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There are numerous studies presently

Posted By: giddy pc guru on 2008-02-27
In Reply to: Dosage question (sm) - quietmoods

taking place concerning this relatively new medication.  Below is a single example of Fosamax prescribing from the "norm."  If I were typing that report, I would type it verbatim and not flag/question the physician's dictation.

                                            FOSAMAX DOSING

The prevention dose is 5 mg daily, the treatment dose is 10 mg daily. Alendronate should be continued indefinitely. Although discontinuation of the alendronate does not result in the rapid bone loss seen with HRT discontinuation, a gradual decline does occur, so some maintenance therapy should be utilized. The dosing may be modified once optimal bone mass is restored.  One could then consider the 10 mg dose to the 5 mg prevention dose daily, or perhaps to 10 mg every other day.  A once weekly dose of 70 mg or a twice-weekly dose of 35 mg is presently being evaluated as an alternative-dosing regimen but has not yet been approved. (Study results pending).

Source:  Preventing and Managing Osteoporosis

Sarah Hall Gueldner; M. Susan Burke, Helen Smiciklas-Wright Ė Editors

Springer Publishing Company 536 Broadway New York, NY  10012

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Because if they don't outsource presently...sm
they will do it some day. Is the bottom line the buck. Unfortunately!
Due to tremendous increase in traffic you may experience outage. We are upgrading presently.
Thank you for your patience during the transition. 
There are numerous ones.
Start with your ISP, may offer free storage space. Google for FTP storage or online storage and you'll get lots of hits. It's hard to decide for you.
I believe they got rid of the too numerous boards - sm
because it was getting totally ridiculous. There were boards for everything under the sun it seemed. Posts were being moved and locked because they should be on a different board. Many, including myself, thought it was getting to be a bit too much. So luckily they listened and trimmed it back down to something a bit more manageable.
I have seen numerous discussions regarding
AAMT on this site. ????
numerous discussions here
I have been following numerous threads here and I have a question.  If many of the MTs here are dissatisfied with what is going on with the industry, then why do all of the MTs not stick together and demand what is deserved?  I understand that we all must have an income because we all have bills due and mouths to feed; but, it would not take but a few days for all qualified MTs and Editors/QA to demand benefits and a bottom line cpl/hourly rate or whatever you want to call it.  Kind of like a union.  No company could exist, even with newbies or off-shore doing the work without the qualified MT backing all of this up.  I am not looking to start a war here.  I have just read on this board for quite some time about this same issue, but nobody seems to want to take action.  I know for a fact that if ALL MTs would stick together here, the end result would be very favorable.  It seems over the last number of years these companies are demanding the MT to do more work and have much more knowledge for much less money than they deserve.  So, with that being said, why why why would you not demand your just pay?  Again... I know for a fact that if ALL qualified MTs would stick together, they would have no choice but to pay a standarized fair scale in order to keep their doors open.
Are you in an area where there are numerous hospitals??

If so, maybe some of them have their own departments and you can get hired inhouse.  That's what I finally had to do in order to get the pay and respect and steady work that I needed.  I'm working less than full-time and making 30,000+.  You may have to work in house and follow a set schedule, but at least you'll have a decent job. 

Lab studies words
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! If you couldn't figure out that one, give it up!
Sleep studies? sm
Can you make any money on sleep studies?  Any good reference websites or sample reports I can get.  Any info appreciated.  TIA
New studies claim..sm..
cell phones are perfectly safe to use in non-clinical areas, such as waiting rooms and hallways.  Just Google hospitals "cell phones".  Tons of info.
Sleep studies
Here is a good web site for sleep studies. When I did them, I found them to be pretty easy. I think I added the link below too. But here it is again:

Help Radiology MTs! How many studies do you do in day?

I've been wondering, on an average 8 hour day....how many reports do you get done? I'm not really talking very specialized reports, just MRIs, X-rays, US, CTs.

I've been doing rads for a little while now but still can't get a solid idea of how many I should be doing. Every once in a while I'll get a 3-5 min nuke med report but overall most of the reports are about 1-2 min (or less) with great dictators.  When I ask my lead, she just tells me "as many as I can."

I'm the kind of person that can't just trot along....I need to have a goal of some sort and the other MTs on this account don't want to share their stats (greedy, I think, since I know they make more than I do and they don't want me "taking" any work from them even though there's more than enough to go around).

