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PA - Pittsburgh area is one locale, Philadelphia area also.

Posted By: Philly Girl on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: Could anyone give me an insurance or maybe licensing website that shows where hyperbaric - wimt

TriState area - PA, NJ, DE.

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Is DSL not available in your area?
It's worth it to have it.  It's tax deductible as a business/work expense.  It's only about $35 a month here total, compared to $20 a month for dial-up.  It's so much faster, more reliable and easier to use than dial-up.  It also doesn't tie up your phone line like dial-up does, so no need for a second phone line and no getting bounced off the Internet when someone calls while you're trying to work.  I'd still have it even if I couldn't write it off on my taxes.
I'm in the D/FW area and we have taken in several ...
and Dallas is making sure the children are in school, there are special job fairs to make sure the adults get jobs, even though our economy was terrible to start with, companies are making jobs for them, and every one that is interviewed says they are never going home and making their home here in Dallas/Fort Worth. I know they need places to say, what happened to them is terrible, but this area really did not need the strain of all the added people. Several of the people have been offered new housing back in their state or such, but they say they do not want to move again. I just think everyone needs to be looking at the big picture as to what is going to happen in the long run, as New Orleans is going to need some of their residents to come back and help rebuild. I have a son that has been looking for a job for over a year in the field he went to school for and has had no luck and now he has to compete against 1000s more people. I just don't get it.
If you have one in your area, may I
They are a corporation who apparently does give a rat's a** about its employees. They don't give their top people big bonuses, etc. and instead pay their employees a living wage...a REAL living wage and have one of the best reputations for treating their employees like real human beings from all I've read about them.
See if this is in your area

bay area MT
Since you mentioned you were also from CA, I was wondering if you have seen much about relocalization and eating local? I have read a lot about this and try to only purchase goods that are produced within 100 miles of my home in the South Bay or if not available within that radius, only from our state. I have also started my own vegetable garden growing different types of squash, lettuce, spinach as well as others in addition to fruit. Everything I am growing is either from seed that is not genetically modified and is organic or I purchased from the nursery from organic growers. My housemate is suprised at how much variety we have with our container gardening. She was just saying this morning that she never realized how easy it was to grow things yourself.

Another thing to support your local farmer is to sign up for a CSA. They had an article not too long ago about how organic goods really wanted by consumers, but even though these goods are organic, they are being brought from different parts of the world, which kind of kills the organic goodness considering you are expending oil to deliver it.

As for offshoring of our work, I have found since I moved to CA getting close to a year ago that there seem to be a lot of companies who do not offshore and will not consider it a consideration. I think there is hope:)
bay area MT . . . sm
You see, I am right!!! They also had an article not too long ago about what the true savings from offshoring work has come out to. Instead of getting the 50% to 60% or more most places advertise to cut costs, the only real savings has been around 20%. They had an article about that in our local paper as well as I think I saw it on Yahoo News if anyone wants to search for it.
What area are you in because....
I had to fight to get $1.35 per minute IC directly from a hospital and was told that was the average.  I recently did some math and figured I was being paid between 8-9 cents per line.  I get 10 for a PT IC position.  Trying to figure if I should ask for more again, especially since I get several different doctors now that they use hospitalists.
Is this in the KC area?
I'm from a town just north of KCMO and plan on moving back in a few months and was just wondering if you worked for one of the hospitals there? I currently work for a national, but am hoping to get a local job when I move back.
None in my area.
Many are mad at this organization because of their stand on things. I am not happy with them at all.
if it's available in your area
This may be getting off topic here but there are some states which have monetary assistance (moolah to you and me) for small small businesses (SSBs). It is the same as first-time homebuyer money, which is aimed to get people into homes who otherwise wouldn't have the downpayment money. But you take classes, come up with a business plan, and I don't know what all else. I was in the homebuyers program for 1-1/2 years, taking classes, working on perfecting credit, etc, and eventually got 10K. In some of my monthly classes there were small small business people participating for state money for starting a business. You will, of course, have to check in your area. Just a thought!
In our area .. Cingular has that
Check cingular.com
Are their any IC in the Tampa, FL area?

