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Posted By: Ex-Amphion on 2006-04-13
In Reply to: Amphion - Kathy

on page 2 or 3 of the company board.

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Recent diagnosis of MS

Hang in there!  You can overcome a chronic illness and empower yourself.  It ain't easy, but doable.  Been that way for 12 years now.

Just make sure you file the disability with a disability attorney. SS is very well known for denying claims usually twice, then court before they grant it.  This waste many many months and tires us that are already tired, out.  You need all your energy to fight the disease, not for your rights to supplemental income you've paid for all these years. 

Your children will also receive dependent benefits until they reach 18, so again, get an experienced dis. atty.  Hang in there

My recent experience at my vet
I have been taking 5 cats there for years. They have seen me through a lot of issues with various animals, and I truly believe my animals have all received excellent care. My beef is they also just added on to their already huge clinic, seem to have a never ending supply of support staff, new computers, you name it. One of my cats went in to be vaccinated recently. I just do basic shots these days because all the cats are indoor cats, I know their history, etc. They took the cat to the back this time, and when I got the bill it was for every darn shot you can imagine for cats (leukemia, etc.), plus they charged $15 to express her anal glands (never even asked for that!), toenail trim for $10 (I can do that at home myself, thank you very much), and a few other things. Needless to say I was not happy about it! Never again is my animal being "taken to the back" for anything. They can give blood draws and shots with me right there, just as they have done in the past. I have no problem with them doing that right there in front of me. Guess their bottom line is they need to milk their clients for any bit of cash they can get these days. I am really, really disappointed in them now.
Actually I did get a recent raise...
so I'm sure not complaining about that, and fully expect to be given the harder docs, but how are the former cherrypickers supposed to finally learn how to do 'em if all the Foul Ones are sent to us old-timers? I presume they must be getting SOME of them, hence the bad TAT suddenly - but my raise seems to be dwindling as I am assaulted by a steady stream of "mushmouths" all day! Not 2 mention getting hateful after so many in a row without an occasional "good doc"....oh well - back to the foulness!
I am looking for some recent information on...

Everything that I find in the archives is old.  I have already been offered a position with 1 and waiting on an interview with the other.  I have chosen IC status for both because I just cannot comply with the strict schedules that these companies have now.  I have tried being an employee but after 10 years of being an IC and working when I want, schedules are tough.  Does anyone have any advice please?

recent graduate

I just finished school back in Nov. of 2005. I've been looking and looking for a job online and still have had no luck. The only response I seem to get bac from anyone is that I don't have enough experience. Does anyone have any pointers on what I should I do, or how I should approach this field? Please help me!!! I don't know what to do anymore!!

Webmedx will take anyone. They even take recent sm
graduates and pay them to do acute care, with no experience.  I don't think they would care that your acute care was in the past.  Just empathize it, and demand a decent line rate.  It is all going to ASR, anyway, and you will become an editor, just like the other very experienced MTs.
My recent experience
I, of course, cannot comment for other users, but my recent experience with Pam (one of their recruiters) has been excellent.  She was VERY upfront with me and gave me several options of companies and told me why they would or would not be a good fit for me.  If you're interested in finding new work, what is the harm in contacting them?  I can just about guarantee that you will NOT be directed to Spheris or MQ.  Also, even when I asked questions about companies that they did not represent, she was very open and honest about those companies as well, at least the ones that I asked her about....meaning she told me good things about some of them, as well as ones to look out for.  Basically, I'm going with one of the companies that she recommended and I'm excited about it for once. 
What was that recent movie ...
Something where they were going to blow up a compound in Saudi, wasn't it?
Don't know about platforms, but recent
posts about having trouble getting paid with DeVenture. 
recent graduate

I graduated this year from a community college which used the Career Step program in addition to some other courses.  It was all done online.  I have been working for 3 months, and have learned almost as much from working as from school so far.  The difference is that you are doing 800-1200 lines a day so you are exposed to a lot more information.  However, I don't believe I would have passed the entrance exams without everything I did pick up with the schooling. 

I would definitely encourage formal training of some sort because it is such a competitive industry.  I honestly don't think you could get hired from home, or pass an entrance exam without a good deal of training.  The 98% accuracy they are looking for on their tests is tough to hit without very strong grammar, med terminology, and AAMT/AHDI standards knowledge.  I am not making much money now, but I know within a year it will be different.  I am home and that is invaluable to me!

Good luck! 