Help Radiology MTs! How many studies do you do in day?
I have been typing radiology reports for 30 years. I type 10 to 20 most of the time. Have typed less and can type more depending on the doctor. Some docs are long winded and every report is 15+ lines even for chest x-rays while others can be one-liners. Also depends on if you can type continuously or have to stop typing to listen because they are not speaking properly into the microphone. I would say average is about 17 or 18. What most of us focus on I think is how many lines an hour. 150 to 200 is good for me, which if you make 10 cents a line is $15 to $20 an hour. I make a little more than that. Good Luck to ya!
you are talking about 10-20 studies sm
per hour correct? Its been awhile since I did radiology and the reports have gotten a lot longer, but most of the time 125-150 reports a day.
I heard it was awful, by numerous people who saw it.
oops "WERE" numerous complaints...lol
Bachelors of General Studies

Summa cum laude, thank you very much.

Long, complicated story. Basically, I'm a clinical year short of a Clinical Laboratory Science degree, but I won't go back and pursue it barring losing my husband. Also, if I'd have thought more carefully when I switched out of the CLS program, I was only 3 or 4 classes short of a B.A. in psychology. Oh, well. What I ended up with is essentially a liberal arts degree with lots and lots of science classes and lots of psychology classes and a smattering of language studies.

Like some of the other posters, my ultimate goal is to get into P.A. school once my youngest kiddos are school age. I think I'm too old for med school now, but it raises my hopes to see the post below. Being a transcriptionist pays the bills, but some days I do kinda get upset with myself. Here I am doing the same thing I went to school not to do any more. Sigh...

MTing is not bad, but I just don't get enough people contact, and it certainly doesn't have a lot of money or prestige associated with it. Sigh.. again. Ah, well. It works for my family right now.


No, there are a bunch of studies out there indicating that
one drink per day of beer or wine is actually good for you.
Want to finish my studies this year - sm

So I can make the kind of living I was used to with less headaches and be able to do some traveling with my work.

Also will be able to buy a bigger house!!!

Please cite to the scientific studies...(nt)

Helpful reference for ops and studies

Found this excellent resource for ops - sharing with all.

The slow versus fast talked about numerous times regarding VR
I donít have any idea where this ridiculous statement started from. Think probably from the haters who are probably going to be put on VR and digging their heels in to not have to do. Rather than rates, which I think probably are about the same, 4 cents per line, you should ask who has the best platform and go for a company that perhaps does not have a zillion employees. Being slow, being newbie, etc. would just work against a good person for VR.
I stopped my HRT when studies showed it did not prevent osteoporosis. sm
I have osteoporosis.  The govt halted a study on HRT as the women involved had more heart problems than those on the placebo.  Too scary for me.  In addition, my hair was falling out excessively.  Since I have been off it, my hair is back to normal, but the flashes have come back.   Even more repulsive to me was when I found out that the HRT I was on came from the urine of pregnant mares that were impregnated just to get the HRT ingredients, then the colts were destroyed.  No way.  There are over-the-counter remedies for hot flashes, but now they claim that black cohosh causes liver cirrhosis.  So, I'm not taking anything. 
My daughter teaches social studies and science.
She works the after-school program at her school for extra money, and an occasional Saturday school (also extra money). She has also signed up to teach summer school, and may do some private tutoring as well.

Just some ideas for you.

I have been doing MT for about 4 years now, and average about $10 an hour at 7 cents per line (no raise since I started). There is a tremendous learning curve, I did not feel productive and competent at all for the first couple of years. I got my certificate from the local community college. They offered night classes for the beginner course, then an on-line advanced course. I should point out that a certificate from any school does not make you a CMT (certified medical transcriptionist). For that you have to pass the test given by AAMT, and as I recall you cannot test until you have 2 years of experience.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
I have asked numerous times if people like the Amherst office but seems no one ever offers their
opinion about that office. Just transferred there and I am sure many other MTs on here work out of that office.
What is going on when every time you start computer - there are numerous empty folders, cannot find
Global warming my Aunt Fannie... Check history, there have been numerous cycles like this
Turn off puter, wait a min, turn on with delete key pressed down, then hit delete key NUMEROUS times