Just wondering if there were any other IC in the Tampa/Brandon area, and do you think line rates are cheap around here?? 


not sure of the prices in your area

..but gas here is $2.73 (cheap stuff) 

Home prices have gone through the roof here.  We sold our home last year for 250, and we bought it 2 yrs prior for 170.  In our area, homes sell before they even make it to the MLS listings. 

I am an IC and have no problem finding work.  I have actually turned away 2 offices last week.

Oh, health insurance, may not want to hear this one--we pay 200. per week for a family of four.

I live in the Tampa area.

Best of luck,


I can REALLY relate to you in one area...
My DH is a high school principal, however, we purposely and specifically moved to a different town so that our children would not have to go to school where their Dad works.  Our oldest (a senior this year) did her freshman year at the same high school, and then we moved.   Some kids were very rude, saying mean things about her dad within ear shot so that she would hear, and kids telling her that some senior was "looking for her" because he was mad at her dad.  As far as lying... I think you might try teaching her a lesson about lying.  Tell her you're going to get her a car and then when the day comes to go get it, you can say "oops, I was lying, we're not getting a car."  In other words, show her what being lied to make a person feel like.  She can know that you're doing it in order to teach her a lesson, and that she just might never know when you're lying or telling the truth.  She will soon realize what she is doing to you and what it's like to live with a liar.  My DD is very honest and we havn't had any troubles with her, but I've got 2 more coming up so who knows what's in store for me there.  There but for the Grace of God go I, so I will not boast about the one well-behaved teenager that I have raised.  Sometimes in spite of everything we do, and the best upbringing, some kids just make poor choices.  Hang in there.  I now know why God invented menopause. Can you imagine what these people having babies at 45 have in store for them in their 60s?  They're NUTS!
Any Denver-area MTs??
She needs a neuroophthalmologist and I cannot find one in Denver for her.  Any insight appreciated!  Thanks.
I can REALLY relate to you in one area...
Dear Lisa,

My ex's latest bimbo (who is now his wife) badmouthed me in front of my then 12 yr. old daughter. This trash even went as far as to discuss their intimate relationship in detail in front of my child.

Although my daughter lives with me, she has no respect for this trashy woman.

Your daughter will eventually see through this woman's lieing and manipulation. From 15 to 17 is a tough age for girls and your daughter is right smack in the middle.

I would be firm with my daughter and tell her that calling you names and being rude to your fiancee and his family is unacceptable and you just won't tolerate it.

Further, tell her that respect is earned and she'll have to clean up her act if she wants your respect.

Your daughter knows how to "push your buttons" but don't let her get to you. Ask her, "How would you like it if I called you names all the time?" When the shoe is on the other foot, teens have a tendency to think about things more than we realize.

A real job doesn't have to bring in a paycheck. The most important jobs that we women have is being a Mom. If we are able to juggle motherhood and still bring in a paycheck then all the better. It doesn't matter if your office is in the living room, or in an office downtown.

If that paycheck helps buy your daughter things that she wants, I would simply say next time she asks for something, "Sorry, I don't have a real job, so there's no real cash to get you what you want."

Sometimes you have to stop being the "nice parent" and put your foot on the brake. In the long run, your daughter will come around and respect you for it.

It's a tricky area (sm)
Let's get real--in the vast majority of these companies, they're using you as an employee yet calling you an IC. That's the reality.

Therefore, I think you should let them know that you want to raise your line rate. Though technically another poster here is correct in saying that you can give them a notice that "effective x date, my line rate will be x" I think that's risky. That's assuming MT companies are functioning legally and ethically and actually treating you like an IC, which again they're not.

What I did when I was an IC (very recently) was call the company and said I would like to negotiate a higher line rate. I cited that I could do all work types, accents, worked weekends, and therefore was valuable to them (it takes a little practice aloud first and some chutzpuh to make that call). I gave a rate higher than I expected, and they came back with something in the middle, which was just fine to me.

