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Union County High School; Blairsville, Georgia (class of 81)

Posted By: Georgia Gal on 2006-01-18
In Reply to: What H.S. did you graduate from? including state - No.Hunterdon Regional NJ - got an idea - find old friends

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The high school class took a graduation trip sm
to Aruba. I guess every parent that let their child go on the graduation trip was in bad judgement. There are many HS trips out of the country. Please get a grip.
I was taught two spaces in high school typing class
places want only one space. BOS (pg 66, 2nd Ed) says either/or but be consistent, and that it is usually is set by company/client, but I've definitely noticed that most MTSOs want only one space and that's how I always do it now.
It was a graduation trip with the high school class. There were chaperones but evidently sm
she went out on her own, but for you the blame the parents and victims dosen't make sense.  Go back to your rocking chair and rock on.
Pike County, Georgia. nm
Anyone out there live in Habersham County, Georgia ? sm
If so I'd like to e-mail with you about the area as we're considering moving to that area.  Thanks!
I did that with 2 kids with time mgmt and a high school girl who babysat 3 days a week after school
We met in high school. My high school sweetheart
introduced us in a discussion over Ford versus Chevy versus Dodge. I used to race my Dodge Coronet with oldstyle 318 V-8 engine against the guys on the back roads and old highways. High school boyfriend had a Chevy truck. DH had a Ford Fairlane and later an AMC Javelin that just made me swoon. We didn't actually start dating until three years later, and my old high school boyfriend was a bit surprised at that since he introduced us.
maybe not "back to school", but maybe a class or something sm
like a training/refresher course! Sheesh, I was just askin'!
In our Sunday School class, now we teach!nm
He's in high school and STILL has to have
PB&J with grape jelly?  Oh, please don't tell me that!  I was hoping my son would outgrow his pickiness once he hit puberty.  That's what the pediatricians and nutritionists told me!  They said they had never seen a teenaged boy decline food.  My son is SOOO picky!  I call him a carbivore because he doesn't like meats or vegetables.  He's got this taste/texture thing going on.  My in-laws said that I was coddling him, so one of them tried to make him eat peas and beef stroganoff while watching him for me one day.  He ate a couple of bites and, well, let's just say that nobody has tried to "force" the kid to eat since then.  I don't let them watch him any more either.  My mother says it's revenge because I was the same way as a kid.
my first job out of high school - sm
I went to try to find a job at a local hospital.  They gave me a typing test, had the word "toxicology" in it, and they hired me on the spot!  Since then, I have never had to test in my life, and I have been doing this for 30+ years.
high school
Technical High School,. Fort Worth, Texas
high school
Elmont Memorial, Elmont, NY
High School Sports
I too went through that with my son and his playing baseball.  He was a junior in high school, was offered a full-ride scholarship to college as a pitcher, and just up and quit the sport.  There were so many politics in high school sports, who knows who,  whose kid gets to play because they know the coach, that kind of BS.  I think the kids really feel it and just get tired of it.  My son totally walked away from it, leaving me devastated, but that was his decision.  I cried for him.  Good luck to you!! 
I knew in high school at the age of 16.
He knew at the age of 22 and we were married at age 23. We dated only 9 months and we are married for 18 years.
I have an almost 18-yo high school senior..

Here's the deal... You can stay here for free IF you are going to college at least part-time and working, or going to college full-time.  Unfortunately we don't have the money to  pay for her to go to school full-time, but we can help.  If she doesn't go to school and only works, then she pays a reasonable rent to live here (our way of encouraging college). 

Her  plan:  She's going to work full-time 3:30 to midnight at the same place her boyfriend works (nice for safety walking out to the car), and she'll take 2 or 3 general ed classes at the junior college.  She plans and wants to pay for them herself. 

The rule around here  is that they can stay as long as they want or need, but be ready when you leave.  Trying to discourage willy nilly moving out and moving back in.  We're not a hotel and there isn't a revolving door her.  And YES, 18-year-olds are notorious for being full of themeslves.  But as I tell my kids, I don't care if you're 25, if I'm paying for your shelter, food, utilities, car, gas, clothes or ANYTHING, then you're still a dependent and will live by my rules.  An adult provides for himself and until you're out on your own and providing for yourself, you're not really an adult yet.

