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how long ago was that

Posted By: gct on 2005-07-06
In Reply to: OUTSOURCING PLAN... - old grandma

I started working at a hospital, right out of high school, in 1969 and they sent me to college at night and paid for it.  From the first day in 1969, I was dealing with ESL's.  There were always doctors with accents.  When I was a child I had a Jewish doctor who could hardly speak English.  That was back in the 1950's-1960's. Your argument does not sound like outsourcing, it sounds like bigotry to me..shame on you.

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    I hate Instant Text. It is expensive, long long learning
    curve, and too much distraction for me.
    How long should I wait after applying for a position before I follow-up. It has been as long as two
    without hearing from some.  Just wondering if I should send an e-mail to follow-up to see if they received my resume or not.  I don't want to offend anyone but feel two weeks should be long enough for someone to at least acknowledge my resume and that I have applied for a position.  Right now I would accept anything even a note saying no thanks.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I haven't had to apply for a job for the past 10 years so I am a bit rusty at this.  Thanks again for any advice. 
    Congrats! How long have you been a MLS and how long did you study for the test!

    Please see message. I have three daughters with long, long hair.
    I also have long hair down to my waist and my three girls have hair that long too. My daughter brought them home from school last year. I was devestated and grossed out!!!! I have never had to deal with lice. Anyway, we did the treatments and two of my girls broke out in a severe rash with the OTC stuff. Their little heads were so sore!! I thought I was being meticulous with eggs, only to find them hatching again down the road. A nurse at the pediatricians office suggested I try oil to suffocate them since my girls were allergic to the lice solution. I bought a huge bottle of veggie oil and dumped it on all three heads, plus my own. I then wrapped the heads in platic wrap and then a towel. I left this on for 30 minutes. It takes a while to wash out the oil, but we never, ever had the lice or eggs again!!! If you try this, make sure you put on an old shirt and put a towel around your shoulders. Obviously we were desperate, but we all have such long hair and very thick hair so I was willing to try anything. And I figured there was no chemicals involved so that was pretty safe. And it sure did help my littles ones since their scalps were pretty raw from the solution. Hope this helps and Good luck!
    It's been a long, long time since I've used a C-phone, sm
    but I do think jobs can be paused.
    I had a problem with this for a long, long time sm
    I have always worked days, like from 6-3. Over the last few years, it didn't matter how much sleep I got, I became real groggy between 7 and 11. Really shoots the day. Talked to my doctor and he said my blood pressure pills were the culprit but he refused to change me to another brand or dosage since I have multiple aneurysms (2 in the brain). My BP has been stable for a long time and he wants to "keep it on the low side". I tried taking them before I went to bed instead of early in the morning, but then I had headaches all day. So, I am changing to a night shift for a few months so I can sleep when those pills kick in and so far it is working pretty good. I stay mostly awake during my shift and die when I hit the bed from 6 am to 10 am, then I lay down again later in the afternoon for 2-3 hours. I still get 6-7 hours of sleep, it's just split up during the day, plus I am mostly awake now when I sit down to type. I don't have to deal with the heat in my office, either. It tends to warm up real fast in here with the south sun on the house and 2 pc's running all day, even with the air conditioner on.
    Way back when, a long, long time
    ago and in a galaxy far, far away, I had my own accounts also and some years cleared $75,000.  Yes it can be done, but you need to have your own accounts.  Also lots of delivery, and other duties involved.  I work for a large national now and make much less, but I got tired of accountants, having to deal with hardware problems, deadlines, driving deliveries, printing, printers, etc.  So I decided to simplify my taxes and stay home and just type.  Don't have to worry about computers either, because the company will just send me a new one. 
    Long, long files. Seemed like they'd never end! I'd never go back to VA again. nm
    I've been doing this a long, long time...

    I used to make $70,000 and up a year and did so for most of the late 80s and 90s (one girl used to make six figures a year working 7 days a week!)  Because we were making more money than the supervisors and Medical Records Directors in hospitals, they began to switch to transcription services which were sprouting up all over the place.  Plus AAMT came into existence and even though in the beginning it claimed it was to fight for transcriptionists (although assured us it was NOT a union), they eventually morphed into an organization that was more management friendly.  They developed the "guidelines" and the 65-char line.  That was the beginning of the end for those high-end wages.  Then all those mickey mouse transcription schools popped up, and now outsourcing overseas.  YES, we're complaining. 

