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That is amazing...that doc is talented!

Posted By: if that is what you want to call it! LOL on 2006-03-09
In Reply to: It wasn't on a voice file. It was on an old Lanier, but (sm) - me again


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You are amazing!
God bless you for having such strength to move on in such a positive manner.
Yes, it is amazing.
I've been practicing, and it seems that the hardest part is typing the "i". I'll manage. I'm impressed by you. How hard you have it, divorced and mother of 3 with no support. My ex is a control freak jerk, but he pays me on time so he won't have to look bad to his family, and he or his family come through in a pinch where his kid is concerned. God bless you and your kids.
Amazing, but you know...
There are so many newbies right out of school who *think* they are really great, well-educated transcriptionists, and that is probably who will bid on that.  Either that or an Indian will bid on it.  I seriously doubt that anyone with all of the qualifications they specified would actually accept that.
that's amazing
Oophs. Sorry. That should be 1800 LINES in an 8-hour day. I usually proofread better than that! Sorry!
Yes he is just AMAZING
and a complete idiot. What is with that hair of his anyway.
Isn't it amazing
...the perception that many people have of "all" black people...the assumption that if we have obtained anything and made anything of ourselves, that it was handed to us by the government because we were "coddled".

I was raised by parents who were very poor, yet determined that I have a better life. I worked full time while attending Duke University and graduated with honors. During most of that time, I was an MT. I am still an MT and am working on my PhD in Psychology.

I find it to be very amusing that most racist people who look down on black people or choose to lump us all into the same filthy bucket - don't have a pot to piss in...no education whatsoever...and are just plain ignorant. We are all human beings who were created by God. There are many black people on this planet who are educated, hard working, productive, successful and decent people. Maybe if some of you ventured out of the woods sometime, you would know this.
It's amazing what you can do when you set
your mind to it! I wanted to stay home so badly after I had my second baby, that I MADE it work. I had an almost 2-year-old and a new baby, but I did it, and I will NEVER regret it! I was statutory, so I it was easier then, but I worked when they napped during the day, and then at night when they slept. Granted, I was very, very tired for a long time, but it is SO worth it, to be there for them!! And just because you have kids at home, does NOT mean you are not giving 100% to your job! YOU CAN DO BOTH!


I just wanted to say its absolutely amazing how some bosses can take your money to go on vacation and have a good time!!  It's also pretty sad that if you happen to get in a hard spot because someone is late paying you and the work load drops to nothing, you take another job just to get the bills paid and when you leave them they keep everything they owe you!!  Be careful who you contract with, especially if it is a small independent business.  I am losing $1500 but I guess it is worth it to have work more than once or twice a week and to have a guaranteed pay time.  Some small companies hold you so far back that if you do leave, they wind up getting 1500-2000 of your money.  They do this because they can.  There is no government agency to help independent contractors, and a lawyer would charge more than it is worth to get the money from them..even if you receive a judgement they don't have to pay it.  No one is going to hunt them down and kick them in the hind-end if they don't.  Hopefully ya'll wont run into some thief like this!!!

lawsy me why'd i work there??? LOL

I know someone like this, too! Amazing. Must be many of them.
It is so amazing
We had one in my neighborhood who left her ten year old home all summer. I think she thought the kid could hang here or wherever but we had our own schedules and my child went to camp. How do you leave a ten year old to mooch off neighbors all day. By the way, people who do that will be the ones to tell you they want a lot of kids and that having kids is easy and not stressful. That's because they don't do much.
It is amazing to me how self-important US MTs are ...
You want to point your finger toward offshoring companies using HIPAA as your miserable crutch; however, when it comes to ensuring the legitimacy of who YOU are to handle this sensitive, private, protected information -- well just forget it.

After all, I mean, YOU work at home. And you are a citizen of the US. And no US citizen EVER scammed the public, EVER stole identities, EVER did anything wrong. Talk about self-righteous and self-important. Hahaha

What's wrong? What are you afraid of? Someone might really find out about your lack of control over your own life?

No one has ANY idea what YOU are doing with this information either and if your attitudes and behavior on here were shown to physicians and your own employers (and probably your family and friends), many of you would be out - out of a job, out of respect, out of friends and maybe family, out of most of everything and everyone who has no idea what you are like when you feel your anonymous status is hidden.

I'm entitled to how I feel the same as you are. You might want to get prepared though -- time and the conditions in this world are rooting for my opinion.

