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Thanks for sharing!! Loved them.

Posted By: anna on 2006-03-15
In Reply to: Jay if you are here, these are hysterical - sm


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Thanks for sharing that...chuckle, I loved it
I needed (another) good laugh...this is great!

I should just shut off the Expander when not working, but sometimes I forget...

thank you for accepting that we all make mistakes!

I really enjoyed this...
Thanks for sharing...I loved hearing about your home...
and pictured it in my mind.  You responded to a question and unfortunately there are people out there who just don't get it.  Sorry for them.  Wish I could spend a week there to see the sunrise on the water!!!  Enjoy every minute and thanks for sharing!!
Thanks for sharing... sm

I have friends just starting out in MT (many still in school), and I think this is valuable information for them.  I've said the same thing to them all, that if you take this as seriously as you would any job you were doing in an office, devote your work time and attention to it, and do what is asked of you while trying to improve yourself, you will be able to succeed.  I have only been doing transcription for a few years, but I can see that I will be here for probably as long as transcription is around.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom...

Thanks for sharing
Yes...That's it! Thanks for sharing what you know. nm
WOW! Thanks for sharing!
I've been trying to build up my Google search links on surgical and radiology sites because I find it easier to Google than to flip through all my books. That one about covers it all!  Thanks again!
Thank you so much for sharing this
Thanks for sharing...

It appears that I am not alone then IF this is truly the cause of my symptoms. I have only been off of Nexium for three days and haven't noticed a significant difference but I know it may just take some more time to get back to where I use to be as I had been on Nexium since the first part of January and I have been terribly sick for several months. 

The doctors have all ruled out just about everything they can think of so won't it be ironic if Nexium is the cause of my sickness after ALL the testing I have gone through?!? I don't care, as long as I get my health back. :)

I think it would be best not to talk to the woman, because it would just escalate the tension and might get out of hand.

Just let your kids continue to play with them, and when the other kids ask you or your kids for anything, other than a drink of water, just politely remind them that your family has a policy against that.

However, I myself would probably invite them to share Kool-Aid or popsicles with my kids once or twice a week, invite them in for games and toys.

In my entire childhood and teen years, the only thing I ever borrowed from a friend or neighbor were Nancy Drew books, which I always returned as soon as I finished reading them.

We were taught not to ask for things from people, but I realize times have changed. Some kids are still taught that, but many are not.
thanks so much for sharing
I'm adding it to my favorites!
Thank you for sharing!

As tears roll down my face and I sit here sobbing, I want to thank you for sharing this story.

Believe me, since my brother's recent passing (my only sibling) a few months ago, my life was really put into perspective and my goal is to let everyone I know how they have touched my life and how much I love them.

Even my Dad told me he loved for the second time that I remember in my whole life just a few months ago. Now, we both say it every time we see each other or speak to each other. That is a most precious gift to me. While my family was never affectionate, I knew they loved me and my mom & I were always close and said that to each other but having my Dad say this, well, I just can't describe the feelings. I really don't think he thought of saying it to tell you the truth, that he didn't realize it was so important for me to hear it until I got so sick, and I told him about how I only recalled him telling me he loved me once (before he had open heart surgery and was being wheeled to surgery).  I guess it just goes to show that people can change and do change - even at the age of 76! :D I love you too Daddy!

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for taking the time to share what experiences you have encountered with those with PKD. It really helps for me to hear what others have gone through and have more of an idea of what to expect.

Believe me I have been reading a lot and I think I have a pretty good basic understanding of it all and what to expect but still hearing or knowing of what others have experienced puts things in a different perspective I think too. I know each course is going to be very individual as everyone is different.

Before I was even found to have the PKD, despite my labs being quite normal except for a couple values, I was so deathly ill and I "knew" I was dying. I was so desperate in finding help. My family saw me wasting away and felt I had little time left until I stopped some of my Rx meds on my own out of desperation and the nausea subsided where I could eat again. It was the most horrible thing I endured for that long of a time. This leads me to believe that the laboratory values are not the end all and that I may be just more sensitive than some and now maybe I can convince the doctors to take me more seriously. When they didn't know yet what was wrong, of course, as a last resort they thought depression. :( I was not depressed (upset, angry, frustrated-YES!) I am a very positive, happy-go-lucky type of person, and that is just my nature but when you are too ill to eat only about 400-500 calories a day for many days for weeks, it takes it toll quickly.I LOVE to eat and I was not anorexic by choice, let me tell you. :)

Again, thank you so much. 