Trying to keep this discussion near the top... SM

not because I am egocentric and feel I need to be at the top, but because I just don't want to have to scroll down and look for it every time I have something to add.  So, it's not arrogance, it's convenience.  Also I would just like to add that I posted my "credentials" so to speak because I was asked to defend my position with what made me qualified to talk about poor MTs.

Anyway, I don't know if I could be classified as an old-timer as I've not had to transcribe on manual typewriters from belts, but I did start out in transcription in the late 80s, right before the internet boom.  So I did start out in an office with other MTs who could lend me an ear and give me advice, but most of them were old-timers who felt lost when the internet did hit and changed our profession forever.  So all of my computer skills, internet skills, and researching skills are self-taught out of necessity.  Because I took the time and made the effort to hone my internet and research skills, I moved up the transcription food chain and moved passed a lot of the old-timers who trained me.  I guess I just have no patience for "old-timers" who wear their years of experience like a badge of honor, but then use those same years as an excuse for not using the internet efficiently.

I am more than willing to educate or mentor an MT, whatever it takes, but the MT has to want and accept constructive criticism gracefully instead huffing and puffing about how mean and evil QA is.  Most of the time MTs ignore their feedback and make the same mistake again and again.  I can quote chapter and verse out of the BOS to an MT trying to illustrate why they are wrong and it will not matter.  They see "QA" on an email in their inbox and automatically hit delete without a passing glance.

I am not the enemy in this war called transcription.  MTs and QA should be allies against offshoring and we should be trying to elevate our status in health information chain, but we can't be allies and we can't accomplish anything if MTs are constantly paranoid that QA is "out to get them."  The sad truth is that eventually we QA people are going to have no other options except unemployment or educating the Indian MTs and ironically the Indian MTs will welcome any feedback that will help them get more work from American MTs.

To all those who posted that I have a big head and have launched personal attacks, I would say you the ones who are arrogant and big headed if you can't just accept that you are wrong sometimes and you can always learn something new and maybe you can learn that something new from me, the QA person who has proven her skills, passed a harder employment test, to get the QA job I have today.

You can call me names and insult me, but the truth hurts and obviously those who are defensive have reason to be.

Well, we were having this discussion about VR in -
the past, maybe 10 years ago, and it never amounted to much of a threat. Considering the amount of trouble I have (and the mistakes I make) just using the touch-screen in the supermarket self-checkout line, I wonder how it will work with your average, technology-challenged doctor.

I also have to wonder - how would such reports be QA'ed? I assume they'd go straight to a medical record, & with no voice file to check against, or worse yet, the doc doing his OWN proofing, I feel I could look into a crystal ball and say, 'I see lawsuits!'
my office was not a recent closure
but a few years ago. and it all went very smooth: a change of phone numbers and contacts...but the new office actually turned out to be better with communication and other things. My main account also transferred with me. MQ has the structure and management to do such things smoothly, even more so now than then.

No, i am not management.
My information is from recent research >>>
for an MT's job search directory, and so far less than 1% of facilities, including hospitals, clinics, major healthcare providers and individual practices, have an awareness of AAMT/CMT.    With the current "unrest" even among members, as well as the move toward an AMA-sponsored MT association, I still believe CMT is not of much value - unless things change dramatically and soon.
Some recent posts are lost...
during server upgrade, regardless of the topics or posters.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

What are you talking about? Most recent IS from today!!
Brenda, what are you thinking today's date is exactly? You have us all puzzled!
My recent job-hunting experience

Two decades of hospital experience here.  Applied at about 6 different large companies.  Some of the pay was atrocious (.07), some was fair (.08).  One offered .085 but had to work the hours precisely as they demanded as an IC with no flexibility and told me up front it was an extremely difficult and high ESL account.  (Now I realize that someone has to type those hard dictators, but would prefer that they be mixed in with an easier account -- been there and done that as far as an 80 percent HARD ESL account).

Of course I didn't take any of them and now I wish I had told them the pay was too low and that it was insulting.  I was not tempted to accept any of those jobs.  The recruiters for the most part acted as if I should be honored to be offered such a cruddy job with them!!  These were all companies who advertise heavily on the MT boards and perhaps that is why they are constantly advertising.

I took a job with a very small company who has decent accounts and were eager to pay me a better wage so I know they are out there.  I had interaction with 2 such smaller companies who offered good pay.

