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changing background colors

Posted By: MemphisMT on 2007-02-19
In Reply to: Dumb Question...Can You Do This in Word? - Amanda

1. Click on Start | Control Panel | Display | Appearance | Advanced
2. Cick in the White box that says "Windows Text"
3. Under Item you'll have Window and under Color 1 you'll have you're bright white.
4. Click on the down arrow and either pick one of the colors you see or click on Other.
5. Click on the white box (lower right) and on the far right a bar will appear that goes from bright white to black. Click down the bar a little bit at a time until you get the color you like. You'll see the colors change in the COLOR box. When you have the color you like, click "Add to Custom Colors" and then click OK. Click OK twice more.

You have now changed the display on your screen alone. Whoever you send the file to will see it according to their settings.

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I changed the background and text colors in the Windows appearance settings.
It does not transfer to anybody else. The colors you see on your screen are going to depend on your video card so only you can play with the colors to find one that is soothing to your eye.
I have found light peach background with dark brown text to be very helpful.
What screen colors do you use?
What screen colors are easiest on your eyes? I read somewhere that shades of lavender/purple actually caused the least eye strain. (I'm assuming no color blindness!) I've been using black text on white background for a long time, but I'm getting old, the bifocals slip on my face, and I'm trying new colors. Just wondering what colors most MTs use to prevent eye strain.

my true colors
Yeah if Mexicans coming in the US illegally and me as a taxpayer having to pay for them to freeload over here makes me a racist and I am showing my true colors then hey I guess I am racist. It is not right. That is why they are known as ILLEGAL aliens. If they would go about it the RIGHT way and become citizens and get jobs and try to better themselves then it would be different but I have a first hand view of what they do and most of them do it. They come over here and try to get all they can for nothing. Yeah I probably would want to come over here but they can do it legally and try to better themselves not be moochers. My parents gave this "little mexican girl" a place to park her camper and asked for no money for rent only utility to be paid. My parents had to ask her 3 times for a utility payment when she has a job and had the money. She expected to live for free off my parents. Dont ask how she got a job because she is illegal and finally admitted it when my mother pressed her. Maybe it was a job where they dont check I don't know. My parents have tried to give and be nice to this girl but she continually takes advantage.
Screen colors
Changing screen colors through the control panel will not change anything on any other computer. That's just nonsense.

Your coworkers sound as though they changed the font color and background color ON THE DOCUMENT itself using the formatting commands. That's the only way a change would transfer with the document itself.

Changing it with Barb's method will give you a glaring blue background with white text. You can't get aqua that way.

You can change your colors in Windows. Start, Control Panel, Display, then choose a color scheme in Desktop. Get as close as you can with one of the ones provided, then adjust the color of the background. You can invent your own if you're not happy with any you see there.

Software comes with built-in instructions now. Just click "help" on the toolbar.
Different pastel colors in a plaid.
All the different colors of correct-tape!

Sure does bring back memories.  I remember sitting at my Selectric in my basement when I was a newbie back in 1975 crying my eyes out because I had just finished a 3 page report and the doc wanted me to insert a paragraph at the beginning of the report!  There was no "memory" back then and the whole thing had to be retyped just to add one paragraph!  I remember them fondly, but am much happier with my computer!  Thanks for the walk down memory lane, though!


Horses change colors.....
Didn't ya see the Wizard of Oz? LOL
Plastic shoes that come in many different colors, and several
different styles.  Very popular with medical personnel who are on their feet all day.  Google Crocs. 
Here's a site for NC cottonmouth colors:
The colors set on your computer pertain
only to you. It comes into the MTSO at however they have it set.
Click the More button on the colors tab so you can
further customize the color in the right window.
October! Love the colors of fall
I feel so alive!
Brighter colors do fade over time and I could
that is 12 years old.
Luxury? I can't imagine that! LOL As a woman who LOVES to try different colors
with the changing of the seasons, I know that wouldn't be for me at all! I would hate it after only a couple of weeks or so...
Some of the craft stores like Michael's carry them in funky colors, too. nm
It was wonderful outside. The butterfly bush is covered with butterflies of all colors. nm

On microsoft word - My background is white, and I would like to change it to a darker color. The white is too bright and hurts my eyes. I had done it once before, but forgot how to do it. I do remember doing it through Control Panel?


Yes, I keep it low in the background. nm
not sure your background
but if i understand, you've had your training and can't get a job yet? If that is the case, i would highly recommend working on-site in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital to get on-the-job experience before trying to work at home. I've been at this 30+ years and THAT is the way to get started, and have a good start.
Has anyone ever done a background check?
Do you really get all the info that they say you can? If you have, where did you get it from? I'm trying to get some info on a spouse of a married friend who is acting REALLY weird right now.

I think they should do a background check also. nm
yes, they definitely do a background check. - sm
Look, if you were to work in a hospital, wouldn't you be required to have a drug screen and background check??? I have worked in 8 hospitals, and about 6 of them required that I have a drug screen and a background check.

