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Posted By: Fed up MT on 2006-04-04
In Reply to: Help, husband problems... - fed up MT

He came home and apologized and said he will stop playing so much. He hasn't got on this evening either. I am glad he is willing to work it out now. I guess I will see. I am not going to be too hard on him. I don't mind if he plays the game, just as long as he cuts down. I guess I will find out with time. Thanks to the people who gave me advice. I didn't appreciate the name calling and some comments some people made about me, but I guess you have to expect the trolls to start coming out as night time approaches, lol.

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Update to above

I found the link to above.  Here it is: 



Thanks for the update! NM
Thanks and update
Hi Pat and everyone who posted a reply..
I really appreciate your imput on this and am becoming wary of the whole thing. I emailed the person who is giving me this test and she said that the only format she has the files is .wav. She recommended Express Scribe but it doesn't seem to help me much quality wise. One thing I thought about doing was converting the .wav files to MP3's. That might make it clearer. I have a converter here on the computer and when I previewed the files as MP3's they were much clearer with less "noise" in the background". (less static sound) Of course I don't know if I want to convert files every day just for clarity sake. I'd sure like to hear from anyone else who has ideas on how to deal with sound files. Thank you to all who wrote me about this!

This morning I was very upset.  I had just had an argument with my daughter's father.  I was crying.  I tried to call several people to talk to them and no one was answering.  My main concern was my daughter was there and I didn't want her to see me this way.  My breathing turned very rapid/hyperventilating.  This has only happened once before, right after an earthquake about 15 years ago.  I didn't really have any other symptoms and I slowly caught my breath and started breathing normally after about 10 minutes. 

Someone came and took my daughter who was worried about me, but not crying.  I reassured her that I loved her and I'd be okay.

Afterwards, I contemplated about going to doctor, but felt fine afterwards, just a little lightheaded.  I called a counseling center, told them what happened and got an appointment to go in and talk with them.  It helped somewhat and I came home.

Now, I feel lightheaded still and my throat is dry, but otherwise I am okay.  I did just start working out, but I am pretty sure this was only panic/stress related and not anything else.  If I still feel bad tomorrow, I will go.  But considering no insurance, I'd rather not.

I'm trying to make a few changes to my life, as with working at home, I feel pretty alone and I think the fact that I couldn't get a hold of anyone made it worse.  A lot of people depend on me and yet sometimes I feel like I get forgotten when it comes to depending on people.  This weekend, I have made the effort to do more things out of the house and I really enjoyed myself.  Partly may be holiday blues too as I'm single.  And also I have this aggression towards my ex.  He only keeps my daughter 8 hours a week and one of the tensions we were arguing about. 

I'm not one to ask for help, but because of the panic attack today and that it happened in front of my daughter, I was more than willing to ask for help.  Online help or advice is also appreciated. 

The surgeon was very pleased with the surgery.  He feels that he got about 95% of the tumor (which was difficult to get as this type tends to branch out).  She is able to move all of her extremities.  We'll know more once the final path is back.  If all goes well, she may get to come home early next week and will be starting chemo soon.  Once again, I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. 
thanks for update!
I was worried I missed a lot--I think I got most of it then.  Can't wait until next week!
So, were you pregnant or not?

I started my period.

Thanks to everyone who replied to me, it did give me hope. I am going to keep on trying, even though I feel like giving up.

I better get back to work. All this worrying has given me low line counts the past few days.


Had to update this one
I went to the FCC website and filed a complaint. They can be fined up to $3000 for the first phone call for not providing the information required by the TCPA act. If we all start reporting all of the violations, maybe we can just get them fined into bankruptcy. Actually, not only can the company placing the call be fined, the company they are calling on behalf of can be fined as well - up to $500 per violation each. If the American companies start getting enough fines from using the offshore companies, they may think twice about using them.
Please remind Dad that this is a secretive illness and if she's really sick, she'll learn even more deceptive tricks like laxatives, holding food for long enough to appease you, then vomiting, etc. Be hypervigilent because she'll have him thinking she's all better. I'd even tell any of her very close friends (who may have encouraged this) that you're aware of her problem. She may seem to have accepted what you said, but I guarantee she's thinking up ways to get around you. Much luck to you.

