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have you tried a nosespray? Afrin? I had that once and it cleared it up

Posted By: but don't use for more than 3 days on 2005-12-31
In Reply to: Anyone have a home remedy for loss of taste/smell? - Tired


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How did he get his record cleared?
You mentioned that he has a "clean record." I still have this thing on from 11 years ago. Did he have to do something in particular to clean his record or did it just drop off?
We all make dumb mistakes at some time in our lives, eh? LOL
cleared the cookies
No, these services have not cleared
it with their legal staff. If they did, they would not be advertising IC status and flexible schedules, then presenting a contract that requires Tuesday through Saturday, set hours, or Sunday thru Thursday, set hours. No, no one has to accept a contract, and I certainly would not under those conditions. I bet there are a lot of MTs though who need jobs, don't know the law, and who are willing to accept a contract under those conditions. However, it is ILLEGAL under IRS guidelines. If the national MTSOs have consulted their attorneys, then pray tell why are they hiring ICs, controlling their schedules? Under those circumstances, they are considered employees under the law, and these large nationals KNOW IT. I'd fire my attorney if I was told it was okay to operate under the screen of IRS detection. No, you do not have to shy away from services and find your own accounts. Get real. I subcontract to MTSOs, albeit smaller ones, as an IC, and do not have my own accounts. Right now, I am under contract to only 1, and I am not breaking any IRS laws in doing so.
You've already cleared your cache, though.

Computers can be weird.  Here's the Microsoft knowledge base article on clearing your cache, but if you've gone to Tools, Internet Options and emptied the files, you've already done it.  The only other thing I might suggest is going to Start menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Disk Cleanup on drive C.  Everything else starts to get complicated and involves trouble shooting over the phone or in person.  My little brain isn't working so well today.  LOL


Working PTand cleared
almost 27K this year. Started with a new company a year ago and now can work PT with FT pay. It's been wonderful...love it.
I am glad you cleared up the reason for staying in bed
I was thinking gosh she sure is lazy but then you said RA. I got out of bed this morning so stiff and took 1/2 of a pain pill just so I could start to function and not feel so bad. I am bothered with fibromyalgia but once I get up and get started I don't think I could start to type any other way than what I have done for years.