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Why bother to get that upset?

Posted By: winnie on 2007-10-04
In Reply to: What's your anger management strategy? - Hayseed

I'd be singing a different tune in a different circumstance but I always tell MTs to go through and type what they hear. Go back and give it a second listen and fill in what you can. Then, if you have absolutely no idea .. you need to send it to QA and move on. You are working production and if you cannot get the blank, leave it to your QA team. Your work is going to suffer in the big picture if you are not able to complete the work and frankly, you might just need a change of venue altogether. There is too much that factors into a job to become that upset over it all.

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Why bother asking???
Just looking for reference so everybody who needed to know could know. Not trying to flame. Simply asked for reference as BOS User provided reference and ALS did not -- guess you weren't as interested as I thought you were?!?
bother, not both
oops, suppose will get slammed here.
Don't even bother -
.....as we speak!
If he is not used to it, of course it will bother him at first, but he will get used to it if
Don't bother with them...
I worked there for a few months and received incorrect and late paychecks.  They are not worth spit.  The MT manager has never been an MT and is clueless when it comes to the work. 
i have them around, they just don't bother me.

that would bother me too
-- how do you know that down the road, someone wouldn't undercut you the same way. It would be hard to trust them and not get nervous about it later, esp if you took on a debt/new payment or something.
Does not bother me in the least-
I get out and go as much as I want, just had lunch out before starting work today, hubby and me, went over to my daughters house last night to give her some assistance with lawmmower, etc. and to tell you the truth, like hubs and me just well, really donít care that much about socializing all the time, rather be working and making the $$$$.
I don't know why I bother...

but here goes.....

I am not for "outsourcing".  I am not for it because it is a way for greedy americans to try and get cheap labor.  If someone wants to compete fairly with me for a job, I am fine with that. 

But I am also not for belittling people and picking apart their posts no matter who they are and where they are from.

I also think that if you are proud to be American, you would rise above losing your job to outsourcing.  You would not spend your time whining and complaining and insulting strangers.  Rise above your circumstances...create your own opportunity...isn't that the American way?

Don't bother!
I joined with the same thought process as you.  Not only did no one care whether or not I had this to add to my resume, but I have not used one thing that has been offered.  There is an email that comes once every couple of weeks that I delete before even looking at it.  I did look at the first couple and it was "who cares" kind of information.  I just don't have time to be perusing through a bunch of information that I will probably never need and if I do, I can look it up through Google, drugs.com, etc.  This is just my opinion, take it for what you will.
Would this bother you? regarding QA
When corrections need to be made a bulk fax goes out to the MTs on that account. Any corrections, or notes, made by the hospital are on these. I just feel like these should not be sent to everyone but only to the individual that needs to correct them. Am I wrong?
Would this bother you?

I was hired with 2 other MTs to do a new acct for a national whose name shall not be mentioned. 

During the first several months, it became noticeable that one MT who was the largest producer was cherry picking and their reports were riddled with errors.  And this is a fantastic account for the most part - very easy to make money without cheating.

So, the other MT and I mentioned it to each other and agreed to what we were both observing.  She took it to the supervisor who concluded that there was envy on our part because he typed the most.  She dismissed our claims as did the QA person/assistant to supervisor after I mentioned to her I was seeing his work (like when 2 rads dictate the same report and you find out by seeing the other report in place) and it had typos in it or the skeleton of a canned report not filled out at the bottom of the page (must have put it in twice). 

A few months later, the account (a hospital) requested this MT be taken off the acct.  He was placed on 100QA and then let go (policy). 

The sup and the QA person, although never mentioning it, must have realized it was not jealousy at all at that moment. Right?  That we loved our jobs and did not want this type of work to go through and all of us be considered fly-by-nights.

Rather, there appeared to be something close to resentment as we began to be both QA'ed to death with the other MT nearly losing her job until she put her foot down and refused to be on 100% QA (25 yr veteran). 

The tension was palpable and it was made worse that every lead MT in our dept appeared to know about it and began to treat us like we were whiners and complainers. 

I was then dx'ed with BC and in a state of panic told my group.  My sup told my the QA person had been dx'ed with BC too and that she was call me and reassure me. We spoke for quite some time on a few different occasions on the phone and and e-mailed back and forth.