Yes, it's wrong that it works this way, but the reality is you are probably in an employee position yet called an IC. Therefore, unless you have other accounts and don't really depend on this company, better to take an approach that is somewhere in between employee and IC.

Good luck!
Walmart in our area.

I live out in the sticks, but we have Walmart in several small towns close by.  My friends who work at Walmart have an income comparable to other retail jobs in our area.  A close friend's son is in management at Walmart and makes a very good living for this area.  I do not like some of their business practices, but a lot of the smaller businesses around here have shady business practices as well.  I am willing to pay a little more and support local business owners, but I had just as soon buy a few groceries as go down the road to Ingles, Kroger or Bi-Lo and pay twice as much, as these are big chains too. 

Come when the area is not so congested? What does that mean?
Not sure I'm following, but I sure don't blame you for being upset.  I think I would delve into this a little further once you are less mad.
I don't know what rates are like in your area.

Only the hospital knows if it's a better deal for them.  Some companies provide equipment, dictation systems, tech support, supervisors, transcriptionists, etc., so if the only thing you are doing is transcribing and you are relying on the hospital for all the rest, then the hospital has to absorb all those costs.

I'm in the Nashville area.

Tampa Bay area

I have been here for 15 years and still love to drive over the causeway into Tampa it is just so neat having the water all around!  I will say that things are more affordable in Tampa but the county taxes are high because you are paying for the Bucs and for many social programs as there is a price to pay to fix a city and make it a place anyone would want to live.  Pinellas County (over the Bay and more beach like) is a bit pricier, but there are still affordable places to live.  SW Pasco county is also affordable and taxes are lower but so are services.  It all depends on what you want/need.  Jobs are available.  Many hospitals still have inhouse and there are services always looking for good help.  I love it here and there is a substantial community of MTs if you need a shoulder to cry/grouse on!! 

in FL $400 per area one time......

New Braunfels area
I love the New Braunfels area. We lived at Canyon Lake for 7 years and it was not fun to drive 30 miles just to get groceries and never be able to have pizza delivered to your house! LOL It just depends on your preference though! The schools in NBISD are excellent!
Dedicated area is better for me
I used to have my office in the living room area and I was always wandering off, getting distrated. I moved my office to a spare room in the basement and I get tons more done and time actually passes more quickly for me.
Actually, many in our area have children
they have sick children all week long, they don't work, so no excuse there. They wait until the weekends to do all their healthcare for ALL their children, sometimes up to 4 to 5 children. They have all week long to get good healthcare at good clinics that do take their insurance or even at the local health department, but they wait until Friday evenings and BOOM....while others sit in the waiting room that are indeed in need of immediate care.
anyone from York, PA area? sm
i am looking for info on an OB/GYN named, Rosean Freundel.  i can't find her on any of the MD websites.  anyone have any contact info on her?  she delivered my SIL's baby and she needs to request her records.  she delivered at York Hospital about 2 years ago.
You must be in the Albany area..
work for SamHealth?
Must depend on the area. sm
I have had their cable and roadrunner for about 5 years and service is always excellent here.
If the hospital is in your area
It's their choice if they want to have any MTs in house or have them all remote/at home. However, our experience has been that the MDs like knowing there are at least a few MTs on campus.
contact other MTs in your area to see if they need (sm)

Vacation coverage, etc.  I have done this and actually acquired an account from someone who was retiring.  One thing I can recommend besides *pounding the pavement* is just get yourself out there by maybe joining your local Women in Business or Chamber of Commerce or something in your area.  Or any hospital functions, fundraisers, fairs, etc.  You don't have to go with your whole resume or brochures in hand.  Just get yourself out there with an open mind and you never know what might happen. 

Also, when reading your local newspaper keep an eye out for announcements about doctors joining clinics, opening practices, etc.  Also my paper has a *People in Business* section.  Check it out.

But other than that, 18+ years is a lot of experience and since you are very good, well I cannot imagine any company turning you away for whatever schedule you wanted. 

Any MTs in the Colorado area?

