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Posted By: This works great. (sm) on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: random calls/drop ins - me 2


I may peep out the window to see who is out there, but they cannot see me and I will not answer it.  Later on you can always tell them you were in the shower, bathroom, phone conference, etc. and did not hear the door or could not leave your meeting.    

Ask yourself -- would people let you walk into their office building and interrupt them on their job if they were at their desk on the phone with the boss or a client?  NOT.

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I hear such mixed thoughts regarding getting accounts by going door-to-door soliciting yourself.

Is it worth it.  Are there many people out there that have landed new accounts this way?  Most MTSOs that have been in business for a long time say it is by word of mouth, but what about MTs like me who have been doing this five years.  I feel I'm ready for my own accounts and am not sure if this is the best route.

Any opinions?

Can you use a plus sign for hyper and minus sign for hypo?
That is true, when you sign up you sign up from the
day your former insurance terminated. Then it is on a month to month basis.
how do you even get through the door with --sm
that big head of yours?! keep up your attitude and one of these days someone is going to adjust it for you. then we will be LOL
I do woodburning as a hobby and when I bought my woodburning tool, it came with a *hot knife* attachment, which is a small blade that screws into the woodburning tool and heats up. It cut through this fairly thick plastic quite well. It took about a half an hour, which was less than having tried to cut it with a utility scissors or knife. worked for me! :^)
What's behind door #3?
I'm in it because I have an interest in the medical field, but I'm too squeamish to do the hands-on stuff! :-P I won't get rich doing MT, but so far it's paying the bills.
AT&T is going door to door here trying to get
for cable, internet and phone.  They knocked on my door and told me how much less it would be per month if I went with them.  No way.  I don't trust AT&T back from the days when they were a monopoloy and I had no choice but to use them for my long distance.  I swore if I ever had a choice I would NEVER use them again.  Time Warner may be more expensive than AT&T, but I'd rather pay more for Time Warner than give AT&T any of my business.  And I don't trust them not to jack up the prices.  I've been a happy Time Warner customer for many years now and unless they jack their prices up drastically, I'm staying with them.  My internet is NEVER out more than just a brief period, and that rarely happens.  The phone service is cheaper than AT&T and the cable is fine (DH uses the TV part more than I do).
And one more I told the LDS at my door (sm)

I do have a question!  At the end of the earth when God meets us in the sky, how do you think we will get there, in spaceships?

(They haven't been to my door in a long, long time.)

Best Buy does it too- was 2 feet from the door, guy saw me pay, still had - sm
to show my receipt, which I had already put away in my wallet. Pain in the butt!
Just curious - how did you cut the door out? nm
Could one more person slam a door?

Could one more person talk in the hall right outside my office?

Could you turn your music up a little higher?

Could you come in and interrupt me one more time?

Doggie, could you whine a little louder? (has to stay in my office -- long story).

Could ONE more doctor dictate from a speaker phone?

Sheesh... now I know why I work the red eye!! 



Anything that "The Girls Next Door" say

Sure, go for 12 cpl IF you want to get laughed out the office door!
My next door neighbor cleans ....sm
every other week and charges $70 to do my entire 1800 foot house. She does a great job, too - and is trustworthy. Before that I wouldn't trust anyone because of the stories of services/people not cleaning or stealing from you.
Sometimes I need a *Do Not Disturb* on my office door
I can't break myself from being always available to my kids, and I guess I shouldn't complain because they're 25 and 18 and both still love to stop in my office door and stand there and talk anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour in the afternoon, but it really makes me so unproductive in the afternoon.  This is especially rough when I know I'm behind and need to be pounding the keys, but HEY, I know the day is coming when they don't stand here and talk to me, so I try my hardest to listen when they want to talk.  It's really tough though.  Anyone else have trouble with this?  When the talk dwindles I do tell them I need to get back to work and they're generally good about letting me, but I can't stop them when they feel the need to be here talking to me.  Guess I wish I had 2 sets of ears so I could work while I listen to them too.
Gevalia - its the best and delivered to my door
monthly by the UPS guy! Amaretto is the best and regular is #2. Great coffee and prices are better than buying premium in the supermarket. Keeps me going...
It can be hard to get a foot in the door
but when I was starting out even though I didn't have the experience I would ask them to at least let me test for them, and once I did I was almost always hired. I have never worked as an IC, though- I have only worked in clinics and now 2 hospitals.

