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Please explain to me about VR

Posted By: Katie on 2007-05-03
In Reply to: ok. But VR it is not a magic pill - MTME

when you say heard need doctors cooperation, do not understand that statement. Have worked on escription now for at least 5 years and I can state emphatically same doctors and they have not and probably would not change the way they dictate- oh if I could only wish and would come true (done the same ones for over 15 years). Give me an idea on this, ok?

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Please explain further.
What do you mean by WT? Do you paste report into a Word Document?
explain please
what happened?
Could you explain please exactly what you mean?
I want to be aware of anything I may not know about.

I just ran a numbers check in Word, using "Tools" "Word Count" for all my work I did yesterday and the numbers were exactly the same - characters with spaces divided by 65 - except it appears the company software does not round up so you may lose a line there. Otherwise, they were exactly the same.

Thanks so much.
That's what I was trying to explain the other day -

I was hired to hold a sign at a construction site.  I was offered more money than I was making at MQ after being with them 6 years.  I have been doing MT for years and years, and my skills are non-marketable.

AT the construction site:  I don't have to know computers, buy one, keep up with one, be responsible for one, have the internet, deal with updating computers to satisfy a company.

All I have to do is show up.

At MQ they wanted more and more and more.  Buy more equipment, know proper English, type fast, no errors, NO RAISES, no work most of the time (their solution was more accounts, what a joke!), offered tech support/make an appointment, offered QA/make an appointment/we will call you within 48 hours.

The way I see it is MQ is covering itself with NUMBERS of transcriptionists.

They don't care if we make a living, only that their dictation is done.

They are going to go through us like water/we can't make a living/ok, they kick that girl to the curb and bring in the next MT/and so on.  IT'S NUMBERS, BABY!

They think because they have some sort of "idiot program" going where you supposedly can hire a warm body to clean up jibberish spit out by a voice recognition machine, they can hire 1000 indians or girls with borderline education (after they have driven any experienced MTs who were making anything near livable wage away), and pay them pennys they have the answer to medical transcription and still charge megabucks to hospitals and they will make the king's ransom in profit because they have little or nothing invested (remember they just got rid of the 1-800 phone numbers saving millions of bucks), and now want to pay pennys for editing.

Well, I am off to hold my sign for $10/hour PLUS BENEFITS AND WORKMAN'S COMP, INSURANCE, RETIREMENT, HOLIDAYS.  And I will look  back in every once in a while at whoever stays in this business while MQ takes it down the tubes.

Hey "bumed" you have it right.  And I'm afraid it's not going to turn around until you see piles of blitzed MTs over in the corner.  It is a non-career and thanks to the suits they have brought the quality of medicine down below putrid.  Get out.  Don't spend any more money to accommodate these profiteers.  Look out for yourself.   Think outside the box.  Right now the world is a little upsidedown because everything for the moment is "bottomline".  It can't go on this way forever or we will all be dead from "bottomline" thinking.  And while it is turning around, look here and there - and don't let MT take you down with it.  Good luck to all of us.


That would explain it....
So she is stuck at the age when she was molested, which would be about 6.  Poor Yuck!  I feel sorry for Yuck!
Perhaps you can explain this to


Before President Bush took office, under Democratic leadership, income was on the rise, jobs were expanding, and the economy was booming. Today, the Census Bureau announced that real household income has decreased in 2004, falling for the fourth consecutive year. Since the beginning of the Bush Administration, household income has declined nearly $1,700. Over 1.1 million people fell out of the middle class into poverty in 2004, an increase of 5.4 million people living in poverty since Bush took office. Despite this, Republicans still have no plan to help struggling middle class families. Democrats are fighting to create jobs and keep good paying jobs here at home.

