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Thanks for your response! It makes

Posted By: sense that would be true. on 2008-11-14
In Reply to: Actually Wendesday through the weekend are my busiest days - MtMommyof2

I dislike Mondays until late afternoon, because it is like a ghost town with nothing but tumbleweeds...

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oopsie! 2nd response in. Just followed 1st response.

there could be a thousand reasons why they did not respond, yet the message was still on the board today.  Don't think it means anything scandalous! I've sent my resume to lots of job ads, and they have still been posted, even after receiving a response about my resume. I don't understand what you're saying.
response to allow ex not to pay
I have been fighting this cs nonpayment battle for about 16 years. I have gone into dept to a lawyer, done tons and tons of paperwork, hired a company to collect. The states (there is more than one involved)do not help. It is a costly, time-consuming,frustrating, fruitless battle in many cases.
Thanks.  I tried printing out the lists but had to click on each name individually and do it one at at time so that was just as tedious as well and when printed out put them in alphabetical order.  They were not dictated in alphabetical order but when a name came up you had to stop and finger through each name to find the perspective name!  SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
For one thing, I do not use proper english on the internet.  It's completely short, to the point, and I do jump around.  Even an English teacher will tell you it's different than a typed term paper.  After being on the internet boards and forums, it has become a bad habit of mine, and someone reading my post completely assumed I'm ignorant and not hireable.  I think my bosses would disagree, considering I'm quite the hardworker they need, my deadlines are constantly met, I go above and beyond the call of duty, and when medicare audits roll around, I am 1 of 3 people out of 480 employees who find their audit reports on the CEO's desk with a 99.8%-100% accuracy rate.  I know the person I am and that of my skills.  I didn't come to get attacked over my improper use of words, because I was on net forum discussion boards.  Those giving sound advice, thank you.  I'll be taking it to the bank.  To those jumping in on my behalf over any snide remarks, TIA.  I am sorry I struck the wrong nerve with you over my etiquette. 
what was his response?

Thank you everyone for your response. sm
She has a consult with a pediatric gastro doc at a Childrens Hosp near us. I am praying that they can find something to help her. She is quite exhausted and so are we! I feel terrible not being able to "fix" it for her. Will keep you all posted. Thanks so much again.
I have been a Transcriptionist for years and have always had my own accounts. I tried working for nationals over the past 6 months for the first time in my life and had a lousy experience both times. The dictation sound quality on one was really, really bad and on the other you had to spend a lot of time typing in demographcs. Word Expanders did not really do much good. I'd say keep trying til you find a good company or get your own accounts. I'm fast and accurate but not doing good with the nationals. Suggestions too?
I see you have no response when you
are wrong, "you must have a really boring life". I think an apology is in order.
in response

>>>it states that the one space rule applies following a period, in numeric lists, and following a colon. I received these guidelines in March from MQ. This is what I would go by. I was told that if I spaced twice I would receive a penalty on my QA reviews.

That's all you had to say.

>>>Obviously, you are the uninformed one, so see ya later wench. 


This was uncalled for.    

response -
sorry - no - posted incorrectly - new at this.
in response

Yes, the big four are ops, ds, H&P, and consults. I can't help you with where to look for strictly ER reports, but I'll recommend you try to expand you skills into the ops. It'll help if you stay competitive.

In terms of going from 10 cpl to 9 cpl and taking a 40% reduction in pay ... how do you figure that? If you transcribe 10,000 at 10 cpl that $1,000 and at 9 cpl that's $900. That's a 10% reduction ... unless ... you went from 10 cpl for gross lines over to 9 cpl for a 65-char line. Now, that would be the pitz.  

Pus-y or Pu-ssy response
Coworker at the hospital I used to work at typed pussy one time and the surgeon caught her in the hall and was like how do you spell......? She responded and he was looking down at at her all funny and grinning. She was like OMG!!! He did not want it pussy in the report for sure but was being very humerous about it.
as I said before your response

I think 7 cpl is too much for a newbie. Don't matter what it comes out to in an hourly rate.

I don't believe in freebies. That's why I don't believe in doing "secretarial work" (i.e. looking up addresses).

If a new person wants to be hired by a company, they should not receive the same line rate as someone with more experience. They should "PAY" for their continued training. So, if I'm right out of school and want to get a job with a transcription company, I would have no hesitation telling the company to pay me 2 cpl less than more experienced people, as far compensation for my training. Every three months, I make an additional 1/2 cent per line. After two years, when I should not require any further training, I'm at the highest level.

This isn't greed. It's business.

my response

>>>stand by that.  Sure, an MT under the influence may get it right, but I certainly would never want to take a chance on that. 

