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Read through all the posts on the New MT board. Top 3

Posted By: schools mentioned in those pages. Good luck! nm on 2007-11-02
In Reply to: looking 4 a good school - Kim Keller


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  • looking 4 a good school - Kim Keller
    • Read through all the posts on the New MT board. Top 3 - schools mentioned in those pages. Good luck! nm

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Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
read recent posts on this board and on the company board
I didn't read the other posts but just read this
My daughter got pregnant at 17, said she wanted an abortion but BF didn't. I have a wonderful 2-1/2 yo grand daughter that I don't think I could live without...and now, guess what? I don't. I have custody of her. She was dropped off on my door, I got court ordered temporary custody and final custody hearing in a month.

I'm single with no family support. I had just taken a new MT job one month before this happened and they have been wonderful during my adjusting to being a mom again and I hope I can resume a normal schedule by next week.

I'm passing no moral judgments or giving moral advice. The situation is what it is. My prayers are with everyone involved.
Um have you read any of your posts and the other posts? I think everyone DOES believe me..you

I have read your posts
I for one did read your posts.  Fine, you want to stay for the insurance.  Then get a second job that will pay your bills.  And taking your discussing (read whining) to a blog.
I have not read the other posts (below) but...
If you have health insurance with counselor coverage, I would book an appointment. Maybe ask around as to who is a good counselor. I understand how you feel as I am now seeing a psychologist about a family situation similar, but not the same, as yours.

It is so devastating when you cannot talk to anyone for fear of the word getting out. Maybe even pick a counselor in another town. You need to talk this over with someone that can maybe give you some ideas on how to deal with the situation without x-ing out your whole family.

I did just that (x-ed out family), and, believe me, the holidays are the hardest. Your mother will probably not see the light until she is clubbed over the head with it, so that is probably not an option. Have you had a out-and-out discussion with him? Don't listen to me, though. I urge you to see a counselor. Best of luck to you...and we are always here to talk to!
Thank You!!! I read all the posts and this is what I
I have been an MT for a very, very long time.  I have been on both ends (editor and MT).  I think MTs do have a lot they have to remember; however, I don't think it has to be as big a deal as some make it.  Back when I first started working from home, I worked for MQ.  I had 3 teaching hospitals and can't even remember how many docs now, so I had an office lined with post it notes.  As someone put above, writing it down makes them remember.  Me, personally, I have a binder with all my account specs printed and can pull a tab to get to each one. They are well lined out and I have taken time to make certain notes on the first page to make it easier.  I agree with another post about take whatever work you can get. Make yourself very valuable to the company and you will always have work.  I just get really upset to see the ones griping about jumping around and then you will also see posts later that they are out of work.  Maybe they should ask themselves why they are out of work.  Just on a further note, editing is easier on the hands, but I have to know the account specifics just as well as the MTs because if an error is sent through, it will come back on me too.
Just read the posts and you should see
what I along with others talk about. The facts are there to read. Higher up on this board there is a post with an MT stating she is leaving and giving her reasons. I tell what I have been through and then what others write here, is also for you to read. Transcription has really gone down over the past 20 years or so. Jobs are being outsourced to other countries where the salaries are a lot less and our salaries have taken a nose dive from what we used to make. If I had to get into this job now, would not want to chance an iffy situation. This is being realistic and if you think negative, please just read a lot of the posts on this board. It is your life and your wishes and you can do what you want, of course. I remember a previous inhouse supv telling me as late as 1991 I would not be transcribing by the time they got a computer able to recognize and put down in print a doctors dictation. Guess what, I work now in voice recognition at 4 cents a line! I have another acct so am paid more in that but could not live on that 4 cents if I had to.
Then you go on to read posts about

work for to "shove it", and now want to come back because the grass isn't any greener!!   

It is all the same.  I have never in all my days heard of an employee being paid to commute.  That is absurd.  Unfortunately, if you are an employee you are at the mercy of your employer until you resign your duties.  Gone are the days of loyalty and pampering someone because they've been at it a long time.   

If I read any of these posts first,
there is absolutely no way that I would have ever gotten into MTing because so much is different now and most of all the salary is just not there to live on. I, without the income of my hubby, could not afford the home where I live, the car that I drive, the status we have because I just do not make that kind of money anymore. The salary for me has fell over $40,000.00 since the early years. That is a chunk of change! I would definitely go, say into nursing, where the income is name your own price type deal. Much better than a person having to work say 7 days a week, hours and hours on those days just to have food on the table. Thank goodness, way past that point now but used to be there years ago.
still cannot read posts either.
Did you read the posts below...
There are laws already in the works to create more protection for all countries who offshore (not just the US).  I do not think it is as simplistic as you believe, that there are no rules, laws, or protection.  Offshored work is big business for those countries.  It is in their own interest to have protection laws, and it appears they already have many and are working on more. 
read the other posts (sm)
This person knows what he wants. He wants to contract with an MTSO who will, in turn, assign some of their MTs to his account.

