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depressed as hell

Posted By: Sue in PA on 2006-02-10
In Reply to:

Lost my in-house job...outsourcing...trying to find something at home. It's really rough....

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    depressed as hell
    thanks...will do...
    Great post and i agree 100%. As a former depressed person myself, ,I learned that the most depressed
    people are self-centered whether they want to admit or not. I stayed in my cave and only talked about me and my problems and I was severely depressed (runs in family)
    After I found God and started attending church regularly, I have completely changed and am off medications. I also give lovingly now to my husband, children, family, and friends and have recently taken over teaching a large woman's Bible study class locally and have never experienced such joy, peace, and happiness in my life.
    It wasn't until I began taking my eyes off of me and started looking around at others in more desparate situations that I began to learn the true meaning of life.
    Great post. I, too, think fasting is a life-changing exp. When I fasted from food for the first time (I am very overweight :) it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. There's just something about withholding something that you truly desire or want - it's like putting out flames to a destructive fire within you and it feels GREAT!!!!
    Not only no but HELL NO!!!!!
    hell no
    How will one improve on her sklls if her errors are not pointed out. I would inform her in writing that you are starting a new policy effective ---- that weekly, you will randomly check 10 reports which must be at 99.5% quality. OMG - these are psch reports. I used to have nagging mistakes of stuff I just learned wrong or that was wrong in the spellcheck - like mmhG, so I made macros for them, and like hte = the everytime I time it. Stuff she types a million times should be macro'd. Tell her the doc is stricter on you, so you have to be stricter or her.
    Who the hell's Laurie?
    See, you don't know everything. Thanks for the belly laugh! You have no idea who I am.
    The software is from HELL and goes down quite often.
    There are so many ifs, ands or buts in the accounts to get an IM is a good thing but no one was ever on IM who could actually help on the ifs, ands or buts.  Then if the software froze or became "corrupted", you need to get a tech to download it again or check your computer to see what's up.  Techs do not work after 5 so you needed to "write a ticket" requesting tech support to call you and hope that they would get back with you the next day so you could work again.  Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn't.  That's a pretty bad way to earn a living if you are dependent on OSI income.
    Your going straight to hell.
    I wouldn't stand near you in a lightning storm for anything. You are amazingly cruel, bordering on evil.
    First of all, what the hell does your post say!? LOL
    Second of all, no matter how many MQ complaints there are on HERE, they are not getting filed on the employee complaint form, you nitwit.

    Everyone's too chicken to actually do something about it. Just a handful of us are brave enough to do it.

    File it or shut it!
    tell them to go to hell, its none of their bees wax
    Then say "just kidding"  then use that uncomfortable silence to come up with a good answer.
    I believe that was the Hell's Angels, - sm
    Helter Skelter is a Beatles song, obviously inspired by Charles Manson and the Sharon Tate murder, and the other murders there out in CA near Death Valley.
    Depressed? sm
    Write it all down. Then, when he calls, you can start rattling off the numbers to him. More than likely, he is feeling a bit guilty for not being there. Yes, we all know that he is doing what is probably the most important job in this world, but to him, he may not feel that he is fulfilling his duties to his family.

    Ride with it, hon. Give him the numbers and he'll feel better.........and so will you.
    depressed sometimes too
    Just focus on good points in your life now, and things that made you feel good, like having that unconditional love, even though it was awhile ago, you still had it.  Even little things you come across every day like someone making small talk with you in line, or a compliment, or seeing your dog wag his tail or seeing an interesting shaped cloud, making someone laugh.  Not trying to sound hokey, but its true.  Theres ugly people who will use you and walk all over you in this world, crime, evilness, but if you make it a point to focus on the good and innocent, the bad won't go as deep, and you can bounce back.  Its like retraining the brain.  Life is pretty much neutral, but its our perspective that makes it evil or awesome. 
    Depressed sm

    I'll keep you and your husband in my prayers.  I can definitely relate to your situation.

    In 1999, after having a very difficult pregnancy, being on bed rest and not being able to work, we ended up losing our house, filing bankruptcy and having my car repossessed.  My husband was self-employed also at the time.  I was deeply depressed.

    With time and prayer, things do get better.  There is hope for you.  I know it's hard to see that now, but there is hope.  Don't give up. 