Well, I took my son to the doctor this morning.  Needless to say they were dumbfounded by the so-called "treatment" my ex did to my son.

He has the equivalent of a third-degree burn on the great toe of his right foot.  They applied Silvadene cream and wrapped it in gauze.  I have to apply more cream and change the dressing three times a day.  We have to be very diligent in this as a foot infection could completely ruin the rest of his summer.

They also prescribed Keflex for him to also try to help prevent infection.  He cannot go swimming unless it's in a swimming pool.  I take him back to the doctor in one week for a recheck.  They will address the warts at a later time because his foot has to heal before they can do anything else to them.  I'm not really all that concerned about the warts at this point.  They will be taken care of in time.

My son's doctor assured me that they will cooperate with my attorney in any way necessary if further actions need to be taken.  They did not feel it was necessary on their part to contact child services or any other authorities.  But they will cooperate.

Thankfully, my son isn't in any pain at this time, but that is because the nerves have been burned.  The doctor informed me that it would not be out of the ordinary for it to start bothering him and/or causing pain once it really starts to heal.

Thank you to all of you who responded with your kind words and advice.  It meant a lot to me as I was very upset (I'm sure anyone would be). 

Update sm

I talked to my realtor this morning.  She finally talked to the seller's agent.  They said when they were out of town a toilet overflowed.  They said they have receipts to show this has been fixed.  She's trying to find some cheaper insurance for us.  She said the sellers are paying $800 a year premium.  The premium I was quoted was $1120 a year.

I told her I still don't feel comfortable doing this.  I know she wants the deal to go through so that she can get paid, but that's not my problem.  I don't think she's looking out for our best interests.

What do you think?

IP7 Update

I updated last weekend and used it for a week.  I did not like it at all.  It has a completely different look and where things are as far as tool buttons, etc., just doesn't work for me, so I unstalled it and went back to IE6.  I must say that the install and uninstall went smoothly.  If you're not comfortable with the installing just yet, take a look at the preview site.  That might give you an idea of whether you will like it or not.  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.mspx#ie7interface


The MT really is a nice person who I think was frustrated with the industry. She did apologize to me and said she wasn't thinking that I had to look things up and/or did not realize how I would have to complete her work. She had been reading about costs of extra expenses IC people incur such as paying our own insurance but..........anyway, we are all in the same boat, wishing for more pay. I too, made more money ten years ago. Maybe I'll just go to school to become a private eye or something.
UPDATE: Don't know what I would do without you
Many, many thanks for the ones who have now helped me settle this problem I was having with the printer. I cleaned the printer doing what was asked and it is now printing again. You folks are the greatest!
The infinity pedal WILL work with Emdat. You have to go to options and then "configure foot pedal" and it will work
Well, I finally got an explanation and will see if it pans out.  He said that I will be paid June 1 for April's work, July 1 for May's work, etc.  He said that he had explained it to me, and I must have misunderstood, and that my emails were going into his Spam box, and that is why he was not responding to me.  (he just found my emails supposedly this morning and emailed me to let me know that).  I did call my school (who was contacted by this company for new grads), and was told that they have not heard anything negative about them.  So, I will continue working and see what happens!  (**Crossing fingers**)
Okay, she has not repsonded to my last email sent yesterday, yet she continues to send me "group" emails for the team, so I KNOW she's checked her email.

Now I supposed I have to follow my contract with regards to termination so as not to forfiet any $$$ due me? Contract states "a 90-day written notice by certified mail of intent to terminate shall be required if the defaulting party fails to correct the breach within 10 days of written notice." Can an email count as my 10 day notice? Do I have to continue working for her during those 90 days?