Household Income Declined by Nearly $1,700 Under Bush. For the second consecutive year, median household income declined: income dropped last year by $93 -- down to $44,389. In real terms, median household income has declined by $1,669 since 2000. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-1]

African Americans And Latino Household Incomes Have Declined by More Than $2,000 Under Bush. Real median household income did not increase between 2003 and 2004 for African Americans and Latinos. African American households had the lowest median income, at $30,134--down by $2,273 since Bush took office. Median income for Hispanic households was $34,241 in 2004--down by $2,141 since Bush took office. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-1]

Average Earnings by Women Declined by About $330 in Real Dollars During the Past Year. The median earnings of women declined over the past year, from $31,550 to $31,223. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table A-2]

Number of People Living in Poverty Increased by 1.1 Million in 2004. Approximately 1.1 million people fell out of the middle class into poverty in 2004, an increase of 5.4 million people living in poverty since Bush took office in 2001. The poverty rate has increased from 12.5 to 12.7 percent over the past year, increasing for the fourth consecutive year. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table B-1]

Nearly 1 in 5 American Children Lived in Poverty During 2004. 13 million children lived in poverty in 2004, an increase of about 1.4 million since the beginning of the Bush Administration. This comes on the heels of a 730,000 increase in the number of children living in poverty in 2003. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table B-2 ]

Disproportionately High Number of African Americans and Latinos Live in Poverty. Nearly 25 percent of all African Americans (9 million) lived in poverty in 2004, an increase of over 250,000 over the past two years. Nearly 22 percent (9.1 million) of Latinos lived in poverty, an increase of almost 500,000 over the past two years. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table 3]

1.9 Million More Americans Enrolled in Medicaid in 2004. As 1.1 million Americans dropped out of the middle class and into poverty in 2004, the enrollment rate in Medicaid increased from 12.4 percent of the population in 2003 to 12.9 percent in 2004. Without the safety net of Medicaid and SCHIP for people who dropped into poverty, the health insurance numbers would be even worse. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05, page 16 ]

Today, the Census Bureau announced that the number of people without health insurance nationwide increased to 45.8 million, the fourth consecutive annual increase. A total of 800,000 Americans became uninsured last year - many because fewer employers offer health insurance to their workers. As a consequence, American families are paying higher and higher health insurance premium - which are expected to double under Bush's tenure by 2006. Yet, Bush and Congressional Republicans lack a real plan to address the problem.

Nearly 46 Million Americans Are Uninsured--Increasing for the Fourth Year in a Row. The number of Americans lacking health insurance increased by 800,000 last year--and by 6 million since Bush took office in 2001. Today, a total of 45.8 million people are uninsured--roughly one in seven Americans. [U.S. Census Bureau, 8/30/05; Table HI-4]

Should not have to explain
We are allowed to do things for ourselves once in a while.  It seems ridiculous that we have to "explain" how or why we are doing something because we feel guilty.  I think it is great that you are able to do what you can do living in Florida especially with your hurricaine season being what it has been.   I think it is great and go and have a good time.    
Would you please explain what
you mean by "they/"  Who are they?  Do you mean newbies, anybody choosing to answer your ad, experienced MTs, dogs, cats, what? That is such a generalization.  Explain yourself.
please explain ...
I thought ERs are generally very short reports. Nowadays if we get paid by the line, you can't earn much for a short report. How does that work ?
Can someone please explain the
I can't find anything written in plain english on the internet. Thanks for your help.
Explain, please? I don't get that. What does it mean? nm
CMT - please explain
You've said this once before. Please explain.
Could you explain why? mn
I would just ask her and explain why (sm)
you would like to have the jacket, and I'm sure there would be no problem with her giving it to you.  However, if she for any reason becomes resistant to it, then I would say just drop it.  Things like this have a tendency to snowball and can cause resentments for a lifetime. 
Can anyone please explain to me why...
it is sometimes YEARS before a discharge summary gets dicatated?  Within the past few weeks, I had a report dicated 4 years after the patient went home.  This morning, the last 3 I have done by the same dictator are from 2004.  What is up with that? 
Explain please

Explain -- is 12 to 13 cpl low or high?  I am low at 11.5 to 13 cpl with my own accounts and two I/C's.   Most services here in the Oregon area are between 14 to 18 cpl in Oregon/Washington.  So I am curious do you laugh because we are low or laugh because you don't believe anyone could be receiving that much?  What do you think the Nationals charge?


Seems like you better ask them to explain better; but (sm)
I wouldn't pay them anything for the "privilege" of working for them.
Can you explain how to do this? I was just looking (sm)
at the help screen today on this very thing but I'm getting dense and do not know how to do it.  I tried and it was a disaster. Right now I have everything in AutoText, and sometimes, it loses a normal.  I would appreciate the info. Thanks.
okay to better explain my POV

I have not been on this site in almost a week as I have been busy with other things but visited yesterday and today, only glancing at certain threads casually.  The "I really wish" thread caught my eye and still I did not read it all the way through.  As the moderators here have often said, if you don't like the negative stuff, ignore it and get the good stuff.

