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We went to Maine a couple of years ago and it

Posted By: another NC MT on 2006-06-06
In Reply to: Going to Maine. - NCMT

was a MAJOR disappointment.   It was nothing at all like you see on TV.   We were in southern ME and people didn't keep up their yards, no one had a single flower in their yard, although there were a couple of hanging baskets and people were not very friendly.  Went to Portland and couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Everyone we met was rude and the place was just so dirty looking.

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I have posted a couple of links inside for both Maine and New Hampshire -sm

There are a lot of great places to visit in either state.  Kind of depends on what your interests are and if you are traveling alone or with children.  Also depends on what time you plan on visiting. 

I live in Maine and have visited New Hampshire several times.  Not sure I can answer all your questions but feel free to ask and I will try.  Hope the links below help you. 

Portland is a nice place and you can go to what they call the Old Port (which is on the water) and there are old shops and stuff there.  Nice place to walk around if you want to walk.  To drive I would travel up Route 1 (traffic may be heavy but you get to see the coast of Maine).  Freeport is a nice place to visit if you want to shop.  Home of the famous LL Bean.  Kittery (which is just across the border from Portsmouth) has outlet stores.  Portsmouth also is nice and I believe they have a lot of old historic buildings if that is of interest to you.  

here is the link for Maine - http://www.visitmaine.com/home.php

The White Moutains in NH are beautiful as I said before.  Also in North Conway, NH there are tons of outlet stores there also. 

here is the link for NH - http://www.visitnh.gov/


Which part of Maine and NH were you thinking of visiting??? The Maine coast is beautiful -sm

and the White Mountains in NH is also nice.  I would suggest driving the Kangamangus Highway in the White Mountains in NH.  Very nice drive and beautiful views of the White Mountains.  I believe the Old Man of the Mountain is along this route but part of him fell a while ago so not sure what he looks like now???!!!


I did a couple of years ago

I did about two years ago, two years after I got divorced with a lot of debt.  At first I tried to settle the debts at 25-40%, and supposedly would have 3 years to do so, but then got sued anyway and had two lawsuits, so I was back to where I started.  Spoke to a lawyer about bankruptcy and he said go for it and encouraged me to do it myself.  Of course I didn't own anything except for a car that was worth about $200.00, so it was easy.  It was the last thing I thought I'd ever do, but it flew through without a hitch and four months from the time I filed it was over.  Yes, my credit has been stinky, but it's coming back.  Wish I would have filed sooner.

Don't know about your situation, but a lot of lawyers will offer a free consultation so you could see if it would be worth it for you.

Good luck!

A couple of years ago . . .

this lady in California won the lottery.  She divorced her husband and didn't tell him about the lottery.  He thought she was being very generous because she let them have their house and most everything else.  Well, he started getting all this mail for lottery winners and put 2 and 2 together and took her to court.  The judge was very hard on her for lying and made her give everything to the husband.   Live and learn.

A couple years ago...
someone told me 15-16 cpl, but I'm sure it's more than that.  This person "knew" or so she said.
I tried it a couple of years ago - sm
But I'm a hard stick and they won't do the back of the hand, so I was banned from donating. They did pay me $20 for my time, though, and I think they paid cash on the spot.

Apparently, the more you donate, the more they pay. The place I went to was crowded as heck and there seemed to be a lot of sitting and waiting involved so bring plenty of reading material.

I definitely would have done it on a regular basis had I not been a hard stick.
I did a couple years ago and it was of no help...just my experience..nm
Went BK a couple of years ago. It turned out
to be one of the best things ever.  Since then, we only use cash and have been able to save and pay off our house.  Unfortunately, the laws have changed and I think it is almost impossible to file a Chapter 7 now.  Anyway, good luck to you either way!
Same situation with me a couple years ago...
my ex-husband and I still remain friends to this day.  We saw a mediator, who pretty much divided everything the way we wanted to.  He bought out my half of the house, etc. and I even got spousal support for a 1-1/2 years (and we don't have children) and he paid my health insurance for a year.  The mediator will tell you how to file your divorce papers, etc. Cost me about $350 - he just deducted it from what I was getting.  Good luck!
I've used it for a couple of years now - sm
It's not really a typing program - Transnet is just the way to send the files over the Internet - you download the file, transcribe it, then sign it off. I do the downloading on one computer then type in Word on another computer. Works really well but has to have its own foot pedal (darn that Dictaphone!).
Yes. I made that my first couple of years.
Now it's at least twice that when I'm lucky enough to have a half-decent account. (Those are getting fewer and farther between.)
This happened to me a couple years ago

I worked for Golden Isle and they had the wrong state that I lived in.  They submitted a revised form AFTER I filed my taxes.  They had the state they were located and NOT where I lived.  What a mess. 

