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a funny

Posted By: mtgal847 on 2006-03-03
In Reply to: A funny!!! - tiredQA

It also comes up the same if you hit Google and the 2nd one is Jimmy Carter..who was a democrat! mtgal847

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You're funny. Ignorant, but funny.
I don't live in NYC and I don't work out of NYC and I make wayyyyy more than $23 an hour, SandyGIRL.

I'm an employee at the largest national and I make anywhere from $58K to $64K a year.

You don't have to believe anyone but you show your ignorance by telling those of us who make that money that we're full of it.

Sorry, that was not an ASR funny, just a regular ole dictation funny. LOL! nm
What a funny, funny reply. LOL
You are a genius! I am sorry you are ugly and fat. I feel bad for you, but what I can I do to help? Go to a plastic surgeon.
now that's funny, true, but very funny
Anal Association of Medical Treachery.
So funny!
LOL!! That is funny. nm
too funny

girlyman hater, I think you are trolling us here.

the country singer type I have no idea about, but a smart humble guy... science is a plus... bein' good lookin' can't hurt, but I dont want a sweaty singin' cowboy.

*just kidding, but this is how you sound.


When I first started I thought I heard "bologna amputation" instead of below-knee amputation.

thats funny
That is funny, you are right!! Daycares are better than boarding schools.    And I also agree that not everyone is cut out to be a stay at home mom.  On the other hand, not everyone is cut out to be a daycare provider and that is what the good parents have to worry about. 
Thank you for the best laugh I have had all week!!!!!!  I am cracking up!!!!!!
I don't even work for MQ.  you think only some people can use BIG LETTERS in their posts?  CRACK ME UP!  I am just another MT who is TIRED of hearing all the constant complaining.  THANKS
That's funny! THank you!!
Now that's funny!
ROTFLMAO. Hope my husband doesn't catch me.
Way too funny! I had one doc that said:

Patient states, "I feel like s--t!"  I called my boss and said "I'm sorry, I cant type that in there." 

I used to work for an old cranky country doc that actually dictated the chief complaint as:  "Doc my b--ls are killing me."  I told him when I turned in the completed report that I had changed the chief complaint to:  Patient complains of testicular pain.  He just laughed and said, "That's why I hired ya!"

oh, funny!!!
Those, too! What's really funny is when

you confront an MT who is putting exactly 200 extra spaces at the end of each and every report and they are just DUMBFOUNDED that they are there. They have no clue as to how they could be getting there. So it stops. Then, before you know it, they are there again. Sorry, but they aren't magically putting themselves there. It's a macro, sweetums, and you're happy to be messing with "the man." Typically the same people will do it at the end of paragraphs, too, but of course with fewer spaces. Most of the time no one can see it, no one would think to look for it, but they're there.

The company I worked with called it "creating margin," aka the MT getting more money and happily shafting the facility that gets the transcription bill. Were the MTs told to not do that? Nope. They were not. Shame on the MT, and shame on the MTSOs who condone this behavior.


Last year I made 56,000.  This year I stand to make slightly more.  I have my own accounts and am self-employed.  Also, I do quite a bit of pathology transcription locally.  I have done rad also in my time.  I am getting ready to get my CMT.  You don't have to go to school for this.  As a matter of fact, many that do go to school know less than I do, as a lot of schools don't teach what they should these days.  It is just a basic fact.  Whether you go to school or not doesn't make you a good MT.  It is your work ethic and level of committment and actual experience on the job. 

Also, you sound so immature in your posts like you are really mad because someone can be successful at MT w/o going to school.  How silly is that? 

funny you should ask -
It all started with MQ's chapstick (got rid of it).  Then, I tried some short of Chap stick - with extra moisture, worked for a while, then back to what it was after MQ's chap stick.  Think I will try what I was using before this all happened or plain Vasolene and see how that works and lots of water.   I am thinking my lips might be reacting to the sun block in the chapsticks.  I just got scared when I read malignant or premalignant condition - WOW!
And what is TOO funny is. . .

The idiots in the SUVs that have 4-wheel drive that pass you doing 70 in a blizzard.  Oh yeah, like it isn't SNOWING!  Hello? And your 4-wheel drive is designed to get you slowly out of mud, snow, etc., not race down the highway in a snowstorm.

I used to work 20 miles away down a major highway (45 mph speed limit).  I saw a total of 12 vehicles off the road in the snow last year in one week. All of them were 4-wheel drive SUVs.  Some had flipped over and landed roof side down.  Fortunately nobody had serious injuries, but these SUVs would just fly by my little car and leave me in total "white out".

I still don't get it how people who buy these hugh monsters think they are oblivious to snow.  It's slippery even if you're walking or driving a military issue Hummer.