    Have you tried talking to your mortgage company or other creditors?  Maybe they can work something out with you.  I wish I would have tried a little harder to work things out with our creditors.  I just practically gave up which is the wrong thing to do.

    Things are a lot better for us now.  We're purchasing a new home (better than the one we lost) and have a new vehicle.  Things will get better for you, too.


    He is depressed. He does need help.
    Being single is reason enough to go to Hell?
    Boyfriend who is depressed.
    A great therapist I used to work for would tell folks in your situation, that you ARE not trained in counseling, therefore, you can not help him in the way he needs. It's just not your job so to speak. Go easy on yourself, it sounds like you have been very supportive, you now just need to decide how long your willing to do so.
    I am just sooo depressed

    Hello!! I am a newbie, stay-at-home military wife and my husband is the only one working for now. He is deployed right now and I am managing all the finances, since we have separate accounts, I transferred$1000 in my account which made him mad. It felt like I overspent and use the money for nothing. Money that I didn't even spent shopping!!! He knows where the money goes but he still questions me about every single penny I spent and I really felt so bad.

    Thank you guys for reading my post. I just felt like sharing this with you. I just need someone to talk to.

    Hi, I am here. I was just too depressed today
    I also was dumped a whole lot of work today. I just didnt want to cry in your ear. I will call tomorrow around lunch time if that is okay.

    :) Thanks for thinking of me.

    I almost didnt see this post. Too depressed to read. It caught my eye.
    You sure you're not depressed? (nm)

    How lucky, you only got depressed; (sm)
    my girlfriend lived through the well-known FDA "black box" reaction -- the one where the antidepressant makes the patient agitated and exceptionally suicidal? Her shrink doubled her dose, then went on vacation with no back-up coverage available. Fortunately she knew what was going on and called her friends for help after she kept feeling the urge to hang herself or run out in traffic; we sat with her in 4-hour shifts, distracted her, and kept getting her to drink and pee in hopes of flushing the junk out. Finally, after 8 days, she could sleep again and felt better. Next time she gets depressed, she says she's going to do mushrooms as they're much safer.
    one question for depressed
    How do you pay for your internet connection?
    Oh Lord, I'd be depressed again too! :D nm
    Things are on the upswing, but have been depressed.
    Gas prices soaring again, tens of thousands of people being laid off, plus the war and the hurricanes have certainly taken a bite of out a lot of budgets, not to mention increasing interest rates.  While the economy seems to be doing better, we are still walking a very fine line.   All you have to do is watch the news now to hear about how spending is down from last holiday season, that people are very cautious about buying big ticket items, the car manufactures are laying off 30,000+ people.   Doesn't hardly sound like a booming economy to me.  
    Sounds like you are depressed....Nothing to be ashamed about.
    I recommend you talk to your physician and maybe get in some therapy sessions, not necessarily medication, but get to the root of how you can assess where you are overwhelmed and what steps you can take to take control. This site is actually a great site, on occasion you will find some nastiness, but overall there are some wonderful women who are very supportive in situations like these.

    I was diagnosed last year with depression and anxiety and although I was on meds, I think the therapy was major reason for my successful outcome. I learned why my life is so unorganized and stressful and I learned some very helpful tools to use on a dialy basis when confronted with these issues.

    One thing I found to be helpful for myself is I started to take my shower before I started work, even put on makeup. It really does change how you feel about yourself. I recommend you start there.

    Good Luck!
    Not everyone wants to live in your depressed little world.
    There are more fun things to think about. Unfortunately, all the things you mentioned will NEVER go away. Does not do much good to worry about them.
    Hell, I didn't let my kids out of my sight in the 1980s!
    Freaks and loonies didn't just crawl out of the woodwork recently.
    She can start with the control freak from hell board
    I feel so sorry for anyone who has to live with this woman on a daily basis.
    Yep, had a distant relative going through some depressed times and did just that
    Unfortunately, NO. Didn't help me. It made me depressed. Reverse effect. nm
    Is anyone watching Hell's Kitchen? If you think MT is hard, watch this show. The abuse of the
    wannabe chefs is second only to MT abuse by the nationals.  Really, to work in a kitchen in a restaurant seems the hardest job ever pressure-wise.  I say this after watching "The Restaurant" and "Hell's Kitchen" reality TV.  I wonder what the pay is to subject yourself to this agony and pressure.