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figured it was a hot topic

Posted By: Renee on 2008-01-18
In Reply to: flames - blondie

just wasn't sure.  any other "secrets" I should know about?

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I figured it out... nm
You are SO RIGHT!! Figured that
out awhile ago.  Garbage in, garbage out!  I make 7 cpl and don't have all day...
figured it out
geez  -- I had to go to the second option but was in a PANIC -- thanks for your help didnt see the little backwards P symbol but did go into tools and figured it out
The way I figured it out (sm)

One of the MTSOs I worked for wanted perfect everything.  Then we were to look up all names since we were never given spelling and this took an extremely long time.  Then the MTSO threatened to not pay us if we didn't look up the names.

Simply put, I decided it wasn't worth my time and quit.

That's what I figured. Thanks! (nm)
I figured it out. *nm*
i figured as much
I've just been switched to another account to help out another transcription service - which was an account that I understood to be solely an account of the company I work for now - so they are either losing it or they never had the entire account to begin with.  this MTing after 15 years is driving me crazy - i think it may be time to move on.
I figured it out!!! sm
For some reason unknown to me, my husband was messing around on my computer last night and turned ON the User Account Control.  I have told him many, many, many times that this feature needs to be OFF in order for me to do my job.  He always listens so well!  I will be placing a lock on the door to this room and he will not be allowed in here anymore. 
I figured it out. Thanks anyway!

I figured that one out before
I read your post. Dah!!! Oh well, we are all entitled to a brain holiday, right?
I figured it out...
The NCH website has converter software that I downloaded. Works great. thanks to all who helped.

I figured it was the same because I am
able to read between the lines and saw on the Main and the Company posting the same time. People are running scared from VR and thus the question above which I consider legit.
Pooling--how is this figured out?
Day to day how to companies/managers figure out what pool to put you into?
Surprised you just figured this out.
Not trying to be nasty or anything, I just thought it has been broadcast so many times.  The people of means (AKA - the ones who worked) left the city when the evacuation order went out.  The others had to stay there and rely on the mayor who would not take them out in school buses, he wanted air conditioned Greyhounds.  Please, give me a break.  His head ought to roll with Michael Brown's, AND the governor's. 
i've figured it out myself :-)
never mind figured out.

I figured doing this for 10+ years I could
Sidestep into an editing position for a magazine or something similar, since the MT business seems to be going downhill, and also since I do write as a hobby.  I have short stories, journals, poetry, but all personal things, I don't know if that could be a part of my resume or not. There are many positions out there, you'd be surprised.  Also the pay is great to start for an editor.  You do have a point about degrees.  I think kids are pushed into college at an early age, not experiencing life or knowing what they want, and end up spending thousands on a degree in which they do not pursue or are unhappy in.  I have an aquaintance who went to school and got a degree in social work and she is now an accountant.  Seems like a waste of mom and dads money.  I'm glad I waited to go get my degree even though its really hard going to school at my age, but there is no doubt in my mind that a psych degree is right for me. 
Well those of us that have figured it out know your game :)

At least I know enough to offer to make my husband a sandwich when he's looking through the new truck section in the paper.

Works every time.

I figured you must be worried....sm

I know you're worried and I don't even know you.  However, knowing insurance, if you go before the insurance kicks in, they (the insurance after it kicks in) will see this as a preexisting condition and may not cover future treatment.  IF you can wait 12 days (because even if it was serious, and it may not be serious, 12 days won't make any difference, outside of possibly allaying your fears).  12 days will gallop by!!!  I feel bad for you because you're anxious and I'm the same way about these things.  Hope you do well !!!!! 

never mind, got it figured out! nm
I figured Cirie would go far-sm
I like seeing someone who is not terribly athletic be in the final 2.  Terry is competetive and athletic but his sensitivity chip is absent.  Shane was a character and made it interesting to watch.  Loved seeing him with his son.  They'll be fine.  Why hasn't Aras stepped up and won any challenges? Strategy? Or just not capable?
Duh. I figured it out, it's positive. nm

I figured you were Carly... sm
You are in this profession for the right reasons in my opinion.  Keep up the good work, and you know what?  Good things will come your way, I promise you that! 
See I figured you had a backbone.
Now use it.  Quit letting people push you around especially the MTSO you work for.  Can you say "scape goat".  That prior remark that I made was a test.  You PASSED with flying colors.  I wanted to see if you would reply to me, and you did!  Now apply that response you gave me to your "don't feel like lookin' nuffin ups"!!!!!!  Then you'll have more time to "dream in Cali"!!!!    100 wpm is great, and it sounds like you have a lot to offer!  Keep up the good work, but just don't do it for free!    Hope you're not mad at me.....  
figured it out and learned something new,....
thanks everyone...this has taken me forever to just get one thing done...thanks.
Hey, got it figured and fixed!
I went to the Nuance/Dictaphone web site and looked at their information base and lo and behold, there was the problem and solution. Apparently it's common with Windows XP or 2000 and they recommend a particular file download, DPVoicer1132.exe. I did that and ran it and after rebooting, problem fixed!

