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here is another brief quote from a website

Posted By: typer on 2005-08-06
In Reply to: total agreement with you - sm - typer

"For example, says Suresh Menon of HealthScribe, one of the largest medical transcription companies"

Healthscribe was based in Sterling, Virginia. They joined up with Spheris. They will tell anyone that asks them, yes, we outsource to India.

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    Don't quote me but I think it just may be
    a couple of dollars cheaper but AAMT members I think get a discount, but again don't quote me. It runs around $300 approximately. The test is given in one sitting but does have two parts. It is given at a testing center. Go over to aamt.org and they have instructions on what is necessary to register and take the test.

    Good luck.
    I work in a urgent psychiatric center and the reports have quite a bit of quotes.  If the doctor states "quote," I will put word for word what he said.  You cannot change the wording to make it more appropriate.  This includes grammer, i.e. I've, I'm and gonna. 
    I think it's more than $500, but don't quote me
    Also, hopefully they're a decent company. I worked as an IC for a company for three years. Twice I didn't get my 1099 until two days before taxes were due in April after calling and emailing over and over again. And last year, after I quit, I never received it at all.
    You said, I quote:
    'You really dont type any lines (already typed for you) so why get paid by the line?'

    How else do you want to get paid doing VR? Only for every mistake corrected?
    LOL ! Where is the logic?

    We are also paid for the reading of the lines, this is work too, not only the typing!

    Oh, I just love this quote --
    "which requires extensive training and time to become proficient," Sims said.

    Oh, and for all that extensive training, not to mention medical/pharmaceutical knowledge and proficiency with spelling and grammar, companies expect MTs to jump at an offer of 6 and 7 cpl??? Yeah, I'd chose this career path if I were a young person..Baaah
    AAMT quote - who is up to
    "If you can't lick 'em, join 'em; if you won't join 'em, form a competing organization." - unknown
    "I am trying to tell him he needs to go to the ER." This is a quote from OP who is now calling
    not *taking up for her* quote - just....sm

    stating facts, she is 19 and she is an adult and it is her body and ultimately her decision.  Those 4 things happen to be factual (reality).  Can you not face reality?

    Nobody is *taking up for her* as you so stated......


    Your comment, and I quote: (sm)
    "I wouldn't count on it!!!". You don't know jack sheit.
    I live in a huge metropolis with many many large university-based teaching hospitals where MTs are in greet need, and since I've been there over 20+, I'm top dog. So don't be questioning me, or discounting what I am saying. I think you wish you were in my position. Just another case of jealousy rearing its ugly head. If you live in the boondocks and make crap money, then move to a large city where you call roll in the dough working this profession.
    that's deep. can i quote your brilliance?
    so good with words.  i bet you work for mq.
    A famous quote comes to mind...

    "Arguing with a fool is like arguing with a drunkard."

    'Nuff said. 

    Don't base your quote on rates

    Why are you a better deal than anyone else?  It's not because of rate, it's because you care about your work and you're reliable -- what else?

    ASK them what they've been paying -- they won't know because they probably won't understand their invoice.  Ask them to send you a copy of the invoice.  Reply to me privately if you need to, I'll help you figure it out. 

    But even if you get that, keep the focus of the discussion off price, keep it on your quality, your caring, your reliability, what you can offer them.  Do you buy EVERYTHING based on price?  If not, think about the things you buy based on quality and base your letter on that. 

    If your sole value is because you have the lowest price, you're fighting a losing battle.

    To quote the original poster
    If it is a direct quote from the patient, you have
    the reason? *no common sense* quote...nm
    "Duh" teacher quote of the week....sm
    Last week a teacher wrote my sister that her daughter was easily distracted in the classroom.  Well guess what?  There are 32 kids in her class (above what the state requires but they have a teacher shortage) and my niece says the teacher lets the kids run wild.  No duh - I'd have a hard time concentrating with 32 kids in the classroom as well if I had 32 other 5th graders in the room. 
    Again, quote mark problem in macro

    Same problem as before with a macro that I posted, only one quote mark where there should be two:

    In the macro where you see:  cset:=("=)

    there needs to be a quote mark on the other side of the equal sign:  =

    Selection.MoveEndUntil(cset:=("=), Count:=wdForward)  should be: (substitute the quotemark for the word quotemark)

    Selection.MoveEndUntil(cset:=(quotemark=quotemark), Count:=wdForward)

    This quote mark needs to be inserted on both sides of the cset=("=) which is in the code twice.  If this instruction doesn't make sense to you, please e-mail me and I will send you the macro.

    Hope this helps.

    As long as it takes, to quote good old Dr. Phil!

    You're both worth it - go for it!!

    I quote a price per gross 65 char line, say 12 cpl, but then convert

    I have one client who doesn't want bulk and is Franklin condensed 10; another is on Garamond 12 with a 1 inch margin R and L. I take a large block of type, put in a format that gives me 65 char per line and do a line count that way and get a price for the whole block, for example, 58 gross lines at 12 cpl = $6.96. Then I take the same type and format it as the client wishes, get a line count and divide the dollar amount by the lines. If their formatted version came to 28 lines, then 6.96 divided by 28, would come to 24 cpl for their format. I always include a line on the invoice to indicate their 65 char line rate. Something like

    2586 extended lines at 0.24 cpl = $620.64

    (your line rate converts to 0.12 cpl for standard 65 char line)

    I always educate the client as to the industry standard of the 65 char line which allows clients to compare apples to apples...