    Been in this biz a long, long time, 30+ years and....sm
    I love/loved MTing. However, things have changed so much during these years. The job definitely gets easier; don't have to look up much, can decipher ESLs much easier, in other words, you get pretty comfortable with things and you have confidence in yourself. The more experience you have the easier the job, but....

    I actually made more money 10 years ago!! We didn't have speech recognition and you actually got paid for headers/footers, demographics, carbon copies, etc., you got paid for what you did fairly; today, I am not so sure.

    You will feel burned out at times, but that passes and you find you like your job again.

    Good luck to you!!
    A long, long time ago, I was going thru
    a really bad time emotionally and physically. I was suffering, and my transcribing suffered. I assure you - if you are to the point of not paying your rent, literally, and needing food stamps, there is something else going on in your life than current transcription rates. We are all in this industry and many are thriving, most getting along comfortably. If you are literally to the point of food stamps, you honestly would be a fool to continue. I blamed it on my job, on my line rate, on everything but the honest truth that I was ill and was NOT working as I should or could. It is a really sad thing that you keep spreading this propaganda that MTs in our culture are doomed and now destined for food stamps. Food stamps are not something to toss around lightly, as you would know if you ever had to use them. Please let's not be quite so dramatic. Again, if you are really in those dire straits, you really need to face that MTing is not the fit for you, personally, and do something about it rather than blame our industry. You dwell on the past, but we can't do that. While you may have made other wages 20 years ago, may I remind you that we were pounding away on IBM Selectrics using layers of paper and bottles of white out, going crazy trying to rewind tapes over and over to get that dang word, with no idea what an Expander was. Technology is fantastic. Things have changed, but things are still great in this industry, and in this world. Those who change and can adapt will be fine, but you need to recognize that most of us are not ready for food stamps.  
    Sure did...you been around for a long, long year

    A gross line IS a gross line regardless if it's 90 characters long or 1 character long... SM

    I'm very sorry that your lines are 90 characters line and you get paid by gross lines.  You are cheating yourself - that's not my fault.  You cannot change the definition of a gross line.  So I gues I'm not understanding what you are trying to say.  Now if you are trying to say that your line equals 90 characters and that's how you figure your lines, than you are not using gross lines.  You have defined a line to be 90 characters, whereas most MTSOs define a line as 65 characters.  If that is the case, then I must say again, you are cheating yourself.

    So which is it, do you get paid by gross lines or by a 90 character line?

    Wow, how long have you been at it? I have 292, but ran out. nm

    how long ago........
    were you hired? I know now they won't look anyone that isn't experienced in the areas that they are requesting. It is MedQuist that hired you?
    How long
    have you worked for them. What specific pluses do they have?
    how long
    over a year. managers who are a help and a platform that is really easy to use.
    yes, as long as
     you have not signed anything with either company that states you won't work for anyone else while working for them.   Always read legally binding documents carefully and thoroughly.
    don't know how long ago that was,

    appropriate anymore. I was taught "when in doubt, leave it out," especially if the comma is meant to add emphasis.

    I have seen too many instances where too many commas have ruined a document.

    How long have you been on DQS? SM
    Why do you think the line count plunged so much? So, there is no way to use your own expander? thx so much
    how long have you all been a MT?

    I'll start:  Almost 27 years doing acute care reports, but I have about a year of experience doing radiology (hospital).

    Care to share?

    how long?? try 20+
    I started doing transcription in 1983. Certified for 12 years. Still going strong. Hands perfect. Love this job.
    How long

    I have been official MT for 13 years, unofficially for about 7 years before that.

    how long have you all been a MT?
    Since 1962 - forever and ever amen
    long day
    I work 6a-2p and then 4p-12a.
    Can I ask you how long you have been using
    Long, long, long
    Cannot type at all if they are short.  Almost 3/4 to 1 inch over finger.  Get them done every two to three weeks.  My one pleasure.   But if I get them cut down to just over my fingers I cannot type at all.   And I used to be a nail biter also. 
    must be long
    I've worn nails long for so long that I really, truly can't type if I break them or my nail artist files them too short.... I just bumble all over the keyboard
    Probably anything as long as you have
    a degree. My husband's degree is for teaching but he is a drug rep. Good luck.
    Sorry.. duh.. long long day. I mean THEIR MTs..
    MDI-FL that is..
    Do you know how long will take you to get this out?
    I'm not rushing you but don't want to miss it when it comes to my e-mail. Could you post here when it's sent? Thanks.
    I would keep as long as you keep
    so long, NM
    How long
    I've been in this for 30 years. I just gave my notice at a job where I've been for 3 mos. However, since this is your first MT job, I would say give it a year. I learned on the job and I was ready to cry every night at the end of my shift - but I stuck it out and by 6 mos., I had the hang of it and by 12 mos., I knew I was doing a good job.