When I posted the comment about the emoticon, I actually was thoughtful about the use of an emoticon indicative of a negative emotion leading a message about negativity.  That struck me as curious, not as argumentative, struck me as a contradictory debate.  Perhaps I should have put more in my posting but I tend to cut to the quick and what I said was a synopsis of what I was thinking.  I didn't berate anyone or insult anyone.  I made an observation and thought I was opening a door for the post to go in a different direction.

To put it better, I still have not read all the negative stuff over the last few days, nor am I interested in doing so. As this thread grew and became more, well, less caring towards other posters, I posted what I did to point out maybe, just maybe, some of the negative stuff would go away if it weren't thrown out for fodder.  An emoticon like   or could perhaps been less conducive to feeding negativity that the one posted, if in fact the original poster wanted to breed positivity on the board.  I do find it ironic that name calling came about because of a thread wishing negativity would go away.

I'm throwing this out for discussion, not to   .

Let me explain this to you.
The point here is that he is stating that he has dictated the report but is not reading it when he gets it back to sign off on. That does not necessarily mean that he is NEVER going to read it ever again. Lots of doctors do not read the reports right after they are dictated and they just sign off on them. There could be an error in the report, but they would never know it because they don't read it at the time. Six months later when the patient comes in again, the doctor may read the report then, but he certainly isn't going to remember what he dictated six months ago and if it is all accurate. It is more common than you may think.

Please explain why you don't say what you are talking about.  I believe in being to the point but these clip sentences are like the nutty doctors. 

Yes, explain that!
explain why you say that please. so we all can know.
You don't have to explain - those who would

not believe you for some twisted reason aren't even worth your breath - finger breath! Ha! As I posted below, there are those who just have a grudge against AAMT, and you won't get a nice response no matter what you post. I actually ended up joining the AAMT about six months ago AFTER reading all the rant postings about them on this board. Never heard of them before!! I also am going to be pursuing my CMT as well, for my own personal goal, not for anyone else. Don't even think for a second that the majority of us out here think you made up your testing results - its just the trolls.

Explain that . . .
if they go national more than likely it will be INTERnational.  Companies will put their best transcriptionists on a new account for a short time, but more than likely will start outsourcing.

I am not sure I quite understand - I have a doctor that I am going to start with. They gave me a CD. I am trying to figure out how to get it to work with my footpedal so that I can control stop, rewind, etc?



Can you explain further? sm
How would each Expander have a hot key? Can you give me an example of one?
Thank you!
explain how you know this.
Huh? Could you explain that?
Please explain to me what an
expander is. I have been doing this for 25+ years- I have shortcuts (these in my definition are words that I spell wrong and the shortcuts changes them for me or say a hospital's name I use all the time, just put in initials and it pulls it up for me) and then I use what the job has for templates and that entails a complete dictation that a particular dictator uses time and time - but what is considered an expander?
Someone needs to explain this to J&J
I explain it...
Step 1: Follow the link:


STEP 2: Just below the message text, you will see a box displaying, Sponsors and text written "Page Cannot Be Displayed". Right click "Page Cannot be Displayed" Text > Properties and see URL to verify where this page/sponsor box is coming from. These are the Ads served by Google. But Google has banned gomdt.com to show Google Ads due to copyright violations and fradulant activities on gomdt.com

I asked Google (actually sent an Email to Google Support) about why gomdt.com is unable to show Google Ads? and I got the response what I have already pasted in the post above.

She is a cheater ..... Google is saying that not me.

why? please explain ....sm
in my post below I used the rule from the American Heritage Book of English Grammar regarding collective nouns.
"Some nouns refer to a group but are singular in form. These nouns are called collective nouns. In American usage, a collective noun takes a singular verb when it refers to the collection considered as a whole." Why do you think this rule does not apply? In this exampled "20 units" is a collective noun, so I beg to differ and have provided both this from American Heritage and the page reference from the BOS to back up my statement.

you should have her explain
If every 65 characters = 1 line, and you get paid 6 cents for every 65 characters, and that still is 6/cpl.