She said she was also engaged to a radiologist who worked at the hospital in her hometown.  A team member with an investigative mind decided to check it out and found out he was married and had a child with no divorce recorded in his county. 

I was contacted and told not to take her advice regarding BC treatment and maybe I should be more private about details..

It has been over 3 years now. I am still alive.

But.. I cannot for the life of me answer the phone when my sup calls.  I dread talking to her and actually have not for nearly a year (lol)

I feel as if they pretended she was a cancer patient so I would share details about my prognosis and they would be better prepared for coverage should I end up unable to work.  

Have you ever heard of anything quite so strange in the new world of work place telecommunication?   Should I just shut up and count my money and thank the MT Gods that I have an account with no ESLs? 

Sorry, I have wanted to write this for a year but was afraid the details would reveal who it was should anyone peruse this site.  Hopefully, now, it will go unnoticed.

Appreciate your feedback if you have any at all. 

Sorry to be such a bother.
The reason I asked about feedback is because I went from working under a supervisor at a local hospital, who constantly told us how we were doing (monthly reviews at least), to an MTSO where I only rarely get feedback, and it is always negative. Because of this, I am concerned, as I don't know whether I am actually doing good or whether I am just squeezing by.

When you are coming close to needing to fire someone, do you make it pretty obvious? Only asking because I am personally afraid of being blindsided, since I am not used to working for an MTSO.

Feel free to let me know if I am crossing the line in any of my questions as well. It is just nice to be able to ask someone higher up about how things are done, especially being newer to the business.

Thank you!
Don't Bother

I was a CMT for 12 years, but let it lapse last year when it was up for renewal.  It never made a bit of difference when I looking for a job, either you're a good Transcriptionist or you're not.  There's some CMTs that are book smart, but don't have a bit of common sense and that's just as important.  Being a CMT is a matter of personal choice, but in no means does it guarantee a better job or a higher paying one.

AHDI supports offshoring and always has.  They try very hard to remain "politically correct" and not upset their Indian buddies.  In fact, most of the board of directors are employed by Indian companies.  They do not support the American MT at all.

AHDI would like you to believe the certification may become required.  If it does, it would not be through them.  It would be a state or federal licensing program, not through AHDI.

You have to earn 30 CEC's in a 3 year period to renew your CMT.  You have to pay for continuing education classes or attend AHDI functions which you also pay for. 


So why did you bother asking in the first plac?
Thanks..I won't bother to apply with them now.
This totally would not bother me and
I would love to work at home for a hospital with an excellent incentive plan instead of a large service with jumping from account to account just to get my lines in.  I bet if they had a job listing on the boards, they would have many, many replies, even with the micromanaging.
I get this all the time... these are the ones that bother me...
The ones that bother me the most are the people who ask me to babysit their children, saying, "since you are home all day, could you.."  Those are the ones that get under my skin. 
they really don't bother you if you just leave them alone

they are just trying to survive like all the other creatures whose habitat is slowly being destroyed.  Most snakes are afraid of people.

If you do not have experience, do not bother......sm
I have had way too many inquiries from "non MTs" that think this job is easy.  Get an education and experience in-house first. 
and of course she/he doesn't bother
to spell drugs so mispronounced that they are impossible to figure out or experimental drugs that are impossible to look up even if they were pronounced correctly. 
CMT......why bother at 28 years?
Girl, 28 years experience speaks for itself. I would never go to the expense or hassle at your level of expertise. A friend of mine took it last year. The test is not online, that I am aware...she had to go to a local testing facility, something that sounds like "Prometrix" or something close to that name. The test was 6 hours, though you could finish before the 6 hour mark if you wanted. She said she came out shellshocked and was totally surprised she passed. She has to keep up 36 hours every 3 years of continuing ed to keep it, and she's only making 1 cent a line more, for which she has to agree to 2400 (YES, HUNDRED) lines a day to keep her little penny. I don't think I'll ever put myself through that, and certainly could not keep up the lines to keep my penny. That's in 8 hours. No way for me, and I've been at this for 7 years. Do what you want, but I really feel your experience is enough and the CMT would be a waste of your money and time.
Doesn't bother me at all.
I don't get why people call the machines transcribers. They don't transcribe. Personally, one of my best clients still calls us "typists." I could care less since they are my highest paying contract and treat us "typists" very well.
doesn't bother me what you say. sm
At least I can "speak" without the #@*@ words. Can you?

