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That is wonderful. I pray that you are

Posted By: wannie on 2005-11-30
In Reply to: I try to spend a month's net income. - Busy MT'ing

very richly blessed in return. Merry Christmas to you!!!

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i'll pray for you.

where?? pray tell is that?
Then why, pray tell, are you
here today?
Then, pray tell, what will? nm.
Aww. I am so truly sorry. Yes, I will definitely pray for her
and her precious family. I will also pray for your strength to get through this most difficult time. Let us know how she does.
With you, with them, with God. Please pray! nm.
so sorry, I will pray for your dad...nm
I will certainly pray for him.
My mother had a blood clot so I know how seriuos they can be.  The good news is he's in the hospital getting treatment and they're right on top of it. 
Why don't we all pray...
that someone realizes how overworked and underpaid we are? Nobody cares, not even God.
I pray that
more health records will be kept in our own country from now on.
I'll pray for you
Uh, I'll pray for you, but please go see a doc
Didn't want you to think I was saying prayer is all you need. LOL Helpful, but not all. :-)

I PRAY that you NEVER transcribe my
Your attitude is scary!  You think we don't need knowledge or skills and are just "hamsters on a wheel?"  Believe me, I QA work for people with your attitude and it shows.  I pray to God that someone who thinks like YOU, never, ever touches my medical records!!!!  Maybe you should look for a different career option.
I'll pray for you
Bindi said that one day she would run the zoo. I pray
that she will grow up and do exactly that along with her little brother.  Rest in peace, Steve-O!
pray tell, where is this company
please tell
Pray tell, what exactly is coding?

Not to sound like a dunce but what is coding?  I know that a coder takes reports and pulls ICD codes, etc and does something with them, but what precisely? How does coding work?  In transcription, I use a program to play the audio file, controlled with the foot pedal, while I type it in Word.  I've been curious about coding but cannot find out exactly what it entails.  I love transcribing but let's be realistic, it is looking scary out there.  Love the company I am with but what with VRE, EMR and India looming, I am thinking now would be the time to train for something else just in case. 

Thanks for any information. 


So where, pray tell, do you work??
And is there a positive, realistic place for newbies to get a foot in the door and get started? Everybody says 2-5 years experience. That's great, but how do folks get the experience if they never get started?
What pray tell is an "MTME" ? I work for them

Pray for these poor people.
Up to 20 Dead in Fire Aboard Evacuees' Bus
By SHEILA FLYNN, Associated Press Writer

Friday, September 23, 2005
(09-23) 06:01 PDT Wilmer, Texas (AP) --

A bus carrying elderly evacuees from Hurricane Rita caught fire early Friday on a gridlocked highway near Dallas, killing as many as 20 people, authorities said.

"Deputies were unable to get everyone off the bus," spokesman Don Peritz said. "We believe it's going to be closer to 20 fatalities.

The bus, carrying about 45 people, was engulfed with flames, causing a 17-mile backup on Interstate 45, already heavily congested with evacuees from the Gulf Coast. The bus was reduced to a blackened, burned-out shell, surrounded by numerous police cars and ambulances.

There were indications that oxygen used by elderly evacuees could have had a role in the fire, Peritz said. There were a series of explosions, apparently from the oxygen equipment, he said.

"The early indications are this is a mechanical issue. The driver did survive the accident," Peritz said. "It's my understanding he went back on the bus several times to try to evacuate people."

Interstate 45 stretches more than 250 miles from Galveston through Houston to Dallas. The crash site is roughly 17 miles southeast of downtown Dallas.

URL: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/n/a/2005/09/23/national/a054557D10.DTL
2005 Associated Press
Good going Jodi and I will pray......and...sm

let him call it the projects......when I left mine, my thought was *living in the gutter is better than living with him*....and I saved myself and my daughter (our daughter) and became my own Hero - so KUDOS to you, lady!!!!  My prayers are with you....but sounds like you're doing fine and remaining strong.  What you said about what would be self-destructive to you at this point was right on target, sounds like......  so may I applaud your strengths?!?!?!?!             

Think and pray long and hard.

I am in independently contracted MT for a private practice.  I work part-time as I am a mommy of 4 and homeschool them.  This is my only experience, but it has been rough.  There is absolutely no understanding of the fact that just because I am at home doesn't mean I am at my computer 24/7 at their beck and call.  I set my own hours, which may or may not be during their business hours, but that doesn't mean anything.  They even have begged me for my cell phone number so they could get me when not at home.  It has been very hard on me and my family.  I am ready to quit, but need the $.  I agree with working for others.  I like working for myself, but since I am self-employed, there are no benefits, no paid vacations, etc.  If I am out sick, I don't get paid and there is no one to cover for me, so when things get backed up, I have to make it up.  Also, when I go on vacation, I get punished beforehand with a pile of work given to me so that I have to work extra hrs before I go and there is a pile when I get back.  Why bother taking a vacation!?!  Think and pray long and hard about getting your own accounts.  Set a schedule and stick to your guns and don't let them push you around.  Blessings!