These were a series of psych interviews.  The patient is a very slow speaker and they could be easily typed.  The interviews took most of the transcribers two hours to complete since the patient speak so very slowly.  That's why it was 4 hours and that equaled to $20 per hour of work.

It has been covered and those that did the files mentioned that they would happily take more of them because they were so easy to do.


My first email was vague, I'm sorry...This is about offshoring our jobs,,The plan is below..If you want to save your jobs please email me and send me your state also. This may take time,,I am complining a list of people so that I can mass email and maybe we can save our profession...

I am thinking about trying to get maybe one or two MTs from each state to write a letter to their respective legislators with a copy to the President...And see if we can some how get it circulated and signed by the respective transcriptionists in that state...I read on that other site that Obama has instituted something called I think it was MER or MRE forgot but they were saying it would put us out of work in 5 yrs...I'm still playing on that site but I think it has something to do with medical record errors that follow a patient throughout their lifetime. I'm trying to find out more about that now..There wouldn't be near as many errors if the transcription stayed in the country,,,Now the President needs to know how many jobs he will be cutting as well...Still researching..

I have AVG but the new update on Jan. 1 -sm
messed with my computer and basically shut down my email. I turned off all the mail stuff and it still would not work. So I just ripped it off. I also have Trend Micro-PCillin so not w/o, but used both so one would catch what the other one didn't. Loved AVG before they screwed with it, one of my docs is having the same issue.

It wasn't just me, or some, it was all editors.  And some were even more affected than I was.

I wonder who is next.

The times are changing and while we all hate to think it will happen to us, it will.  Of that, I am sure.

Please update...sm

I was just wondering if you got ahold of anybody at your local news station and how you went about doing it.  If this worked for you then I am definitely going to be contacting our local news station and newspaper as well and giving them the information needed to run a story on this subject.  THANKS!!!

Puppy update from below - sm

Thanks everyone for your advice and support.

I was a little surprise this morning when the neighbor guy knocked on my door.  I was expecting to be read the riot act or something but got just the opposite.

Turns out that the guy is the girls father but the woman who I assumed was her mother is actually the aunt (father's sister).  His wife died in a car accident 3 months before they moved here.  The girl was in the car with her mother and younger brother.  Dad was out of town on business and it took them almost two full days to find him because the girl was in shock and refused to speak for almost a month after.  Both her mother and her baby brother (3 years old) died in the accident.  The aunt is living there to help him with the daughter he said the girl has had severe psychological problems since the accident. 

He was very apologetic for going off the deep end yesterday and that he normally is a rational man.  I really felt bad for the guy.

He also told me that he appreciated us letting his daughter come over and play before but would understand if she was not welcome back.  Said that his daughter completely withdrew from her friends at her old school and she is still in grief counseling twice a week.  Playing with my kids was the first time since the accident that she had made any effort at socializing. 

I never would have suspected that she had been traumatized this way.  She was quiet and didn't say much about her family but gave no indication that this had happened. 

The guy was here long enough to basically pour out his life history and I truly felt sorry for him and even more for his daughter. 

I'm still going to be very watchful for now but there's room for a second chance after him having made the effort to clear the air and explain things.  I think I will just sit on this for a few days and then invite the three of them over for dinner in a few days and try to start over.

I may be a sucker I know.   I would rather have a friendly relationship with my neighbors and if we can do this, well, it would be better for everyone.