Thanks for sharing, I was one of those
who thought MySpace was just for teens to post X-rated pictures and pick up people. I may just look into it, it sounds like a good way to keep in touch. Is there a IM or chat, also? Or just blogs? Does everyone have to join to see your info or nonmembers can see it too? Thanks! :)
Thanks for sharing with us...
It sounds so beatiful and peaceful!! I'm glad you described it for us. I know I enjoyed reading all about it! Just wanted to say, also, that I have often taken note of your posts and how you seem to have a real handle on life and your business and MT. I get the impression that you have had some adversity in life to deal with and have been a strong enough person to come out on top. It's nice to hear that sometimes there is a silver lining somewhere if only a person knows where and how to look for it! Enjoy!!
LOL!! thanks for sharing! nm
Thanks for sharing that with everyone! (sm)
At first I thought you were going to say the person you wrote to brushed you off. Anyway, your post has renewed my resolve to keep bringing this issue to the attention of the public. I think the 60 Minutes TV show should seriously consider doing a story about the subject of offshored medical records, not only for the obvious reason of identity theft and loss of confidentiality, but also to bring to light that it has taken an entire white collar profession in this country from self-sufficiency to food stamps in just a few years.
Wow! ... Thanks for sharing this with us ...
and congratulations on your well-deserved success ...
Thank you so much for sharing your

experience!  Now I feel much more comfortable taking the plunge and calling them.  This will be great to not have to count my minutes anymore! 

Thanks for sharing that....
Until I had my granddaughter (3 years old) I would not have been able to relate to this LOL We watch this show often and I actually find myself getting into the show and plot, even if she falls asleep!
thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing sm
There is an old saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way." You were very gracious to share, I hope it helps someone else. We MT's are very industrious. Thanks again! You are probably saving yourself from a DVT, just make sure you get up and walk once in awhile.
Thank you so much for sharing this.
I understand that unemployment wages are based on last quarter of earning and in this job, production has falled as the transition has taken place.

With regard to applying for jobs while on UI (unemployment insurance), is is correct that if a job comparable to the one laid off from is not available, a person does not have to take the job? In other works, I am FT with ins and top tier so I would want to move into a job similar and if unable to, collect UI until I do find one?

This sucks but I agree with the semi-paid summer off. The stress of this job has done a number on me and I could use some sleep. Downgrading my lifestyle will be necessary, of course, and a room mate.
Thank you for sharing....
I found the article very interesting. 
Thanks for sharing!! nm
WoW - thanks for sharing

Good resource.

I LOVED IT. . . .
And had to forward it to all my "crabby" friends.
I loved my cat too and still do
I had to put my 18-plus year old cat to sleep 2 months ago.  She was with me since she was born.  She had end-stage renal failure and for a year I had to give her three times weekly infusions of Ringer's.  She was actually really healthy right up until the end though and used to boss the other 2 youngsters around.  I miss her every day.  She went with me back and forth across the country.  I know exactgly how you feel. 
I did and loved it - sm

She came every other week and charged $15 and hour. She would spend 4 hours and she was a white tornado in those 4 hours let me tell you.  I loved, loved, loved having her. 

