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Well, I guess...

Posted By: KYradMT on 2005-08-23
In Reply to: no, but - fuzz5

I simply can't afford to go! That and gas would ruin my budget...

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If it's different for each report, my guess (only a guess)
would be no. I think the macro would work if it was the same each time, but not sure if it will if the documents are different each time.
then I guess it is just a
matter of process by elimination....Thanx for the info....
The post right above mine ISNT ME!!!!!  But she did capitalize in  her post.  OHHHHH.  Could there be 2 of US????
Are you 19:13:49? Guess not! nm
guess not! nm

Guess not.
Well, I guess you don't want more help. :) nm
I guess you are SM

just plain stupid and can't read.  I have a job and make good money. 

Plus that, I can afford to not work for peanuts and hold out for the better paying position because I have a lot more skills than just MT.  First of all, I can read and understand the English language which you obviously cannot.  AMF

My guess
My guess is that since you are the one who noticed, you are probably the one writing the nastygram posts - now you have someone to blame it on because of someone else's misfortune - I have power and I live in Florida, too bad the people who do not have power cannot respond to your rude remarks about the misfortunate.
I guess I am really different
I love OB-GYN most of all. Of course, I have had the same three docs for over 10 years and I have had the liberty of asking them to turn their recorders all the way up and they have obliged. They speak very loudly and clearly. Even after all these years, for some reason, I am not bored with the work. My female docs dictate normally two pages on every patient (my male doc dictates about half a page) so I get a lot of dictation and a lot of canned paragraphs to boot.

When I worked for a large national, I liked the Infectious Disease docs the best but I hated having over 100 dictators in several specialties.

I now work for a small MTSO (plus have my own OB account) and I have nine GI docs and I really enjoy it thus far.
to each their own I guess
I thought the bomb scene was totally realistic, how in the heck did they film that, unbelievable.
guess what I was asking was
how do others break into this? Is it usually done by word of mouth, answering ads, or your own marketing. But, Thx, I will take a look back a few days
Ah, yes, I guess there are...
those kinds of adapters. LOL, ''gender changer'' (rather a misnomer for the female-to-female and male-to-male ones, though, huh?).


And Turtle Beach Audio Advantage link:


Thanks, WeekendMT! Sticking with my homemade equalizer dealio for now, but this is good to know about (never heard of such a thing before).
would guess it is 14-17 cpl now...nm
I guess I'm not the only one....(nm)


Well, I guess somebody has to do it. (sm)
But it won't be me! 
Guess you are right
not to feed the trolls. It is hard though, sometimes, when you see them ganging up on some poor innocent unsuspecting poster who just wanted to post what she was making for dinner that day and all of a sudden she is a target for rude abuse. It is not fair, and sometimes it is not easy to keep quiet. I am done for the day though, as they are dragging me down too. Can't win when they think they are right to be able to hurt someone else. Just glad I am not the only one that feels that way though. Thanks for your input. Keep reminding us not to feed the trolls...it may help. lol
guess we know what Mom would say

You made the income, you spent the income, you owe the taxes.  Hopefully you are putting money aside to pay this year's taxes.  I feel for you in a way but you gotta be disciplined and put money aside to pay your taxes.   You can work out a payment plan with the state but why should they write yours off and not mine.


I guess I can see that for
in-house positions or people working with money.  But I wonder why they would want that kind of information for someone strictly doing transcription at home.  I've had credit card debt and even some collections in the past but not because of irresponsbility but because of illness, job loss, etc.  I just think it'd be a shame for somebody with bills to not get a job they need and want so they can pay off those bills, just because they have those bills, KWIM?  Thanks for responding!
Okay, I guess that's a little different.
If both of you are on a talking basis already, kind of different. I am just imaging one of my husband's exes, ha!

A ductogram, huh? I hope I never have to have one of those since you say they are so painful. I don't like getting anything done anymore though after the doctor messed me up so bad during my liver biopsy. If I see instruments of any kind, I automatically cringe. I had an IUD put in recently and thought I was going to have a panic attack because the nurse kept messing with those things beforehand.