Hating it...update
Already got a new job! Working part time in a lab/office. Yahoo! I feel the depression lifting already.
animal update

i am the OP on thread below re CRUELTY CLARIFICATION and just wanted to say thank you to all who responded .... have not recently come across a such a large, and largely POLITE - WOW!!!!!! -- and informative group in a long time.  this information will stay with me for a long time and i plan to share it with others.  did not know how ignorant i was.  am not by any means a bleeding heart.  it's a tough world and you have to be tough -- but the way we apparently treat these animals in the year 2005 is PATHETIC, just pathetic, and there is simply no need for it. 

to those who say 'but this is a consumer-driven industry," yep you are right, but you know what?  consumers like to be INFORMED.  we don't like to feel that someone or some entity is trying to pull a fast one on us, and i STRONGLY feel that if every child in america -- and the child's uninformed parents and grandparents -- KNEW the real deal, the pressure would be on IMMEDIATELY and things would change in the industry faster than martha stewart's gonna get out of her ankle bracelet.  Before anyone says Yeah but there goes the economy, well i don't think so because if i knew that i could get chix at the store from happy chickens versus what we are 'offered' now, as well as happy cow meat (look at how successful the California dairy industry has been on their little ad campaign, hmmmmm?) vs what we have now, i'd be willing to pay more.  not double, but more!  i think anyone except the poorest of the poor would, too.  and the same government that is subsidizing the cruel farm animal conditions could subsidize the poor for their better quality meat, instead. 

anyway, those are my thoughts.  i really really appreciate all of you smart people telling me something i didn't know, and that's no bull.  great big kudos to all of you who kept the thread polite, too.  'night.

resume update

Old Transcriptionist needs help updating her resume.  Any suggestions are welcome. thanks!  


Office Update!!
Just letting everyone know who uses MS Office. There is an update on the MS update site for Office and I downloaded mine last night. It is a Service Pak. I also want to let everyone know that it wiped out my Stedman's Spellchecker and I had to re-install it this morning when I started working. So keep a heads up.
Update of job hunting.

A few days ago I posted here in response to another MQ person nervous about leaving.  I was a little to forthcoming about my failure on a test and got mostly encouraging replies and a few holier than thou responses.

But anyway!  Good news!  A job offer late this afternoon at 8.5 a line!  I had tested on Monday - my favorite kind of test - basic grammar and terminology and then on to the dictation.  Three dictations (DS, Consult, and SOAP).  No mention on how I did on the test but guess it was good enough.  This is a big raise from what I was making at MQ - 6.5 cents!  Only problem is the time - they need eves - but feel I will take it just because the money is worth my while. 

Just wanted to let everyone know.  I felt so bad the other day, very ready to throw in the towel.  I still think that ours is a dying profession due to voice recognition and jobs outsourced but I am going to hang on for just a while longer.  Thanks for the encouraging words the other day.  I really needed it then.  And to Nervous MT 1, hope you are reading this and that you will keep us posted on how it goes with you.  There is life after MQ. 

Update - we have asked a few of our MTs if they would be sm
interested in mentoring and of those that said yes, more than half would work in the office.

We thought the hard part would be to get some of our experienced MTs to work in the office but the hard part is going to be deciding the guidelines for the newbies and how to choose who is going to be part of the program. I think it will be geographical - it has to be worthwhile to come and work in the office without being too long of a commute.

Most of our MTs will continue as usual. Not all will be mentors, only a very small percentage.

The feedback has been great. Thank you all so much!
Update on the lab we found.

Today was 2 weeks since she found us, and we found her a home, actually had 2 people fighting over her, which I thought was kind of funny considering she was "my" dog.   We had decided that if she didn't find a home today we were going to keep her.   We still cannot believe that someone has not been looking for her.  I told the family that if it didn't work out that we wanted her back. 