I really hate to see to see good transcriptionists take jobs that offer so little in return for our services as it hurts us all in the long run.

my observation on some recent posts

there is the thread about podiatry, posts about companies, posts about cherry picking,  ESLs taking over, this company is the best.     How many hundreds of us are on these boards???   Its a good thing we are all individuals - and there is so much work out there because one type of person could not do all the types of work.  Not everyone wants to work for big corporation  - not everyone wants to run their own MT service.

Some of us hate short little clinic notes, some hate long operative reports.  Some love radiology, others want to type IMEs. Never work for a company that IMs you all day vs  this company never gives feedback.

Where I  recently worked - we always used to leave behind certain reports for the late shift person, stuff we all thought she loved until one day she complained - how come I HAVE TO DO ALL the _____ studies..  Its kinda funny- you might think someone is cherrypicking all the CT's and they think they are doing you a favor by leaving short reports. 

Of course NO ONE likes the really awful individual dictators, whether it is ESL or chewers, the accounts that have a million details or QA that keeps changing. I think most of us know you have to take some bad with the good and when you TRY to do the tuff stuff, the good stuff becomes easier.

So  when someone comes to vent - cut them some slack - who cares about typos here - we all know that when we are working, we use our spellchecks and pay attention to details. 

When I take time to answer on this board, it is never with judgement - I always try to say "in MY experience, psych reports are bad because ..."  or when I worked for  XYZ company, they did not count lines correctly.  You cannot make generalities about  a profession as varied as this one. 

I come here for information AND entertainment - it does take a certain type of person to do this work -  that has nothing to do with the skills involved - and I think we share an understanding of each other, even as we argue over everything.    We all saw a part of ourselves in the recently posted "You Might Be a Transcriptionist If..." and we all laughed as we shook our heads. 

Sad to say I am about to make the decision to try a career change - I cannot push myself anymore (after almost 30 years) to produce enough lines to make the money I need - thats not to say it can't be done these days, just that I don't want to/can't  work that hard anymore. 

Have you tried the recent job board listings?
Very interesting. In my recent job search,
I've been trying to decide how to eliminate this problem (being unable to use my time effectively for my own purposes). It seems that would be the same as being on call, and I would either expect to be paid for it or free to use my time however I desire until I do actually engage myself, i.e., no work available at the start of my shift frees me to leave the house to take care of personal business, to work at another job, or to keep clicking the button, whatever. But I wasted incredible amounts of unpaid time "trying to get a job." I won't be doing that again. You want me to actively wait, pay me by the hour, and my shift ends when my schedule says it ends. Anything else is unreasonable.
LOL same discussion on another board but it was regarding a SM

wildlife cam and people didn't want others posting about it - is the same thing as saying "I demand you entertain me by posting what *I* want to hear about."



this isn't a religious discussion...sm
I didn't ask for *religious* advice, I simply asked for opinions...that's not religious...I know what God thinks about this subject...
"House" discussion!!!

What are everybody's thoughts on the show tonight regarding House and Stacy.  Do you think he told her no because:

A:  He feels he is not good enough for her.

B:  He does not want to hurt Mark after Mark came to see him.

C:  He feeds off his misery and can't give that up. 

What a great show, great lines tonight.

I do believe as stated in this discussion
that we should care for them. I just want to respond to some things said. Yes, our parents have decades to prepare. But my parents worked very hard and were extremely smart with their money and had a good savings when my Dad became ill. However, to put him in a nursing home is thousands of dollars a month. His insurance paid 0 for it and Medicare only paid 20 days. For him to stay it would have drained every pain fast (and it did) and then he would get state aid of course. If you can at all help it, a nursing home is NOT where you want to put a loved one. Some are great if you can afford them, but even the ones you think are good can be very remiss in care. Trust me, I've seen it. They're grossly understaffed and some employees should not be in that field, enough said. I don't and didn't at ANY time feel caring for my Dad was a burden. I did feel it was my responsibility. He's a member of my family. If my brother or sister became ill and had no family to care for them, I would certainly feel it's my responsible to at the very least help them get care but for certain to make sure they're cared for. I can't say how a person should feel towards an abusive parent since thankfully I have no experience in that. No, I wouldn't want to 'burden' my children with caring for me when I'm old. But if I raise them right and I happen to need care, I would hope they would feel privileged and blessed like I did, to help make sure I get what I need.
My involvement in this discussion ...
... was not meant to be inflammatory. I arrived on this site out of interest and was naturally drawn to this thread, however, I was not prepared to stand by while some of the posters spoke about Third World countries and denigrated our physicians and specialists - would you? I responded to an intelligent post by Dinosaur, I had no idea it would get as out of hand as this. The fact of the matter is our specialists do not outsource, they definitely do not send offshore. The work I do is for specialists for whom I physically worked for many years ago, the work I do offshore is not for any US companies, it is directly for physicians and specialists that have come to me via my website. I have had all of my clients for the past six years. Yes, I work for a lower rate of pay than you do, but I can assure you the cost of living is not cheap here; I need to work 12 hours a day, seven days a week and I am grateful for the work that I have and I really do value my clients. I turn the work around within 1 – 12 hours, they never have to wait for work. I am at the end of a line, all day, every day, should they need any urgent reports done. All I am saying is, do not underestimate people who live elsewhere in the world and their needs and willingness to work as hard as you do.


