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demographic info is not the only info ...sm

Posted By: cj on 2008-11-27
In Reply to: Keeping reports... - MT with a heartbeat

protected by HIPAA, as we all know. I saw that ad too and was surprised to see it. Any identifying info is considered Protected Health Information, including diagnoses, tests, etc. This MTSO should have known better than to ask for that.

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I agree demographic info and extras slow you down
I work on an account where there is no interface and every Phy. name has to be looked up in an excel spreadsheet and inserted, name and ID# for cc phys. ect. Not to mention all the pt. information. This takes up a lot of time and most of the reports are 2 or 3 minutes, some even a little over a minute...makes for a long day
thanks for the info
Wanted to make sure it was okay to maybe start early or late some days, can't stand such a rigid schedule when i work at home. Understand about making sure to produce enough first though.
Thanks for all the info....
It saddens me to know that this is a problem with internet companies, I knew it happened at hospitals.
A little info
My sister graduated from nursing school in 1988 and had been working in nursing, until I became an at-home MT and she decided to take a coding course because she wanted to work at home, too. She took the course and took an in-house position. Some months later, she took and passed her certification. Now, she is having a really hard time finding an at-home position. I don't know if it's a typical story, but I do know she's been pursuing it pretty heavily and is having a hard time.
Thanks for that info (sm)
I was contemplating getting a second HSI provider. As it turns out, I am back on now. But, yes, started my day off all wrong. The stress from this is exhausting in itself. I will call BellSouth Fast and get the info. Hope it is available in Calif. If not, will find some sort of remedy with a backup connection using high speed internet, that is for sure. This cost me money.

Thanks for your response!
thank you for the info...sm

I'm considering asking for a trial at it, wish me luck!

appreciate the info
I think animals need a voice and things like PETA, no kill shelters, animal wildlife preserve are very important in our day and age of technology.  We need them as much as they need us. 
I think they all have the same info....sm

Because MT is a tiny community and we share the misery well.

I understand what you're saying (and it sucks to be in the situations you were in) but I do believe that if we are adequately vigilant we'll know what we need to.  OTOH, then there's me, and I don't care what they do as long as there's work.  So I get where you're coming from.

I just would like to see an end to the destructionist thinking about MTSOs and MT in general.  :)

Good discussion!

Have you tried looking for the info
on QNET? Might be available there.
I have info on them...
I didn't work for them because a family emergency came up when i was just finished with their training. The lady is really nice, but their training modules are a bit silly. You have to learn their platform to use it to train and then why bother doing the training because you just figured it out on your own..silly.
thanks for the info
Hello.  My name is Chris.  I am getting ready to take my final exam for medical transcriptioning.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  How is it to actually get paid for doing this?  I have been studying for this for so long I don't know what I'll do if I ever get a job where I do get paid for it.  Thanks for any ideas.
Where do you get your info?
Are you in the banking business?  Where do you get your info?  Last year I was approved for a $30,000 home equity loan with no prob.  (Btw, got the loan for "just in case" what with daughter going to college, etc.  I used about $5,000 of that last year and paid it back within a couple of months).  3 years ago, when DH lost his business, we refinanced the house to assume what debt was left from the business with no prob, and btw, his FICO score is excellent too. It is hard for me to think i should "fix what isn't broken."
Thanks for this info...sm
Well, as much as I have enjoyed using Carnival, they have lost my business. I hope the person who thought up that response gets fired.

I'd love to see the link, so I'll Goggle it.

I wonder if Carnival is the only U.S. owned cruise line. Shame on them.

On CNN, I heard that other countries have been donating money. Why doesn't the person taking the calls from other countries ask if they could send nearby cruise ships instead of money (in a diplomatic way, of course)?

Thanks for letting me know that cruise ships was at least thought of.

You know, I want to help so bad, and I just know there's an answer to all this suffering that someone hasn't thought of. It's too much pain for anyone to bear.
Need some info! Help!!!
Hello!  I am going to test for a new job next week.  This will involve op notes, H&P, consults and discharge summaries.  I have about 6 years exp in Radiology and about 8 months doing H&P, office notes, consults and very minimal in-office op notes.  Where can I get practice tapes or anything else that will give me a chance of passing this test?  Please help! 
Thanks for info ... sm
on what they'll do when they catch me using it for transcription. I had posted earlier that I signed up for unlimited LD with Bell South as part of a package for $20/month. I told the call-center lady from India why I needed it, and she said that was no problem. A few days later, Bell South sent me a brochure advertising all the good things about the service and, in smaller print, I read "voice to voice only". It's good to know that I won't be hauled off to jail, so thanks for sharing what they said to you. If they called me on this, I was going to blame it on the call-center lady (she really should know the rules and regs on what she is selling; after all, she called me).

