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Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists

Yikes--and now I can't spell anymore obviously--sorry for the typos!

Posted By: Transcribing vs Dreaming on 2006-04-10
In Reply to: on the flip side.... - Transcribing vs Dreaming


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Don't proof at all - spell check picks up the typos.
Never said people didn't have typos we are all human BUT the mistakes I stated were NOT typos

I probably QA where you work..hmmmmm

Stouffer's frozen chicken enchiladas and a pint of Ben and Jerry's New York Fudge Chunk!
Yikes! I am going to the doc now! Thanks all! nm
I, and I know I am one of very few, actuall enjoy MQ, and like reading all the topics (probable because I work for them). Maybe there should be a board for MQers only??

I have such claustrophobia that it gives me a fright just looking at it!!!
Yikes, but I'm okay.

That really was rotten.  I feel better.  Throat actually was closing off this time.  Wow, I guess I've learned my lesson there.  Gotta be more careful.  My Daddy carries an Epi-Pen.  I guess it runs in the family.  This reaction was far worse than the last one.  I did take a Benadryl, thanks for asking.  I haven't had a chance to sleep it off, but MUST KEEP TYPING...I will be sending those puppies back.  Take care everybody! 


As an SE, the company should have been taking out taxes for you and you would have to fill out a Schedule C. Delay the visit and talk to a CPA, not a tax preparer and take 2002, 2003 and 2004 to see if they need amending.
The $250 million lean medical transcription (MT) industry in India is racing ahead to grab a major slice of the global $12 billion pie. 
Industry experts told Business Standard that as the industry is maturing, players are adopting productivity enhancing tools, stringent quality control measures and training programmes and top this with highly improved communication facilities. 
With an acute shortage of required skill sets in the US, the industry is set to become a top foreign exchange earner in the coming years. 
The industry, which collapsed due to the low quality of the MT business adhering to a view that the only skill required by employees in MT was to listen and type, has in the last two-three years witnessed a comeback with a strong consolidation. 
As per a Nasscom report, MT will become the fourth largest foreign exchange earner in the next five years. 
Shedding light over the industry's potential, Rajiv Shetye, vice-president (Indian operations), Spryance India says, "The Healthcare BPO is a $200 billion business worldwide and medical transcription alone is worth more than $12 billion. The $110 million Indian MT industry will grow to become a $ 5-6 billion one in the next three years." 
With six to seven strong contenders and 200 serious players in all, the employment potential of the industry is huge. 
"The MT service in India has generated over 20,000 jobs and will add atleast 25 per cent more jobs per year," said Suresh Nair, CEO and Managing Director, Spheris India and President, Indian Medical Transcription Industry Association (IMTIA). 
As for Spheris, he said, "the company is growing at 50 per cent per annum and expects to increase its employee strength from 2,300 currently to 3,000 in the coming year." 
Spryance has also deployed over 1200 MTs including home-based medical transcriptionists and editors. "In five years time we plan to ramp up our employee base to almost 10,000," says Shetye. 
Noting that the Indian industry has come a long way from just employing English speaking graduates to employing doctors and students of medical science, Pankaj Bendigiri, an MBBS by qualification and manager of Spryance's Quality Assurance (QA) centre in Pune says, "MT as a profession is attracting doctors as it offers them lucrative remunerations and career options besides keeping them updated with the latest developments taking place in the field." 
Spryance has 20 doctors in its 100 people team in Pune and has started a six month QA course for doctors. 
"Currently the second batch of 13 doctors is undergoing training," said Bendigiri, adding that in the first batch they had trained seven doctors mostly from the disciplines of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery (BHMS). 
With highly improved communication facilities, "The trend of home-based Medical Transcriptionists (HMT) is also on the rise," says Nair, who has 10 per cent of his 2,300 people team working from home and credits the industry average to be higher at 25 per cent with few companies recruiting over 90 per cent HMTs. 

I thought she was aging gracefully, now she looks like -------- The Joker...you are absolutely right.....
How you get the paint off depends on the type of paint it was.  Best bet is to get the can and determine whether it was oil based or acrylic and then contact the paint department of a paint store for assistance.  
They need to address the quality issue with each MT, not just a general blanket thing for everyone.
This does not sound good for current employees of your ex-company.. good luck.. you gonna report the company to anybody?
YIKES is right! lol

yeah, its not good. I know several people are leaving, but they all know what happened to me and are taking steps to avoid it happening to them. I'm not going to report them to anyone, because I got paid finally, so not much I can do. i dont want to cause anyone any problems.. but I was getting ready to talk to a lawyer real soon if I hadn't been paid.  Just wish I could get back the 266.00 in bounce fees....plus all the fees it cost me every time my DD was late.