Interesting discussion about it
Over at MT Chat. One of the posters somehow found all the old info about the site ownership.
we had this discussion a while back -
The problem is, you are not increasing your pay, you are increasing your production. Of course they don't care how much you type because they are making money off all your lines - they want you to be productive - they don't care who produces. What you type is just something somebody else does not have to type.

Anyway, good luck - and I hope you make what you need to make. I for one have not had enough any work for 2 months and am sitting here from morning until night downloading jobs and typing them as they come in.

So far, I am a month behind on my rent and I don't know where the money is going to come from for it next month, because I am not making enough to pay it even if I don't pay anything else.
So, is the company in the discussion below

that is going to VR and dropping the rate from 10cpl to 3cpl MDI-MD?  I am dying to know what they are going to be paying for VR.  If they are dropping the rate that much, with their stellar reputation for caring about their transcriptionists, perhaps all hope is lost. 

Can somebody please spill the beans!

Check discussion below (sm)
about the microsoft ergo keyboard with the "zoom" key. Hope that helps!
anyone else upset with recent changes at DSG and so-called pool changes?
I am definitely upset with the recent changes, and don't trust management when they say it's for the MTs benefit. All I can see from these changes is a HUGE decline in the quality of dictators I am getting, slowing me down big-time, almost like all the decent ones are missing. Does anyone know what's really happening at DSG lately?
At recent financial aid seminar, I was told...

Although I am married and it doesn't pertain to me...

The financial aid officer told all the parents there that if their child is 22, living with them or not, their finances will be looked at and considered when the kid goes to college.  So if you boot your kid out the door at 22, consider the fact that if you make too much money, your kid may not be able to afford to go to college without your help because their student loans, scholarships, etc. will be based on both the student's income and the parents.  If they are married or have children parent's income is not a factor, only the student.

read a recent interview with the stars
I recently read an interview with the stars.. can u believe that one guy lied about his past to get a sympathy vote! check out the article..http://www.savvymiss.com/no-cache/living-entertaining-do-it-yourself/living-tips-home-entertaining/entertaining-archive/article/the-next-food-network-stars-share-what-every-kitchen-needs-most-2483.html
Does anyone have recent experience working with Spheris...

that you wouldn't mind sharing.  I heard that they used to drop your pay based on how many reports you send to be QA'd.  Is it really that way?  Just want to know before I would consider applying.

Recent study done... excerpt..see link ...

I read this just last night, as I too have been researching and gleaning information regarding the future of MT and pondering making any career changes.



The analysis found that a $10 billion health IT stimulus program would create or retain 43,410 jobs directly, most of them in areas such as software and hardware sales and system installation. Another 115,670 jobs would be created or retained indirectly, in areas such as sales of trucks and food to those holding the new jobs.

And the availability of new and improved networks and information would create 53,025 jobs, the foundation reported.

Stephen Ezell, a senior analyst at ITIF, said in answer to a reporter’s question that the analysis did not take into account the potential loss of jobs in areas such as medical records management and transcription of physicians’ notes.