Franklin High School
One of my friends in high school had as many
and then she started having them in another state. Apparently, she and her mother believed that abortion was birth control. If your neice does, or if she doesn't have an abortion...she still needs to understand that pregnancy, STDs, AIDS, etc. are all effects of a promiscuous lifestyle. It is not a game and that life inside her is not her own!

It is grow-up time!!
High School Announcements
My youngest just graduated from HS last June and we sent the announcements out 3 weeks prior to graduation.  We did the same when my son graduated HS back in 1997 as well.  Just lets everyone know that they are graduating. 
Tom Cruise?!? Ick! I only liked him when I was in high school.
Apparently that is still the trend! How old is Katie????? LOL!
$0 because high school graduation SM
is part of life and to make a giant celebration of it seems unnatural to me.  I was always told that high school graduation was expected of me and it was my job to do that.  If I went on to college and earned a degree, THEN, the hoopla could start.
High school vo-tech
I took a medical office secretary class in high school, which was really a very good course, taking us through anatomy, Greek prefixes and suffixes, etc. In my senior year of high school, I started doing medical transcription for a local hospital, realizing then I knew practically nothing. (They were used to training everyone from scratch, so they thought I was great.) After five years there, I started working for Transcriptions Ltd (pre-MQ) and started doing the big city hospitals, realizing again, I knew nothing!

Since then, it's been a constant learning experience and I often think, if I were to take a year off, how it would be nearly impossible to come back - You learn something new nearly every day.

All docs to be sent back to high school
to learn how to do a basic OUTLINE!
doughtery high school, albany ga
Cooley High School, Detroit MI
Mt. Lakes High School, NJ 1975

In the 160s and 170s as a kid and in high school. After
working for - the squid - its probably in the 80s - also makes me wonder if I even have any intelligent ability left, as I keep working for them! I used to hate getting tested - my school and counselors were so excited when I would test, and then they tested me more frequently than the others. I think they were hoping they would be put on the map by having some Einstein in their midst....didn't pan out for them. School bored me to tears, and they had nothing special to offer kids in those days - so I went the other direction - cutting school, partying - oh well. I wanted to be a doc or vet, but now when I see the industry, I am rather glad... I could not keep my mouth shut and tolerate the conditions.
I feel like I'm back in high school again!
This is ridiculous!
High school grad announcements - pls sm
Hoping one of you moms have already been through this. How far in advance of the big day do you send out the announcements? Thank you.
How many days can a high-school kid miss
before they can no longer attend school?  Isn't there some sort of limit?  Just curious because my neighbor is 17 and misses a couple of days a week.  Yup, that should be none of my business but I enjoy the peace when he is not home.  Plus when he misses a day that usually means he is up later the night before and LOUD.  Makes me feel like I live in a dorm with all the whooping and hollering and profane language.  HIs mom knows he skips school but doesn't enforce any rules obviously.  She is one of those who claims to be so concerned but is so busy doing her own loud partying to notice. 
Yee hah! 1968 VW Beetle. I was in high school. sm

It was the coolest car ever even though the heat didn't work in the winter and the sunroof leaked and there were holes in the rear floorboards and the front passenger had to stick their arm out the window to hold the antenna if we wanted to listen to the radio.

Gawd I loved that car!!!

When I graduated high school in 1967, sm
I got a set of matching luggage and a manual typewriter!

I was fortunate to have parents able to afford all tuition, books, and on-campus living expenses. Many graduates don't have what I was blessed to have and need a little help from family and friends.

My high school had police there. It started
about my junior/senior year I think....and cameras everywhere. We also had a security guard patrol the campus, although he was more worried about kids sneaking out than anything.

I'm surprised all schools don't have them. It sure could have diffused the situation a lot faster, possibly saving the girl's life had a police officer already been inside before happening.
Feels like the cliques back in high school...

