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depends on the system

Posted By: ls - WA on 2006-12-06
In Reply to: C-phone restart? - clhmt

the hospital I worked for prior 7 worked however on my account now it rewinds it in increments so I either use the pedal by holding down teh rewind pedal which only takes a few second or I can keep hitting 7.

Good luck

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It depends on how the system is set up...sm
I have worked on several different Meditech systems.  They are all different. Margins are different.  How the lines and/or characters are counted are different.  One system counts gross lines, one system counts all lines blank lines included, one system counts just characters.  Some count the headers, some don't.  I currently work on two systems and when I copied and put into word, one system was right on and the other had a descrepancy I though might be the header.
It depends a LOT on your system...sm

If your QA score is calculated based on errors per line instead of errors per number of characters, the formula is probably similar to this:

Number of error points divided by number of lines, subtract from 1, multiply by 100.

For instance, if a critical error is worth 2 points and a noncritical error is worth 1 point, the formula would be thus:

Number of error points for 2 critical and 7 noncritical:  11

Number of 65-character lines, rounded up to a whole number:  40,178 / 65 = 618.

Error points divided by lines:  11 / 618 = 0.018

Subtract from 1:  1 - 0.018 = 0.982

Multiply by 100:  0.982 x 100 = 98.2

Depends on your system.
There are many systems set up so that you can place comments but what sometimes does not get relayed is the fact that anyone who can access that system can read the comments or questions .. you need to be professional about all questions. You can pick up the phone and ask what their problem is too .. I work QA and I am never nasty to my group .. I feel I am there to help not demean.
Depends on what kind of system you are using....
where I work, we can set our voice wave to download by job number, physician ID, job type, many different ways.  Sometimes we need to just download one kind of report, or a specific report we've been asked to do as a stat.  Unfortunately, that also allows unethical people to grab one physician's work, as in a doctor who might dictate using templates which you just pop into the report and you have a whole report already typed out with just a few changes.  Or, they might like doing a certain job type that is easy for them, and they can grab those.  Of course, it's stupid to do that because everything is computerized now and they can obviously see what you are doing as it is documented by the software.  I never ever do that, never have, never will.
It depends on what VR system you are talking about, sm
and how long the account has been on VR.

I have been doing VR for about 5 years now, EditScript from eScription, and it is 10x faster than standard transcribing.

But again, I also make way more than 4 cpl. So, I make a decent wage and am quite happy with VR.
Depends on the call-in system
VDI is 34 to slow down and 36 to speed up. Every system is slightly different. You will need to contact whoever you work for to go into the keypad menu or manual. Good luck
Meditech is an operating system and Fusion is voice for a dictation system
It's the way our system is set up..
We can search to see what work is out there, and we can also search by author and see what work each author has, and even look at completed reports, which is nice when you're stuck. I love my platform.
everyone on DQS (DEP) system
not all accounts are on it yet, but most are
Can you say what system it was? nm
I think it is what system you are using,
that is why I asked you to tell me more. I use eScription and 1 can believe or not but I am amazed at how the ESLs are picked up better than the English. You are using Dictaphone- I have read other posts who are on different VR system and they are not satisfied. I have loads of ESLs on my account but am happy VR is picking up instead of my having to listen to them all and trying to muddle through.
Your system allows this?
The system I work on does not allow me to 'pick' my work. I have a pool of work and it loads into my computer 3 records at a time. I have to take what I get and do what I get. Your system allows you to choose what dictations you want to do? In my opinion, that is not fair to anyone. It should be what pops up gets done by whoever reaches it first.