I used Tax Cut and put down document preparation or something similiar every year and never had a problem.   

I heard this on the news a couple of years ago, or maybe it was

Paul Harvey.  Graduates of the Naval Academy received diplomas with "Navel" Academy on them and they all had to be reprinted.  You would think with something like that they would have someone proof and reproof before it went to final printing, and then proof again after printing.  

Along with spelling errors that drive me nuts, bad grammar makes me cringe.  When I hear someone say "I seen" it is like fingernails on the blackboard. 


When I joined a couple of years ago it was something like $30 a month and you could either pay

monthly or have it deducted automatically from your account.  If you elected to pay monthly, I think the membership went up about $5 to $10.

There wasn't any high pressure sales.  I basically called them and asked could I come in a check it out and they give you like a week trial or two weeks (my memory is sooo bad!).  Then if you decide to become a member, you fill out the paperwork and they weigh and measure you (fun, fun) and file it all away.  And then periodically they will ask if you want to be weighed and measured to see how much you've lost.

They are really encouraging there (at mine anyway).  They gave way prizes for different things like if you came a certain amount of times in like three months, you got a T-shirt.  And then there are prizes for when you lose 10, 20, etc pounds.  And at mine everyone had a little paper doll that started out at 0 and when you lost weight you moved your little paper doll around on the wall.  It was kind of fun.

Well, I've just convinced myself! 

started at about 8K PT 2002, last couple years 12K but
I did not work much in 2005 for about 6 months when my 5-y/o got diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo, etc. So I would have made a bit more. I expect to do about $16K this year. I alternate my hours a lot though, about 60 or so minutes of work during the school year a day, but then only 30 during the summer, plus a side job that fluctuates ($300-500 a month). I am shooting for $20K next year, still not at FT (5-6 hours a day). I'll see how it goes. I think $12K for PT is good, but that is my opinion.
There have been lots of changes over the past couple of years (sm)
What kind of info are you looking for specifically? Are you asking about posting a resume on the MT Stars site? - or the JLG site? If the latter, I believe JLG takes applications on their web site.
I saw Meatloaf a couple years ago on a news show and...
he looked GREAT.   I guess he had had a heart attack and had lost tons of weight and was taking care of himself.  Apparently he's back on the McDonalds because he looked very heavy and not well at all.  Too bad.  He used to have a great sound back in the day.
I started a neighborhood watch a couple of years ago...sm
we were having similar problems to what you're having and they're gone now. Here's what worked for us. I gave every home in the subdvision a flier asking anyone that was interested in forming a neighborhood watch to come to an organization meeting and made the meeting a week later and on a week night, and gave my phone # in the event someone was interested but couldn't attend then. Out of 150 homes in my subdivision we had 40 people show up and 20 called expressing interest.

Everyone had the same complaints on the same "problem" homes and as a group we decided that each time the noise level was high enough to hear outside of the vehicle or house that we'd call the police. We all alternated placing those calls so the police department didn't think it was just 1 person complaining. The police department agreed to increase the patrols for our subdivision at all hours of the day and night and just having people see them ride through every few hours helped significantly cut down on the problems.

Over time the people that were causing problems either put their houses up for sale or moved out of the rental home and left when they saw that we neighbors insisted on a peaceful and quiet living area. It worked! When these problem homes left the problems with the trash thrown on the roads left as well.

In addition we were having some problems with some of the youth hanging out walking the streets at all hours and it was making some of the residents nervous, especially when the youth were walking through yards. So, we told the youth to stick to the roads, ask permission before cutting through yards to find out who cared and didn't care if they walked through them, and one of the men placed a basketball goal at the end of one of the cul-dec-sacs for the kids to play basketball after the neighbors in the cul-dec-sac agreed it would be fine. It worked - some of them started playing basketball there and they honored requests of homeowners that didn't want them walking on their yards.

Good luck to you!
I switched from WP51 to Word a couple years ago
I chose InstantText as my Expander because it would import my PRD list and that was important to me to make me feel comfortable out the gate. Several of my co-workers didn't really like IT but at the time, it was the one that had the easiest import function and I *had* to have my PRD to type! IT's not cheap, but I think it's well worth the investment.

Also, I highly recommend Laura Bryan's book on Word. There is another lady who is a Word guru, Cheryl something (I'm sorry I can't remember her name at the moment) who is also very good. Basically these are MTs who know you have to keep your hands off that mouse to make money, so they show you the keyboard ways to do things, in contrast to other Word how-to books for the general user which focus on the mouse.