Thought maybe an update might help someone doing a search on here in the future.
figured he would understand
Since he is a doctor and a dictator, I thought he would respect and appreciate the work I am doing. Instead, he seems to recent that I am staying home, working more hours and making less money. It just does not make sense to him at all. So, it makes me wonder, am I the one who is crazy for doing this to myself? I do work all day, 12-15 hours since I have 2 companies, but I just love it. He seems to think I am just addicted to the computer.
Sort of figured as much...
Heard some horror stories much like you describe. Thank you anyway.
That's what I figured. Thanks! (nmsg)
Yes, that's what I figured, and I agree.
However, the post you were responding to was about a scam artist. I was guessing you didn't know what they were talking about, and that's why I explained it.
lol. I figured my fingers
got all jumbled up and I somehow did it to myself.  It would be quite a coincidence if we both jumbled up the same way at the same time, I think.  Maybe we can get some help from the site administrators. 
They probably figured you'd cost too much and
these companies surely do not want to offer anything a USA MT is worth. And they probably would rather insult you by failing you on the test, than your insulting them by refusing their low offer. A lot of us oldies with great quality get the same treatment. Or they say we are prima donnas or something, which really means we are not suckers. LOL.
Thanks, just took a closer look and figured -sm
it out, boy do I feel like a dope, been using this for years since it first came out, actually tested it for them, but just thought you were stuck in that 34 char. phrase box. Guess I need to learn how to READ. Well I am glad to learn something new, and it will help me be a little faster in the future, thanks!
I figured it out....So nevermind
I feel really stupid, but I was checking online to find a resolution to my problem and found a reminder to make sure the box is checked to expand quickwords when you type them.  How that box got unchecked I don't know, but anyway, problem solved!
Figured it out - sorta

Well for anyone else dealing with this "hot mess" :)

I believe the test file is somehow in review mode instead of transcription mode because the instructions given me by company correspond to review.  But if you just hit the play pedal and tap the backspace pedal at same time, it backspaces incrementally.  I never found out how to program it, but this works for now for testing. 

Nevermind - I figured it out.. nm
that's too funny! And you figured out what he was saying...dang

Think I figured it out -- medical editing???
Guess you haven't figured it out yet: Your job is to
If I cannot show them acceptance, love, and understanding REGARDLESS of their beliefs or acceptance of mine, then I'm no Christian.

What a terrible example one is to berate and force others to hear their side.

Thanks - I figured a $50 check; wasn't sure.
Hayseed, I just figured out that was a pig in your picture!

Regarding pay raises, I am paid hourly. I work for a fairly large multispecialty clinic. Last week we got a 3% COLA raise. I've been there four years and I've gotten a raise every year.



I figured it up and even at 10 cpl, this doc is not worth my time...nm
If you had figured correctly, you would not GET a big return
It is your money to start with. It is up to you to figure out what you should pay. If you are getting a huge amount back, then it is your fault. The IRS does not just OWE you money. You have it figured all wrong. If people lose their homes or cannot pay their bills due to their not getting refund, IT IS THEIR OWN FAULT- they paid in too much, not the other way.
Good job! I'd've never figured that out.
probably be easier to put a password on the computer so he (or anyone else) can't even turn it on.  Actually, I have no idea if it would be easier since I've never done this myself (my husband gets that my computer = $$$, so he is well controlled in that regard).
On the topic.......
I would certainly hope that any woman, young or old, has the common sense to wear what is most attractive on her. Of course, that doesn't always happen, but ya can't lump any group together by age, etc., and say that one particular style won't look good on all women in that particular group. We're all unique and what may look fine on you will look like hell on me. Or vice versa.

I'm a size 1-2-3, depending, and even though I'm almost 48, I do have to do most of my clothes shopping in juniors. Not all, mind you, but the majority. I hate to admit it, but I own shorts from the girls' rack (size 12). I also work out on a daily basis and have my natural brown hair. The makeup I own could be stored in a single small Glad bag with room left over. I wanted to switch from bikinis to one-pieces this summer, but friends told me that I would be crazy to do so.

I wonder......are you talking about someone like me?