I would say one last thing to my boss about it, if I were you. I would just tell her that you can sit there and watch what is happening, that this one person is taking the gravy jobs, and for your boss to sit and observe it herself and do something about it. I don't see why any person feels they are better than another, to get an easy income while others struggle. I sure hope it is resolved soon for you.
For every system set up, there is a way around it..
our system recently changed to allow only ONE job to be seen and worked on at a time, which they thought would stop the cherry picking, but it has not. There is a web site where we can still view what is coming next and down the line. The cherry pickers just wait, PERHAPs doing a little job here and there, and then as soon as a very large one comes up, snap. it is gone! I hate this way of things. I certainly wish that all accounts were "assigned" accounts. Much more fair to all transcriptionists. but that is just my opinion!!!
EMR System
I just got back from a meeting at my employer's office. They've been implementing EMR and expect most of it to be up and running by March. They haven't come right out and told us (the other transcriptionis), but we may be without a job, although they haven't really said too much. Supposedly they may still need us because there are some doctors that are set in their ways and won't use it.
What system do you use? NM
The problem is with our system.
As a Caucasion I do feel shame for what my ancestors have done to people of other races, especially to Native Americans.  However, I cannot go back in time and fix that.  The problem now is not that people want to come here, the problem is the gravy train our government allows outsiders that do come here.  This is in no way good for the citizens of this country, no matter their original nationality.  If I wanted to become a citizen of another country, the first thing I would expect to have to do is to learn the language.  The powers that be have had a global economy as part of the agenda, and now we have it.  This did not start with the current administration.  I do not know if there is anything that can be done to help the situation at this point.  The powers that be have what they want.  If you are big business, then you can trade with anyone in any country who has the money.  If this is what they wanted, at least they could level the playing field so that we could financially compete with those who are being given a free ride.
Then she'd get back on the system with
This is so-and-so, and I got disconnected AGAIN.
Call-in system
I have an internet based digital call in system with 4 ports.  It is very simple to use. The doctor calls in and then the work is on the server, you load it with Express Scribe and do your work........If you want another transcriptionist to get work, then you just put in their e-mail address along with your doctor's key and it will automatically forward to the transcriptionist, while you still have a copy of the voice file to be able to double check the work.   I bought mine through RT King.
abcdz system
Could you please explain?
Yep, but its the Dictaphone system...
My hospital rad account decided to "upgrade" their system which supposedly would take half an hour - its now 6 hours and counting - and the docs haven't been able to dictate since noon - boy R we in for a backlog tomorrow!
Can't you log onto MQ's system and find that out?
I don't know about anyone else, but I would never stay with a company that didn't have enough work to keep me busy.
To sm, don't do it! Someone will call you and ask why you are off the system!
Where can I get this vacuum system? NM
DOS based system
Has anyone ever worked for a company that is DOS based? I started a new job today, and their system is in DOS. To me it is really old-school, but I guess I will just have to learn.
Can you use the DOS system with Windows XP?nm
You can't explain it. Our system we have
set up, like I said before, does not help the people who really need it half the time. The people who can afford to build on the beach and build mansions at that, should have to rebuild themselves.

My point though is that not everyone can get out. Not everyone has that opportunity. I got so tired of hearing about it was the people's fault in New Orleans because they should have left. What do people not understand about not being able to leave if you have no vehicle? It is their local government's fault for not using the buses they had on hand.
Cerner is a pie system for MTs...(sm)
A hospital I used to work for went to Cerner about a year before I left.  It was very nice for the MTs compared to the dinosaur system we had before it.  The front office and billing I cannot say were so happy about it..and expect alot of headaches throughout your department until they get used to it.  But as far as the MT side of it..it was great.  LOVED the lil "sticky notes" you could enter on a document to bring something to the rad's attention before they could sign it off. 
About system restore, sorry about that
Our problem is...system will
Therefore, we are not able to edit anything because we can't get in.
DocQScribe system help

Anyone use ShortHand and docuscribe together?  With my old company i was using Word and shorthand.  I had a macro set up to take me from blank to blank.  I am lost on this new system.  Any ideas on how to set this up?  Thanks in advance!


Do you use a digital system
How does it work on the clients end and on your end. How much did it cost?
Dictatphone System
I have an Enterprise Express that I would like to sell!  If interested, please email me!
...that would be 'great' system! :) nm
lanier system sm

Please help. Our Transcriptionist left abruptly, and we are needing to acess the files to pull a medical report. We have the job in que, but we are not able to get any further. Can someone walk us through getting this thing typed.

HELP!!! Just bought new system

any ideas?