It's a moderately painful switch, in my opinion, but once made, definitely makes one feel more 21st century. :)
Best advice - work in-house a couple of years
You really do need hands-on experience in order to be able to do this at home. You will run into terms that you will have no idea how to look up - like "booj aw boo" would you know to look under bougie au boule? Or "terry onal craniotomy" would you know it is "pterional" or would you spends loads of time looking for "T" words? If you work face to face with experienced MTs, they can help you when you run into similar situations. I'm not being snooty, I am only pointing out real situations that you will be faced with and the reasons MTSOs insist that before an MT can work independently at home they have at least 2 years experience. I believe that most of us have worked in-house in the beginning to get to the point where we can do this efficiently at home. Once you do get that experience, though, stand back, the MTSOs will be beating down your door with job offers. Good luck and hang in there! Remember we all had to start somewhere. Best of luck to you!
I've had Bellsouth for a couple years now. Reliable and no problems. nm
I switched from SH to Instant Text a couple of years ago and would never go back.
I increased my productivity another 30 percent pretty quickly. And you can still use your old shortcuts with IT. Browse through the IT Commands forum on Productivity Talk for tricks you never thought you could do with a text expander.
Besides the fact they've had a freeze for hiring transcriptionists for the past couple years.
The MT I know works a few hours, is required to take 2 hours off, then come back and finish her shift. Plus she has to work 4 hours on the weekend. They do work at home but keep to a strict schedule. I wouldn't want it.
I have 2 middle age couple friends. One couple became pregnant from condom failure.
This is not just "irresponsible" behavior! Both couples are "fixed" now, because for them, reliable birth control was NOT. But it's an error to assume this stuff happens to people who are unmarried or irresponsible. Both these couples are raising 2nd families, now, but it wasn't "irresponsibility" that did them in!
Don't know about Maine
but here in Northeast Alabama we do actually have an overpopulation.  However, I agree the state can come up with some ridiculous laws regarding hunting.  We used to raise cattle.  There were as many deer as cattle on our farm.  We were constantly having to repair fencing, not to mention what they did to our gardens, etc.  Last year my husband hit a deer with his car on his way home from work.  State Farm said they had handled more deer claims this year than ever before.  Also, most of the hunters I know either eat the meat themselves, or give it to someone who wants it.  By the way, my husband is a member of the NRA, but the NRA not only fights gun control, but promotes gun safety and responsibility. I am not flaming. You have a right to your opinion. Guns are dangerous in the wrong hands.  I don't love guns, but I feel they have their place.  There is sometimes only one deputy patrolling our whole county at night.  If we have a problem, we are on our own.  I feel like guns are a necessary evil where I live.  My husband once held some young men at gun point who my 75-year-old neighbor caught stealing her grandson's ATV (the grandson was in Iraq).  Of course he did not shoot anyone, but he did hold them until the deputies could get there- 45 minutes later. 
Try NTI in Maine--
Going to Maine.
I am originally from Bangor, Maine, and my family has a cabin on Lake Sebec.  My mom, dad, sister, son, and I went for 10 days last year and we are going again this year.  It's really great to go and see all of my family.  I have a very large family up there and since they are 1000 miles away, I don't get to see them very often.  Can't wait to go, although the drive up and back is a looooong one!
$2.29 in Central Maine

Casco Bay TR in Maine
I live in Maine and have not heard of them. They must be fairly new or changed their name from something else.
Bangor, Maine

They're in Maine. :-)
I thought so. There is an MT company in Maine using it also. nm
re: a canadian MT who lives next to MAINE
I have a MT company from portland, Maine who w ants me to work for them as an IC. They offered me 7 cents per line american. WHat a freakin joke!!

I wont work for under 12 cents per line and I have been out of it for awhile (6 years!!).

See ya!!
Any one know of Casco Bay Transcription in Maine?
I would like to hear from anyone who works for this company.   Do they pay decent?  Are they good to work for?   Thank you.
She's pretty - like a Maine Coon? (sm)
I bet she gets into all sorts of hilarious mischief. I like watching cats on Funniest Home Videos. Just saw the one where the toddler was gently poking at the cat who was sitting in a chair. She suddenly had enough, so she stood on her back feet and whopped his head repeatedly with those lightening fast paws. Kid didn't know what happened, just looked at the camera like, What the ??

Love it! It gets dark in Maine in Dec. by 4 p.m.

I hate standard time though.  They can leave it as it is now and eliminate going back to standard time in the fall as far as I'm concerned.  The clocks always go back right before Halloween too so the little ghosts and goblins have to trick or treat in the dark.

It does mess things up a bit changing over though.  Last night my kids were all hungry and I said, "Oh for goodness sakes it's only . . . .. ALMOST SEVEN??"