Management is a joke. I've seen recent
posts where they pay 8 cpl, which isn't very good for the accounts they have. 
Recent postings about "no work and so forth"

Quite a few posters who have been MTs for a number of years (myself included) have come under attack recently for comments posted here  -- what those of us who have done this for years are seeing is "I only want to work certain hours, won't do weekends, don't want to be on call so on and so forth"  Guess what?  I got an email from my supervisor on Monday asking me to cover a certain work type while that person was on vacation  -- I did it!!! -- She also called me today (Sunday and asked me to do 3 STATS  -- I cover STATS on Wednesday)  -- however, I did it because it it my JOB  -- since I started this job in October, I have NEVER run ouf of work  -- if the work type that I do runs out, I do to a differnt work type, it is similar to learning a new account which I have done in the past as well.  All I want to say, is be grateful right now that you have a job and if the "work does not fit YOUR FAMILY SCHEDULE" then learn to adjust  -- think PRIORITIES

I wasn't even talking about that discussion down there
because someone besides BusyMT was doing the same thing to other people, telling them what to do and how to feel.  Then this person was being overly dramatic and defensive whenever anyone responded to her, no matter how rational or emotion-free our posts were.  If it's not PMS, a full moon, or a hangover, what is it then?  Jealousy?  Bitterness?  Just because some of us CHOOSE this profession and can make decent money at it, why does this person have to attack us personally?  And WHY do the moderators let her get away with it?  If you hate this profession so much, find your heart's desire and go for it.  I promise you that there is something out there that will make you happy.  You just need to find it.  Flaming people anonymously on a message board is NOT your happy spot.
Isn't this considered a policitical discussion?
Along with daycare, mothers working, breastfeeding in public, cosleeping, religion, politics, and all those other hot topics that are just going to flame anyways?
To discussion of Katrina victims

Everyone is playing the blame game.  It doesn't matter who did what or did not do now.  What matters now is to go on with life and reach in our hearts (Although some of you do not seem to have one) and give to the less fortunate.  This disaster will not only effect those in the coastal areas.  This will effect the whole United States and the world in some form or another.  Louisiana had a population estimated at 4 million.  More than a 1/4 of that population is without homes.  Can you imagine the indignity they indure living in shelters?  As a Louisiana resident, I would like to point out that the victims in the media are not the only victims.  They are the poorest of poor.  They do have many families and individuals that are displaced, living with relative, hotel rooms, no jobs.  Other states have taken in many of the victims but there are small rural communities and cities all over Louisiana itself that have taken in these people.  In the small high school in my community, enrollment went up by 200 students almost doubling the student body.  The small Catholic school my son attends took in over 40 students. Grocery stores running out of food because the extra people and trucks being delayed.  The list of changes and difficulties go on. 

Like 9/11, this disaster will forever change America.  Not all of the changes will be bad although it seems that way now.  This is the time people should stick together and focus on the good things that are happening, not the few people that take advantage of the situation or the people who have no souls and think of themselves.  Take an active roll in helping these people, you are not only helping them, you are also helping yourself and the whole country.  I have visited the shelters and I have close friends who have actually gone to help with the rescue.  Again, this did not just happen to the gulf coast. 

I will continue to say an extra prayer for all victims, and especially those of you who seem not to have a heart or soul where others are concerned.

I had a similar discussion yesterday.

"Oh, you should get a job at the school district.  They need cafeteria workers and it would work great with your kids' schedules."

I don't think so!  They pay $7 an hour to feed and clean up after other peoples' munchkins!  If I *ever* decided to work outside the home again, it'd be something that uses my education and pays way more.  Hubby butted in and said that I make at least three times what they do in a year by working at home.  That started the, "Oh, really?  I've always thought about doing that.  Where do you work?"

It all started with a discussion about bankruptcy or something like that.
With this new board format, the name and email automatically get carried over to your next posts.  Honestly, it doesn't matter to me what name someone uses.  Sometimes you have to let people on these boards know your areas of expertise or else they'll keep on arguing even when they know nothing about the topic of discussion.  I happen to like fbm (former bank manager) because she's real and knows what she's talking about.
Bringing up hurricane discussion

Just for some other information.  When Hurricane Rita hit in Texas, i.e. Jasper, Beaumont area, these people were not prepared.  They were not prepared because hurricanes do not come in that far inland.  The Jasper area is one of the areas where most hurricane victims evacuate too.  There are people in that area that are still without power including elderly people and children.  Most of the surrounding areas (Pineland, Rosevine, Hemphill) are retirement areas.  These are also low income areas as well.  These people definitely would not have expected the hurricane to effect them in the way that it did, but it did.


Also, people in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas were effected from it as well.  Again, a hurricane never has come close to these areas and these areas are also where evacuees come.  During the time we had evacuees from Galveston, Beaumont, Houston, and still the ones we had from Louisiana drained the resources that we did have here (not saying anything negative by this – just a statement).  None of the businesses could get trucks in to deliver gas, food, ice, water, etc.  When we did get gas delivered, the lines were so long that people were waiting 9-10 hours to get gas and of course by the time most got up there, it was gone again.  This went on for several days.  Even the Wal-Mart here and in Nacogdoches was only able to be open a few hours a day and for the first few days after the hurricane because of the amount of extra people in these areas, they finally had to limit the number of people they were allowing in the store at a time.