You're judging without the fact. The best MT my business ever had was an alcoholic. She was responsible. She never had excuses for not working. Her reports were always flawless (yes, I did QA for all reports from everybody). So WHAT if she threw a few back. It had no impact on the quality of her work. Her body was used to the liquor.

>>>It's all about resposibility and realizing the critical nature of medical transcription.  As an MTSO, I would not want an MT drinking while working.  Period. 

And how are you going to know who does and who doesn't drink while working? Are you going to install a little camcorder on their computer and watch them? 

>>>If I hired someone and found out they drank while working, they would be out the door. 

Even if their reports were perfect? Wow, you must be the reincarnation of somebody from the Tempest League (is that what they called it?) during the turn of the century.

my response

>>>After living with an alcoholic ex-husband for 20 years, I don't think this is labeling.  I think it is a reality.  He was a functional drunk.  In other words, he managed to fool the people around him at work that didn't know him well enough or didn't work with him closely.  Those that were close enough to him to see him on a daily basis could see that he only fooled himself into thinking that it didn't impair him.  He would use the same reasoning you just did and say that it affects every person differently and some have a higher tolerance. 

First sentence:  “after living with an alcoholic ex-husband for 20 years.” The origin of this conversation was somebody who liked to sip a glass of wine while working (I don't remember if it was on occasion or every day). By your statement, they’re a full-blown alcoholic who is impaired on the job.

>>>My point to him is the same as yours:  if it starts affecting your everyday life then it IS impairing your judgment.  If you can't even wait a few hours until the workday is over to have your drink and feel you have to make excuses for why you're drinking on the job, then you're judgment is already impaired before you even take the drink.  I don't think it matters if you're a doctor, bus driver, MT, or zookeeper, you are being PAID for your skills and time while on the job.  Save your drinks for recreation.  If you can't, then either you have a problem with it or you don't respect those who will receive your finished product or those who employ you.  

Again, this had nothing whatsoever to do with the original statement:  Sipping a glass of wine while working. I mentioned that I knew some who WAS an alcoholic and their work was flawless. I could have cared less if they had a drinking problem or not. In fact, I don't think I found out until a couple of years AFTER I hired her that she had a drinking problem. So what?! It did not affect the quality of her work. Why should I fire her simply because she was an alcoholic?

>>>Think about it....if you were on a job interview and the interviewer asked if you had a problem with drinking on the job, would you honestly tell that person, "no, I think it's okay to drink in moderation" and then expect to be hired? 


If I was asked that question, I would flat out say I rarely drink, which is the total truth. I rarely do. If they said to me, “Do you think it is wrong to hire someone who drinks on the job, I would tell them ... as much as I do with somebody who eats on the job.” As long as they can do their job properly, it  doesn’t bother me.

I guess I should mention something.  She is a very fragile person.  Extremely depressed, especially now.  She has hinted at suicide many times, and i'm afraid this would put her over the edge.  She would not handle it as a normal person with a stable state of mind.  Thats why I chose to keep away.  She has been hurt over n over by men in her life, I was there to witness it being her only child and I need to retreat to figure out what i'm going to do, I dont want to say the wrong thing, or come out with it in the wrong way.  I have tried to open up to another family member, and she wants me to get angry, and confront, but I just avoid and retreat, thats my nature.  To an extent I have let him know this bothers me by being cold and not coming around as much and being short with him.  Why can't he just get the hint and leave me alone! He is known for saying perverted remarks and to a certain degree it is accepted by the family.  A cousin of mine, in his 20s, actually pushed him away when he grabbed him and told him off.  But my cousin is not my mother's daughter, you know what I mean?  I don't want to mess anything up with our relationship so I need to be careful. I'm afraid of what she would do to herself.

I will try eliminating the products and see what happens.  I am glad to hear that it is possible that you can be allergic to the products.  I did not think it was possible since they are hypoallergenic but  I guess it can happen.  I love their products though. 

I'm in Massachusetts, it's in a large hospital working in the lab and it is pathology, days.  Does that make much of a difference?
Thank you for your response. Appreciate it!!
Thank you for your response.
I appreciate your response...
I did some work for them recently and was told that we get paid on Friday. I was told that they cut checks and mail them on Thursday. If that's the case, I should've gotten my check today.

I know that the mail can be slow at times, so that's not really bothering me. What is strange, however, is the fact that I was promised work yesterday, but they never sent me any. Also, yesterday and today, I've sent e-mails to a couple of people but have had no response.