Unfortunately, i had to let her go when i moved into rehabbers paradise. No sense in paying someone to fight a losing battle until rehabbing is over say in about 10 years :(


We did that too, my 2 loved it too! - nm
My mom loved them and had many of them -nm
throughout the years, so I grew up with them. They are nice, though I put my hair in a pony tail so I can see. Started out with an old Plymouth in the 60s and ended with a 2003 BMW Z4 (very nice). They only time it was a drag was in an unexpected rain storm, though now you just push a button and the top goes back on....until her corvette (1 car before the BMW) we had to do it manually, so stop the car, pull up the top, lock, etc. Also in the summer, very hot seats...carry towels so you don't scald off the skin on the back of your thighs, butt and back, though cloth seats would help with that problem, and obviously don't leave anything in the car you wouldn't mind losing (i.e. stolen or blown away). They are fun though, I hope to get one myself one day but content myself with driving with all the windows down now. Have fun shopping.
TFS! Loved it
I need that laugh!!
Loved pet...
I had to put down my Andi (poodle mix dog) today.  Last night I came home from church and found her on the door step apparently hurt.  Brought her to the vet who kept her over night.  I went in this morning but she had multiple fractures and had to be put to sleep.  I don't think I will get another pet.  It's too hard when you lose them.
yes, i saw and loved the

was wondering if the walking tour is only a group tour or is there a map and written directions so that one could walk the tour alone (or with a friend, etc.).

the MT info is good but i am much more interested in NY and seeing it from an *insider's* point of view.   i know that is not the purpose of the blog but maybe you could do something on that line regarding NY??

I used to do these too! Loved them! sm
They were long and kind of boring in my opinion, but I made a LOT of $$ and had a GREAT dictator.  he was so great, in fact, that he transitioned into doing his work by voice recognition without a hitch.  I truly miss that account . . . :(
Loved this. (nm)
Yes, loved it.....sm
Yes, I used it for several years and loved it. It does not have its own expander, but I used InstantText with it quite successfully. I hardly ever hear of it any more. Do you mind sharing what company still uses it?
Loved it
Who still uses this program????  It was great.  Does not have its own Expander but I used Instant Text and it worked great!!
Loved it.
Where did you find it? I am thinking to change mine.
LOVED the job!!!!
I worked for this company a while back & loved the job.  I say to anyone out there reading the same rubbish I did, use your own judgement about a person/job and don't let bitter faceless people influence you otherwise - and THEY talked about being rude?!!!  If I wasn't forced to give up the vet op work (family reasons), I would never have left!  New clinics kept opening every year, and the owner always did her best to keep me informed and made my job as easy as possible!  Some people prefer to work for large transcription companies, but I prefer to work for smaller companies, where you are recognized as being an indvidual that is an IMPORTANT member of the team. 
Loved it!

I enjoyed reading this post.  I guess it was that punch line that really got to me LOL....

Your real-life doc kinda reminds me of Dr. House on TV, though Dr. House seems to have become more contrite during the last 10 minutes of the season finale.

I've always thought that there could not possibly be real life docs out there like House, at least not ones who would be allowed to see patients, but now I am not so sure.

Have you ever thought of a second career in which you take real-life experiences and fictionalize them, send the scripts to the people who make movies and TV shows?  I think you would be very good at that.


Thanks for sharing that, cause that's what I'm thinking it must be. So
if you had to type each and every report from "scratch", no normals, do you think 200 to 250 lph is a ballpark figure you would hit??
I have no problem sharing nm
My gross earnings last year were right at $54,000. I work for a medium-size national, who is currently hiring but I cannot name because of past comments by previous employees and not wanting to start a flame. I get 9 cpl and have an incentive of more once min is me my minimum, I transcribe 275+ lines per hour, which is I think about average for experienced MTs on a good platform.
Thank you for sharing website
I don't know how anyone could forget.  My heart breaks yet again.
No, I don't mind sharing
Work for Transtech in Houston.
no cussing just sharing

a few reminders from the scriptures.  Did you see them?

bless you for sharing
we've all been in a mess a time or 2 in our lives nice to year about small miracles!!
I love it, thanks for sharing!
Glad we could help - sharing seems....sm

Sharing these types of stories seem to heal and help ALL of us.  Keep on keepin' on, sweetie!!!  You sound like you're doing FINE!!!

Great tip!! Thanks for sharing! nm
Thanks for sharing your creativity.
From one writer to another, I enjoyed your well written poem.  Check out www.boomerwomenspeak.com to possibly submit it!
Thanks for sharing your story! Know that you and your sm
family will not be alone in this endeavor. Will be praying for your little brother (we are the same age!), and let us hear the praise report when you return. God bless you.