Some of you say, people should be prepared.  I do agree and especially more so if you live in a coastal area.  However, these people affected in the areas I mentioned above do not live on the coast; however, were heavily impacted by this natural disaster.  You are saying these people don't deserver help?!  Well let me tell you this.  When we had a lot of LA evacuees here, FEMA stepped in and for a lot (not all of course) they received $2000.00 for help with housing, another $600.00 for food, and there $400.00 for something else (honestly do not remember what it was).


However, my mother and father-in-law who are elderly went 14 days without power, lost everything in the freezer and refrigerator, and they are also raising 2 of their grandchildren (both young teenagers).  They were unable to get FEMA to help with anything. 


I guess the point is this.  Before spouting off about who needs to do what or who the government does or does not need to help (or where you tax monies go), you might want to think about the fact that this was a natural disaster and therefore, no one can ever really be prepared for one.  I hope none of you ever have to deal with anything like this.  It is not a pretty site in this area right now.  Clean up is still going on.  There are still trees down on houses and cars.  How would you feel if this were you? 


By the way, yes I do feel that my family was very lucky to come through it unscathed; however, some were not so lucky.


Just my 2 cents.

It is but there is nothing wrong with Christmas discussion here.


Discussion boards!! (can't resist, lol)

 and other distracting Internet surfing, neglected art projects on the desk behind me, sunny outside, new powder on ski hill, new German Shepherd pup....

There was a discussion not long ago that they outsource
I was checking into them, but when I read all the controversy over their outsourcing (one person said the owner was from India, I believe), I changed my mind. I can't remember what all was said, but maybe you can go back about a month or so ago and find the conversation. Good luck with your search!
Whenever I bid an account, I have a frank discussion about TAT...
really only ER and X-ray need dictation back within 24 hours. For the rest of 'em, it's just a convenience. I explain as a small MTSO I don't want to be the one telling the MT who is sick with the flu that she HAS to get it done. None of my clients have ever complained about their TAT, which range anywhere from 24-48 to 1 week.
Yes. Leave discussion of other websites off this one, please. (NM)
I didn't really mean to start that discussion
In my rather limited experience all nationals pay pretty poorly.  Honestly, 9 cpl is pretty good for a clinic account at a national.  I just didn't know how much of a difference the spaces make in the long run, nor do I have any idea how much paying for headers and footers will add (and those aren't typed).
This whole discussion has turned to blanks, but -
it's about so much more than that. That was only a fer-instance. What my rant is REALLY about is that we are an educated and skilled specialty in the world of white-collar business. I can't understand why our country has allowed a decent-paying job to be trashed by outsourcing.
We lose money, so we end up paying less taxes. The big corporations are given a tax-break by offshoring, so they pay less taxes. The offshore workers pay no taxes. So where is the benefit if I finally give up and go on the dole in order to survive. One more taxpayer bites the dust. If we ALL go, the poor little wealthy darlings of the upper class will start having to pay their fair share and more, if there is no longer a middle class whatsoever.

Speech recognition discussion

In reading the news release posted below about Nuance buying escription, I was wondering how different SR platforms are working for us MTs.  I do ASR on DQS and have found that on my main account the ASR is pretty good, so I don't have to make tons of changes. 

I tend to like doing the speech recognition and here is why I think that is so in my case: 

If I get my primary account it recognizes pretty well and I don't get much junk to have to change. 

Also, I can usually turn the speed to the fastest whereas straight transcription is usually about the halfway point for me, so I think I am getting it done faster. 

Another thing is that I never did get into the habit of really tweaking my Expander the way a lot of other MTs have.  I have seen some say they put anything that takes more than 3 characters into an expander.  I am getting better about this but not to that degree, so I think SR is faster for me. 

I think I have some carpal tunnel issues starting up so I can't transcribe for as long a stretch as I can edit. 

All that being said, about 25% of my work still comes through as straight transcription and it is a good thing because that significantly affects my hourly rate for the better, so I am not losing lots of $, although I have lost some.

So my question is two-fold:  If you do SR, what system are you using?  What has things specifically have made it better/worse for you?


Per discussion below...don't question, just type.
If they want to pray...type it.

If they want to swear...type it.

Who are we to question what goes in the medical record.