It's interesting, though, that when Bell South sent the brochure, they also sent an "agreement" outlining the billing and legal stuff. You need a magnifying glass to read it, but I've gone over it a few times, and it doesn't mention anything about voice-to-voice. You'd think they mention that in the agreement instead of on the brochure. I think I remember Vonage being a little expensive, so I'll probably go back to Qwest, and get their small business plan for $25/mo.
thanks for the info
Thanks for the explanation. I took the training for ASR but afterwards never received any of the work (even though a couple of my accounts are using it for some of the dictators). Still doing the MT'ing.
Thanks for the info dd

A bit of info (sm)

I've never worked for Accuscribe, but I did meet the owner once and felt she was incredibly nice.  We had a long talk at a convention.  I liked the idea that she said she paid premiums to MTs who most helped out their coworkers. 

In the past 4 years or so, the only bad thing I've heard is that they don't pay for spaces and that they require noncompete agreements, etc., before they will test MTs.  If you are applying for IC work, then a noncompete agreement is dodgy legally; you might want to consult your attorney and accountant to look over the paperwork before deciding.  [If you don't have an attorney and an accountant,  you have no business being an IC, IMHO.]

As far as I know, they still use DocQScribe as they were the company that first field-tested it when it was developed.  (MQ bought it from the software company.)  As you've probably already found out, there are those who love and those who hate DQS.  It's a nice platform when the demographics import feature works well; otherwise you end up entering a lot of data that you're not paid for.  Even with demo importing, you'll still end up losing lots of lines for things like date of service/admission/discharge, referring/requesting physician names, and names/addresses for the courtesy copies, all stuff we used to get paid for as recently as 2-3 years ago. 

Perhaps you'll post your experience if you go further with this company? 

Thanks for the info! (nm)
Wow, thanks very much for the info!...nm
More info please sm
Can you give a little more information?  What else does he talk about?  Where is he inserting the scope?
More info
Nothing on ALMA.  What does the rest of the report indicate?
More Info
I don't have any medical background. There is a local Tech school offering a Certificate in Medical Transcriptionist. It costs $1560, but includes everything you need for the course. The info said you can do the work at your own pace. Some people finish in 5 months some in 9. How much do most people make to start off with?
Wow , thanks for the info....
that sounds like way too much work and not enough pay.
TMI (too much info)
Thank you for that info
I was planning to use a small electric heater in my home office and turn our furnace way down (that runs on propane) during the day as I spend all day in my office anyway (a third bedroom). There was some program on TV recently that said it would actually be more economical to do it this way if you were just heating one small room. Now, I don't know.... I am sure the electric prices per unit are going to rise as well so I may be no further ahead in any event. We are at least "locked in" on our propane price for this season and on a budget plan. Of course, it will depend on our winter how much we end up using obviously too.

I also bought me one of those "cuddle wraps" that zip & snap around you that I thought I could wear while working. I also bought me several pairs of thermal underwear and sweats. I should still be able to turn the thermostat down a couple extra degrees if I bundle up. :)

Oh, we also use a humidifier in the winter and it does help a lot as the moist heat makes you certainly feel warmer.
Any other info? NM
Thanks 4 the info! nm

I work for DSG out of Atlanta and am very happy! I have been there for nearly 2 years now and do not have 1 complaint about them! I only have compliments for the job and management, always there to answer questions, give positive feedback (which is uncommon for most companies). I also had a friend who works for Greenlight in Oregon and she is very happy with them. She says Suzanne is great!
Does anyone have info about
tax info
They can't easily 1099 you if they don't have your tax info.... If it were me, I'd wait till they called me (and they probably will!) and I'd just say, "gee, papers?  what papers?  Didn't get them.  You can't correctly 1099 me yet anyway because I have not been paid in full.  Send me another set with my final paycheck and I'll get them back to you as soon as the check clears."   Till then, I'd flush 'em.  If you already filled them out at beginning of your employment, then their loss of paperwork is not really your responsibility. 
Thanks for the info...sm
When I first started there, it was the first time I tried IC status, so I guess I didn't know enough about it and should have researched first!
some more info

Concerning yo:  In the old versions of Word, I think 2000 and older, you could type 90yo and it would come out correctly.  With the updated versions it comes out with the space like you stated.  The only solution I have found is to type 90-yo and put year-old in the auto correct.  Maybe someone else has a better suggestion, but that's what I figured out.

I also agree with above about using Auto Text in addition to Auto Correct.  I use Auto Text for longer expansions, such as whole operative reports or physical exams.  You will find that Auto Correct will only allow so many characters in its expansions.   Hope this helps.  


some more info
Julia, stay where you are at. Do not go to work for Spheris. I just left them after almost 3 years of employment. They did not pay me for my last 3 work days (24 hours) because they must "approve" your hours/lines worked. I transcribed for a difficult account/s! Only not to get paid!! Spheris obviously thinks they can get away with this because their MTs/employees work from home! The CEO/president of this company is a very nice man. But obviously that doesn't trickle down to the rest of the staff. If the moderator has a problem with this post and/or deletes it, then the message needs to be sent out LOUD AND CLEAR that these companies are treating these hard working, loyal MTs like garbage who are GETTING THEIR WORK DONE FOR THEM and MAKING THEM LOOK GOOD by getting TAT BACK IN GOOD TIME. I hate this company. I can't believe you can be treated this way by a larger company. Edix was a decent company. Spheris is NOT.
Here is some info and a fix

Here is some info... (sm)
I don't have a lot of info but....sm

I see commercials in FLA for netzero for $9.95/month.  I am not sure that is for DSL though.  I got mine thru my local phone company and is approximately $24/month.  When you first get it, they charge like $100 but you then get 3 rebate checks back totaling that same $100.

