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Unfortunately, their way of dealing SM

Posted By: save your money on 2005-10-04
In Reply to: Who cares if you will be perceived - CMT-me

with what they call a "troublemaker" on that forum is to state that the discussion has gone as far as it can go and they proceed to lock the topic.  If you try to open a new topic, they lock that one also.

There are so many issues they have done this on, their advertising ethics, the cost of the BOS, not giving the journal to student members...they just say IT'S BEEN DECIDED, NO FURTHER DISCUSSION.  Really makes someone want to join, doesn't it? 


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Dealing with it
We went to a lot of counseling and at first I did not agree with the counselor but now I see where he was coming from.  It was worse in my situation as my husband is a truck driver and was on the road a lot and so I was the main discipline, rule maker, etc.  His son lived with us twice and when he stole our car, etc. he did go back to Florida where his mother lived as he had outstanding juvenile warrants down there that his mother forgot to tell us about when she shipped him to us.  But looking back I definitely see where it was the unstable life style and the first time that he was as bad as he was, we should not have sent him back to him Mom where he wanted to go.  That is how he controlled us was by being bad.  Now I see what the counselor was saying that no matter what he did, we were not to send him back to his mother but we did.  Even if we had to separate but basically what the counselor was trying to do was to get Jeff to quit his job and stay more at home and be with his son more which he refused to do, so the first time (age 11) he took a butcher knife to new furniture, stole money and checks and took his bicycle trying to run away to Florida.  Then he came back at age 16 and did the car thing.  But I truly think that if we had stuck it out the first time, it might have made a difference but who knows.  But my ex also had two daughters from a second marriage and I am closer to them than he is.  We are now divorced -- no children -- after 22 years but I stay in contact with the kids --well grown kids now and see them.  One got married a year ago and I went to the wedding, Dad did not.  The easy thing to do is to walk away and give up, the hard thing to do is to love them and try to shape their life somewhat.  It is hard but I really don't think it is impossible at this age.  But your husband does have to lay down some rules, give you the support when you need it and let them know that they must listen to you as well.   You are a family and I always worked with the kids mother to show unity and in fact am still friends with one of them but have gotten along with both of them better than he did.   We just tried to do what was best for the kids.  But again, they do need to know you are a united front and together and at this age, they have two choices,  follow the rules and be part of a family or not and be alone.  My oldest stepdaughter called on Mother's Day to say hello and she had lived with me/us from age 19 to 21 and gave us especially me since I was home most of the time a run for our money.  Nothing like the stepson but doing some partying, not calling, things that normal kids do.  She did move out after a little over a year but stayed in the area.  She did apologize and say that she now understood where I was coming from and wished she had been a little different but she did appreciate everything I had done for her and was glad that we were still friends.   So that kind of made my day.   Again, counseling would be a good idea.  Remember that kid is coming from a different lifestyle and we expect them to adapt immediately to our lifestyle.  Like when you first get married and your first Christmas comes along and you realize you now have to deal with celebrating Christmas two different ways with two sets of traditions, it is hard.   Good luck.  Sorry I rambled on so much.   Patti
That is exactly what I am dealing with....nm
Dealing with burnout


Is anyone out there dealing with burnout due to their transcription job? I have been doing this for 7 years as an Independent with only 1 vacation in that time. I work weekends and holidays and feel like I am about ready to yank my freaking hair out from the responsibility!!!


I don't like any commercials dealing with

gender, medical, racy or adult topics.  I mean, really, when's the last time you saw a feminine product on TV and decided that you simply must run to the store right away to get you some?  Cialis and Viagra?  Come on, maybe E.D. was invented to give women a break for once in their adult lives.  And all those pills being pushed by the manufacturers?  Yes, let's go to the doctor and demand pills because we're all self-diagnosing.

The only one having trouble dealing with anything is you

If your life sucks it's no one's fault but your own. Successful people take accountability for their lives and move forward instead of placing blame wherever they can and being angry at the world like you obviously are. 

The only one having trouble dealing with anything is you

If your life sucks it's no one's fault but your own. Successful people take accountability for their lives and move forward instead of placing blame wherever they can and being angry at the world like you obviously are. 

My prayers are with those who are dealing
with Hurricane Wilma.  I'm catching bits and pieces on TV and, living in the midwest, I can't imagine the fear that must go through those who stay to ride it out. I would be terrified.  God bless all of you.
Guess I'm just not used to dealing with this

In the hospital when I was in-house, the radiologists always said "assault" or even "alleged assault." They never got more specific than that.

This is the first time I have run across this particular issue as a Rad MT. I suppose it is more common to hear about it in other modalities.

I am dealing with the same thing

me since October.  They owe for three months of work at this point.  I get the runaround when asking the office staff.  I have put a call in to their accountant.  I have not approached the physician himself, but that's my next step.

My husband has told me to not type another page until I'm paid.  They owe me hundreds of dollars, and I plan to hopefully get that payment and then quit. 

It is unfortunate, but is not worth me stressing over it.  I am tired of robbing peter to pay paul, yet I've been loyal.  This same practice had the nerve to call me last week to type a STAT report for them.  How dare they? 

I am so tired of this situation and I plan to get away from it.  I would rather take a cut in pay then have no pay at all for months on end.  It is driving me insanse. 