I can not believe how rude you all are...  I make a simple statement and everyone jumps all over me?  If you all lived in our neighborhood and saw house after house with tree down, where you can see the roots are barely in the ground because they were planted so shallow, with no room to grow because the curb and the sidewalk are on each side, and you talked to all of my other neighbors who all feel the same way, then maybe you wouldn't be so quick to pass judgement.  I think it's ironic that everyone else I've talked to in person finds it surprising that trees as big as these were, that have been there a decent amount of time (2+ years) did this.  I have six trees in my backyard that were only planted 2 months ago, but were planted the right way and are fine...  I am not an expert on Arizona weather, having only lived here 2 years, but it doesn't take a genius to look at the way these trees roots are so shallow to know there is a problem.  The other tree snapping in two is not something I blame on the landscapers, it was obvious that it has a very thin trunk and was never very strong. 

God forbid anyone make a passing comment on what is obviously "your board".  And no need to respond anymore, you've made it very clear that newcomers are not welcome.

You've still got that junior high school impression
that K-Mart is beneath anyone with any social status or money, hmmm?  Retail managers make pretty good money.  K-Mart was a booming retail store until Sam's Club and WalMart came to town, and Martha Stewart started her insider trading.  They still pay decent money to their management.
I received a new car as my high school graduation gift
A 1966 Mustang. A lot of my high-school classmates received new cars when they got their licenses. When I got my license, my folks bought a new car and gave me their old one. I was happy to have it and really thrilled with my Mustang when I graduated, which was a complete surprise, certainly not something I asked for or expected.
My first job out of high school, we had those belts. That was in 1964. Whoa!!

Albert Gallatin High School in Pt. Marion, PA.
Been asked to speak to local high school ....sm

Our local high school is trying to gear curriculum towards the medical industry.  My husband is a biology teacher there and they have asked me to speak to students about Medical transcription.  Any ideas?  I have been doing this for many years but I'm no expert and never really had any actual school training except a secretarial course in a vocational school years and years ago.  Mostly on the job training at local hospital.  Should I discuss where this industy is headed?  Please help.

I worked fast food in high school,
mostly the drive-thru, and one morning when my alarm went off I sat up in bed and sat in bed and said "May I help you?"
if a high school graduate was correcting my transcibed
Long and winding road, but back in high school
My favorite album was Sgt. Pepper's, I listened to it over n over until the tape wore out and finally broke.  I keep meaning to replace my old collection with CDs.  I used to have posters of the Beatles all over the walls, collected those circle john lennon sun glasses, the whole deal.
East Islip High School, Long Island. ..nm
My oldest brother is a genius at above 140 - was in Scott's Hi-Q in high school - sm
and my other brother is very smart....don't know what his IQ is but he designs computer systems for large corporations, building control systems, bridges, etc. So he's pretty sharp, and my dad worked a chemical engineer with a Master's degree. My mom was a secretary but could type 100 wpm....wish I had gotten her typing speed, at best I am 60 wpm.
I started part-time in a doc's office while still in high school. sm
That was in 1984. My career just bloomed from there......
After 25+ years in this profession and youngest is a high school senior..sm
There is no way, in my experience, I could meet my quota as a full-time MT with my young children at home under my full supervision. I had to hire a sitter to come to the home or send them to a home daycare during their infant and toddler years. I have always had strict turnaround times and have done every specialty out there. Many of these specialties involved an intense fund of knowledge be acquired during the learning curve, not to mention meeting my line counts. I have been working from home for a very long time, and speaking from my own experience, unless you want to be a part time MT, you cannot achieve the disciplined focus to do the job right if you are trying to care for your children at the same time. If you have a spouse who works opposite shift, wonderful. My spouse always worked the same shift as I did, so for my success I had to pay for child care. My best situation was having a sitter at my house where I knew my children were safe, but at the same time I could lock my office door with strict instructions that I not be interrupted. It was nice to take a break or have lunch with them. My youngest is now a senior in high school, one is a sophomore in college, and the other is a college graduate.
Could this entire conversation BE any more high school? Grow up, you guys, honestly.

St. Agnes High School, Rochester, NY, sadly no longer exists
Hail to St. Agnes High, we sing to thee, school days are bright and fair, our hearts fill with glee to know (something, something, and then best line) white speaks of purity, womanhood's jewel (etc., etc.)
Mine was from my high school test, back in the dark ages.

ཽ Mustang, pine green metal flake, black roof. Got it used from my dad. High school. nm
POLL: Home School vs. Charter School vs. Public School vs. Priv ate School...
Pros and cons of each too. I have two little ones that will be starting school soon and I would like opinions on all. Thanks in advance! :)