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Try something else

Posted By: AllGoodThings on 2007-10-18
In Reply to: I would give my right leg for DSL or cable - Medtype

Instead of working 2 f/t jobs at once, why not overlap 2 jobs. That is work on this one, don't sweat the lines you get. Then, on your times off (perhaps your "weekend" days) or a couple hours in the evening if you work days, why not try something else out (a different company). It sounds like your present company is getting less and less flexible, and that bugs you besides the sluggishness. I am type A as well, but instead of being productive I got really stressed and angry when I tried to do too much at once, because I never did 100% (or 120% for type A) on anything. It would be easier, believe it or not, to overlap jobs, and if you like the new company grab that when its benefits kick in. Just a thought. Whatever you do, hope it works out well!

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