If you think I put in a LOL to "throw something in" so you will think I am sweet you got a nother think coming.

Are you trying to be cuddly?
sorry you are upset...(sm)
you can notify the administrator of anything you find objectionable...

I appreciate your sharing because we should all try to help each other. 

there always seem to be people, like yourself, who produce way over and beyond what most of us do, and in my experience they are always treated with suspicion and doubt as to how they were accomplishing it. 

if you can do it, it is great!  Most of us, however, are not able to do it, no matter how hard we try. 

just curious if you were using the VR machines, or anything like that, because I was considering doing it before...

thanks, for the posts!
Someone's just trying to get everyone upset ... don't believe that...
I think it is just a ploy.

Besides, if that is truly where jobs are going...they will be coming back even faster than they went. Hahaha

Even the sloppiest of physicians won't tolerate that.

Someone's just trying to get everyone upset ... don't believe that...
I think it is just a ploy.

Besides, if that is truly where jobs are going...they will be coming back even faster than they went. Hahaha

Even the sloppiest of physicians won't tolerate that.

Upset MT
You're much harder on yourself than the MDs will be. Everyone makes mistakes - no matter how careful we are. I erased a tape at lawyer's office where I worked - even as big a jerk as he was, he didn't yell at me. Doctors are usually a nicer than lawyers! :)

They know you, they know you are responsible and obviously they like your work or they wouldn't have employed you for 4 years. It'll be all right.
I am so upset!!!!

I could spit! Recently since I am still a  'student' at that online course in Utah I read a post by the CEO and felt the need to comment. It seems that not only did he suggest that contributions be made to FEMA, but also that students in Louisiana and other state with hurricane damage call THEM at their 800 number. This seemed to me absolute lunacy, as telephone service in La, MS  is vrtually non-existant. Perhaps posting that ONLINE was equally stupid, how were students supposed to get online?

However, what really gets me upset is that after making my reply I was 'deleted' from their website.

Apparently free speech isn't appreciated at that school, and neither was my suggestion that the school which has a reliable phone connection, themselves call their students in Louisiana and Mississippi. But hey, what do I know huh?

Don't mean to upset anyone, but I LIVE in Louisiana.

cheryl formerly known as nola71112

A bit upset
I have been with Medquist for almost 7 years and overall am happy. My biggest gripe of late is the fact that there is no work available and it is hard to make your quota. Other than that, my QA people are great, pay is always on time, I personally like the DQS platform, I LOVE my flexible schedule, they reimburse DSL service, they provide you with a computer, and they always remember their employees with great gifts for Medical Transcription Day (LOL). I can assure you that most companies will not and do not do most of the above mentioned things. With that being said, lets just hope the severe decrease in the work load is only temporary! For obvious financial reasons, if the work load does not pick up, they may find themselves without a lot of qualified and dedicated transcriptionists that have helped MedQuist achieve the goal of the largest MT provider.

No need to be upset.
I have been with them 8 years. I agree, they are very flexible on the schedule and I love that part. However, the office I work for totally changed overnight. I hate the way the supervisors are so cold and insensitive now, like they have been programmed with certain reponses. It was NEVER like that before. For instance, two weeks ago, I worked for 4 days just sicker than a dog, started to call in Thursday night, but didn't, then finally felt like I could go no more and called to be off 2 hours before my shift ended. I was told to go lie down for a few minutes and get back on. This would have never happened before the big changes (closing Atlanta office). My other big issue is I don't feel there is a supervisor left on the staff of the former Atlanta office that I can trust. That is not a good feeling.

I don't know what you got for MT day, but I got chapstick. When I first started, I got T-shirts, gift cards and then MT of the month gifts, your name was in the little paper for high producer - I miss that stuff. Just being appreciated.

I am not fond of the DQS as it is a struggle each day just to get any lines. I feel like I am typing my fingers off and then my line count is not totally up to that. This is very discouraging.

Okay, I am finished whining.
Are you serious? You are upset because
someone uses a handle that describes other positions they have held?

Surely, you are kidding. How in the world can that upset you?

I suppose it would upset you if I were to sign myself as "former MTSO" or "former case mgmt coordinator" or any other position I've ever held.