I don't think I would continue to do work for them if I were you.

Isn't it the law that you have to paid within a certain time frame? Or is that just when they are letting you go?

"She says we earned an average of $25,408 in 2006 according to the Department of Labor Statistics."

How can we deserve this? Well, I'd be curious to get a copy. I went to the web site and I saw a bunch of stats from 2004, and then some quotes from MTs and they basically ranged the gamut from "electronic sweat shop" to "I love my job!"


Forward that to the hospital it's from.
20-25K a year! That is not much. But, I printed the 2008 Salary Table for GS, which states that a GS-5, Step-1 starts at 26K. And as you know, CS employees get annual raise increases. I know it is SO hard to get hired as a Federal employee, especially since I have no military service, nor spouse. I did work as a civil servant for DOD in the 1980's tho.
I just read my post above and it's a mess!!!  Sorry for the errors - I just got done doing aerobics and my hands didn't want to type!!!

I realize that many doc feel this way, but it's really scary when one comes right out and verbally admits to it...  I agree that it's time to find another cardiologist.

Gosh. It just shouldn't be this hard should it. I just don't get it. Thanks for the empathy tho :)
I will never complain about $2.12 again! Yikes!
YIKES! I better rethink this.
I've read a bit about that on ebay that they will reimburse you for any down payment lost or if the car never arrives or is not in the condition represented in the auction, so I thought it might be a good deal. I'm just beginning my search. Thanks for responding!
Yikes! I almost feel sorry for him.
Yikes, did anyone get to see Meatloaf on AI?
What the heck happened there?  Was that a song of his?  He was awful. Poor Kat...she just isn't getting a break, is she?
Yikes, should be Plan. nm
Some *states*. YIKES!
SORRY about the typos!!!! nm

maybe you had better check your own postings for typos before you pick on someone elses..."so take YOU typos and whining to b a blog..." hmmm. easy to make a mistake, isn't it??? LOL.
I use spell check all the time, it is part of being a professional.  Except, of course, for the test, lol.  Obviously, the poster who mixed-up "their" and "there" needs to start using it or, at the least, proofread their posts.
take YOU typos?
hole wheat? gee, I wonder where that comes from??
Sorry for all the typos! nm

Sorry for the typos
Sorry for typos....
I have been very upset today..!!
Typos are everywhere

Yeah, the ditmo that typed the cover spelled it wrong, what is priceless, they fixed the cover of the book, but they left the webpage incorrect. 

Typos are everywhere.  You will love this one.  At the corner store where I live there is a plastic sign that has been there for years.  The sign reads, "Florida Lottory" and it has a pink flamingo on it.  It was made by the Florida Lottery Commission.

Right next to the incorrectly spelled, "Lottory,"  they have a poster plastered in the window that reads, "The Florida Lottery has provided over 10 Billion dollars towards education."

Now either that money was not put to good use . . . or someone is lying.    oh boy.

~ Mari

Sorry about the typos!
Obviously I still get upset thinking about her attitude. LOL!
Typos above. I know. Just put in 14 hrs. and
sorry for typos-need a nap-nm
will be using Philips. Yikes, I'm terrified now! LOL nm
Yikes! You ~do~ know that "oriented" isn't a verb, right? nm
yikes ! ESL driving me nuts

Just a quick vent - for the last 45 minutes I have mostly been listening to the sound of her breathing with an occasional "continuing dittation" thrown in here and there followed by more breathing .  I even heard someone in the background say "You can push 1 to put it on pause" which she does for a split millisecond and then continues back with her breathing/"continuing dittation"  pattern.   Not having a good day today.   Beam me up Scotty, Please !

Yikes. Hope you feel better. nm
Glad this isn't my doctor..yikes!

Dictated by a resident...

He is currently receiving Keflex for a "spider bite" that he received from his primary care physician.

$30,000 ---- YIKES! That's a year and a half's
I wish I had the money, and still had the time, to become a court reporter. Interesting work, banker's hours, great pay. And they can ask the people talking to speak up, slow down, repeat stuff, etc. I wish I'd had the foresight to pick CR back when I was 23 or so, instead of MT. I thought I'd made the right choice, but man, was I ever WRONG!
p.s. pardon the typos nm
Sorry for typos. Shees! Just
Uh..."take *you* typos???LOL

Now what were you saying about "simple typos?"

sorry for typos. I usually get paid
extra for those at work  but this was JMO and I didn't QA myself