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Posted By: a good source on 2005-12-17
In Reply to: Do you use the doctor's made up words? - USMT


This has all the dictionaries if you are in doubt of a word. One of the best sources around. Also includes medical dictionaries too, though arousable is not one I would look in the medical dictionary for as it can be verified in Webster's or any of the other good dictionaries.

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Yes, see inside
Go to Google and type in Career Step and Andrews School.  These are the two best.  Most companies will hire grads from these schools right out of training.  Good luck to you! 
on to or onto? See inside

She fell directly on to/onto her buttocks and since that time has been experiencing lower back pain. 

I was hired by MQ to work at home.  It took four months for me to complete the program.  I passed MQ's test and was hired as a regular employee, not a trainee or intern.  They were confident I could do the job based on my test scores and previous nonmedical work experience.
Do they have both? (see inside)
I'm an SE with them. Yep, I have a schedule but it's compacted into 3 days. I'm allowed to work all I want past my line requirement. Usually, I do get on at the end of the payperiod to see what extra dollars I can get on my check. I was encouraged to do that.

My prod sup said that they especially have so many people who won't pull their schedules and won't cover weekends that she'd never deny me work.

Didn't know they had ICs as well. Thought SEs like me were the only ICs MQ had.

Learned something new!
Not just AAMT, doc preference, client preference, standard of the year
Don't look inside,
We used to have one inside and one out
but now we live in a small condo, so just one...
Hi! See inside

I think you can make more money on clinic notes as they are easier...even though you usually get less per line, you can usually pump out the lines quicker.  There was a recent discussion on the hosp/clinic board about this.  Here is the addy, but I'll add the link below too.


See Inside Please
See inside. sm
Decent pay but the worst accounts ever to work on!   If you have EXCELLENT ESL experience you will do okay.
see inside
Some accounts use wav pedal, some use C-phone. You can probably rent either from them if you don't have one. You use your own computer.
See inside.

It was from Jan. 3rd.  It read:

It is so easy to convince yourself you cannot make as much money at a different company  or on a different account, or never find anything better, so you stay where you are, taking all the abuse in the world.  In management, this is called the Golden Handcuff, and they rely on it to keep the same employees, never give a raise, never give respect, and just continue to walk all over you. 

In this profession you are very mobile if you can transcribe at all.  It may take a month to get used to a new system, a new account, or whatever, but your self respect is worth it in the end.  There are a lot of companies out there that actually do appreciate employees, and it certainly does not seem to be any of the companies who are mentioned frequently on these boards.

I changed jobs about a month ago, thought I would never learn, but in a week I was making far more with a small MTSO than I ever did with a large company.  Treat yourself to a new beginning and a new year. 

Hope this helps.

see inside--sm

do a Google search for mp count, could not find it in my favorites folder. Or try mpcount.com should bring it up.
No and yes....Please see inside

I am saying that this horrible thing could have been prevented.  My sister woke up in the morning to her partially eaten chickens (whch are actually her pets) because the coyotes got to them.  She called feed stores and even the county to find a way to solve the problem.  Somewhere along the way someone gave her the following idea.  Her husband and some friends dug down a couple feet into the ground and put plywood straight down into the ground around the chicken coop.  This has worked 100%.

I am saying that if this was the first time her dogs had gotten out, there would've been no fault to her.  But, since this wasn't the first time she could have fixed the problem.  Worst case scenerio she could have a pen for the dogs to keep them in. 

I hesitated in even responding because I knew I would get the reaction you gave, but if this could prevent her other dog from being a victim it is worth it (or any other dog for that matter).

My heart breaks for her. 

See inside
I envisioned renting a studio in the little town near by. My radiology job I have now is with a national and I am making about 50G together with the PT job but...PAC system has just been installed and VR is being introduced. Imaging facilities are facing cuts in Medicare patients (20% of business) so I know they will look at transcription for cuts.

I am still contemplating this. They need 13 and so I think I have a few months to consider this. Am in Visalia.

Yes, the atmosphere is a consideration as well. Where are you working if I may ask?
Yes; see inside.
For you to send e-mail to another poster, they must have filled out the e-mail section in posting. You would click on "Reply By E-Mail" and send your e-mail.

If you want to receive e-mail, do as you have done so that the "Reply By E-Mail" option is available.

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll help you.

Yes. See inside
If you are starting a thread: Enter your e-mail address in the e-mail field and then check the box that says "Notify me on above e-mail address if someone replies to my post".

If you are replying to a post and want to be notified of further replies, do not use "Post QUICK reply". Instead, scroll down a little further and click on the button that says "Post a reply to this message", and follow the same steps as for starting a thread.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Thanks. Please see inside.
I thought I was on the right track. I'd still like to have some more opinions.