The hospital I work at now has a mentoring program where they will hire students just out of school and let them learn on the job, starting out as MT I's. Of course, they have to demonstrate some ability, but that is the way it should be. It seems to me if you are good you should be able to find work, especially with the all the complaints these days that there are not enough good MTs out there.
Something PORTABLE... while I'm running out the door! - nm
door in preparation for getting a different horse
Over the door lock boxes
I pick up work from a local family practice and our schedules conflict a lot of times.  It is hard to be there exactly when the doctor finishes his dictation and they forget to give me a 30-minute warning since I am about 30 minutes away.  Sometimes I have to make a trip every day to fit his schedule.  Does anyone know where I can buy an over the door lock box (like what Lab Corp uses to leave blood work, etc.)?  I would love for him to leave the transcription tapes, etc., in the box and I pick up and drop off on my schedule so I can get to the work faster and also pick up after office hours.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
I actually am on my way out the door, thanks for your concern! but the situation will not change
Gotta shut the door and zone out and get it done

Been there, still go there sometimes.  It took me a long time to just focus on the work, because at first I thought, "This is so coooool!  I don't have to actually go to work.  I think I'll go make brownies and come back to it later."  WRONG!

Had to make myself a schedule, as the kids were getting packaged brownies and the dishes were never done.  It's tough at the beginning to and when I started a year ago nobody was home.  Then school got out and I realized I had forgotten to factor in the summer part, which was a nightmare!  "Mama! You're not WORKING, ARE YOU?"  Ended up starting at 4:00 a.m. and then working again after everyone was settled in bed.

Now I'm back on schedule. Good luck.

If you quit answering the door and the phone...
Our next door neighbor breeds pit bulls
and the new mother pit bull gets out of their fence after the owners go to bed. She comes over here and jumps at my windows and doors (I have two small dogs). She wags her tail like she is friendly and barks to get in. A vet lived in this house before I did. I won't open the door though I feel she may be friendly. It scares me that she gets out of their yard and you see all the small pit bulls out during the day.

I am so so sorry for what happened to the OP's lab. I feel that they should ban the breeding of pit bulls. Too many horrible things have happened with this breed of dog.
Solicitor knocking on garage door
Yesterday afternoon, I had a solicitor walk into my garage.  The garage door was open because my girls and I had just gotten home.  Instead of parking out front and knocking on my front door (which is obvious), the man parked his car by our two cars, which were just outside the garage, and walked into the garage and knocked on that door.  He knocked softly, and it was a kind of knock that you would think is from someone you're familiar with....the you...the one that goes something like dunt,dunta, dunt, dunt.......dunt, dunt (hope you understand that!).  My 13yo opened the door thinking it was her older cousin (who maybe was locked out), but found this insurance salesman standing at the door.  I should add that we live in a rural area, too, and we don't get a lot of solicitors or unwanted visitors.  When she realized it was a stranger, she said something like, Oh! Just a minute...., and shut the door in his face and came and got me.  I went to the door and asked him what he was doing in my garage and proceeded to tell him that I found it highly suspicious for him to knock on a garage door for his solicitation purposes.  He was friendly, in spite of me being hostile, and said that he approached the door that appeared to be the most used.  I feel like he was way out of line to walk into my garage.  That would be like opening your front screen door and walking into your house just because you had the main door open.  Kinda' the same, you know?  What do you all think?  He was selling cancer insurance and had handed me his business card right away.  Needless to say, even if I were interested in cancer insurance, he didn't make this sale. My husband wasn't home.  It was just my girls and I.
Have a remote garage door opener?
Could have scared the bajeebies out him by shutting it while he was in your garage. Only thing is, you'd be cleaning up bajeebies off your garage floor.

I have a dog that does a very good Tasmanian devil impression, spitting included, when people knock. The people can see her through the door and they usually leave a card or whatever they have and move out pretty quickly.
If your car has an alarm, answer door w/keys so you can set
I listen out loud in my office alone, with door
Freakin out - next door neighbor arrested for child

molestation on a little boy and is out on $500 bail.  What is this world coming to?  I'm just sick over this.  I have a 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.  This guy has been giving me the creeps since we moved in 3 years ago.  Comes over all the time and asks me to fax things for him and he always wants to know where my husband is. 

The newspaper said that he admitted to it, so doesn't a $500 bail seem ridiculous?!