Too funny... maybe he got bit (nm)
How funny!!! Ny 18-yo is in the
ready to come home in 2 weeks after being gone since June 06, can't wait to see him!!!!!!! Have a great day all.
your not funny
this is not a lol joke, his 2 year old son is devastated and confused. if you have no useful info, please do not respond.
his wife
ER - You are just too darn funny.
What's funny ....
is the petty crap that these "holier than thou" people harp on and on about and then tell others how childish they are. Makes you just sit back and shake your head and say PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!
You are so funny!
What makes you think because there are 2 people defending Medquist that we must be one and the same? How smallminded of you! Not everyone hates MQ, get it through your fat skull.
I read your post while listening to Dr."Betyacanttranscribethis!" He is an ESL and cardiac to boot. (Why is it always that way?)Thanks for the chuckle.
too funny!

You gave me a good laugh.  Thanks for that!!!!


I really did think they were funny
You have to admit, this board is lousy without them. They kept the emotions high! I bet you MTstars will not have the turn out they have had the last few days with all the drama that has been going on - GUARANTEED! They were the life of the party - and this party has done and fizzled out!
It's really not funny, if
you want to be humerous, there are many more less offensive ways to do it. Even if everyone on this site is fat and ugly, so-- What? People don't want to read that. It would be greatly appreciated by most who visit this board if you would stop doing this.
very funny...nm

That's about it!!
that is funny
smart and a sense of humor, too! You have made me laugh after looking at my "in" bin and found there is nothing to do. LOL
That is funny!
This is too funny. We are really bad as well,
but not usually as nice a place. We do tend to eat out at a little local diner a couple times a week as neither of us feels like cooking. I'm blessed that he will share that chore with me as I usually work until 6 p.m.

And YES, tax time is coming and we'll all have to suck it up a little! Although, this year will be better than last for me as I nagged until hubby graciously (with several years of nagging)changed the tax they take out of him at work for my benefit.
Now THAT was just way too funny! sm

I will never again be able to use my crockpot without calling it my little potassium.

Weird thing is, I made chili in my big potassium last night too!

Don't feel bad, the other day I was going over some notes and I read where I put that the patient had had a large "bowel" of cereal for breakfast.

Now I find myself asking my kids, "You want that on a plate or in a bowel." They think I'm gross.

Very funny! (nm)
Same in canada. it is a joke here and we p ay for this in our taxes!! doctors make you sicker not better!!

especially when they prescribe drugs that are toxic for most peoples bodies!!
Oh now that is just WAY too funny! I do OB/GYN and

my 10-year-old daughter thinks I'm just "way too gross" to actually type the word vagina. I say, "well I type the word penis a lot too." (internal med) and she says"Oh mom! eeeeeuww, that is sooooo totally gross!!"

I tell her, "These are medical words for body parts. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Would you rather I just typed patient's 'thingy' instead of the actual part of the body and see if the people that pay me are okay with that?"

You are all TOO FUNNY!!!
Your too funny!!
Yeah, lighten up dude!!
too funny!
thanks for the laugh
This is 2 funny! sm
Now that is just WAY too funny. thanks

Is this funny?
I just think it is funny...
how you can call me snotty and rude and tell me I am making assumptions when you yourself have done that since your first post. If you had not, I would have felt the need to respond back to you. Need a refresher...

"Sounds like maybe the original poster has been a little over-indulgent with her kids... not in terms of giving them too many vacations, but maybe not enforcing rules and respect...."

What did you tell them... "we get to go on this vacation because we're more special and deserve it more?"

I just think if you are going to be rude to others and assume, then you shouldn't be getting onto anyone else who might do the same. Also, I didn't say your kids were angles, I have no idea, I meant even if whoever's kids were angles, you still need alone time with no kids.

Too funny,
But not too uncommon!
how funny
my daughter just got a job with a collection agency 1 month ago and has since been having nightmares and cold sweats and dreads going to work in the morning AND has a chronic stomach ache. Shes already looking for a new job
Another funny one
A long time ago (10 years or more), I saw this handwritten by the patient on her past surgical history questionnaire: She wrote that she had had a "history rectum". I still laugh every time I think about it!!
OMH thats 2 funny! LOL nm

OMG! 2 funny!
Man, now THAT'S what my fam needs to do - get on Jerry Springer! We could throw chairs at each other and hurl insults! Yeah! We could have our 15 minutes of fame...
Okay, I have a funny one for you (sm)

I wonder how the patient managed this one? 

"She says she was drinking alcohol when she was not born yet, but it was not an issue or a problem." 

Maybe the patient's mother was drinking when she was in the womb???

very funny....LOL....sm

I am female, been teachng women about both sides of the brain - it's why I am able to drive a 5-speed transmission vehicle for 20 years (tho my last car in 2001 I switched to automatic).  Try teaching an adult man who doesn't drive a stick shift, to drive a stick shift.