That is sad.
why are you so upset?
It's not as if you own the company or do you?? If some people have not had the same wonderful experience that you have had give them their say. Why be so nasty about it? You ought to be celebrating,when us worthless workers who can't commit every day get kicked to the wayside you will have all the work you want! So it's your celebration day!! I frankly have a bit more magnanimous attitude about it-I have always had a good work experience at MQ, but since DEP I am not. Simple as that. If you have whoppee for you! Congratulations! But don't you think somewhere in 10,000 employees maybe the experience is varied??? Or can't you comprehend that?? Whatever floats your boat.
I'm sorry if I upset you. sm

My sister didn't know she had an aneurysm and she never had headaches at all, save for the occasional overindulging in fine wine, until that night.

The doctors never really even pinpointed exactly where it originated after dozens and dozens of tests. (angiograms, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs). She was told that she met the "criteria" for this type of aneurysm because she was female and over 50. (52). That is not too comforting for me as I am 6 years younger that she is.

She was very healthy before this happened with the exception that she was a very heavy smoker. Glad to say that she gave it up and hasn't gone back to that.

My doctor told me that basically it really isn't something you can spend your time worrying about. Many people live with known aneurysms and nothing ever happens with them.

At first I thought, "oh my gosh, I've only 6 more years," but you can't worry about it I guess.

Again, I'm sorry if I upset you.

Take care.


Of course I'd be upset!


I am so frustrated that I am in tears, and that takes some doing for me.  Is this the norm with being an IC, or what....

When I started with this MTSO, the paydays were on the 10th and the 22nd of the month.  I loved it, because my husband was paid on the opposite weeks, so we got a paycheck every week.  Well, the paychecks started coming on the 11th and 25th.... then the 12th and the 26th... you get the drill.  Then she just officially moved the pay periods to the 15th and the last day of the month. Now this caused me some headaches, sure, because I had to move some auto withdrawals and such, but I supposed that was her right to do as the business owner...

Except now the paychecks are coming later and later AGAIN!  Well, she had sent out an email saying that she would not be able to pay us on the 31st, but that she would pay us on the first.  So I did something I NEVER do.... I wrote a check to my daughter's preschool with no money in the bank, only because my MTSO said, "Don't worry, I'll put it in on the 1st."

Guess what? I got an email today saying that she would NOT be paying us until Friday the 3rd.  There will not be enough money in the bank to cover this.  Now, it won't bounce it to the preschool, because my bank will cover it.  They will, however, charge me a big ol' honkin' $35 fee for this.

I am SO mad!  Is this normal? Do MTSOs just think they can pay us whenever they feel like it?  Her excuse was that she didn't get paid by the hospital on time, so she couldn't pay us on time.  Excuse me, but this is the same MTSO that said, when my phone lines were down, "I don't care what your personal problems are, I need the work!"  Well, I need my MONEY!  If she has to take out a personal loan using her car as collateral, then she needs to do that in order to pay us. I admit that this is only my third MTSO, but two of the three did this "pay when I can" thing. I'm just used to a much more professional system.

So my question, after this long-winded post, is the following:  Is this normal?  Do the rest of you ICs have trouble being paid on time? 

(PS - In a recent disagreement that the MTSO and I had, she told me that she was having money problems, too, and that she was declaring personal bankruptcy. That's not a good sign for being paid on time in the future, you think? 

Yeah, I said I was going to look for another job, but I started slacking on that when I cooled off because I love my accounts.  However, I don't want to be the last rat off a sinking ship.  I'm just SO upset.  This is not how a business should be run!)

 (P.S. - Grammar and punctuation police please take the night off.  It's midnight, I'm typing through tears, and I just don't care enough to edit, okay? Thanks.)