Ever hear the phrases "Don't let yourself be a door mat" and "stand up for yourself?"
That is hysterical!!!! Do Barney and Betty live next door??? LOL. nm
Have your hubby go bang on their door or wait until the end of the work
day and watch them drive up and approach them. My brother used to do collections for landlords for a fee and this is what he did and it really worked. It's easy for people to not answer the phone or give excuses over the phone, but it's more difficult for people to give excuses face to face.
Have office in back of basement, does not have a door it is an alcove-like
room. No noise from the outside at all.
Nope. We get paid production too. Unfortunately, hourly QA is out the door.
They are fewer and farther between than you could imagine. AND, for those of us who have been fortunate enough to be paid production (I'm one of the unfortunate CBay editors who was fired just before Christmas.)
Perfect time of year to get a foot in the door somewhere.
I feel for you....been there. Actually, I got my first break this time of year, doing p.r.n. work for offices that had MTs out on vacation. Get your phone book and start calling, see who might need you for a week at a time, a few months (maternity leave, sickness, etc.) You'd be surprised what it leads to. I sure wish you the best of luck with it.
My office has a sliding glass door that I keep open, but it helps me
Good point. Canucks are our brothers and sisters next door.
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
Try Softscript. They work with new MTs. Great place to at least get a foot in the door!
Proof that it takes only 1 made doctor to gripe about 1 report and out the door you go! nmx
Ssame thing happened with next door neighbor's daughter. Not even a verbal thank you. nm
Okay home is where the heart is but if you live in trailer park next door to red neck grits
with a mullet and bleached blond hair who drink beer all day and let their kids run wild, your little trailer park heart filled home becomes a bit of a headache because of the neighbors who may not have the same ideals or morals/ethics you do and they are SO CLOSE you can't shut them out of your world. Cheap housing brings in cheap people and in trailer parks you pretty much get what you get neighbor-wise. So my heart may be in my little trailer but my neighbors are part of my homelife.
A taller (and single) version of Mel Gibson at my door, with a big bag of money and plane tickets.nm
With a $ sign, yes it is...without, it...
is only 7-1/4 100ths.  Decimals.  Get it?????  The whole number without the decimal isn't dollars and cents.  It's just a number.
She has no sign that says that but obviously you do.
She has worked in nothing but the best behavior. She kept her chin up and kept morale up while she was working way too many hours with way too little time off.

I dont know where you come off saying that other than thinking that you must have that sign on YOUR back. Don't transfer your stuff to someone else. Have a nice night.
Well it's just the way I am. I sign my name to almost SM

everything I post. I'll admit I've gone anonymous a few times, but it is rare. I'm just not going to do it. I stand behind anything I say - if it's wrong, then I made a mistake, I wasn't trying to hornswoggle anybody.

It is easy to see the culprit behind these MTs who can't make any money. You hear people talking about "platforms" and searching for demographics, etc. That's the problem.

I work for somebody for whom I am a source of income, not a cost center. The faster I am, the more we both make.

I do use my Expanders - a lot - and I've used the same shortcuts for years. But the main thing is that I work in Word without worrying about how some unit secretary is going to pull up the report I just typed. The company I work for isn't there to make sure the consultant on 4E can see the work quickly without shuffling papers. They're there to produce a fast and accurate medical record - period.

That other stuff is for the hospital to worry with, and the hospital I work for has some kind of system where my Word documents go in their system in batches. I wouldn't pretend to know what that is, LOL, but I'm not crippling along on a program that was designed for everybody but ME, and that's what happens at these big companies. They have to have a selling point, and that seems to be it.

"Here, let us do your transcription. Here's how it works. The MT types your report, it goes into the chart electronically. And the stuff is all there for the data miners, too, so everybody can like us!" This was true for Dictaphone, Lanier, everybody. They all had to have an angle for everybody in the hospital and the MT was left sucking hind teat, as we say out in the country.

Been there and done that and would only go back if I had absolutely no other choice. As much as I love this profession, I couldn't figure out why people gripe about not making money so much - and then I went to work for a national and found out real quick.  

My sign is Leo...nm

Before you sign

I don't know what they are charging you but I talked to several before I went with Trinity Debt Management whose name was given to me by my church and they were the cheapest.  But I still ended up filing a Chapter 13 because of a divorce that cost me so much I could not pay the bills.  But I did start with them and they were very nice.  It cost $50 to start the program but their monthly maintenace fees were way cheaper than the other major ones I talked with.  Some wanted as much as $100 to $150 per month to manage my account that was a payment to a bill.  But I chose the Chapter 13 repayment program and pay $300 a month for three years to the courts and they pay it out and the balances are then wiped clear.  I only had to pay partial attorney fees, mainly filing fees, the rest was put into the monthly fee.  I still feel bad but at least am paying something.  But there is nothing you can do when you go from two paychecks to one and doesn't feel the bills are his responsibility.  Good luck.  Just thought I would mention them.


she did sign for 3 yrs but if we all....nm

No, and don't ever sign...
Any type of contract or agreement that has that clause in it! Be aware!
They probably won't sign

They will probably hee and haw and not sign a contract or they put in whereas for "cause they can terminate the service immediately" or with 15 to 30 days notice they can terminate the service without cause.  So with or without a contract they will terminate her services when they find someone else if that is what they are doing.   Who knows I could be wrong and will probably get my goose cooked for working now for 15 years without contracts and have to eat my words.   Time will tell.