It is to the Johns. And drug dealing is a necessary
job to the addicts.  And hey, both of those make more money than most people do working an honest job.
I've been dealing with AOL since 1996...
so U may be eligible! I don't think I've ever hated a company more...well...yeah. LOL
The person in question is not K.P. We are dealing with
and just plain out right dealing with folks!
Maybe facilities use to dealing with employees
Are you really dealing with a weight issue that significant?

BUt I like not being the boss and dealing with the headaches and I like having co-workers to help
So tired of dealing with incompetent offices...

they just emailed me for the upteenth time for a stat report that I already sent to them 40 minutes ago.  Wouldn't you think they'd check to see if they had it first!?!  Constantly emailing me questioning what they've sent me and when.  Why can't she keep logs like I do!?!  Doesn't take a rocket scientist!  Can't remember from day to day to send me patient lists.  Don't know what the heck she does with incomplete reports I've sent because doc doesn't give a name of messes up his dictation and cuts half of it off.  I'll get a call a couple of weeks later saying doc insists he dictated on so and so, but they never got the report.  I'm the one who has to go back and search for the nameless reports and match up the the patient they're missing with diagnoses, age etc., then tell her that's the one I sent you on that date that was incomplete.  Why can't she figure that out!!!  If I functioned like they do, I wouldn't last a week!  Sorry, had to vent.....

Any advice for dealing with picky eaters?

OK, I'll try to explain this the best I can.  My boyfriend has two children...one is a girl who just turned 18.  The other is a boy who is 15.  These two children will not eat ANYTHING!  The girl is pickier than the boy, but still he is bad enough on his own.  I have an 8-year-old son who will eat more of a variety than these two put together. 

I am really getting tired of eating the same old thing every week.  They will eat chicken, pork chops, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and steak.  It gets very old.  My boyfriend and I love italian food, but if we make it we have to cook something separate for the kids (not including mine) to eat!

The girl doesn't like ham.  OH, but she will eat ham that you put on a sandwich...but if you cook a ham, she turns her nose up?!?!?  She likes baked potatoes, but not mashed?!?!?  The boy would live on pizza ANYTHING if you let him.

I know that since they are older there isn't much I can do about it.  Plus, they aren't my children, so I feel strange saying much about it.  Their dad tries to get them to try new things, but they won't do it.  In my opinion, he doesn't really try hard enough.  My son has always been made to try at least a bite of something new...if he really doesn't like it he doesn't have to eat it, but most of the time he thinks it's good.

I just am sick and tired of the dinner menu choices being so limited.  My boyfriend is a great cook (I am a good cook too, but he loves to cook, so he does most of the cooking).  I'll ask what's for dinner and then almost feel sick to my stomach when it's chicken AGAIN!!

If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.  I think I needed to vent about it more than anything.

Anything traumatic dealing with young children gets to me (nm)
By any chance are you dealing with Indian technicians?? nm
has nothing to do with the race, but rather the communication gap when dealing with my own medical n
I pay a premium for through my health insurance coverage. I want clear communication with my physician. Please do not throw the racial aspect in, as it has absolutely no bearing on the point at hand. In fact, my gynecologist is Asian, but she has taken the time to learn our language because she chose to practice medicine here.
Been dealing with banks all morning and majorly stressed.

Have you ever had a credit card and all the phone numbers they give you do not allow you to talk to a live person, but get an automated system, that is not capable of doing what you need?   Have you ever had a late charge because it took the bank 3 days to post an on-line payment?   I'm going to have to write a letter I guess and when the next statement comes I'm paying it off and cancelling, though I'm not sure how I'll do that - have to write another letter.  

Can you use a debit card on-line just like you can a credit card.  I know most places only accept 3 major credit cards and didn't know if I entered a Visa debit # if that would be the same.  I prefer Paypal cause I keep a little stash for on-line purchase, though most places don't take Paypal at least not yet.  I just know I've got to get rid of the credit cards - much too stressful.




I didn't put up with it! I kicked my ex to the curb because I got tired of dealing with his SM

friends and incessant need to pretend he was a college boy, going to the bars, coming home drunk at 3 o'clock in the morning.  Let me tell, nothing goods from letting your man hang out in bars with his buddies.  NOTHING!  If he needs to have a drink and relax, he can do that at home and the drinks are cheaper!

I can understand that it's hard for you not to give your friend your opinion.  I can't hardly stand to see a woman letting a man treat her badly.  It drives me crazy!  Call me a feminist or a bra burner, but modern women need to get the message that we don't need men so badly we have to put up with all the garbage they hand out!

I completely agree. Working alone is so much better than dealing with all that stuff.
I was just dealing with this yesterday. I really love it when they change something to mean the exac
You're welcome! Start dealing with some lawyers, and they make MQ look nice!

I definitely feel like we are dealing with the same person! I think I need to make some phone calls
and put a stop to her!  I cannot stand the idea that she is out there still scamming people like she scammed me!
If your son's acne is not very bad and not cystic, you aren't dealing with severe acne, right?
There is a big difference. I have very oily skin that is acne prone, even now in my 40s, but my older sister's condition is much more severe, with cystic acne even on her back, like a male, and the one time I tried to tell her what was helping my skin, she let me know that what might help me was not going to be strong enough to help her. She's tried it all.