Quick update. ~sm~

This is my favorite show.  I have not missed an episode since it started.  Here is a quick update on what has happened:  Meredith is the star of the show.  Her mother is Ellis Grey who was a famous surgeon at Seattle Grace.  Her mother is now in an adult care facility as she has Alzheimer's.  Meredith kept it a secret until her mother was admitted for medical reasons.  Meredith and Dr. Sheppard had a one-night stand that developed into a relationship when she went to work for the first day and found him to be her boss.  Then along comes Dr. Shepperd's wife Addison.  They were separated because Addison had an affair with one of Derrick's best friends.  Since Addison came into the picture, Derrick has ended things with Meredith trying to save his marriage, as he thinks it is the right thing to do, but he is in love with Meredith.  George is the male  intern who slept with one of the nurses (can't remember her name) but he is in love with Meredith and Meredith has no idea.  Dr. Burke and Christina are living together.  Christina has a hard time getting close to anyone or admitting her feelings.  She and Burke are total opposites except for work, they are both devoted to being doctors.  Izzy is a former model who put herself through med school by modeling in underwear.  Alex is an arrogant (or appeared that way at first) intern who failed his surgical boards.  He and Izzy developed a relationship, but he has not been able to be intimate with her, which has Izzy upset as she caught him with the same nurse that George slept with.  Not sure what is going on here but I think Alex really cares for Izzy which makes him unable to perform, but when he is with someone that he is using, he has no problem.  The chief of staff is a workaholic and it appears that he and Ellis Grey may have had an affair years ago.  That should just about cover the basics.  I do not watch much TV either and this is the first show besides reality TV that I must watch.  Forgive any typos and not sure I have the spelling of all the names correct.

Thanks for update. I don't know any of those names, only
saw a few minutes of it, but I'll be watching or taping from now on. 
Well, just an update - no luck still
I tried numerous adware/spyware programs until I found one that actually detected DealHelper in my computer.  I pulled out the old credit card and bought the dang thing and one would assume it would have deleted it during the scan but nope still there.  It is listed under my programs in add/delete programs taking up 2292 MB of space and every time I try to uninstall it it says "Installation Log File Not Found" and the title of the window says "Ghost Uninstaller".  I am admittedly ignorant about these things but I currently have 3 or 4 programs on my computer for spyware/adware cleaning now and nothing is removing it.  Just a word of warning to others I suppose that this is a nasty adware program - it self replicates obviously and I have no idea where i got it   Thanks for all the advice though...30.00 poorer and probably 10 hours of my life I'll never get back working on this crap.  Yikes!
Comcast Update
Comcast digital phone installed today. I cannot believe how clear it is! Luv it!
Whiplash update
Thanks to all who responded last week regarding my post about whiplash.  I have been back to the doctor this morning for a re-check, and unfortunately for me, am in considerably more pain than before.  I have been prescribed more pain medication and muscle relaxers and my doctor is setting me up for physical therapy.  I will be going three days a week (not sure how many weeks).  He'll be calling me later today to let me know when my first appointment is.  He seems to think that heat and massage and therapy will help nip this thing.  I'm really keeping my fingers crossed here.  Sleeping has been tough as I have a difficult time getting comfortable and working is difficult as well becuase sitting and typing puts a lot of stress on my neck.  But, I'm keeping on keeping on.  Just wanted to say thanks.
Update--thanks for your support sm
Well, I did file that complaint and I did see the doctor. No broken bones but plenty of bruises with pictures to boot. It will be a couple of days before the dogs go for a walk, though, since my hand and leg are pretty sore, but they will survive. I will just go play ball with them in the yard for now. They will be content with that. I'm mad as heck because I may still lose the complaint thing, but it's worth a try. It just fries me when owners don't take responsibility for their dogs actions.
Thanks for the update. Been thinking about
you. Please keep us posted.
A sort of update...
I still have not started, but I did call my GYN and she said to wait for about a week and if I still have a negative preg test to call her and come in for blood work. Thanks everyone for your sweet replies, it means the world to me. I will let you guys know!!
UPDATE on our situation....sm
Thank you for all of your posts. I sat my husband in front of the PC and had him read them and it helped him realize that this isn't just a fad. He sat his daughter down last night and told her that she must eat at least 2 witnessed meals a day and not go to the bathroom immediately to spend a long time, and that he's making an appointment with the pediatrician and will have her weighed weekly at the pediatrician's office. She understands that if she loses any more weight that she will be required to have counseling and that she will lose internet and TV privileges until she demonstrates that she is taking care of herself (he came up with this restriction without my even suggesting it). At first she accused him of not loving her and wrecking her diet, but after storming downstairs and sulking for 2 hours she came upstairs and told us that she was going to abide by the rules. I hope she realizes that we're serious about this. He did ask her if she wanted counseling and she said no, but at least she knows that he offered to have her go to counseling regardless. Someone asked if her mom is in the picture. Her mother is deceased. Hopefully all of this will work - but if she bucks at all she'll see that we're serious that we're not going to let her destroy herself without our intervention.
please give us an update
How lovely of you to take in the stray mommy.  I'm so happy she has a safe place to have her kittens.  Will you keep her or any of her kittens? 
MS IE 7 in Express Update