The person explaining this to you either doesn't get it herself, or she's hoping you won't get it.
Please explain
What do you mean by template line count?

We use some "normals" and often have to change things. I assume that the line count goes by the final report (including any additions or subtractions) which makes sense to me.

I am guessing you are referring to something else. Would you explain please?


I would explain that you just sm
accidentally missed this e-mail. You don't have to tell them you don't check your e-mail much. I would just explain that I missed it. Anybody can do that.

If they get upset then they get upset but I certainly would not ignore it.
Details---I will explain
Promised there would be others on my accounts in the hours I worked there was never a single person on during the hours I worked on Army accounts. It was a huge disappointment. After being with for a month they finally got me the IM list it was never loaded when software was installed. I know several others here in my state that have worked for them and have quit for the same reasons. Poor management......
So how do you explain the numbers
or did you read even the excerpt? I also recommend listening to The Interview on the BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/the_interview.shtml
Mr. Wright was talking about capitalism run amock with no regard to the world we are leaving our children and grandchildren. He mentioned that the ratio between a worker "on the floor" and a CEO 25 years ago was about 1:30 and now it is 1:1000.

You may call it a Band-Aid, but programs such as Headstart (it is IMPERATIVE to do as much as early as possible) etc., grants for community colleges (which Bush also cut) have helped a great deal. I would certainly prefer to have my tax dollars spent on these programs rather than helping bimbos like Paris Hilton buy another toy.

Would you please explain how widening the gap between the very rich and the very poor and squeezing the middle class in the process is in this country's or the world's best interest?

Can you explain to me the difference between SE and IC please? nm
You can't explain it. Our system we have
set up, like I said before, does not help the people who really need it half the time. The people who can afford to build on the beach and build mansions at that, should have to rebuild themselves.

My point though is that not everyone can get out. Not everyone has that opportunity. I got so tired of hearing about it was the people's fault in New Orleans because they should have left. What do people not understand about not being able to leave if you have no vehicle? It is their local government's fault for not using the buses they had on hand.
wow- someone please explain how that could possibly
or cheaper for that matter, I'm sure Arby's employees are not on the high end wage category!
Soy candles? Oh, please do explain!
Please explain how * works?
Ok, I got the way to get into formatted text but how do you make the * work for "jump to" or a pause to insert text? Thanks!
I honestly wish you would explain (sm)

as the logic defeats me. Seems to me the reverse is true.

Personally, I couldn't live with myself if I drove to the store, knowing that someone's son or daughter had to die for the gas I was using, but if you can . . . enjoy yourself, I guess.



Can anyone explain smoking hx to me?

I just typed this:

"The patient has an approximate two to three history of smoking two to three cigars per week."

I also have never understood that, for example, "25 pack year history".

Anyone want to enlighten me??

here's a link to explain.
I used this on several files when I started to extract the phrases and words used most frequently in the work I've already one.  Occassionally I'll run it again so it's updated.  It's a neat feature of IT.
still doesn't explain what it IS?
Hard to explain but ....

Probably the reason I canot find thia software program is because I am not really sure what to call it.  Will try to explain what I need .....

I work on the DQS system... but do not like the program HATE IT.  So, I type in MS Word and copy/paste over to DQS.  I am looking for a software program that will work like a macro from MS Word over to DQS. 

Right now, I have a macro in MS Word to copy, convert to correct format, and spellcheck....... then I key over to DQS and past in the final product.  I want to eliminate the last two steps the alt-tab key and ctrl C key steps.

I want to just hit one macro key, and it do all of the above with one key stroke.  There is a program out there that will work as a macro program outside of windows, but I cannot remember the name of the program.

I also utilize another program for a different office that I have to do basically the same thing, but requires more key strokes from product A to product B.  So the program I need needs to be versatile enough to work outside of Windows per se for all programs.

Any suggestions?


Care to explain? NM
You really do not need to justify or explain yourself! You need help right now - that's all!
Good for you that you can do what you do as far as making money and giving.

Honestly, you really do not need to explain yourself to anyone. You are just a time that you need help. Everyone has those times in one way or another.

You will get through it - just pinch the pennies for a little while, don't give to your church or anyone else for a short time, and get your finances in order for times like these. You will be sailing again in no time!

Good luck and Bless your heart!