My husband has a possible job opportunity in the northern Colorado area.  I am just wondering if anyone on this board is out in that area?  I am wondering what the average pricing is on housing, apartments, etc.  Anything really fun to do out there?  This would be in the Fort Collins area.   Also, what is the usual temperature in the summer and winter, snow fall, etc. 

I have found most of this information on-line, but I would much prefer to hear from someone who lives around this area.  I would take a personal view over a computer anyday!  We live in Florida now, so this would be a HUGE move for our family!

Thanks for any info.

what general area are you in
A gal I know up in a western metropolitan area got 14 cpl 5 YEARS ago, but she says the prices up there are like that. I wonder what they get in New York?
It depends on your area.
would ask for no less than $16.00 an hour.  This should make it worth your while.  Most on-site jobs at clinics pay hourly, not per line. 
I don't know if it would work for your area but
cpl for Dallas TX area?
Anyone want to share what the going rate for cpl is for Dallas/Fort Worth area?
Is a 15-min walk possible in your area sm
at that time of night?  That would get your blood moving!
NorthGate is really good too...same area
I remember NorthGate being just a smidge cheaper...check both!
So when does school start in your area????

Alienlovechild - that is a GREAT pay for the area you are
the cost of living is quite reasonable around that area. Some of the hospitals start around 9/hour and top out at 12-13/hour.
Looking for an MT friend that was in New Orleans area...
Angelique...are you okay??  I wish i could hear from you and know if you are okay.  I have prayed for you since the day the storm hit.  I had talked to you 3 days prior and I am sad I didn't have time to say hi a bit a longer.  I miss talking with you dearly!  Please tell me you are okay.  I have tried to email you, but to no avail...this is the only place I could think to try.  If anyone knows Angelique please tell me if you know anything!!
Are you in an area where there are numerous hospitals??

If so, maybe some of them have their own departments and you can get hired inhouse.  That's what I finally had to do in order to get the pay and respect and steady work that I needed.  I'm working less than full-time and making 30,000+.  You may have to work in house and follow a set schedule, but at least you'll have a decent job. 

Alabama here - Huntsville area

I'm also from Alabama, in the Huntsville area.  If you're an IC in this area, you're lucky to get .12 per line.  Huntsville is supposed to be so high tech with all the NASA, Boeing and Marshall Space Flight Center stuff; unfortunately, the doctors in the area still have the 1975 price mentality! 

I know there is a large transcription service in your area that handles some physicians in this area and they're only charging .12 per line, so it may be a bit much for B'ham.  If you would like to know who I'm referring to, please e-mail me at tow46@aol.com and note this in the subject so I won't delete it.

aortic valve area 0.6 cm2
Questions for anyone in the Florida area...SM

I currently live in Houston and my husband's work might have us relocate to Florida here soon, around Panama City area.

I haven't talked to my work yet, but do most nationals pay any type of different rate when you live in an area with a higher cost of living? Also, what is the going rate for insurance there? We rent now, but will probably look to buy a house when we get there. I am not finding anything less than $260,000 that I am willing to move into. Is this the norm? Any info on the quality of the school districts would also be appreciated. Also, what is the gas, food, clothes, etc., prices like compared to my area? Any info would be appreciated.

Same in our area at flea markets!
was all excited to go to one of the flea markets in Wales and England to see what interesting "stuff" I'd find there... well, guess what... same stuff I see here...and tons of Pakistans and Indians selling goods.  Just thought it funny that flea markets are the same everywhere you go!
In the Atlanta area there are a good many....sm

female construction workers and female home/buisness builders... and they're usually not gay.

Good advice. I'm new to this area, and still sm
don't have enough phone books. The nearest Wal-Mart is 15 miles away, so I'm kinda limited as to resources. I will check to see if there is a bike store in the next "big town" (20 miles away). Thanks!!

Take it and be happy. I can't find this pay in my area of NY. nm
Looks like Adelphia and Bellsouth only in my area
PeachTree in Atlanta area
has anyone worked for them?  any good or bad on them?  all i see are for Spheris and Medquist these days.