I've been burnt before, so I know the signs. I have a funny feeling, if you know what I mean! I hope it's just my overactive imagination.
Thanks for the response. (sm)
That's what I'm going to continue to do then. I feel ill that some of these errors go out in my company's name, but all I can do is do MY best. My number is not on the bottom of those reports. That's what counts. ;)
in response
I would be concerned that being "half hearted about getting the work done" would show in the quality. My personal opinion - find a new PT job that would make you happier than this current one. On another note, I sure am sorry to hear about the cut in pay - that's awful!
If someone is asking for help though, they should get a response.
in response
We are not allowed to mention other sites here. That is why, when we are all leaving, we can't even tell you where we have gone. If you leave a post with an "email reply" though, I can email you

Dear Ma'am,

I vividly recall refusing to go another doctor as well.  I can truly emphasize with you and your son's situation because I went through the same nightmare.  Unfortunately, this nightmare is nothing compared to what the new "iPLEDGE" program is doing to thousands of patients.  I used to be able to call in my prescription to my family doctor and now have to sign contracts, submit personal sexual history, speak to a total stranger on a monthly basis, have a blood AND urine pregnancy test- how degrading! 

I have experienced absolutely no ill affects with this medication.  It was my last resort and I am thankful every day at least SOMETHING works.  Accutane (minus this iPLEDGE program) has changed my life- well, it had given me my life back.  On Accutane I have the freedom to truly embrace my life and not hide every day.  I guarantee your son is going through tremendous inner turmoil and physical pain.  Please help to give him his life back and help him get Accutane.

Sincerely yours,

J. Jackson

Response to MT from NC
Thank you for your honest feedback. It is appreciated. I just want to be cautious.
Thank you for your response--sm
I appreciate your kind words! I have wondered as well, what she would do if I refused to have anything to do with her, as my brother has, but my conscience just will not let me do that. Your last sentence about God knowing what I do for her really hit home, because I recently said this same thing to her just last week when she was questioning me as to why my brother does not want to do anything for her. He had told her that he was tired of her putting me down all the time and she had no idea what he meant. I had told her that perhaps he meant her complaining that I never did anything for her. She tried to deny it and I interrupted her by saying that I did not want to hear anything about it; that the good Lord knows what I do or do not do for her and that was all that mattered. I cannot explain the look that crossed her face. She says she appreciates what I do for her, but her comments to others say otherwise. I honestly think that she does not truly understand that her complaints to others get back to me, or if they do, that they do not hurt me. I also think alcohol has a lot to do with it. I try not to let it bother me, but on a deeper level, it does.

thank you again for your understanding and kind words. It helps!!

as a reply to your message, I am a MT with certificate, I also work independantly for a MD who does not ike the BOS  I type what is said and had to make my own templates.  I love this job I only have 4 years experience and my specialties are limited, I also work for a company that requires a 98% accuracy rate which seems to be standard and their guidelines are very strict.  I have been on QA for 2 weeks and still have some things to learn.  I do not see how bad reports could ever get through to the hospital.  and just because an MT does not have several years in the MT field does not make them a bad MT I know many Qaulaity MTs that have many years in the medical field. 
My response
This is my response...for what it's worth...

Being an MT is the best thing in the world. I get to be at home, eat bon-bons, watch my soap, AND type for crystal clear docs. It is a luxury for which I make $75,000 a year, and the benefits are OUTSTANDING!!! Even a monkey can do this job!!!

P.S. ~ This is sarcasm for anyone who is humor-delayed.

Ummm its not cheating anyone, she knows how I bill them.  I also pay my mom, who has had no other experience 10 cpl 65 character or not, not many people on this board with years of experience making that.  That is also how I make my profit.  She does not pay for FTP site, website, phone bill, dealing with office, efax.  I have trained her right out of school on this account and that takes a LOT of time. If you work at say a furniture store, look at what people are paying for that furniture and they are paying minimum wage to the employees?  Just the way it works.  Sorry you feel this way, but you could go out and get your own account like this as well, then you would not have to work for anyone else! 


I won't take this personal though, there are always a few people that make nasty comments!  Have a great day!  For everyone else that is giving me great advice, thank you very, very much! 

Thanks for your response (sm)
The margins are 1 inch right and left. Arial 12 font.
Yes, I am using an Emdat foot pedal.
I found (in my case anyway) that doctors did not fill out demographics, and yes, it is very time consuming when the Transcriptionist had to do it. It is very slow, but not difficult to learn.
My response to you
The only way I know to report a message is to click on the message itself and then click on "report message". If there is another way to do it I am not aware. Perhaps you can enlighten me in that regard.
Rec'd this in response (sm)

to Hayseed's disturbing non-hiring of Americans link from the Legislative Assistant.



Thanks so much for sending us the link.  It was quite disturbing.  It really does nothing for the legal profession as whole to watch this sort of activity transpire.  I have forwarded this to our Judiciary committee for comment.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any state-related matter.





KS MT Your response
That was a fantastic response. Too many MT's come on this board and say really discouraging things.