It isn't my child. It is my sister-in-law's child. But even after that the office staff seemed happy to hear from her.

To reiterate, for you to stop by this morning to introduce herself and leave some work samples and a business card (she doesn't have any brochures) would be totally appropriate in your opinion, right?

Thanks again.
see inside..
Check out www.obesityhelp.com there is a ton of information.

Weight loss is usually less with the lap band than with the bypass. It is most successful for those with less than 100 pounds to lose.
They do have one like that (see inside)
I have one and I love it. Here is the Microsoft link for it, but you can find it cheaper other places (including brand new on ebay):

see inside
See inside
I worked with EditScript and tried using the same thing you did and it didn't work for me. I had a new computer without a 9-pin port, so I just returned the USB adapter and went and bought a 9-pin serial port and that worked great for me.
see inside
I say leave it alone. QA is not your job, and in all likelihood, the QA people would not take kindly to your pointing out other MTs' mistakes.

As well intentioned as you may be, believe me, don't do it.
see inside
One way (see inside)
I would just take off my headphones, and loudly enough to talk over them, say "Excuse me, I'm trying to work, and I can't hear. If you are all going to talk, please go someplace else."

(Or can you get a different/better internet connection at home?)
See inside....
My son is a full-time college student without a car, so it's not practical for him to have a job. Besides doing the lawn and the trash, he works for me by doing all laundry and dishes and I pay him $20 a week so he has a little spending money, plus it gives me more time to work since I don't have to do laundry or dishes! LOL
see inside

1.  Put the keyword in you want to use

2.  When putting in the expansion, hit CTRL+K, you will see a screen that says "the next key you type, etc.  for Bolding, check the CTRL box, the hit the B key.  It is appears as {@keyCTRL+B} and the entry will be bolded.  Do the same thing at the end, and it will turn off the bolding. 

Here is what it looks like for a bolded HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS:  



I don't underline in my work, but it would be a similar process.

see inside
Hubbies are always looking for reasons to laugh at us.

If it's comfortable, why not wear it? Cooler in summer. Cheaper to replace. Almost professional looking. Go for it.
see inside--sm
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Spelling & Grammar tab.
Click Custom Dictionaries, click modify, Click the word you want to remove, click delete, and make sure you select correct as you type if it has been unchecked.

I found this by accessing the word help file in case you need this in the future.
see inside
I know of at least two companies who hire people that haven't even finished their MT course yet, some of them have barely started the transcription portion or module or whatever. I have the ability to look at samples where I work, and it's disgusting the ridiculous errors that are in these finished reports!
See Inside...

Highlight whatever you want sub-typed, go up and click on Format and then Font.  Under Effects, checkmark the box by "subscript."  Click OK.

Need better instructions, please let me know.


please see inside
i don't know who you work for or what their policy is, you'll have to ask them, but as for the laws on this:

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require payment for time not worked, such as vacations, sick leave or federal or other holidays. These benefits are matters of agreement between an employer and an employee (or the employee's representative).

this is from http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/workhours/vacation_leave.htm

hope this helps
See inside

Get a copy of the Schedule C and see what they allow for deductions.  But Turbo Tax or get a good tax book for self employed, small businesses.   Spend $125 and go and talk to an accountant.   I admire that you are starting early and need to know what to do but it is best when first starting out to talk with an expert in the area or buy a book.  But basic deductions are anything that relates to your business, phone, internet, supplies, mileage to go and do pick-up/deliveries, banking.  You can do a home office, part of your house depreciation/mortgage.  But again to get all the ins/outs and up todate facts I would talk with an accountant for the first year. 



Not sure if I'm answering you right but it used to be referred to as keystrokes. A character is not the individual letter but the keystroke. So every time you hit a key. For instance an indent or tab ...where it usually 5 spaces, is considered one key stroke because you hit the tab key. Just like spacing after an address you don't get paid for the line as if it was full but the one enter key that you hit to make that line. Maybe that will help or make sense to start with
see inside


See inside
I've worked as an MT just over 20 years. My computer skills are excellent, even so far as web building, etc.

Someone suggested I be an engineer but the information looks sooooo overwhelming.

I wouldn't be doing it to make any a living but just some extra cash.

Any suggestions?

See how that sounds? LOL
see inside
I would enter them under AutoCorrect as either
ax1 ax2 ax3 ax4 ax4 Ax5


Aix aiix aiiix aivx avx

or go ahead and type up your list:

and so on and then block that entire section and add it to Autoformat. I do a Geriatric behavioral health unit and I have the entire d/s under say...GBHDS for a discharge and all headers are already there. Hope that helps.
see inside


Thanks--See inside
I guess I'll go with 2003.

