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That's a good idea, but when I type exclusively

Posted By: Nmt on 2005-08-20
In Reply to: reason for line lost at MQ - its possible?

and don't move from my chair or do anything on the net still down 50-100 lines an hour from old platform. More likely because we don't get paid for header info anymore (even though they said we would). I think it takes longer to do the searches than just type in the info..........

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I had no idea how many minutes I type in a day, so I checked some stats today....
I did 72.53 minutes and it took me about 6.5 to 7 hours.
I use laptops exclusively...sm
I have used a laptop exclusively for years and years and have never had a problem with the screen. I currently have an HP with a 17" screen and keep it constantly during the week. It is about a year old and is just fine. My old one that is for personal use is still going strong after 3-1/2 years.

I wouldn't say it is for Dictaphone exclusively (sm)

I've used it in the past to call in for dictation and to transcribe on a few different digital but not internet systems (RTAZ and a couple others); it doesn't work with Lanier systems.  I used to re-record from those, as well, onto microcassettes.  Boy, that was a long time ago.

I still have mine and keep it on my desk for a work phone.  It can hold 16 different phone numbers, or when used for dictation/transcription, those slots can be used for different function keys, although those functions are pretty much exclusive to Dictaphone but not all.  It was a good investment at the time and still is, imo. The only problem is that it requires a 2-prong headset. 

And, BTW, most newbies do not ask exclusively their question on the
world help board.
They ask their question on the board, while doing at the same time research themselves with their references.
They do not sit there waiting for the answer, twiddeling their thumbs.

Or they continue with the transcribing to save time becausee of production, what's wrong with that?
I've been using a laptop exclusively for 6 years.

 I use an external keyboard 99.9% of the time, use the laptop keyboard if I'm in the car.    I'm used to the monitor, but if you're used to a larger one you can also hook up an external monitor.  Not sure how many USB ports computers have now, but I have 3 on my laptop and I have a USB hub I can connect if I need more.   I haven't used a desktop in so long, but I can't think of an advantage of one over the other.

I have a power box that all my equipment hooks into that I sit my laptop on top of.  You will need to elevate it in some way or you'll get a crick in your neck. 

I do LOTS of ops, really almost exclusively, and the ones I have ... (drum roll) ... lol ... SM
and use primarily are Stedmans Equipment Words, The Surgical Word Book, and HPI's General Surgery/GI Words and Phrases.  I also have the Stedman specialty books, but the only one I really tend to use of those is the orthopedic one, for some reason.  I also use Google a lot and, again, primarily for orthopedics.  That seems to be the specialty that changes a lot....well, that and cardiology but I don't do much cardiology right now.  HTH
good idea
I think if you have a good hobby then work is just something you do while you look forward to your project/hobby after work.  Cut back on work if you can, don't work past your set work hours, don't look at the computer again when you are done.  I got burned out when my life seemed to revolve around work, work, and more work, but I got out of it when I found a good series of books to read and then thought about them while I worked and hurried and got done so I could read more.  Hands-on projects are fun, too, just whatever works for you.
No, it's not a good idea. sm
I don't even like it when they use MY OWN computer let alone my employers. Absolutely would advise against it.
That is a good idea (sm)

and you said the word, his wife is controlling!

I am sure not going to hobble to their house from the Amtrak station.  They could afford to send a cab, but haven't offered.

Thank you everyone for your input! 

