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Posted By: Kikicat on 2006-09-06
In Reply to: Where can I get Microsoft Word 2002? sm - abbot

I checked Pricegrabber.com for Word 2002:


These may come in a rather plain package, but I have tried programs packed like this & they did fine. 




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Venting-why do people keep putting nm and THEN writing a message?? nm means no message - sm
Please put sm if you have a message and NM if there is no message other than your subject line.  It makes it easier when reading these messages.  thanks so much and have a nice day everyone. 
small message. nm means no message
Flame=200 views, sm=see message, nm=no message
sm, see (or short) message, nm is no message.
sm-see message, nm-no message, ks-I think it's someone's initials.
or no message, small message - whatever SM
any indication there is no need to waste time opening the post.

it is irritating also when people type through the subject line as well as the name line and then do not indicate if it is worth pursuing.

sm is see message not small message. I almost always
put NM or nt if there is no message, but quite a lot of people still open the posts as evidenced by the number of views. 
your message
You NAILED it on the head. The rest of these women just don't get it. Good post.
see message
You messed it up yourself.  Why are you blaming the recruiter?  Your test was not good.  You prematurely sent in a resignation.  Do you actually think it was someone else's fault?
see message
Boy!!!!  I'm glad I woke everyone up today; bet you feel more energized, don't you??? I am not making light of this horrible tragedy.  I would have been devastated if it had been my son.  There is a saying out there, "chance prefers the prepared mind"; in other words, at least think ahead and try to prepare; of course no one can be right about everything all the time.  I have just seen and read about so many instances where the parents or "caretakers" of a child were negligent that resulted in irreparable harm to the child or children.  I still cannot blame that driver without further info as to exactly how that happened.  If I were driving that car and did not see that 2 year old and ran over him, I would actually be a victim as well because that is something I could never, ever forget!!
see message
See where the X to close out the Word window is?  Right next to the ruler bar for the margin there should be an up arrow (for scrolling).  Right above that is a little line.  Put your cursor on the line and move it up to the top. 
So.....see message please
You asked. I'm answering.

It's not worth it. Run away as fast as you can and find another profession.
Please see message
My 15yo got this.  Tried all OTC products.  Nothing worked.  She has very, very thick hair!  Enough for 3-4 people. It is also below her mid back.  We used Crisco oil and Joy dishwashing liquids.  She slept with the Crisco oil on her head overnight (roughly 10 hours) and then we washed it out with Joy (OMG at the amount of nasty lil bugs in the tub!).  Waited 10 days and did it again (mainly just for her to feel better).  She has never had them again.
See Message?
Did you notice this link on the partner site?
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Many, many dance studios offer adult classes in levels from beginner to professional. I've taken tons of them. I will be signing up again as soon as we can afford it! Where are you located?


Hope this helps!


Please see message.

I know that years ago Dictaphone had a hand-controlled pedal which I had used.  You might want to contact the Dictaphone Company and find out if this option is still available. 

As far as I know, you cannot hook a C-phone pedal to your computer.  However, I may be wrong about that; although I would think if it could be done it would be quite complicated. 

Another option you might want to think about is to re-record your dictations to your computer and play them back as .wav files.  This can be done through the sound recorder with a connection that you can buy at Radio Shack for about $20.  I have done this in the past and though the sound quality was not the best, I could still hear and understand the dictations. 

See the message.
see message
So, are there 15 openings because MTs have left?  If so, that seems like a lot for just one hospital. 
see message
The spellchecker is Dorlands.  It came with the hardback Dorland's Dictionary.  The spellchecker came on a CD which you have to load into your computer.  You also a password to get access to Dorlands.com for research, etc.   I bought mine from Amazon, but I think 49.95 is the going price about anywhere.       

my, but you are a vindictive person aren't you.  Like I said, if you don't mind a background check, go for it. 

If you hire a painter/plumber/handyman and do a background check, you will have to do the work yourself.

I'm out of here.

Been there. See message.

My son, now 15, had major problems with reflux when he was baby that wasn't "corrected" until he got really sick.  He would vomit what appeared to be every ounce of formula he took in.  The doctors told me to put rice cereal in his formula and then put him on his stomach on a bed pillow so that the formula would stay down.