He isn't interested in contracting with individuals.

Just don't read my posts. :) nm
LOL. I noticed that too. Read all the MQ posts.
The poster who berates those complaining about MQ always uses caps to emphasize their point and without fail, someone comes along and backs their point up using those same emphasis caps. ROFLMAO

No, see? You didn't even read the posts. You came
into the middle of the conversation and started making things up. I'm not angry and bitter, so please stop spouting your nonsense. Read your own posts. As for the soda bottles, we were discussing washing them out to be reused to hold water when a hurricane comes. I'm done. I'm out of here. I'm not going to defend myself against someone who doesn't even understand the conversation and makes things up.
Please read previous posts..You will be
tortured to death with IMs. They do not listen to you. Bad Communication with your tech and supervisors on IM from India. Your check is penalized for errors and they will change paydays on your often so your check is shortened all the time. That and you will work yourself to death and notice in 12 hours you maybe have made an average of $8 an hour. There is no way that they pay for footers and headers or spaces as they claim. It never adds up. Dont do it.
Maybe you should slowly re-read the posts.
They seem pretty concerned to me. Um, even the moderator commented. That's kinda like having your mom step in when you're fighting with your little brother. IMO, you turned on us.
Please read posts below - or page 2....nm

You need to read the posts correctly, never said all
of MTs could not make it and you surely donít have to read what I say, freedom of speech, etc. I will say again, these are jobs and if working, you do your job first period, end of statement. If you want to do household in between working then do not complain because you cannot get your line count, cannot see after your kids, oh woe me. I read these day after day about how a person only goes into this field in order to stay home and then we wonder why we are not perceived as being professional? Professional what???
From all the posts I have read on this site...

Some from the long-time MTs just seem mighty ornery....I'm just sayin' is all.   

If I dont read posts, then how did I know she is
like shannon below says READ THE POSTS

I was referred to as the "little Hispanic girl," and I replied that that reference comes from "a what?"  A bigot, IMO. 

The person who called me that was referring to my previous tag that referred to a "black person" without even reading the post, to which I talk about racism rearing it's ugly head on this post, which is unfortunate.  Shannon below even alludes to this fact, that the reader never even read the post, just the tag line. 

I don't have a temper - just intolerant of bigots.  End of story.

And this is what I was talking about. Please read the posts.

anyone else not able to open & read posts??
Ella I have read your posts on the sm
prayer board and they touched me. BUT, after reading your posts on the other boards, I have to question the way you speak to people. Calling them A Hs and telling folks to "wipe it", picking on "Yankees" etc is not my idea of a Christ-like behavior which is indeed what being a Christian means.

Not trying to pick a fight with you but you are not ever going to win anybody to Christ with this attitude of yours.

BTW, I am a "Yankee" transplanted to the south 24 years ago and there are good and bad people everywhere. Personally some of the nastiest, snottiest people I have ever met are from the south! Im not picking on anybody from any part of the country, but I have sure met some judgemental nasty people here. The attitudes you post are not helping either.

Also on your comment about being grateful that your 19 year old grandson doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs is wonderful but you say that is what is important. I beg to differ. If you are a Christian your relationship with Christ is what is important and if that is right the rest will follow! Its not about following rules and regulations.

I will probably get blasted for putting this on this board, but it is where the comment I wanted to answer was at. The discussion should be on the faith board.

Chill a little bit Ella, those in heaven are all gonna be together and if you don't like me here, you sure won't be there!
I have read all of the posts and wish continued satisfaction for all of you.
I guess it was not for me.  I am much happier bossing adults around and being active.  I love my kids to no end, but hearing mommy all day long was driving me crazy.  When my husband came home from work I would talk his ear off, just to have that adult conversation, and he would totally zone out.  I need adult stimulation allday, everyday. 
Does anyone actually take the time to read the posts BEFORE replying?
been "mentoring" with them for 9-months.....so Yes, she has already been taken for the $$$, and obviously being shot down saying she is not quite good enough yet to "work" for them. ---Ever now and then someone will come on and say they "work" for them and how great they are, but its a bunch of bunk, look at the archives, 99% negative, total scam all the way. Sorry you got taken.
Oh, sorry. I thought you were teasing. Read the posts
about MQ, which is what that particular company is referred to as here.  What did you want to know about them?
You have not taken the time to carefully read the posts then
Don't come into the middle of something and start accusing the wrong people of stirring up trouble.  I think you need to take a chill and read the posts below.  If you take the time and stop looking at it with a prejudiced eye, you will also be able to see the thread.  You are defending the wrong person here. 
So don't read the posts. Why is that so hard to comprehend.