I have a good idea most of us - sm
work for MDI. I am really anxious and excited for my account to switch over, but a bit discouraged about the fact that I will still have to maintain my unlimited LD service for my secondary accounts. I have done both C-phone and wav and really didn't notice a difference in sound quality, but I definitely prefer wav.
Good idea!! I wish I could do that
good idea
The TV helps but if I have it too loud then I can't here my dictation. Yes, I hear everything she says with my ears plugged and everything. Probably just mentioning I overheard her may be worth a try. Although she did tell me one day she heard me sneeze. She has to know I can hear her. Maybe if I just say I can hear her (without mentioning the cursing) it will get the point across without having to be unkind. Thanks. I feel a little more calm now anyway. It has just been getting to me day after day. And she stayed home from work today and I had exra dosage. Thanks.
Thanks, that's a good idea! nm
That's a good idea.
I'm going to try that approach. Thanks so much. I think she might be approachable. I've smiled at her and she smiled back. That's a good sign. I don't think she is trying to be rude. I think this apartment was empty and she got used to it.
Not a good idea -
why would you want to get friendly with a person who is not honest on a simple thing like an apt. application? Does she have something to hide?  I'd keep my distance, you may open up Pandora's Box.  A few years back I had a lady who lived upstairs (supposedly lived alone).  She lived with her boyfriend who was about 300 lbs. and paced all night long and slept all day.  Without going into detail, they ended up moving out, but before leaving, they sold a car at a local car dealearship that ended up being stolen.
Good idea. I'm trying that.
One question, do you buy your Parmesan in a bag or a chunk?
Good idea!
Good Idea
They do tend to like the warmer humid weather of the southern states. I lived in VA for two years and saw many brown recluse. One was in our shed and actually "jumped" at my ex husband when it was threatened. He hit it with a hammer and it still survived. The person I had seen after a brown recluse bite, lost the skin around the bite for six months afterwards. The area of necrosing skin spread to an area of about five to six inches. This was on her face and it was VERY noticeable. No amount of antibiotics or any medical form of treatment helped her. It just had to run its course and scarring was a side effect. I have the utmost respect for those vicious little creatures.
I don't think it is a good idea
I've seen/heard many reports about child predators that see myspace.com as a feeding frenzy. Bottom line is, he may say he is her age & he may come off as a nice, normal kid but who knows if he really is who he says he is, or if he is just another predator. for online dating, I would suggest sticking to sites that have good reputations & do background checks, etc. good luck.
Good idea

Thanks for the idea about linking the macro to Shorthand.  Maybe I can try that.  I don't have hundreds of docs, so it should work out fine.  I wonder why they don't make it like Autocorrect where you can just highlight and everything stays the same??  Why make life difficult with codes?!? 

Anyway, THANKS for your suggestion!  BTW, you said you've used a few different expanders.  Which one did you personally like best?

Good idea

Yes, that's a good idea. Do you know how I'd find those programs or if they are costly?


Thanks so much.

Good idea

I am surprised (and disappointed) that there isn't already something like this available and readily accessible on the internet.  Please keep us posted on what you find out. 

In the meantime I'll do a quick search to see if I can find anything similar on the internet.

That's a good idea
Thanks for the idea. I will most likely do that. However, it is somewhat upsetting when the head of transcription assures you she will take care of it and then forgets about you. Also, even though I can contact them and let them know I was not paid for that time, I could use that money now, not sometime in the future. Oh, well, live and learn. I should have refused to train and just concentrated on my own line count, I guess.
That is a good idea ..

Thanks. That is a good idea. I had done a search on laptop desks on the internet thinking I could find something that folded down and could travel easily but I couldn't find anything. 



that's a good idea
I'm already getting tortured by having to listen to it.  Yours is a lot worse though!  How ridiculous...
That's a good idea. I try to do that.
My goal is to finish working by noon so I can pursue my hobbies and spend time with the kids. It's just so tough to get started. It's nice to have alone time in the house with nobody demanding of me or to run to the grocery store without the hubby or kids. Then I find myself working in the afternoons and evenings, which is not what I want. So why do I do this to myself?
Very good idea
You have a very good point... how many times they say something repeatedly and the third time they say it, it sounds much clearer or they even decide to spell it that time. Excellent idea. Thanks.
good idea...
or you can "bum" off of someone else's wireless if you get really desperate. My neighbor "bums" off of mine but I don't mind because it doesn't effect me and I live out in an underdeveloped area and it can be hard to get an ISP out here. I know some people consider it stealing but I figured if you didn't lock it down, then it's open season.
Good idea
I have been thinking of asking if I can work more, shorter-hour shifts too.

I get really tired out and have issues with my legs if I sit for too long. The 8-hour thing is too much for me.

I am happy to hear many have better production this way. Maybe I can actually speed up and make more money.

Definitely worth a try.
NOT A good idea
It is NOT a good idea to "fast forward" while the doc "flips through the chart"  IT IS A LEGAL document  -- and that is first and foremost when it comes to patient care which a lot of 'BABIES" dont understand
good idea
that sounds like a good idea.  I have my sign language degree and might look into transcribing for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in a college room setting, so that might be a good thing to do to get away from the usual transcription, although the only thing that holds me back from that is they don't pay by the line, and the hourly rate is not very good, but I am going to try and convince them to pay me by the line. 
Good idea
I need some motivation - maybe this would help!
This is a good idea too. nm
Good Idea ... thx!
I often forget what a certain medication is for even though I have looked it up before or what some of the eponym tests are for. Nice to have it all somewhere for quick reference!
good idea! you would think...

of certainly hope that someone around here would have the @@** to say something to these guys who go on, year after year, with the same GIGO.  Instead, how often do we all see the "Dr. X usually says  xxx in x section" and stuff like that.  I know we all get these time and time again, yet the suits, whether it be QQ or XYZ MTSO doesn't do poop squat about it.  The way I see it, it's no skin off their backs.