Yeah, right.  Just ended up washing more blankets and bed pillows.  It wasn't until he was 5 months old that someone finally did something.  Poor guy had pneumonia.  We took him to the ER and he spent 4 days in the hospital.  The diagnosis was pneumonia from aspiration.  He was vomiting so hard that he was sucking the formula down into his lungs.

While at the hospital, he had a barium swallow ultrasound that showed that the opening into his stomach (sorry brain cramp for the med term) did not close after eating.  They put him on Reglan (metoclopramide). I was told that this medication relaxes the spasms in the stomach opening so that it will close properly.  I was told that most children will grow out of it before they are 3 and that some will have it longer or may require surgery.  My son was on this medication until he was 5 or 6.

My son still gets occasional heartburn at 15, but it's very rare. It's usually when he eats something like a whole pepperoni pizza, which is to be expected.

Sorry I took so long, but my advice to you, if you haven't already done so, is to talk to your pediatrician about a gastro consult or ask your pediatrician to order a barium swallow, etc., etc.  The medication your child is on only quiets the symptoms and obviously isn't curing the real problem.

As sick as your child is, there is something wrong with this picture.

Good luck!


right (no message)
See Message.
Send your Username and Password to Webmaster@MTStars.com for deletion of resume bank account.

Thanks See Message
I was more worried about the damage to my self rather than the computer.  I live in the Ozarks (Missouri).  I woke up yesterday with no power.  Thankfully everything is still up and running, but living in MO, a surge protector is a great idea.  Thanks everyone!!!
Thanks See Message
I was more worried about the damage to my self rather than the computer.  I live in the Ozarks (Missouri).  I woke up yesterday with no power.  Thankfully everything is still up and running, but living in MO, a surge protector is a great idea.  Thanks everyone!!!
Please see message

Check 'em out! I'm working on mine too for the same reasons you are.

There are better careers out there than one that:

1. Keeps you so isolated from the world that your only friends are cyber ones.

2. You have no way of budgeting because your pay is never the same twice, and not enough to live on in the first place.

3. You get no respect from employers or anyone else for that matter. "Oh, do you still have that little typing job of yours?"

I'm with you, sistah! This job is crap and I'm so outta here.

Best of luck!
Thanks (no message)
Thanks (no message)
that should be more to it...so sorry! (no message)
See message.
1. They are transferring people on the account over to another system and you are not on that system yet, or, for that matter, the hospital accounts are being put on another system and it takes time to accomplish this.
2. The account you are on is in NY or some place and you live in LA or Chicago or Seattle. They do not wish to use long distance anymore. They are going over to another system.

This is just speculation on my part, but have been in your shoes with another company. They do not care about you. They may bitch and moan about not having any "qualified" MTs, but they could give a poop.

I am truly sorry for what you are going through.
Sorry, will do (no message)

Your message

I did some searches on what you told me to check --RTKING, JAY VANCE, STOP STOP TRANSCRIPTION and could not find anything except for Vance to set up security, any additional info so I could find these sites.   Also do you  ise one of the Internet based call in systems where you pay by the minute of dictation -- do you p ass that onto the docs?    Just curious how that works. 




see message please

It is

The patient's last clinical breast examination

I type tplc and the sentence comes into advisory to top line.  I hit [ which should expand it but after only three words, "the patient's last," it fizzles.  Sometimes it throws out mumbo jumbo, sometimes two words, never the full sentence.


THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.  What is it I am doing or not doing!!!!

ahem...thank you

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If you aren't making your lines, yes, they are going to determine why and see how they can help you get them where they are supposed to be.  They've got work coming out of their ears.  If it is because of  something out of your control, I'd call your supervisor and/or Karen, and discuss it with them.  If not finding satisfaction there, as a last resort I'd possibly contact either Cindy or Jane and discuss it with them.  Certainly discuss it with your supervisor and/or Karen first.  I've found them to be very understanding in dire situations. 

see message
I'm not going to mention specific account names on a public forum. I will note, however, that on the morning/afternoon status report emails we receive there are hundreds of jobs out there.

I sure hope you get these issues resolved quickly and everything works out for you.
Yes, see message also
Very rewarding feeling. Mine are around a year old and we adopted them when they were 3-4 months old. (Not at the same time of course. I waited a few months before adopting my second dog.)

The puppy stage goes by so fast and I actually miss it. I know they're both still very young but certainly not nipping everything like they used to.

I love having them by me while I work. And not to mention the feeling of safety when I'm home alone...I know someone is at the door long before the doorbell rings:) It's great.

