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You need an expander like Instant Text or Shorthand so you don't have to keep converting every ti

Posted By: you switch jobs or platforms. nm on 2005-12-04
In Reply to: I wasn't able to transfer my file, but someone referred me to..sm - AzMT


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Converting Instant Text to SpeedType
A friend loaned me an trial version of SpeedType. I have tried to get my Instant Text glossaries to convert over and it will not separate the keyword from the entry. The SpeedType then assigned the entries keywords of 5001, 5002, etc. Is there anyway I can fix this?
Instant text expander
I want to download the Instant Text word Expander for the 30 day trial but what website do I go to for this? amj
Instant Text - an expander program.
Try an expander program like Instant Text.
ShortHand vs. Instant Text
Which one has the better features, where do you get them, how much do they cost and how do you import them. Plus would I be able to import them myself, or would I have to have the tech people get involved.
Anyone Use Instant Text with Shorthand

I am a ShortHand user considering adding Instant Text, but the IT product literature says it imports other programs' abbreviations as an IT glossary.  Does that mean you can no longer just type your abbreviations like you're used to but have to select them from a list and type a lot of numbers all the time?  Also, if your Shorthand entries contain code (move-around keys, etc.), does IT still play them and their codes out accurately?  Also, I can get 400% productivity increase with my Shorthand expansions.  Does anyone out there get such results from IT?  I really appreciate any advice, as there is no "free trial" with this product as there is with others!!!

Instant Text vs Shorthand

Saying ShortHand and Instant Text work about the same way is somewhat incorrect. I would say Instant Text does everything that Shorthand does, but Shorthand does not do everything that Instant Text does.

Some of the unique features are:
IT allows the same short form for different expansions
IT offers abbreviations without memorization
IT compiles a list of words and phrases for each doctor or specialty in seconds from your own transcription
IT includes preexisting glossaries you can use right away
IT expands pages of text instantaneously

You can be happy with either one of these expanders, it all depends on what you are comfortable with and which one makes you the most productive. You have to measure the return on your investment whether it is $100 or $200.



Instant Text expander..Does anyone know if it works with Bayscribe? sm
and how expensive it is?  I currently use ShortHand but reading some of the posts below feel I might be interested in trying Instant Text.  Do you know if I would be able to transfer my Shorthand abbreviations into Instant Text?  Thanks for your help!
Instant Text is the only expander that can compile glossaries
from previously saved reports and automatically create your short forms so you don't have to memorize anything. Have you been to their site to see the overview of how the program works?
ABCZ expander shortcuts for Instant Text

I am in search of abcz Expander shortcuts already made into a list or glossary for Instant Text or Smartype.  Does anyone know where to find them? 


Shorthand versus Instant Text?
Pros/cons? Any info on either would be great. Also, if anyone could elaborate on how much they increased their lines using programs such as these. Thank you!
I switched from Shorthand to Instant Text.. sm
and love my Instant Text! It is much smarter than I am though and I am still learning, but it has features that ShortHand did not. The support staff is great and the Productivity Board is also very helpful. There is a lot of information there and if you have not visited it, I would suggest you check it out as there are Shorthand and IT users there. It is www.productivitytalk.com.
Instant Text and Shorthand (Reposting)
Is there a way to convert my ShortHand to Instant Text or merge the two so that I can use all my Shorthand entries on a new platform that only uses Instant Text? (Platform is Medrite.) Any help appreciated.

Any opinions about Instant Text also appreciated. I've used Shorthand my entire career and am really nervous about not being able to use it and having to use IT.
Instant Text to Shorthand question...
I just accepted a job with a company that supplies the ShortHand program and has a platform that is not compatible with Instant Text.  Is there any way to convert my IT entries into SH?  The tech guy said he's tried to no avail.  I literally have years of Expanders built into IT and the thought of starting from scratch makes me want to !
Bayscribe expander entries/Instant Text question ...
Has anyone here had success in converting their Bayscribe Expander entries to Instant Text? If so, how did you go about it.

Thanks in advance.
Yes you can use Instant Text. Turn off DQS expander. Tech support can tell you how.

Call Instant Text and find out how to do this.