Your response was factual and, more importantly, doable. I have been an MT for 12 years and that was a nice little refresher.

I will second your comment, that there are better employers out there and it is possible to make more than .07 cpl and it is possible to make a good living.

Just like you said, a good schedule, daily personal goals, and a good Expander go a long, long ways.

Thank you for your response. nm
Their website is www.pcshorthand.com
Thank you "me".  It worked perfectly!!
my response
I understand that I am not in charge and it isn't my place to tell them what to give me to do. I know it is my job to do the acute care and that is why I do it and don't complain to them. I can't turn down the work because I have to work and make money. And I won't say anything to them because I appreciate what they give me. But it is a preference of mine to do what I am familiar with. I know, I know no one said it was supposed to be easy. It is hard when you are a newbie and support and encouragement is nice to hear.
I don't see it as whining; although, that is only my opinion. I just wanted to vent. I am starting to think I am on the wrong forum for that.
Response (sm)
Companies will usually follow the same procedure: They start by notifying you that you did not meet production requirements. Of course, you should always keep in touch with your management if you have any type of production issues.

Then, if you continue to not meet requirements, they usually move to an oral warning, 1-2 written warnings before firing or whatever they decide as final action.

The intent of that process is to give you 3-4 payperiods or more to bring your production up.

The best thing you can do if you have any production problems is talk openly with your supervisor.

my response
It is okay to ask questions I believe and I am a newbie. My first job I did ask questions, but I gave the owner of the company the courtesy of speaking first. When she was done I asked some questions she hadnt covered which weren't many. It ended up being a good company. It is more a issue of courtesy and not shooting off questions before the owner has had the opportunity to interview. But you are right you definitely want to ask questions. I think it is just the way you go about doing it. :)
Sorry for the last response, but yes, a VPN is what I use.
I have it loaded individually on my computer.
People need to bear in mind that tone is easily misconstrued when you aren't speaking to someone in person. For example, your post could be taken either negatively or positively. You obviously took something I had to say as condescending or being an insufferable know-it-all. Being the author of the posts, I know that I did not have that intent in my mind when I posted.

As far as the "ridiculous" argument below, the OP on the word help board asked if the word was inappropriate. I told her that she was correct and that the phrase MR is being phased out. Everyone jumped all over me for telling the truth about that and telling me to get over it, etc. Sorry but I will stand up for myself and for the developmentally delayed community. I have been out in public too many times with students and friends had other people including adults say derogatory things or stare or ask what's wrong with him/her? I don't stand for it.

As far as being an authority? I've never claimed to be but as an MT and an Editor I know what is and is not allowed in my accounts' reports. I wasn't asking if it shouldn't be included, I was asking if it was a HIPAA violation. For my company, anything questionable should not be included and should be left blank.
NYMT - I am just a participant on the board involved in what I believe to be a friendly on-line discussion.

I also happen to be an MTSO. My "defense" note was in response to Ramblin Rose's comments, not yours.

If you're not making enough lines and getting switched around from account to account, talk to your supervisor or service owner and let them know. We have found that having a Transcriptionist on one or two accounts steadily benefits not only the transcriptionist but the MTSO. The better they learn their account, the fewer blanks we have to fill in. It is win-win and I would think that most MTSOs feel the same. National services are a completely different animal.

Word Expanders can be a transcriptionist's best friend.
With 25 years under my belt, I can tell you that the transition from what you are now doing is very difficult. The language is very different and takes years of practice and research books; i.e., surgical instruments, drugs, names of techniques, and let us not forget the doctors who can barely speak English while chewing gum, dictating from their cars and bathrooms, screaming children in the background, staff talking, etc. I think you get my meaning. If you are doing well at what you're doing, I'd stick with it if I were you. Becoming proficient at Acute Care is a long, drawn out and tedious process. Sorry to discourage you, but it is not an easy thing to do.
With every kindness, I really feel that this will NEVER happen. It's been over 20 years now that they've been talking about this technology as well as voice recognition. Can you even imagine a physician trying to program a computer of any kind to understand his / or her voice going 100 miles per hour, speaking in a "modified" English language? And, I do say that lightly. The doctors have to participate in learning a new way of documenting patient information and they don't and won't like it. After all, they've been in charge all this time and giving up this power is not something they will take to willingly. Any new kind of fandangled new piece of machinery is just that... a piece of machinery. Machines break down and / or don't work correctly without the driver paying attention to his / her driving skills. They will not want to take the time to "make corrections" - just another bother to them... sorry, respectfully, I just can't agree, but then we can agree to disagree.
Amen to that ! You certainly have that right. That's what I meant when I said that we are the ones that create the revenue for the hospital and the docs.

Thanks for your input -
I got a response and took the test.  Just waiting to hear back.