I don't understand why "Desperado" got so worried about the whole "physical and drug screen and background check" statement with Diskriter. Hmmm... maybe she has something to hide.
Her background? I cannot name the number of
Master-degreed nurses I have worked with and done transcription for who are not able to annunciate or spell terminology and medications, etc. When I would ask them about their dictation, they wouldn't even know what they were reading off on simple radiology and lab reports, etc. It was shocking.

Her "background" does not necessarily give her what she needs. Whether she needs to make haste on an MT school/course depends truly on how competent of a student she was in her nursing studies.
What's the background/motive?
Music in the background
I have to turn on my music in the background. It is just distracting enough to force me to focus on my dictator..sounds crazy doesn't it?! That is for the boredom. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm not working and my mind is just drifting off. For the inconsistent income, I have a side income not involved in MT and when things get slow here, I just switch my focus to my other at-home business. Good luck to you!
background check
I am in school and want to know if a misdemeanor-disorderly conduct-from 11 years ago will affect me getting hired as an MT. Also I have a recent arrest(a year ago) but it was dismissed-DH and I fought and ended up being the one to go. They even sent me to victim's class. We have been to therapy, counseling, etc.  I am an A student and never had anything but good employment history. I am in school now and stressed out about whether this stuff will affect my job placement. Any advice?
Background color
How do you change the background color. I want a blue background and blue text??? 
Background check
Anybody know if Milner transcription out of Georgia does a background check?
What is your background enabling
How many years of experience do you have?  What school did you attend?  Your post comes off sort of "above all".  QA is just that in my opinion.  If not for the blanks, you wouldn't have a job lady.
I think with just the limited background you have had
probably will need more training to do the 4s. Some folks say they just started in it but places looking for experience, most of them anyway. You might find a place to hire a newbie. The 4s mean everything so you have to be versed on any kind of medical dictation they can throw at you.
Background noise!
Have to voice my very, very most reviled pet peeve about transcription, and it seems to be getting worse.  The nurses gabbing, cackling, gossiping, laughing in the background.  Makes me crazy.  Thankx  
a little more background info
I was an MT for 12 years, enjoyed it, and did very well at it. I worked in hospitals doing all types of clinical (H&P, disch summaries, progress notes, all types of surgeries, etc) transcription including radiology (6 years) and a little pathology. The main reason I left was for job security.
background checks
If the company uses the information found in background check so verify identity, its okay, but if they do it to check for convictions of certain crimes, I think they should not use crimes that were not computer-related against individuals. If you got arrested for shoplifting when you were a teenages, I dont think it should be used against you 30 years later. Is there anyone out there who has ever gotten let go because of information on thier background check that involved a conviction??
Don't have to submit to background check, BUT

Sure, you can refuse a background check, but you won't get the job offer, either.  Rights or no rights, the employer still holds all the cards on this one.

Is your background in acute care?
Sounds like your experience may be in clinic and you are testing for acute care. Is this the case?
And....HE'S OFF (galloping horses in the background)!!




Wow! At least I can understand his English this time!
some nationals do a background check - sm
I know for a fact that Diskriter does a background check. They do this because they are giving you a computer, as well as the fact that you are going to possibly be on accounts that give you access to patient information, i.e. SSN/insurance numbers, address, etc. This is, and has been, a fact that there have been transcriptionists that have committed identity theft in the past.
What color is the background of your screen for
Doesn't help with background noise.
I have been using Turtle Beach for quite a while now. It does help clarify the actual dictators voice with normal settings; however, if you start messing with the background noise reduction settings all it will do is distort the dictators voice. Trust me. I have played around with the settings alot b/c one of my docs likes to rattle his x-rays around as he looks at them. Ouch! My ears!
Escription background color? HELP! sm

How can I change the background color on Escription?  I'm running it with MS Office 2003 if that helps/makes a difference.  The white is causing some serious eye strain and by the end of my shift my eyes are burning and I have a headache.  If I can change it to a different/duller color it might helpl. 



Sounds like something running in the background is
taking focus away from your Word program. Do you have Windows indexing running? Does your antivirus run when working in Word?
Background (radio), but I would love to know
if you can have it on your computer, headset, while working. I do not know how to do that, but it would be great to have classical in the background of the dictators!
hoped to use the speakers in background
instead of having both come through the headphones. Would probably have to have two soundcards or something.
I use Avast...it updates almost every day and runs in the background....
all the time. If I get an email attachment within attachment from forwards, it checks all of them before I even open it. It's a free program, too.
Background checks on MTs fro third world countries?? LoL. Are you serious? nm
I always have satellite radio playing in the background. sm
There's a good variety of relaxing music. I have it on even when I'm not transcribing.

I think it also relaxes my dogs cause they sure sleep well when it's on:)

Ohmy yes...and the one in the background is never that clear when I'm doing his charts! nm
pay for extensive criminal background check

Hospital background check laws
Can someone tell me where I can find the hospital background check laws?  Looking for IL mainly.  Thanks.
Sounds like there may be another program running in the background.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete ONE time and check the applications that are running. Close any that are not needed/wanted.

Also, run a virus scan to make sure there are no stealth programs such as key logger, virus, etc. that are running and could be slower your computer down.

Are you transcribing directly from an Internet download? If so, the speed that carrier is quoting is MAX speed, not constant speed; if there are a lot of other people on your "line", then speed will be slower.