I'll look into Shorthand. The REAL reason I wanted IT was because someone said that it would ACTUALLY capitalize after a period, something Word seems to have a hard time figuring out. Also, after a colon. I really want those features. Do you know if ShortHand can do that? Just askin'

Thanks so much for all the info, it was really helpful. I cannot believe I was thinking of buying it on the demo. I actually thought I was buying it, not just a one-time install! So thanks so much for the reminder-- and also that it is a stable program. That's important.

Yes, I fought Word, also. I just FLEW in Word 5.1. WOrd is so clunky and retarded :). Half the time macros just disappear.

Anyway, I'll have to do some research, but thanks for the info and the information on the stability of Word 2003. I'll have to do research and come up with some $$, but otherwise this is really great. Thanks for taking the time. LB
See inside
Start>Control Panel>User accounts>Turn User Control On or Off.

Turn it off from there. Might need a reboot, I don't remember.

see inside
see inside
It was my understanding during training and configuring our hospital system, if you are typing under order entry, where I typed all MedSurg reports the line count was for a 95 character line count. It is a smaller font. This particular facility used a courier print for the RAD module and those lines calculated at 65 characters/line. Maybe that will help. It may differ with each system though.
See inside ...
The files you would want to back up would be

C:Program Files
Shorthand for windows
Sh8 (this might be different if you have a different version)
The files marked ".SPF" are your shortcuts.
see inside..sm...

You plug in your peripherals just like you would anywhere else, keyboard (if you don't like laptop keyboard), mouse, footpedal, etc. 

Most laptops come with wireless cards in them that will search for wireless networks, be that your own wireless network at home or a wifi spot away from home.  Some hotels have wireless internet in the room and some only have it in the lobby.  If it's in the room, they usually charge for it.  Some wifi access is free and some isnt'.

You would set up a wireless network at home by running your internet service through a router that sends a wireless signal.  Publis wifi or other wireless hotel internet service is the same thing.  They've set up a router that sends a wireless signal.

Another alternative is a wireless card you buy and insert in the laptop from a phone company, Sprint, AT&T, etc.  Most MTs don't go this route because it costs $60 to $70 a month and you have to sign a contract for a year.  It only works in one computer at a time, the one the card is in at the time. 

see inside

MTSO  - medical transcription service owner

IC - independent contractor


See inside...
See this link, it says this connects directly to computer for dowloading files. I would think you would need a transcription program to download them to. See menu to the left that lists AS-2300 transcription kit.

If it is like bytescribe, (Docshuttle) the there is transcription and dictation software, the recorder plugs in and automatically downloads and then files are uploaded to transcription program or FTP site first then download to transcription. You should be a able to download them straight to Express Scribe. Download thier free program and when you open you will see the icon at top with the recorder and "dock". Hope that helps.

see inside
If you can see the file in real player, open escribe and with escribe opened on top of real player, click once on the file with the left mouse button and while holding it down, drag file into escribe. See if that works.
Will try to help - see inside - SM
First, with the machine OFF press *99 (star 99). You will see blinking lights. Press the key you want to change. Enter the code.

Some Codes Available:

Assign by Job Number - 1381
Unassign - 1382
Sign off job, get next - 1370
Set recall - 1349 (choose between 0 to 6)
Go to End - 1354
Go to Beginning - 1355

When finished, press #

Hope this helps.

see inside...
Advance for Health Information Professionals is the name.  It is an online publication at www.advanceweb.com/htm and you can also get a FREE printed copy which is the more comprehensive of the two.  I get both.  The article is in the printed copy.  It should be available on the web site in a month or two.  You can also call them and ask them to send you a reprint of any particular article for a small fee but you probably would not be able to get this article until they have published the next printed version and it is "old" news.  The publication addresses various aspects of work in the health information field such as coding, etc. and not just transcription, although there has been good emphasis on that for a while.  They encourage feedback -- letters to the Editor and articles.  Web site wants comments as well.  Our supervisors have access to this publication as well as others higher up on the information scale.  It's important that we correct whatever we perceive as wrong.  Did I say it is FREE?
See inside ....
"I told my managers TIME AND TIME again that I needed a job where I could work and take care of my small children at the same time..."

Well, obviously MT is not that kind of job. If you had looked into MT, you would have known that. Even as an IC, you have to work when your children are NOT demanding your attention. You cannot take care of children and transcribe AT THE SAME TIME.
see inside