maybe I should go work

at the corner gas station. 

Hope you get to ask her tomorrow - get her to tell you about the 3 different

types.  When MQ first bought out office out they had a piece of paper

that differentiated the 3 types of employees.

And ask her straight out if there will still be SE and will their description change.

Thanks.  Nite.

Oops....I was referring to the ? a few down, thought it was gone - sm
things have been disappearing though.
oops-thought I deleted the ads from that..sm
sorry, I did delete one advertisement and then upon posting - I see there are 2 or 3 more ads in the post from dictionary dot com - SORRY folks :(
oops. I thought the OP had written it...sm
Sorry. Good poem, anyway.
I thought of that being a nightmare oops. I know I'd have to
be careful. My one account the works trickles in and the new one is going to be more volume.
Oops...thought I hit the reply button on the
original post.
oops.. I mean 68 not 80! nm
I meant to say got, not good - it's been a long day. 
Sorry forgot my email. MsBeth1105@AOL.com
Mississippi - I never could spell it right!
I thought you all were talking about not being able to volunteer until you registered with the Red Cross.  I was just pointing out that the Astrodome is desperate for volunteers.

That was supposed to be "plasma" not what is there.  It should be plasma perox


Oops KEEP on keeping on! Sorry up til after 1:00 a.m. working and apparently still asleep.♦
Acute care to be known as Medical Records consisting of the above.

See I told you I was tired.

I meant to say, what is the going rate for EDITING of VR reports .... so sorry! 

OOPS - should be its!
ROFL ... No kidding, how that guy and I understood each other is STILL a mystery to me LOL
...and sorry about the java smiley wigginess
That is supposed to be 'see ABOVE posts.'
Oops guess I am a little tired meant America and not American.
oops, that should be

oops..should have been *here*

You are SO right -- do you believe I never visualized her in an apartment that was anything but covered in SNOW?  Just goes to show you how much I am able to relate to a sunny clime and take vacations there. (Not much.)  So Jodi, by all means, pay heed to the above poster -- who brought me back to the entire United States instead of the cold northeast where I was. 


DUH on my part.  No, he was out at the bars that night (not unusually!!!) and came to the house about 3 a.m.  I said you cannot stay here!!!  (My husband was already gone).  He said can't I just go to sleep?  I said nope, not here!  He said he was going to sleep in his car and I said fine.  I haven't seen him since.  I guess I should have filled you in on that part also. 


As to him getting something out of this, I totally agree that would make sense.  I did talk to his sister about this (as this is something new for us in our 4 marraige) and she says that he has always been like that, wanting to help people out and having a hard time saying no (which that part I have seen).  I don't know.  I asked if they had "something going on" (which I was kidding, that would be a TOTAL SHOCK!!!) and that didn't make him too happy!!  Thank you guys again for all the support.  I truly feel like I am making the right decision and If my husband is going to stick up for a bum, then he is not the man I thought he was and I will be fine!!

I said I let my CMT expire after almost 10 years, actually it was almost 20 years. Oh well, the result is the same.
Oops!! Sorry! Can you believe I never
looked at that board as I thought it was those looking for work? ha!! Well, one thing for sure is that she shouldn't post on this board, right? Live and learn!! Think I'm gonna go browse job seekers!
That should have been "paperclip"
I had a doc leave his dictating phone on, while he left the room, in the surgeon's lounge. I heard one very handsome, young doc tell the other docs that when he rubs Ben Gay on his 'boys', he goes crazy! I couldn't even look at the guy after that one !
I didn't mean previous emails. I meant previous posting!!!! Geesh. It's been a long day for me!
I meant "thread," not "threat!"  Hee-hee!  The supervisor didnt start a threat; she started a thread on the forum. 
I forgot to change my name from my last post. This topic is confusing, but not very sad!!
Oops, should be MQ, Not MA.
Oops, I don't know what I did to get that twice, but
you want to convert text to table on the Table menu.
Wrong English that is....
that was driver owner of his own rig that I talked him out of, glad for that....
oops, cut off sm
The worst that will happen is the company will either not reply or tell you they need more experience.  If they give you a chance to test do so!
"she" is an MTSO I have done in the past and occasionally still do work for
I am totally out of it!    thanks for the help. 
I went back and read your initial post again. I see you did have two years experience before this position. Sorry, this post has gotten so long I lost track. Anyway, still good luck to you.
oops, that should be sm on name
But speaking of ProScript... I'll ask again here if anyone works there and how they think it is... Thanks!
oops .115 to .125 cpl
This gives me an hourly rate of $35 to $55 per hour.
oops/and I know
Yes, I transcribe (late night, early morning). I know very well how noisy peds can be. I have raised 6 children!!! and used to work in the clinic setting. I understand they are noisy and do not fault the children. But it certainly would help if the doctor would be a little bit more considerate LOL. If your going to have a conversation with the parents, turn off the recorder for a sec!!!
...nm up there. Oops. nm
It is Stedmans Smart type....not speedtype.
I guess that didn't finish. Any way he is pretty regular. It is just the time off and actually I have a new manager since the last time I asked and she is trying to get the info .

Thanks for the input
LOL! Oops! sm
I meant 0.0125 a word.

I'm still interested in your responses, but I've enjoyed reading what popped up when I posted my message.  I had previously tried to find posts related to editing, with no luck, so I was glad to see some *talk* on the board about it.  Please continue talking...


Well, duh, excuse the extra "of" before "connections." Got in a hurry. Does anyone use ISDN, wireless, etc. Thanks again for sharing.
I meant 80 hours, that is my entire paycheck.