Hope everything turned out alright for you! :)
To each their own, I guess :)
I do think it is quite ridiculous that God has been taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance, etc. I just guess I look for more practical solutions.

I think everyone should have a right to their religious beliefs, including Christians. To push everything out that has anything to do with God is going to the other extreme. Everything has to be so politically correct now, like the whole Happy Holidays thing.

I'm not into organized religion, but someone saying Merry Christmas or my kids hearing God in school is not offensive to me. God can mean many different things to different people. They both do things organized by churches sometimes. A parent should let their kid make their own decision, in my opinion.

However, we still need an overhaul of our mental health care system and school system for that matter. Those are practical solutions that will work now.

I guess what comes around goes around...
I hope they get sued and lose their $**!

I used work in-house for a local hospital for several years until it became apparent that the MTs were being weeded out. The Director of Medical Records, who has never transcribed a day in her life, had gone to a seminar promoting EMR as well as outsourcing companies to take over the hospital's transcription -- our jobs. She came back from the seminar all fired up with a plan to purchase the $500,000 software and outsource the work that she could, and get rid of her in-house and home MTs to avoid the extra overhead and expense that full-time employees incur. She was extremely evasive with us and sneaky about this until it became apparent to the others what she was up to. I, on the other hand, knew exactly what she was doing and got out before I gave her the satisfaction of getting rid of me. Last I heard, their good ole EMR was not doing what they wanted it to do because they failed to get the extra components to make it work sufficiently, which would have been another $500,000 according to her. Instead, she had the IT department working overtime to "create" software that would work with what she had already purchased and it just wasn't working correctly. HA!!! We MTs started dropping and quitting like flies. Now, she's in a mess because no one wants to work for her after pulling her stunt. No one trusts her.

Needless to say, it was very upsetting working with her, knowing that she was fully aware that I would be unemployed in a short time, while she remained very comfortable in her very nice, secure job that her doctor husband got for her in a deal to come to the area to work. It's all about politics here where I am located -- it's not what you know but who you know -- or better yet, WHO YOU DO (if you get my meaning).

It's all just ridiculous. The Medical Records Department was always in a complete mess. She was incompetent and it amazed me that she was allowed to keep her job.

I guess I was bitter, sure. I do hope to live to see the day that this Director of Medical Records gets what's coming to her because she is totally incompetent and has that area of the hospital in such a mess that I, myself, would be terrified if I had to be admitted to there.

Only if you guess at it, which is what too many MTs do.
Well, if I had to guess

I'd say this poster is the same person who sent me hate mail 20 minutes before posting this. I guess you told me! LOL!

Wow, I am sorry for you. It must be an absolutely miserable life, being such a mean and nasty troll. I'm just thankful that I'm not you.

I guess I should be expecting more hate mail now. I'll be sure to read that right away!


Thanks I guess, but (sm)

I was a nurse before becoming a MT, so I may have a little hands-on knowledge behind my belt, too.  I still don't know everything in the BOS by a long shot.  Maybe I just wanted to blow some money on a test. 

Ok, well, i guess

No. I guess I could look into it,
but they have been opposed to this in the past and have told me they don't want anyone they don't know doing my work. I will check, though. Thanks!
I'm with you. I guess I can see why
people would say that, but it's not like you're buckled down working the whole entire time you're there. I could work when I wasn't doing other things. Oh man, you have a condo in Hawaii?? Must be nice! I would love that. We went to Jamaica in 2001 and I can just imagine your view while working! Oh, the life! Thanks for the info. So, IF I ever get to do this, I would just need to get a laptop and load the software and that's all, right? But if I work for a company, I probably would have to download the jobs before I left, right? Or can you do it from anywhere that has Internet?
guess you could be right
When you have 3 minds going, you can come up with all sorts of things. Love the work but hate the place where I do it. I certainly would be happier and if their MTs are happy.............I guess we are "thinking" too much into it. Reading other posts, it sure makes you wonder.
That's what I have too-guess
that's why I've never had a problem, huh? LOL
I guess not...
Personally I have never known anyone that got their first job as a QA. I was under the impression you had to have a few years transcription exp. first. Are you referring to VR editing? Or QAing other MTs work? .02 cpl is a slap in the face. I would not work for that even as a newbie. If you don't mind my asking who do you work for? I have never heard of anyone making only 2 cpl. I have heard of 3 cpl and that is cheap but not 2. I think you need to try to find work somewhere else. I am relatively new at this too with 7 months exp. I make .065 cpl for transcription. It is hard enough to make money at that rate. There are definitely editing jobs that pay more than that. Now if you have a few years of exp and do QA for other MTs work then some positions are salaried. A transcription Editor does voice recognition editing. QA looks over MTs work and makes sure it is right and fills in blanks sent to QA. I advise you to find work elsewhere. Just my opinion.
guess I won't do that then!