Have fun with your new addition!
please see message
If you are not an IC, then this may not apply.  I am an IC and when I want to take a week off or I am sick they usually just hold it for me or they have someone in the office handle the "can't wait" notes.  We I want my vacation, I ask or check what the doc's schedule looks like and then I try to give them one month's notice.  I also know other MT's here that would fill in for me if absolutely necessary, as I have filled in for them when they go on vacation.  I offer vacation coverage and have solicited locally for such when they already have regular transcriptionist.  I hope this helps. 
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"I beg your pardon". NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the nastiest people on earth use that saying. I guarantee that you are at least 50 pounds overweight, have short hair and glasses and also a touch of a mustache. Am I right? Thought so. Get a life! Why do you work 2 jobs? Because you are too lazy to do one the right way!
See message
Taxes for war and FEMA statement: I agree.

I am a liberal Democrat (and proud of it), but you are even a little further to the left than I!!

Yes, those in need should turn to the government, but those who are not, should make it just a wee bit easier for the government to do their job.

The families in the SUVs and Lincoln Towncars waiting in line for water certainly had enough time and money (well, maybe not with those huge car payments). They had at least a week. For that matter, they had a year! I mean, I know they work a lot, but they do buy groceries... just pick up a couple cases of water, etc. while you're there.

But I guess it just goes to show that people with money don't always have common sense. Makes more sense to me to go out of my way to stock up before and hang out at home playing an intense game of Trivial Pursuit illuminated by a Coleman lantern than be miserable.

Those who can do for themselves, should. That was my point.
See message
On company I worked for stated 6 words per line, so that would be 6000 words?
See message
www.transcriptiongear.com has software called Gear Xport that is great for moving all types of files securely.  Reasonably priced.  It moves voice files, documents, you name it.
see message

adj. or n. Latin for "per day," it is short for payment of daily expenses and/or fees of an employee or an agent.  


Here’s a link to find out what domestic per diem rates, per state:


see message below
I find the ad quite stupid personally. It only becomes insulting if (1) someone's ignorant enough to apply for the "position" (ah-hem - if you want to go so far as to call it a position). Then it becomes flat out hilarious if someone actually accepts the position (ah-hem). There's a thing called common sense, and each of us are expected to possess it. With that in mind, anyone with common sense would look at that ad as just plain stupid - not stupid but Stuuuuuu-pidd! And if they're stupid enough to accept the "postion," then they get exactly what they deserve.
I got the same message...
and was going to ask the same thing.
see message

unsweetened cold brew ice tea with lemon

No, no, no see message
While what you say is very true and those rift-raft men are available at any age;  there are good men out there who are also picky.  I personally have a son and a nephew, both divorced for many years, both age 40, both had bad marriages.  Both raised their children themselves. Son is a welder with a good job, nephew is a disabled Vet.  Both are good husband material and they say the exact same thing you are saying about the availability of good women.  Both say that looks don't matter anymore, they just want someone to share their lives.  Soooo.....don't give up, good men are out there and the really good ones are just as discouraged as you.
See Message.
Please forward your Username and Password that you are using to get into chat to Webmaster@MTStars.com

MTStars Support Team.
See my message, please.
Any idea what the law allows to charge re:  late fees on invoices?  I'm so sick of waiting for weeks on end to get paid, and a late fee will get their attention.  No, I don't want to add a discount to encourage them to pay on time as I've slashed my rates as low as they can go just to compete with the likes of India.  Thanks.
see message please

pul doc, doing H&P, the term is in reference to history of leg pain and numbness of toe.  That is all it says.

thx again

See message
A gross line counts every line on a document, even if there is only 1 character on it.  A 65 character line counts every character on the document and divides the total by 65.  If you are getting paid on a gross line, you will make approximately 30% more than you would on a 65 character line.  Hope that helps.
see message
I think AAMT has OP practice reports, too. Check ebay for used ones first if you want to save money.

How I broke in - just plunged in. It was miserable. Gather every sample you can find on the web (some of the MT sites have samples). The back of the Stedman's books have sample reports.

Basically you just have to plunge in and be a regular on the word boards. Look up everything, make lists.

If will cost you lines at first, but OP notes will give you the $$$ back in the long run. Lots are routine, so you can make templates. And be sure to ask your company for as many samples as possible.
See message above.