Please think before ya post; you just might offend someone. :)
Off the topic but really need help with my dog. sm
My 7-month old little cocker was neutered on Friday. Overall, he is doing good, eating fine, drinking fine, up and around and in generally good spirits. The only thing we have had to do is give him Benadryl and 1/2 aspirin three times a day to keep his agitation level down since he was extremely off the wall the first 36 hours. He has one of those clear lampshade collars. Now, my question is, I would like to take the collar off since he can't scratch his ears or play with his toys-and he does love his toys. How on earth do I keep him from licking the surgical site? Does anyone have any good ideas? The aspirin is helping, but he still wants to lick. My son told me he used lots of vaseline with red pepper mixed in for his dog, but I'm afraid to try that. My luck he would get it in his eyes or in his sutures. I had a female years ago that was spayed, but never had a ounce of problems. She didn't lick once.
off topic...
I would say there is no such thing as "Somewhat unfaithful." That is like being a "little pregnant." SO, first just say it - your husband was unfaithful and you worked through it.

No, you do not have a right to feel angry and betrayed by your mother-in-law. You did not marry her nor she you. The 2 of you did not exchange vows. You have a right to feel hurt that she's having a relationship with the other woman and not you, but who she communicates with is her business. Now you know, mom-in-law is NOT your friend. Most mothers-in-law are not friends with their son's wives, so join the club.

You say your marriage is now stronger than ever - that's where your focus should be, not on your mother-in-law. Be cordial with her, but she's given you evidence of her true colors and you should not take her into your confidence again.

There is never a topic here (sm)
As far as comfort goes, I think it is great.  If the frame would make it higher, then that would be good for an older person as they would probably have a problem getting down on the floor.  (I know)
Along the same topic as below...

What do you find makes a man sexy? Is it his eyes? his smile? his ruggedness? his sensitivity? Or is it all of the above?

For me, it's all of the above.  I love a rough and rugged man, not a sissy man that's afraid of getting his hands dirty! Deep eyes that can see right through you...a smile that still looks like a child...and sensitive enough to cry over The Notebook...

Hey, that describes my husband to a T!!! Woohoo lucky me!!!

Off topic, but why...
did you take the "O" out of God? Just curious...odd to me that you would do that...no flame here, just an honest-to-goodness curiosity question
Trying to keep this topic near the top! sm

I wanted to do some research on the stuff we're discussing (offshoring), but unfortunately I cannot find recent information.  I googled "bills to stop offshorting" and came up with this article:

Markey Introduces Bill to Block Offshoring of Consumers' Personal Data

WASHINGTON, DC -- May 13, 2004 -- Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA), a senior Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the Co-Chair of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, today announced that he is introducing legislation to clarify the rights and responsibilities of companies, their regulators and consumers regarding the protection of privacy in global commerce.

Rep. Markey said, “It is becoming increasingly clear that both our jobs and our privacy are being shipped offshore, and federal regulators aren’t doing nearly enough to stop it. In effect, regulators are telling consumers to ‘check your privacy at the shore.’ The bill I’m introducing today will help stop this dangerous trend from continuing.”

The bill Rep. Markey introduced today, the “Personal Data Offshoring Protection Act of 2004” (HR 4366), would prohibit companies from transferring personal information to any person outside the United States without notice and consent. Specifically, the Markey bill:

  • Requires any business enterprise that transfers personally identifiable information regarding a US citizen, such as the citizen’s name, address, financial information, medical records, or other personal information to first provide prior notice to the citizen;

  • Requires such businesses to allow consumers to block (or “opt out”) of information transfers to any countries that the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has determined provide adequate and enforceable privacy protections, such as the European Union (EU);

  • Requires such businesses to obtain the prior consent of the consumer (or “opt in”) before personal data can be sent to other countries that the FTC determines do not provide adequate and enforceable privacy protections;

  • Bars companies from refusing to provide goods or services to consumers who elect to exercise their “opt out” or “opt in” consent rights, or from charging consumers more if they chose to exercise such rights;

  • Provides for enforcement of the bill’s restrictions by the FTC by defining violations of the bill as a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act’s prohibition on unfair and deceptive acts or practices, thereby allowing the FTC to seek injunctions against violators and to impose financial penalties of up to $11,000 per violation;

  • Provides for additional civil remedies against violations, including authorization to the state attorney’s general to bring civil actions to enjoin violations and impose monetary penalties of actual monetary losses or up to $10,000 per violation, whichever is greater; and,

  • Provides a citizen whose privacy rights are violated with a private right of action to sue a business who has violated the act for actual monetary damages or up to $10,000 per violation, whichever is greater.

Rep. Markey noted that Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) recently introduced similar legislation in the Senate (S. 2312).


It is a few years old, but I thought someone might be able to use this as a place to start.  I also attend college and am going to try to use the school library resources to find out some more information.