Has anyone had problems with their Shorthand text expander? sm
I have had mine for almost 10 years with no problems and suddenly it started not working. The type it button became inactive. At first restarting it fixed it but then that stopped fixing it so I uninstalled and reinstalled and that worked for about a day and then it stopped working again and reinstalling didn't help the next time. Has anyone had this problem?
Shorthand and Instant Text do NOT require memorization.
Both have boxes or suggestion windows that you can stretch across the bottom of your screen that will list your abbreviations for you. For example, if I type tp, the suggestion box will bring up every "shortcut" that begins with tp. Tp = the patient, tps = the patient stated, tpwa = the patient was admitted, tpwbh = the patient was brought here, tpwst = the patient was seen today. I can either finish typing out the expansion, arrow down to the proper one, or hit a hot key or function key to insert the proper expansion. It doesn't slow you down at all to glance down, hit a function key, and continue typing the sentence. It increased my productivity anywhere from 40-65% depending on the physician, and my memory's not great.
Yes, it is called ESP. Instant Text and Shorthand work
I switched from Shorthand to Instant Text and my experience was...s/m

I'm curious to see what the reactions were from those that went from SH to IT versus IT to SH.  I'm getting ready to switch from IT to SH and really need some input from you well seasoned professionals! 

I truly appreciate your time and help!

I switched from Instant Text to Shorthand and my experience was....s/m

I'm curious to see what the reactions were from those that went from IT to SH.  Were you glad or did you go back?  Please, help.  I'm seriously contemplating a  switch from IT to SH and really need some input from you well seasoned professionals! 

I truly appreciate your time and help!

Shorthand 10 and Instant Text V both work on Vista sm
Don't know what you consider "not too much money," but this is a piece of your arsenal you don't want to skimp on. You should get the absolute best you can afford -- if you put the time and energy into making the software work for you, it will for itself in no time.
Have used Shorthand for years..am considering switching to Instant Text..need opinions..sm
and advice.  I have tried to research the differences but until you get input from people who have used one or the other, or better yet both, you just never know. Instant Text looks like it might be much more difficult to learn than Shorthand.  I know all my abbreviations so that is not a problem.  I also use large blocks of text at times only changing certain things and am not sure I can do that in Instant Text.  On the other hand, IT looks like it has a lot of potential and I might really like it and pick up more speed. I average about 300-325 lph now.  I have been doing this for nearly 30 years, using ShortHand for about 10, but always looking for ways to improve!  Any input would be very much appreciated!  TIA 
Don't get weird stuff happening when using ShortHand. Easy to use; not like Instant Text. nm
Most popular are Instant Text, Spellex, and ShortHand, I think. Visit their websites and
Can someone help me in converting my SH entries to the Chartscript expander? SM
I thought SH would work with Chartscript, but the tech guy says that their Chartscript Expander and all the abbreviations reside on the hospital's server, and my abbreviations are on my own PC which is why it won't work.  Can anybody help get around this somehow or convert my entries and how to load into Chartscript?  The tech guy says he doesn't know anything about SH.  Thank you.
Converting Shorthand to AutoText
Well I have used my trial versions of Shorthand.  Speedtype has not responded to my trial version request.  So is there a way to convert my ShortHand dictionary so that I can use it in AutoText?  Not Autocorrect but AutoText.   Thanks
Instant Text V Pro
If you would like to learn more about Instant Text, please see the link below for a brief overview.
Instant Text V Pro

IT V Pro is an expander program that works with almost all word-based programs running on any Windows platform.

You can import abbreviation files from other programs (such as AutoCorrect) and it also comes with 55 built-in glossaries to help get you started.

For more information on IT V Pro, please see the link below.

Do you mean Instant Text?
Where did you get Instant Text?
Like Best Buy or somewhere like that?
Instant Text ?
All you have to do is add VENTILATION PERFUSION SCAN to the glossary. Type it in your document the way you want all caps with a colon or not, etc. and highlight it and press Alt and the +/= sign at the same time to add it to the glossary and then the next time you want it type vps but look at the list and pick the one you want all caps or lower case. You can always delete the lower case version if you do not need it. Let me know if you need more info. Good Luck
Instant Text V Pro

I can give you some info on Instant Text V Pro if you'd like.

The most popular features of IT V Pro include the Importer, the Compilation feature, the Includes feature and Continuations.