Oops. . . . "hello, Dominos?"  :)

Ayuh and if you don't like the weathah in Maine. . . .

wait a minute, it'll change.

Here are some more - Maine Medical Center, sm
Fairview Health System, Gwinnett Medical Center, Atlanta, Piedmont Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess, Charlston Medical Center, West Virginia, Pacific California Hospital, UMass hospital, Marin General Hospital, California, New England Baptist, and the list goes on and on and on.
never mind, found it - maine
not the one i worked for.
Eastern Maine Medical Center
I miss working with other people. I miss having a QA person or a supervisor I know and can go talk to. I miss the hospital gossip and hearing about people's grandkids. Sigh. I left them to work at home figuring it would be all that. But it's not. Sigh....
Come to Maine in February, you'll cool off :)

However, it has been soooooo hot here for a month.  I'm not just talking heat, we get 95 degrees with 86% humidity and even the kitchen floor is sticky under your feet. And that's with the AC on, choking in the background.  The humidity makes everything sticky.  115 degrees of dry heat is like oven heat.  95 degrees of humid heat is like a sauna and you feel as if you're sucking in water when you breathe.

But February. . . .nice and cool.  20 below 2 weeks in a row.  A good day might go up to 2 (that's degrees).  In February we can't wait for the hot humid weather.  In July we can't wait for snow, but not for February though, more like December when it's a nice 20 above.


Love it! Maine's motto should be "Freezeyourbuttoffland"

In case anyone missed it, there is a woman from Maine, sm

Her name is Cathi Lee. Her success story hit our tiny local newspaper one day and she has since been on Today, Good Morning America and in People Magazine.

If you Google her name and weight loss, you can see some articles about her.

I'm too technologically inept to be able to post anything here. I do know that there is a video on WMTW.com of her story.

She was 500 lbs. and lost 330 lbs. in 3 years without fad diets, pills or surgery. She just finally set her mind to it, did a lot of research and now at 48, she is a third of the size she was.

One of her main things was walking and I totally agree with that. I don't care if it's zero out, I still walk. I left my inhouse job 2 years ago and I've LOST 25 lbs. I have time to walk and I make myself do it unless it's pouring rain.

I also do not buy anything that I will eat for junk food, especially "desk food." Do not buy anything that you can easily snack on at your desk. Big mistake. I used to have a desk drawer of "comfort" snacks at my inhouse job and would snack all day.

Another thing is water. Not in the form of 6 cups of coffee. Just plain water and lots of it. NO SODA! Even diet soda will cause fluid retention. Keep a diet soda as a "treat" for the end of your work shift before you go walking. :)

Good luck!


Teeny town in Maine. I never even thought . . .sm

That this may not be the best thing to do if you live in a city or something.

We have virtually no crime rate unless the juveniles are bored and smash a pumpkin or something. We don't lock our doors and leave the keys in the car.  It's a little tiny neighborhood with the 100 x 100 lots and everyone knows everyone by name.

Some customers leave paper money in envelopes clipped to their mailboxes right out in plain view and nobody has ever taken any.

There are neighborhoods in our nearest city that I wouldn't dream of doing this in.

So it's probably not for everyone.

I found my notes--- Olympus DS-2300--$172 at Abe's of Maine - sm
this is basically the direct replacement for the DS-300, only difference is the looks adn it has a removable memory card, other than that pretty much the same; the other comparable unit is the DS-2--it goes for about $105, a little more limiting in its features but still a good recorder. Check out Pricegrabber.com, great for shopping around.
Hinting spring in Central Maine 40ish.
We're getting there!
I love Maine! Ever been to the Cliff House in Ogunquit?
The spa is the best!

Well I think the part you mention in NH and in Maine Acadia and Bar Harbor. Not sure what else there
is that I should see. I expect Portsmouth NH would be nice.
Well I think the part you mention in NH and in Maine Acadia and Bar Harbor. Not sure what else there
is that I should see. I expect Portsmouth NH would be nice.
Unlimited long distance in Maine. Please see message.
Hi all! There was a thread not far down on this board about unlimited long distance, and a few companies were mentioned, like Verizon, etc. I found out today that not all of these services are offered in Maine, where I live.
Does anyone know of any unlimited long distance services at reasonable prices in Maine?
ALSO, I know we have AT&T unlimited long distance here in Maine. Does anyone know if AT&T is one of the "good" companies? That is, can I use a C-phone with them and not be penalized?
Thanks so much for any help anyone can give!
You are in Maine, right Hayseed? I am in Indiana, and I totally agree SM
with you. It has been bitterly cold the past week with snow most every day, including today. I am glad I dont have to go out in it.

I get frustrated over the same issues as other MTs, but I just do what you said, walk away and try to keep a good attitude.