    ESLs are part of the job - if you stick it out and learn every accent possiblee, you will acquiring a skill that will prove very useful to you in this business. You can do anyone's accent, including Baltimore and Boston (ha, ha), if you practice them enough.

    Good luck.
    i just did this all not long ago.
    but i called a local computer guy to hook it all up (his services didn't cost much at all). He gave me a router and a KVM switch. I should have done it years ago! I have much more room on the desk, i can just push the button and i'm looking at one system, push it, and am on the other -- can be doing maintenance on one while working on the other, etc. Its great. I couldn't say if the brands (ie, router) makes a difference. I have a Belkin router. For me, it was much less headache to call a computer guy. He also fixed it so both print off of one printer. Good luck!
    How long does it take to get used to a new MT job?
    In your experience, when you got a new MT job, how long did it take for you to get used to the new platform, docs, etc. 
    As long..
    as Chris stays I will be happy. I like Kelly and Taylor and Ace too though..
    How long does it take
    (on average) to transcribe 40 minutes of dication?  I'm thinking 2 hours if all goes well. Is that reasonable?
    Yes, as long as you have (sm)
    their printer selected as the default printer when you save the documents, it will print correctly on their end.
    sorry - been a long day !
    "Wind in his Hair" LOL
    How long have you been
    a transcriptionist? OxyContin. Catapres.
    Been there - sorry it is so long
    Went through a nasty, expensive divorce and had no choice but to work 50 to 60 hours per week to make it.  Did it for four years and then last summer decided what I needed to make, cut back to just about that and took some time to myself.  I gave myself permission and did not feel guilty at all.  Paid my bills, had my fun at home with my neighbors, helped one of them plan her wedding down where I live in the floating home community, helped decorate, make food, etc.  Things I have not been able to do in many years.  Spent time with nephews down here fishing, sitting in the sun.  Worked about 20 to 25 hours per week and still made it and enjoyed every minute of it.  Then in the fall I asked the Lord for some guidance and two new accounts came my way.  My earnings are back up to 5K per month, working 34 hours per week and still enjoying life.  The one thing you have to do is give yourself permission to take some time off -- without the permission it does not work and the guilt comes in and your motivation does not return because you feel you are doing something wrong.  When I got these two accounts, I also specified to them that 24 TAT would be possible in about 80% of the time but now and then it would be 48 and they agreed.   I was making it on my other four accounts so did not really need them but the extra is nice.  Added on one more IC and after the first of the year may get another small account and possibly another IC.  But again, give yourself permission and don't beat yourself up.   I work so many hours per day now, don't try to be superwoman, tell the docs that they will get good quality work but it might not be in the 24 TAT and they are fine.  Of course excepg for the two new ones they have been with me from 18 to 6 years so they know me.   Life is too short, take some time for yourself.   
    How long?
    One day
    I hopefully will not be doing this long
    enough to get to that point! :O)
    I have been doing this twice as long as you
    and for some reason, I know if I donít churn out the reports, no paycheck?? or 1 that I do not care for. Let me give you a hint, here about a month ago I was not getting home with what I wanted to and I set my mind to just put my mind to it, sat higher goals for myself and just this past pay period (first since) I got home with $400 more dollars. I know I have bills, I know I want to buy things, I know I like to eat out occasionally, all these things motivate me to get to work. If I get really burned out, I try to rearrange a day I would normally work and take it off and loaf although with my going for the green, just not in me right now.
    As long as someone is willing to do it --sm
    for half the price, it will continue. more money in their pockets. not me!
    It's going to be a long day
    Very first report of day. I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to understand what I thought was an important diagnosis. Turns out, all the doc was saying was "and period and next paragraph."

    I wish they wouldn't dictate punctuation and spacing!
    Wow! It's so odd looking. How long until you were
    Actually, I do them all day long...
    very bad dictators, looonnnnggg doctors names that you have to search for and fill in. Reports can be 10 minutes in length but only get about 40 lines on average from them. I believe I have been duped!!! (huge hospital acct.)
    How long have you been on this
    platform and how many lines are you averaging?