Do you gripe to your local newspaper that they run articles daily that you are not interested in?  Do you call up your local TV station and complain that they run shows that you don't want to watch or run commercials you don't like?  Do you write to the publisher of your favorite magazines complaining about articles you don't like?

Just ignore the posts, the articles or even the TV shows for crying out loud!!!

Had you read my post you would see that I knew someone would say that. When all the posts are about
it gets kind of old. There is no way to skip them because all of them are them! If I ignored the posts, the whole MT Stars would be ignored! Can you comprehend that?
Didn't read all the posts below about rubbing
alcohol, so forgive me if someone mentioned it, but there is also wintergreen alcohol!
And if you sincerely read and comprehended my 2 posts, I ....sm
tried to make clear that these were EXACTLY my sentiments .. my mention of Northern only referred to the fact that I studied the average range of pay of MTs years ago, and have consistently noted the trend that the area which you are transcribing in directly affects the pay scale, mostly for in-hospital work ... up North, there is such a higher cost of living, unfortunately, and I believe this leads to some higher wages ..heck, we have had manufacturing companies leave the Northeast region because, along with utilities and other operating expenses being cheaper, they knew they also could offer less pay to the workers down South because of the pay scale. This is no reflection on who is smarter, better, etc., just stating statistics to look at when deciding if you are being paid/offered pay fairly. Again, why look for an arguement or insult when NONE was intended, only assistance and info, which was requested? Civil war was over many years ago, true?
Read all the posts on the New MT/Student boards
It's obvious that you don't bother to read posts...
just post garbage comments.
I read the posts. Most of my references refer to
(above post got cut off, meant to say read posts above this one
Many posts I've read stated its the parents fault, etc. but

The trip to Aruba was a graduation trip with the HS class.  The whole situation is sad.

Haven't read any other posts, but isn't that kind of premature? sm
We have no idea what they are offering. Might be good. Might be bad.

I know some MTs hate the build-up and the "here it's coming... guess what it is?" scenario, but if they just sprung a change on us, would we still complain? I think so, and more so at that.

Why can't we just be patient? The only thing that ever remains constant is change. I accepted that a long time ago (yeah, I'm old) and having done that, I feel better equipped to handle more things than had I not come to that "revelation."
Read the company boards, posts about them today.nm
I agree..."me" should read those posts. very negative. NM.
Unable to read any posts, screen blank. nm
I work and do not have time to read such long posts, do you?..nm
someone posts on the board
does not mean they are doing it during working hours.
if you go by some posts on this board
rates should be 10 per page and 14 to 16 per line - since no body is interested in anything less. I would be interested in seeing what responses you get. I say review the work you have done in the past - and negotiate with him. Referrals from him will get you more work. being fair without giving it away is right - start at the higher end of what you were paid through an MTSO and negotiate.
Keep in mind he was doing this himself before so has no problem with continuing - you want the first client and again his referrals
Board has over 100,000 posts now!!!
Sometimes the posts on this board are really
heartless. I am sorry people jumped on you when you needed support. I have been in this biz a long long time and first of all, you take information in, but don't take it to heart. Please filter it. I am speaking of posts on this board. Not at your job.
Your job is another thing entirely. First. STop and breathe when you read the feedback. Second tell yourself it is feedback from QA (if it is the big boss realize that just might be different and if directly from the client definitely different). Do go back to the acct. specs for your account, write down where the inconsistency is between what you put according to the specs and how QA corrected you. Do not immediately e mail your supervisor. Instead, keep a list. Then, at the end of a week or after you have a lot, do professionally write your boss with the differences you found, in a professional way.
A lot of what goes on in this business is really how people react. You need to be proactive, not reactive. You also don't need to beat up on yourself or allow the people here to do so. This is because you are obviously good, you are in it enough years already, and you state you have another job, so obviously you have skills and the know-how.
If you are looking for warm fuzzies, don't expect that here necessarily. Give that to yourself by allowing yourself to make mistakes and allowing QA to make mistakes we are all human. But what you should not allow are anon posters here to give you meaningful feedback if it seems to you to be hurtful. That adds to your frustration.
Now, take a deep breath. Put it into perspective in the big picture, and keep notes on your account. Then mature as a Transcriptionist and all the while be professional. PS: Get your warm fuzzies from friends, and family. I find my pillow is best to cry into since I work at home. Good luck to you! oldoldMT
Read the archives for extensive posts by snow bunny.
No offense intended, but you probably won't get any new posts on the topic as it's already been discussed in great detail.  I just wanted you to know you're not being ignored.  Good luck with it!  I hope you feel better soon.
Just accept that it is you opinon and let it rest. We all read all of the posts, yours included sm
and all taken into account.
Gotta read thru the posts or search for happy MTs, etc. TransTech