So, $24/month for DSL for business is reasonable, I do believe.  You may be able to get it cheaper online, but I'm not sure. 

Thanks for info

Most of the people on here are awesome with sharing their information and I appreciate it.  Hopefully will be going digital in a few months also but getting those tapes out of their hands is like making them give up coffee.   Hard.  I will still have to print and deliver as I know that they would want to cut my cpl if they had their office staff do it and to be honest those gals do not have the time and I am quite close with my offices that I would feel guilty putting more work onto them.   Gets me out of the house anyway.  But I want digital for the clarity and no broken tapes or lost tapes -- so this is mainly for me so I don't mind the printing and delivering. 

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge and personal experiences.


So much info....
You're all correct, my head has spinning. I spoke to my dad yesterday and my mom today. They both want me to take some time and plan,plan,plan. I got some info on Swan yesterday and I know they can hide me out if I need to go. I was up all night last night and I realized several things. He is talking about church again today. I have to agree that we have never tried God as an option. I'm willing to try anything once. Twice if I like it. I'm trying to stay rational. He knows that I do not love him anymore and that he has controlled me to this point. I know what I have to do and I know I am not in danger. Believe me. I AM NOT IN DANGER. Neither are my children. I am in control now and I'm loving it. I know you all don't know me and think that maybe I'm delusional, but the power I have right now is making me quake. I'm insane with it. He knows I have him by the balls, so to speak. I can't go into details, but I'm OKAY. Nevertheless, I still want to send out BIG HUGS AND THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! I'll keep you "posted". This is the first time in this 5 year marriage that I'm really sure I'm going to be okay. You have all helped me more than you know. I'll explain more later. :o) Jodie
oh, and a little more info here...
This is an adjunct site to clickykeyboards.com (clickykeyboard.com, without the 's' ... just a *little* confusing, lol).

You might find this buying guide helpful too:

Need some info
Hey, Patti

It sounds like you are doing something right. I live in Ohio and I would like to start doing the exact thing that you are "having my own private accounts." I currently work for a national MTSO and the money is not that good only 7 cents per line. I would like to have my own account but I have heard that you have to be able to have the equipment to do this. I only have my foot pedal and reference materials. I don't have any software programs where the doctors can download their dictations or anything. What type of equipment do you need to start branching off on your own?

Also, how did you get the accounts? Did you start by sending out letters to doctors offices and telling them about your services and the type of equipment and experience that you have? Are there any good websites or books that can help me to get this started?

How much experience do you think a person needs to be able to branch out on their own and get private accounts. I live in OHIO.

Thanks for any information. It will be well appreciated. What is Sylcount that you mentioned in your post?
Any HOW TO info??

Looks like I may have an opportunity to do some transcription for a local doctor on the side after all, and I just wondered if there is some kind of website, book, or ?? about how to go about breaking into doing more of this on the side and what steps to follow.  From reading these boards, it sounds like a lot of you have a main company/account you work for and others as backups when the work is low.  Any pointers, information, would be most appreciated.



Thanks for the info (SM)
I live in NW GA (just north of Rome if you have ever heard of that). Just curious....Did you take the job with Amphion and are you still there? If so, do you like it?
I need this info too, thanks.
cc info - what's that?
thanks for the info, will look for it-nm
Thanks for all the info, but what I'm looking for is

to be on a forum where there is interaction with those who have been/are in the same situation.   I'm not in the least suicidal and I don't feel I am depressed.  I think most of us get overwhelmed at times when life seems to happen at all once, where we struggle to balance our married relationship, our roles as parents, looking after our parents who are in bad health, financial difficulties, work, etc. and we just need to talk to someone/know we aren't alone to help us get through the haze. 

info. on above- sm
Email me, I tried to email you but the address was invalid.  I have info on who to contact, etc.  in order to help you get your money back.
More info...SM
I used paypal. Fortunately if you do not receive an item with paypal you can get your money back, but if you receive an item not as described you are out of luck (if not bought through E-bay).

I was asked to make payment to an e-mail for a Lone Star Chinchilla Ranch, which was a hotmail address.

I do believe this could be the same person in most of these instances for the following reasons:

1. Someone seems to always die or be sick with cancer.

2. Problems shipping an item -- daughter forgets to send. That happened in my case as well.

3. Mother and daughter seem to be involved. In my case the mother died.

4. Husband always leaving her.

5. Texas/Oklahoma area.