So annoying, but the "smokin' a blunt" with the Christmas carols was just too good to pass up!  Priceless!

That's a good idea
I reckon this one will have to be the first on the list! I did pretty good today. As long as I take my ten minute break and come right back I'm okay. Unfortunately I have a mound of laundry staring at me when I walk out the door, and that never helps, but it will just have to wait!!
good idea
your 20 minute nap idea is magnificent! I'm sure I will be trying that next week!
Thanks for the tip, and happy holidays all!
What a good idea!
I just went through getting rubber paychecks repeatedly from a company. I contacted the National Check Fraud Center in Charleston, SC, which has the check fraud laws for every state and give directions on what to do. I got paid pretty quickly after my first payment demand letter. But, I gotta say, I like this lien idea even better! Thanks for sharing it.
Another good idea is to have the
hospital and doctors' offices hire MTs to work at home and pay them an hourly wage plus benefits. Many companies hire employees to work at home and do not pay them slave wages.
I think that the idea of EMR is a good one.
I think it would help in a lot of situations where a person is not being treated by their primary care physician. One poster mentioned if you went on vacation. I think that would help a lot of things.

However, a lot of people say that it will do away with MTs completely. I really don't think that is the case. There are still going to be OP notes and H&Ps and admissions and discharges, etc. We will be needed for these things, as the doctor's don't have the time to deal with it all.

Some of them carry a laptop into the exam room with them. This really doesn't work well, but these are the offices that have just not realized that even an EMR can be typed by a transcriptionist.

My son has a CPNP he sees for his meds. She spends more time typing on the computer than talking to him and finding out what is going on...and she doesn't bother to read past notes because she is too concerned with getting stuff into the computer. It causes a lot of redundancy and it is not what the purpose of EMR is.

Most of us already do EMR. The only difference here is now we deal with voice recognition and getting our jobs offshored to places that do not follow our laws.
That is a really good idea
One place I believe that your math may be off, however, is where you mention what the MTSOs charge hospitals. I have always heard 18 cpl to upwards of 24-25 cpl for hospital accounts. The 11 cpl is more in line with the rates for clinics and physicians offices. For instance, the going rate in my area is 12 cpl, and that is on a gross line (not saying that is what everyone charges/pays, just a ballpark that I know from two small local MTSOs). This rate has remained the same since I entered the field in 2000. Some do charge even higher, which I know because I have seen a woman advertising on the other job board two times over the past four years, both times offering to pay the Transcriptionist 12 cpl, gross line. I think I screwed up when I called directly the office she transcribes for, because she listed the facility name with her own as the contact. She did not say, 'No phone calls, please,' or anything of that nature, but through research and that phone call I deduced that she worked from home, was probably an independent contractor (so charging more than the 12 she was offering), and that I ticked them (the office) off by calling and was "black-balled" for having done so. True, she may just not have liked my resume, but everyone else I sent it to contacted me for testing. I sent it to her twice, but nary a peep heard back. Wish I had never made that call.

Sort of off topic, I know. Sorry, I have a tendency to do that, but I really do like your idea and enjoyed reading about your thoughts on the profit margin. I just think it's an even greater profit than most of us realize (have seen many here wondering how it is more cost effective when it has to go through so many edits to get the final product).
Good idea.nm
Good idea, esp. if in your home...nm
That's a good idea, Busy!
QUOTE: If you really want to try that situation on for size, why not pick up babysitting for someone's baby or small child and see how work fits in for you.

That will definitely come in handy as a suggestion for me in the future...

do you have any idea how good this sounds??!
Thanks! I think I've now got a good idea how it all
ended. I thought it was one of the best episodes of this show that I've seen.
Thanks. That's a good idea and who can't use a nice pen, right? nt
This sounds like a good idea. Thanks. nm
Good idea! Thanks for the inspiration. :)
I think it's always a good idea to follow up...

on these things.  You know how cyberspace is.  And just offices in general, etc. 

Took me three tries sending e-mails with my resume (waiting about a week before trying again, so as not too seem to pushy or desperate) to finally land my most recent new job, with the company that I was really hoping for out of all of my choices!  (fingers crossed that it really IS the right choice, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done better right now)

Anyway, I wouldn't ever give up without receiving some kind of response, just so you know that your reply had even been received in the first place.  Just politely state that you're following up again and are still interested in pursuing an opportunity with the company, LA la la, that kind of thing.  :)

Good idea! I'll do that now.....nm