    "take one line from a post and use it against the person" - read your own quote
    Google "Miscrosoft Word 2003" (use quote marks)
    it's not my fault, the darn quote mark just doesn't post for some reason.
    Okay, for some reason, the first quote at the front of qldc does not show up, but in the line autocorrect.entries.add name:=qldc" there needs to be a quote mark around each side of "qldc", not just at the end.

    If you want to use this macro -- and find it won't work and are confused my instructions, please write me and I will e-mail the macro to you.

    I really don't like the idea of people having to spend their meager pittance of a salary on expensive software to do such a simple thing.

    Do you have a website for yours?? nm
    What new website
    I must live in the dark. I don't know anything a new website either.
    I don't know about the new website either
    This is all very frustrating.  I have gotten no letter and no e-mail regarding any of this.  Anyone that can provide details would be appreciated. 
    MQ Website
    If your on the DEP platform, you should be on i-mail.  If not, go to www.medquist.com, register, then you can access the QNet...side bar has all the latest and greatest.  We got the email last week, then I got my snail mail copy Saturday...but, only a paragraph or 2 on the new pay plan...but my take was the real issue they wanted to get out is to preserve ALL documents at ALL costs for the upcoming legal battle in court
    But their website says...

    They value their transcriptionists! And websites don't lie.

    Which website?
    I sometimes use www.rxlist.com

    Hope this helps.

    What is the URL of their website?
    If enough of us visit the website and state we would not use their service after reading what has happened to you... You might, just might, get a different tune from these people????
    They said on their website that...sm
    the pet(s) would be brought to you. I was also wondering the same thing until I read that on the website. I'm thinking they don't want people from 50+ states going down there for safety reasons, and maybe for congestion reasons. (There's alot of animal lovers out there!)

    The website is up again now, and the picture of the frightened dog I was talking about is on there too. http://www.bestfriends.org/

    Gosh, I know they are so busy, but I'm anxiously waiting to see if I can be a foster parent; so worried about those furry friends. It seemed time was of the essence for some of them, and that was yesterday a.m. I want to go down there and get them so bad. I just may have to do that if I don't hear from them.

    Thanks for allowing me to get OT.
    Wow! Thanks for the website. sm

    I didn't forget.  Never will.

    I had my tissues out.  What made me really lose it was Lee Greenwood's song.  It was 13 years ago when my daughter was only 10 years old and her dance class used that song in a dance recital and they all did sign language while dancing.  Everyone in the audience was in tears or close to tears.

    When 9/11 happened, we had no cable TV.  We did manage to get the local PBS station in and watched in horror.  We had just moved into our house.  We had a flag, but no pole, so we went out about 6:00 p.m. that night with the younger kids and hung the flag from a branch on our tree in the front.  Within the next week there were flags at every house in our neighborhood.

    I'll never forget.

    Try going to their website and
    paying with real American greenbacks.
    here's a website for you
    go to the state website for your area and type disability into the search box
    Does anybody have the website...(sm)

    where you can change your address online for multiple magazine subscriptions?  I did this a few years ago and am moving again...cannot for the life of me now find that website. 


    Thanks - duh - I should have tried that first! lol....appreciate it
    Here's the website
    website....I sent it onto about 50+ more....nm
    If you go to the website for

    I think it is AAPA.  If you put physician assistant into Google it should come up as one of the first entries.

    I think they have an explanation on there. It does vary by state, and I think the state board of medicine sets the standards. 

    I do know that PAs have to have the MD sign off on their charts - again, it depends by state whether this has to be done right away, once per month, etc....The ARNPs I type for don't have to have a sig line for the MD, but the PAs do. 

    There are probably specific procedures that PAs cannot do.  The difference in schooling is quite a bit.  PA is a 2 year Masters program in most cases, and applicants are expected to have health care experience to build upon.  Medical school, as you know is much longer than that, but you can go straight from undergrad to med school (if you can get in).  I am sure there are still PA programs you can enter as a college freshman and graduate with a Masters in 5-6 yrs, but many of them are now Masters level, requiring a BS to enter.



    dog website

    try dogfriendly.com

    Where's the website? I'd like to look. nm
    Their website
    shows a link to the owner who is an eye physician in New York.  Wonder if they have employees or ICs?
    yep here too - about 3 hrs - went to website
    in the mail program from their website and even then, *their server couldn't be found*.......
    I just took a look at the website and it looks like sm
    She could use more votes. You can only vote once though, which I did earlier.
    What was the website? sm
    I better get some. I sleep awful.
    I just went to the NBC website...
    And it says an upcoming episode has not yet been scheduled. Weird! I like that show too and I kind of forgot about it last season. I saw the ads for the reruns too. Wonder why they haven't scheduled new shows yet...
    The website said it came with some.
    That part looked good to me, because I key directly into my client's system, so I don't have a lot of reports laying around to "train" it with.

    I know I've already tried to input the same abbreviation several times into my present expander, so I know it'll be next to useless shortly. No way I'll recall all the oddball abbreviations I've put in to get around that.
    You can set up a website too...sm
    I've been contacted because of my brochures and my website. I was searchable on Yahoo and Google with my site.
    Can you give me the website for IT?  Thanks I appreciate it.
    I just know of their website nm