Don't be upset. Really. Try not to
take it personally. I know its hard and I understand. The most horrible thing an MT can do is think that QA is out to get them, etc. I have been on both ends - MTing for 20 years and QA for 5. I know how you feel. But there is often so much more going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of. I know in my company, the Q, there are even different QA styles for different regions, or even QA gets mixed up on the client profiles. You have your QA who always say "good job", and never QA a single thing and the other ones who try and proofread. We are just like you - really. We don't know that the other QA are doing something totally differently. But I do know that honestly we just don't notice the MT at all - we don't have time to notice or pay attention to who is who, so its honestly nothing personal, nor is it all that big a deal, unless, of course, its a critical error. I know its disheartening on the MT end, but its horrible on the QA end - everybody hates QA. Period. And while there are some jerks, there are lots and lots of well-meaning nice QA people, just trying to do their part to send out a complete document. We are following rules given us, and just mind our own business and plod along.
Umm...wow! Why so upset?! NM
What is that you are upset about?
You only state the title of the article, not the content. I don't mean to upset you more but if you could give us an idea of the gist of the article, maybe you will get some responses.
They always get upset
They want to take the cheaper way out and hire ICs and say here is your minute-by-minute schedule and you better stick to it like glue and tell them basically everytime you get up to pee. I am leaving the company I was at because of that, and their feathers were definitely ruffling. They all need a copy of the IRS definition of employee versus IC!
The snot-suckers that we laugh about ARE sick, just (I would hope) not contageous. Otherwise, they would be able to manage their secretions. It's a huge double standard to say when the patient swallows their secretions, they are sick, but when the docs do it, they are rude.

When the docs did these things with my kid, it was at their offering. She had things that were quietly occupying her, and she was not interfering with the exams at all when the offers were made. Good kids who seem to be interested tend to be invited to do things (and it is still her dream to be a doc).

While the docs are paid a LOT OF MONEY, they also have a LOT OF STUDENT LOANS TO REPAY, whereas we don't. The pelvic exam was just an example of gross things the docs deal with that we don't. Granted, I wish speed racer would slow down, but maybe he/she has a life, too, and would like to get out of the clinic/hospital at a reasonable time. Just as we want the most out of our time, they want the most out of theirs. Your earlier post just made me reflect on how much THEY have to put up with. Yes, they make more, but they were also required to spend more time in school with probably more expensive tuition, AND they pay our salary out of that increased pay they get. Many (though not all) of the docs also thank us or apologize when burping, eating, etc.

After taking the spin you put on it, I really no longer have the animosity toward them I had before. And, we really don't want to get into the "well-educated" part. Articulate or not, they ARE well-eduated.
Here we go.  The first account I tried to get, I am outbid by India.  I am laying off five employees because the India transcription services can bill my customers at 5 an 6 cents.  I hope they enjoy each other.  I am bitter.  I am sad.  My employees are also my friends........The government needs to do something. 
Keep calling and keep emailing. Eventually you would think they would have to answer. That is no way to run a company. I would call them all day. LOL!
I think most are upset because...
Supposedly the new owner is not US-based...we liked having a board for US MTs only since there are soo many boards/companies out there that are india based. There's so much competition from India that we feel like we're getting the rug pulled out from under us and having a bit of USA MT support is nice to have.
Most definitely!! But being a single mom with a mortgage, etc., I had no choice but to take a job at .08. I have 10 years experience and was making .08 years ago. My previous employer just ran out of work, so for me, the .08 is better than none. I do, however, refuse to go any lower than that and if that were to happen, I guess I would go get a job somewhere else, but I really don't want to leave my 14-yo daughter at home alone - too much to get into!!
So what exactly would you do? Do you have someone else helping to pay the bills? I don't. Gotta do what I gotta do. I don't like it any more than anyone else, but ... Maybe where you live it's safe for your child to be home alone, it's not for mine.
Okay, whatever. That's great that you did all of that. Me too. I've always worked my behind off. Stayed up days on end - no sleep - working. You obviously have a strong opinion and won't change it and neither will I. I CANNOT leave my child here alone, so that's that for me. It's not that I'm "too lazy" or think I'm "too good" to work outside the home which you insinuate. I took a cut in pay because I personally had no choice - maybe you would. Have a blessed day!
Is anyone else upset? - sm

If you make 8 cents a line and type 150 lines per hour, which an experiencing MT of 30 years should easily be able to do, you will make $12 an hour.  I know that is not killer money, but is more than you would make at McDonald's. A good MT should be able to type at least 200 lines per hour which gives you $16.00 per hour.  I wonder how many people who are currently out of work right now would give their right arms to even have a job to complain about.     

gee, I don't know - would a peephole in the bathroom bother you?
Ask them if they are keylogging you. If they are not (haha) they may appreciate knowing they have the software.

Then get a new employer.
And then when you hire them do you bother to give them
Thanks for the info. I won't bother applying either. nm