With the increasing security risks, insurance costs, etc., in this world -- you might want to get busy cleaning up whatever it is you're hiding because the likelihood of you submitting yourselves to any/all of these things for a job is going up and fast.

you, my dear, are amazing!
I thought i had browsed around sufficiently in the dqmanage area, and didn't happen upon this little useful discovery -- so thanks a bunch for sharing with us!!
Yea, isn't it amazing.... YOOOOOOOOOOOOWza
Wow.....that's an amazing story!
I know nothing like that will ever happen again, but it's sure nice to hear that at one time it did!
35 in 4 weeks!! Amazing!!
Thanks for the post.  I believe my weight will come off fairly quickly, as I said, I am a carb freak as of now.  I understand the incorporation of "good carbs" after the induction phase.  It is just that the induction phase is going to be tough!!!! I want to lose about 30 pounds, could really lose about 40 and would be happy wtih 20!!!
It's amazing how many people
are handing a diaper to a fully vocal 3 or 4-year-old so they can go to the bathroom, and then the kids hands it back.  I know a couple people who have fallen into this trap with their kids.  Ridiculous.  You did the right thing.  It was just a matter of wills and convenience for him, and a matter of sticking to your guns for you.  YOU will eventually win, and as long as you don't punish or turn it  into a big fight or something traumatic, the kid will eventually give in.
Amazing Race fan
Yes, I too am a huge fan!  I also hope the hippie boys win.  Everytime they come in last I hold my breath.  I really hope that neither the frat boys or MoJo win.  That would be a huge disappointment.  This race has been great so far.
That is amazing! I know you are so glad!! nm
what an amazing child you have...

Your post brought tears to my eyes.  She's really something special...you are so blessed.  Please give her a BIG HUG for me...she's an inspiration!

P.S.  You must be pretty amazing yourself!!! You deserve a big hug too!

It was amazing. My 2nd visit.
We were only there for 2 days in July. I got a whole week this time. My daughter lives there, in South Lake Tahoe.

I stayed at the Montblue in Nev. Very luxurious but pricey. DD got me a nice discount. The Horizon is also very nice and a little cheaper if you like the Casino thing. They also do the weekly Wifi rate there if you are going to work ($29). The Lakeside Inn is nice as well. There are lots of other smaller places too. I saw a nice Best Western that was right on the lake on the California side.

If you go, check out the Blue Water Bistro in South Lake Tahoe for a great dinner right on the water. I also really liked Sprouts (a good lunch place) which is all vegetarian organic type food. The restaurants in the Montblue are all good! 20-Four has the most awesome key lime log cake. I was trying to figure out a way to bring some home with me.

I drove the whole 70 some miles around the lake. Tahoe City is really a beautiful little town. My favorite spot was Sand Harbor. Of course Emerald Bay is just beautiful too.

I say go!! It is the off season right now probably til Thanksgiving or so when ski season gears up. Then things slow down again around April/May before all the summer tourists. That is when you can get your best rates.
how amazing - didn't know that
and cannot remember now whether there was any drug use involved. 
It is amazing a lot of people ....sm
Think this is not a real job. They believe that anyone can do it. They don't understand it is not just typing. You have to be able to understand what the medical terms are they are using and many different things. I have been asked before how to get a job in this and the person said: It is basically kind of like data entry isn't it? I said no it isn't. You have to know medical terms that are used and know how to spell and all that stuff. You have to have a course in medical transcription too. People are lost on this field.
Vscript is amazing!
I can tell you that the Vscript platform is great and very user friendly. Everyone I know that has used it would never use anything else. I know that it took 3 years to develop it. They used a large MTSO to critique it during development so it would be exactly what transcriptionists want and need. It cuts transcription time down and the customer services is unbeatable. Not to mention that it is very reasonably priced. I know you won't be disappointed with it. Hope this helps.
Deb Soule has an amazing product - sm
called Flea-B-Gone. She is an herbalist up in Maine, and having had a beagle (and we all know how beagles can be), I back this product up 1000%.

Here is her website

Also, use a quarter cup of lemon juice in the bath water.

Another thing to keep in mind - if you purchase a dog shampoo from a store, read the bottle. If it says to "wear gloves," DO NOT BUY IT. Think about this ... if YOU HAVE TO WEAR gloves to apply this to your animal's skin, do you really think it's safe??? Hmmmmm
amazing dictators, here's a light one 4u

I literally lost it, turned the speaker up for my kids and they were losing it along with the doc.  He always refers to vitals, meds etc "as listed on the nurses chart".  He seemed a bit distracted tonight, usually a fantastic dictator, the ones we love that we just know exactly what they're going to say next?

So he says..."Vitals as I noted on the nurses chest".  He only caught himself after some of those nurses burst out laughing and told him what he had just said....the rest of the report was a mix of med terminology and the comedy club!

I really feel for you. It's amazing what greed does
to a person.

My neighbor went through a lot with her siblings. She told us all the details because we're like family. We've lived next door to each other for years. Her siblings were upset and embarrassed when they found out we knew.

I had to watch the house constantly for her when she wasn't there since she knew I worked from home.