The Importer takes abbreviation lists from other sources, such as AutoCorrect, and imports them into IT so you can continue using them without having to start creating a new list from scratch.

The Compilation feature is used to create personalized glossaries by scanning saved documents on your computer and pulling out the most frequently used phrases and words to instantly compile a customized glossary in seconds.

The Includes feature allows you to use more than one glossary at a time.

And the Continuations feature is a feature that brings up what you are likely to type next in your sentence. So for example, if you were to type "The patient", IT will then suggest what you are likely to type next based on what you've typed in the past.

For more information on IT, please see the link below for a short product presentation.

Instant Text

Instant Text V Pro can import your dictionary files so you can continue using the abbreviations that you are used to.

IT works with all Windows-based word-processing programs so you can continue using IT even if you switch jobs or computers, etc.

Please see the link below for more information on IT V Pro.

Instant Text V Pro

Instant Text V Pro will work with MS Word and WordPerfect. You can import your WordPerfect list into Instant Text so you can continue using your current abbreviations. IT also comes with 55 built-in glossaries to help get you started.

IT is virtually limitless so you never have to worry about over-loading it. You can have one large glossary (abbreviation list) or you can have several small customized glossaries which you can use all at the same time using the Includes feature.

You can expand a word, phrase, paragraph, a full page or more and you can also expand templates of your reports. You expand in Instant Text using keystrokes. You can choose from a long list of Expander keys, including the spacebar. You can also click to expand but it is faster to use the expander keys so you donít have to take your hands off the keyboard.

Please see the link below for more information regarding Instant Text V Pro.
Instant Text V Pro

Instant Text V Pro is an Expander program that works with Meditech. You can import your abbreviation lists from other programs into Instant Text so you can continue using the abbreviations that you are familiar with.

Please see the link below for more information.

Instant Text V Pro

With Instant Text, you do not need to buy the program twice. The license agreement is based on a per-user basis, rather than a per-machine basis so you can install it on more than one computer as long as you are the only one using it.

You would not need to set up your expansions twice either. The Instant Text glossaries are simply text files that can be copied onto your other computer. You can also import any abbreviation lists you have created in other programs, such as AutoCorrect, into Instant Text so you can continue using the expansions that you are used to.

Please see the link below for more information on IT V Pro.

Instant Text V Pro

Instant Text V Pro is compatible with Vianeta.

Please see the link below for more information.

Instant Text
I'm looking into buying Instant Text.  From what I'm reading, it seems like a good Expander and doesn't seem complicated.  I have read some discussion on this board about it, but cannot locate that post again.  Would you purchase Instant Text?  If so, I have found it for $189 plus shipping.  Is this a good price? 
Instant Text
I bought Instant Text and it has helped me a lot as I could never remember what letters I used for my expansions and with IT I can see them. Go to the sites below for more information. Yes, that is a pretty good site. I paid $10 more at the Instant Text site.


Instant Text

Go to:


Instant Text V Pro

IT V Pro works with most Windows-based word-processors including Beyond Text.

For more information, please see the link below:

Anybody use Instant Text Pro V and if so...sm

what are your thoughts on this program? Does it seem to help a lot ?

Thanks....I appreciate it.

Instant Text V Pro

IT V Pro works with the Meditech program and you can choose from a large selection of Expander options so you will not have to worry about interference.

You can also import your SH list into IT so you can continue using the expansions you are most familiar with.

Instant Text comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk free for one month. If you should decide that the program is not for you, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

To learn more about IT V Pro, please see the link below:

Yes, Instant text. (nm)
Instant Text THANKS!
Thanks for the quick reply, so now I will definitely get the Instant Text. I just didn't want to purchase anything more or buy the wrong thing if it wasn't needed. But you sold me on this product.Thanks again. amj
Instant Text
I would like to purchase a used Instant Text Expander program. Anyone have one for sale? Please notify me via email.
Instant Text
Instant Text V Pro is an Expander program that can import your lists from PRD, AutoCorrect & Smartype. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free for one month to see if it is the right program for you. For more information, please see the link below:
Instant Text Pro V
Instant Text and PRD

Did you know that you can hide the "pop-up windows" in Instant Text?

Instant Text's Importer converts PRD lists with a few clicks, and Instant Text V Pro can be set up very close to the way PRD worked. 

Just FYI