That is really dumb.  I hate that company.  And what really sucks is that here I don't have much of a choice who I go through for that sort of thing.  I mean, I could have any phone company if I wanted, but when it comes to internet it's either dial-up (which I can't have because of work), DSL (and ATT is the only company I can get it through), or cable, which is too expensive for me at the moment.  Grrrrrr! 

Well...I wish you luck with your ATT endeavor.  I am stuck with them for a while yet unfortunately.  Maybe if I can find a better paying job I can switch to cable and be done with them once and for all!  Oh, but then again I'd have to pay the $400 cancellation fee if I cancel the DSL early.  Better wait until July!


Let me guess....ESL???
Yes, I have heard that term used and I have also looked like your little icon..yanking my hair out. What is wrong with this people and who told them it was acceptable to dictate stupid crap like that..
I'm not sure, but I would guess they are outside their box on this one. (sm)
have they voiced their reasoning?
who can guess where you
my guess
is that they divide the standard 65 character line by 5, and that would be 13 words to a line.

There are a lot of factors in chosing a job, so i cannot answer your question, but i would not like that way of determining pay.
I guess you are just going to have to
face the fact that your boss is not really going to do anything about it and live with it.
I guess you would know, however I
just pulled up the statute and it only says "physical exam" nothing about breast exam. I would think that would just mean a general physical exam.
No way you can guess how many
pages that is. Figure out an average line count per page and divide.
I guess I must be on the low end . . .
I never type straight VR. I go between ST and VR. My ST speed is about 150-200 lph. My VR speed is 200-250 lph. Not much of an improvement unfortunately.
I guess you can, but you would have both
coming through your headphones, would think it would be rather distracting. I play music in the background sometimes, but not through my headphones while I am working.
let me guess
Dictaphone/Nuance? One report rated this system below others. It definitely does not learn very well.

Another post asked how many MTs were on your account. This is another problem with these systems. The more MTs/Editors working on any given dictator/account, the more the system will never learn things correctly. There are too many people doing things too many different ways. It just confuses the program and makes alphabet soup. Hence, the constant repeat garbage.
I guess you believe everything your read

all you seem to be able to do is name call.

Guess I am, too. I don't like the big font at all. nm

Yes you probably get better QA relistening so I guess I will go with what happens in QA. I have been
okay so far but lets face it, we all make mistakes and have bad days. I guess I will just go with the flow and see what happens. I guess a lot depends on how picky QA wants to be with little nothing things like commas, etc.
I would guess about $12-13 an hour...
I live in San Antonio and would imagine that is about the going rate for in-house MTs. E-mail me, I have a question for you if you don't mind.
Yeh i've done that, but guess what

Now that I have my own life, hobbies, interests and space...I have no idea how to be in a relationship.  I enjoy being myself way too much and a relationship seems like a big headache.  Plus i'm too set in my ways and stubborn now, after being with someone for 10 years and now being on my own, its scary to give that up!  But also I would like to be close with someone again, but just not motivated because I have a full enough life. 

What a new, novel idea. I guess none of us
have ever thought of these issues before.


Maybe some, but I do. However, I have MTs that don't and GUESS at stuff.