Good luck and be careful.
I just noticed the same thing! Amazing. nm
Isn't it amazing how far up the ladder a buffoon can go? nm
The money is amazing, but there are no jobs.
I agree also. It is amazing to me that people
say they make $7500 a month or whatever, yet when the conversation turns to the commercial about making $75k a year with baby in lap, everyone balks. It is just not possible. You would have to be making 20 cpgl with extra spaces included-LOL!! I do not believe either. Now if someone said 1300 a month, that I would believe, because that is the truth!!
Ceser Millan is amazing.
I've learned so much about dogs watching his show. I agree watching Dog Whisperer will give you some great ideas OP. IMO all dog owners should try and catch his show at least a couple times.
I don't know how anyone can say that Mandisa "doesn't have it." She's amazing. nm
Amazing Race Fans?
Anyone as big of an AMAZING RACE fan as me??? I'm loving the hippies on this season.  I'd like to see them win, but I worry that the frat boys will take the winnings.  Mo Jo probably won't make it to the final 3!!! Then again, Ray and Yolanda have a good chance on getting the million too!  They have played fair and are so competitive.  It wouldn't suprise me if they ended up with the winnings!!  Tune in Wednesday to see.     
Wow, this is amazing! I love you MTSTars!
Wow! That's amazing. sm for my buffalo story. (sm)
I was still young, about 17, and went on vacation with my parents. We were in North Dakota, and as we were driving down this road my dad spotted a herd of buffalo out in the field. We stopped so he could get pictures. The field was on his side of the car, so Dad just opened the driver side door and barely stepped out, door open, to get the pictures. Well, Mom and I had been kooped up in the car too long so we got right out of the other side and stood there stretching our legs and chatting, not paying attention. Suddenly my Dad scream, "Get in the car!!" Mom and I turned just in time to see this huge buffalo charging at us from the other direction. Mom and I were tripping all over each other and literally crawled on top of each other to get back in the car. He only missed us by about 2 feet. But I love to bring this up to my mom occasionally. She's one of those moms who would always do anything for their kids, never thinks of herself first, etc., so I have to sometimes remind her, "Remember when I was only a kid and you pushed me out of the way so you could get away from the buffalo?"
Whoa! Impressive! Amazing. See, we go just about everywhere too, sm
but we've haven't done anything THAT adventurous! I was just talking to one of my sons tonight and we were discussing where we should "go" next. We've done Disneyworld (twice), we've done Universal Studios, and we go to the gulf of Mexico about 3 times a year since it's pretty close. My husband and I just priced and went and looked at a few RVs. We are thinking of taking the boys on a cross-country RV trip. But Africa? Wow!
I loved how you mentioned about the orphanage and vocational school. I am a Christian and have been seriously praying about doing a mission somewhere, but I have to be able to take my family (5 in total). God has lay it upon my heart to do a foreign mission, I'm just not sure where yet. Also, my husband is the primary breadwinner so I'm not sure how that would all work out!

I'm so glad to see other MTs doing things other than MTing! If any MTs are out there reading this and you haven't taken a vacation, I have some advice for you: MAKE IT A PRIORITY. Yes, it won't be easy. Yes, you may not be able to afford it right now. But save! Save up and make it a point to go SOMEWHERE you want to go - whether it would be the mountains or the beach, or whatever.

There are so many affordable ways to get away nowadays! We did Disney with 2 adults and 3 kids for 5 days for under 1000 dollars! I'm serious!
Amazing isn't it ?....I was actually doing a psych report ...sm
once that came up on the hospital and after a few minutes of dictating the only thing I heard was the doc began swearing, using F word and all stating it was the wrong pt and then hung up. Hmmm quite the professional you think ?
Wow! Do you even get 3 hrs of sleep a night?!! Amazing! nm
See, see what I mean? Me too! Amazing! Funny how we switch to this new program
and do the SAME reports and yet make substantially less money.

Let's all MQ employees just quit already and see what they do. Do you really want to know how much MQ is making now on this "new" platform? They are paying us way less, no more phone bills for them, etc. Amazing.

Anyone hiring not on DQS??
Amazing...work at a hospital with 10 gastroenterologists and....
they all dictate melanotic stools and have never once dictated melenic stools...and no I would never correct what they say.
Amazing he'll be gone 25 years in December...

seems like it was just yesterday!  So, so senseless.  Hard to believe Sean's 30 already.  Man, this makes me feel my age!! 

What's your favorite song he wrote?  Mine's "Imagine."  Absolutely love it...always have, always will 

Well, isn't it amazing then that home-schooled kids can be
Duh, you make no sense. You think home-schooling makes them sprout angel wings and be perfect. They're still just kids and grow up to make their choices just like everyone else in the world. Obviously this kid's got problems that have nothing to do with home-schooling or public school. Isn't that amazing!
Isn't it amazing the freedom, lack of stress, zip, gone.
Amazing.. I think I will have to look into it. Anyone out there know actual costs for family ins?
The whole week was amazing. Thanks for always doing great things
If you really look at it, Proverbs 31, that woman was blessed and amazing. She sm
did it ALL! She considered a field and bought it (on her own), she provided jobs, food, clothing for her maidservants, she was found at the markets early in the morning *(buying food and things for the home, I suppose). To me, this chapter tells me that as women we can do it all if we put our mind to it and that God expects a lot from us. I think about her "buying" the field to plant her harvest (no mention of husband/male whatsoever) and that helps me know God's will for my life with regard to work and homemaking, taking care of the children.

She was considered blessed. If we took better care of our bodies then we would have the amount of energy this woman had.
Amazing, we must have been working in the same places over the years (NM)
Considering all that you mentioned, the fact that the economy is growing is amazing. But,