And hope & pray the recruiters don't know each other :) - (sm)
Remember, the MT world is a small community, especially the MTSO world. If your prospective recruiter/employer finds out about your "omission," you will not get the job automatically. But you have to do what you have to do.
I already do pray. But why not spirits? Animals are more sensitive, you know
Pray for your company to whatever power you revere. nm
Pray tell, what is a "job lady?" Where can I find one of those?
one of my biggest fears...will pray for you sister!

I pray that Mrs. Twitty gets off the TV, washes the makeup off and goes out looking for her daughter
instead of playing private detective and second-guessing the people who are actually doing something. She is a nut case. Maybe Natalee is missing on purpose based on what I have seen of her mother, the DIVA. Mrs. Twitty, you are acting nit-witty and I pray you go about the business of grieving for your daughter instead of the roles you have chosen to play for the past few weeks as judge and jury of how a country should run an investigation into your daughter's disappearance.
Please tell your husband and family thank you for your sacrifices to help keep us safe! Will pray
for his safe return soon!
For those that now the power of prayer, please pray for a friend whose 4-year-old son is in the sm
hospital with bleeding on the brain.  She is employed in the MT field and really needs our support right now.  TIA.
Thanks for the replies. He is looking forward to the Tacos in Mexico! He is a great kid. Will Pray!
Just pray they don't use a Citrix server. MAJOR problems have come from Meditech+Citrix.
If everything is wonderful---
Why were you complaining???
That is just wonderful (sm)
No more waiting for months.  Congrats again!
How wonderful! Can I ask...

How did you go about this?  Are you a parent, and if so did you wait until kids were older?  Not trying to be nosy, but I have been thinking about this a lot.  My kids are still relatively young, but as they get closer to both being in school full-time, I have been thinking about going back to school and studying something in the healthcare field.  I think becoming a doctor is too far out of my reach, although in another lifetime, that would have been my dream.  But, maybe a PA, or some type of therapist, or a nuclear medicine tech? 

Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

How wonderful!
I got a wonderful new job! nm
We know, we know, you are wonderful at all you do!
How wonderful!
Happy mother's day!
That is wonderful
The hospital where I worked before going to MQ 10 years ago would always play it up big time. I miss that, but MQ has made a bit of a dent this year (well, I say a bit because I haven't won anything LOL). Food and a new reference book -- can't beat that!!! (well, um, maybe the Tiffany bracelet would :-)

That is wonderful. I love the doctors who seem as if they have a good personality and care about not only their patient's but also their transcriptionist. It is always nice to be recognized as a human being! Kudos to that doctor and keep up the good work Patti! You are obviously doing something very wonderful for them!
Oh, how wonderful! Thank you very much!
What a wonderful day...NOT

My one doc got laryngitis on Tuesday...he's still dictating but only in a whisper. Yet, when he had part of his voice, I couldn't understand a darn thing! Whispering was definitely better. LOL

I took a break from my other job to run to the store...15 minutes max. Put our puppy outside because I don't quite trust her in the house by herself yet. Came out of the store and my BATTERY WAS DEAD!!!  Didn't have the strength to open the hood of the truck all the way (I'm no spring chicken), then couldn't get it closed because I'm too short.

Thanks heavens for cell phones. Beeped hubby. He was 50 miles away. Called 1 son. He was 30 miles away. Called foster son. Wow. He was home!!!...but sick with the flu and he only lived a mile away. After waiting 45 minutes, he finally arrived. Surely he would be able to get it going...nope not even with the extra battery. Truck still sitting in the parking lot. Poor pooch was so very happy to see me come home.

On top of this, it's my birthday {{{shudder}}}

 I think I'll just stay home and keep working from now on.



Hapy to hear that!

Wonderful job
You inspire me!!
What a wonderful
response to people who are new to the profession. It's good to see someone give some great helpful advice to someone who wants to get into the field. Good for you! I was new once and I remember how hard it was to enter the profession. It's still hard to obtain new accounts because this is such and invisible job, but I love working at home. I bet all those newbies appreciate your advice!
That's wonderful...
Never, ever should have been outsourced in the first place. That is just NOT SAFE for a million reasons. Congrats!
Never been happier to switch myself. All in all i am saving over $100 a month and the only time my net went out for longer than an hour was when a line was cut and AT&T customers were out too. It is a shame that AT&T was allowed to buy up the smaller companies. Just ruined the whole thing.
This sounds like it may be just what I need. Where can I get one of these?

Thanks for such good advice...I havenever heard of this before!
That would be wonderful
to produce like that.  I agree somewhat with the poster who does doctor office notes.  I worked for a medium-sized clinic and did very well. I had one psychologist who would dictate an eight to ten page initial assessment, and then when the testing was done, he would have you copy the assessment (mind you being paid for those lines again), and add the testing information.  I made out very well with him.  I also had a lot of standards under the Objective and Treatment Plan, which helped with my line counts.  I just saved my format in autocorrect and popped it in with the information already there.  When I transcribed the initial assessment, I saved the whole thing in autocorrect under the patient's last name, and when the testing came through just popped it up and added to it.  Very easy lines.