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Posted By: Janice on 2005-11-14
In Reply to: Anybody do chiropractic trans?... - (sm)

I have been working for a chiropractic neurologist for about a year, part time. I received my certificate from a local college in May. Stedman's also makes a neurology word book that may be helpful to you. I love doing chiro work.

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Anybody do chiropractic trans?...
Have only done radiology before...was wondering if, with this background, would it be possible to break into working for local chiro's or if totally different type of work.  Anybody having done this type of transcription before with any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Chiropractic care...sm

Hi there!

Just wondering if anyone has had any positive benefits from chiropractic care?  I have pins and needles in my face and arms for about two weeks every since the "pickle jar" incident...yes, I somehow managed to hurt my neck by opening a pickle jar!!!  Since then, the pain is pretty much gone, but I still have the nagging pins and needles feeling, so I scheduled myself an appt. for x-rays and treatment with a chiropractor for the first time and I'm a bit nervous.  Any advice?  TIA.

chiropractic work
I work strictly for chiropractors only and I charge all of them $2.50 per page.  One of the accounts I do only S.O.A.P. notes and they want them on labels, so they provide the labels, so it is just ink.  I use an ink jet.  I have been with them many years.  Hope this helps.
Need input on chiropractic account rate
Does anyone do a chiropractic account?  I am wondering what is a proper rate to charge.  The account is basically patient SOAP notes, fairly easy.  He has just started dictating his notes.  I don't want to overcharge him, but I want a decent rate too.  I don't want to charge separate for paper and toner, just add it in to my line rate.  Have to take into account the cost of gas for pickup and delivery as well, which is about 10 miles one-way for me usually once a week, but I do try to run other errands when I deliver work as well.  I am in Michigan.  I have no idea what the going rate is in my area, as I don't know of any local MTs here.  I am sure there must be some here, but in my 10 years in this area, I have yet to run across another local MT, nor have any of the numerous people I've met been aware of any as well.  I have made between .10 and .13, be it 65-char. or gross line, for at least several years now as a subcontractor.  I have 15 years of experience, mostly in acute care, so am not well versed in the going rate for clinic notes. Any input is greatly appreciated!
Soft tissue work with chiropractic care
Moving/manipulating the skeletal system without addressing muscle/tendons/ligaments is useless because the bones will misalign again if adhesions, etc. in muscles (from previous injuries, bad biomechanics, gravity's effects on our up-right postures,etc.) are not dealt with. I'm in my late 40's so I speak from experience. Muscles are often the culprits that pull bones out of proper alignment. Stretching muscles with adhesions is moot. Consider most of the time we are bending forward in our daily lives; psoas muscles get stronger but back muscles (S.I. ligaments) do not.
Soft-tissue work is essential. Chiropractic care alone doesn't complete the job, hence, need for repeated visits over months/years.
Hope this helps.
If you are that slow, why don't you stop in some local doctor's offices, pt, chiropractic, etc
do their backlog?  That has always kept me extremely busy.