DocShuttle System
How user friendly in the DocShuttle System?  Any info. would be appreciated.  How would you compare DocShuttle to DocQScribe or Webcorrect??
don't you also need the call in system with this? nm
Get yourself a system...most important..
With Autocorrect, you have to remember everything!  So I had to come up with a system that I would remember them.  I use the letter *J* for anything that ends in *tion* or *sion,* the letter *Z* for endings with *ize* or *ization*, *x* for words that start with prefix of *ex*, for capitalizing abbreviations, such as HPI that you want to capitalize in a sentence, would be *xhpi.*  I use *U* as in uhpi to bring up History of Physical Illness when needed in a sentence, as *HPI* will come up all caps for headings.  I also have a system that I will use the first two letters of two words if I have already used the first letters of two words, such as *cp* for chest pain, *chpr* for chemistry profile.  If those first two letters are used for something, I go to the first three letters of the first word and the first two letters of the second word.  Also will use maybe the first four or five letters of a word.  Also, have phrases, such as *sdnh* for she does not have, *shnos* for she has not seen, and just a lot of those types of things. Saves a lot of time.  Also have, of course, what the docs constantly say, their little phrases they use all of the time.  However, I do forget I have some of these things in there, and have to keep refreshing myself as with about 5000 abbreviations, it gets wicked!!  But it really helps to have a system that helps you to remember what you have in there. 
New system blues
We recently had a computer upgrade at the hospital where I work and we are having multiple issues.  We are using Word 2003 in conjunction with Dictaphone Enterprise Express.  First, does anyone know how to load the medical dictionary into the spell checker so that it pulls words from that dictionary?  The spell check is stopping on almost every medical word and driving us all crazy!  Secondly, the command CTRL+shift+spacebar is not keeping words together like it used to on our old system.  Anybody have any clues as to why?  Also, if you create a macro it will work fine until you sign off of word client, and when you sign back on, its gone.  Any help would be appreciated...it has been a long 2 weeks!  TIA.
I looked into that, but I need a system that will...
automatically route work to my MTs.

Thank you for the suggestion though!
I wonder if you can use System Restore
to recover that document. That worked for me once.
DVI system question

Does anyone know where I can get a manual for my DVI system type LFH 4020/80D?  I cannot find mine and I am not sure where to get a replacement.  I need to program it for a second clinic and am not sure how.



call-in system
How many clients do you have? IOW, how many doctors would be calling in at any given time? If you just need a one-line call-in unit, Philips makes a decent one that is relatively inexpensive, as call-in systems go. Only one doc can call in at a time, though. If you need something bigger than that, maybe look at Straight Talk. Sometimes you can even find those on Ebay
Call In System
Thank you! It will be approx 8 physical therapists calling in at one time. Thank you for your input.
call in system


I use Idigital call in system from transcriptiongear.com.  Very reasonable and you can buy packages which charge less for more minutes that are used.  So, you have to estimate the first month, then can purchase different packages depending on your need.  My docs love it.


Short-cut system
Try PRD - I used to use it with WordPerfect and it was the best Expander I have ever used.
Best digital system to buy
I want to start my own MT business by getting my own private accounts.  Tired of relying on others for work.  Anyway my potential clients are in another state.  What is the best system to get by which doctors could log dictations to my PC or a server?  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for any help.  I'm sure I can land the accounts -- just need a set-up that works.
Have you tried doing a system restore?
Numbering system sm
This would not work well as some people come in way before their appointment and some show up 2 minutes before and have to get back to work, so the early bird would have the other one's number. What about the local pharmacy where they holler out your name and in my case, yelled, "We're almost out of Norvasc but will give you enough to get you over the next few days." Good thing it wasn't something more personal! This privacy stuff is a long road to hoe before it gets straightened out. Same thing with blood work, no privacy at all in getting your info into the computer, yell out your name, ask address, tel. #, age, it's disgusting. The whole room knows why you're getting blood or urine tested. Geez.
lines on this system
they can be set to count any way they want so its not necessarily the system thats faulting, it is the hand that sets it. For instance, I am working for a company using Extext and my line count for the same hours, same type of work is double of what it was working for another company - same system...hmmmmm......
The system will learn...sm
If everybody types PhosLo in the beginning, the system will learn it that way and will eventually put out a draft with PhosLo in it.  However you type things is how the system will learn it.  At first, we were told every number had to be Arabic, even cancer stages and factors, but because of complaints by doctors, we started typing stages with Roman numerals.  It has taken a while, and it isn't perfect, but the system is learning to type Roman numerals when the word "stage" is in front of it.  Good luck with E-scription...I love it!