I've noticed some people complaining about MS new IE7 and having compatiblity problems with it.  I don't know if this has been brought up here before, but Microsoft has pulled a sneaky move and bundled the IE 7 upadte/upgrade in with their High-Priority Updates.  If you use  "Express" to update your system, only "critical updates" are listed, but this includes IE 7.  If you use "Custom", you can then uncheck the box next to the IE 7 update/upgrade so you don't inadvertently download it, and you can opt to not have that IE 7 update shown again if you so choose. Don't know wny MS decided to do that.  Warnings went out from my company not to download it because it is not compatible with the platform we use. 

SNL weekend update
No - not calling attention - just clarifying. HIPPA is taken very seriously here and I wanted there to be no question, especially since I have seen people lose their jobs over situations similar to this in the past. You may think nothing of HIPPA or confidentiality, but not complying with it is a serious offence.
Windows Update.
Your operating system needs updates. Go to Microsoft site and check for the available updates.

MTStars Support Team.

Emdat Update
I contacted the Emdat help desk and told them about this issue about the audio not pausing. They were able to replicate the problem and told me the problem would be fixed in the new Edmat software update. The update is coming very, very shortly. Thought you might be interested. Looks like it won't be a "pain in the you know what" anymore. :-)
We update that same post which is why you see 9/24. Yes, we are still
running the MTStars Scavenger Hunt.  Look for the You Found It post and follow the instructions within that post.  Good luck!
Humana update

Thanks for suggesting Humana.  They do not have such a policy in my state unfortunately.  And there are no short term policies which cover preexisting conditions.  So, at this point, since I cannot type 24 hours a day and need to put all my effort into my new job which pays better well, I am going to get the 3 month supply of meds this week, and cross my fingers we have no major medical problem. If we do, the Cobra will kick in, and if it is major, well, it would be a big amount anyway.  Sad situation for people in the US for healthcare.  But, thanks for helping me think about it. I feel better not having 2 jobs, and after this will will have the meds and Cobra. 


DocQscribe update-help
We just updated to 5.13 version of docQscribe..and now I can't connect--I turned autoprotect in norton off--and it still says 'docQscribe cannot connect' when I try signing on...HELP!

update on my job hunt

ok ladies, I applied for a job at a hospital as a medical Transcriptionist (job was listed on their website and at the employment agency)  I updated my resume, typed up a cover letter and hand delivered it to the HR person.  She said she would put it in their system and I would be hearing from them, the job is open until filled. Great!  I completed their lengthy application and sent that it to the same HR person.  I did not hear anything and assumed with the holidays and all......patience...


Yesterday I received a call from them.  But get this - it was from a person who runs the dietary department.  They gave her the application.  She said since their is no MT job opening would I be interested in working as a dishwasher on weekends?  I was stunned to say the least.  She repeated that there was no MT opening but they really needed help.


I cannot make this stuff up!  What in the world?


The job is still posted on their website and at the employment agency.   Is this just too weird or what?

Resume update
Perhaps I am missing something, but I posted my resume on the job seeker's board awhle back and want to update it, but I cannot find any link to do so.  In fact, I cannot even find the link to post a resume at all.  Thanks for your help.