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i only do one. just got in the habit of it (sm)

Posted By: mandy on 2007-08-16
In Reply to: I feel dumb asking this question, but here goes - I space or two after the end of a sentence? nm - Shelley

with our computer system. we never insert a page break because then the sentences won't wrap.

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Only you can change your bad habit. :)
When I get lied to, I have this horrible habit
They lied to me.  I am complaining.
I don't. Well I do as I go. It is from a long (25 years) habit sm

that I learned when I worked on a typewriter and then on the hospital's main frame when there was no spell check. Even after all this time, when I see an error, I hit that backspace Key and fix it.

I'm sure that may even slow me down in the long run, but it's what I do -- I can't help it, it just happens.

It is because the carts have a habit of crashing
out so the customers are not take the carts out in the parking lot and maybe hitting other cars, or leaving them in the parking lot, where they hit cars.  But my store always allowed people to take them out if they wanted to until recently they have a policy that the SMALL CARTS cannot be taken out by customers.  They say that they are not as steady as the big carts.  I don't see a problem with their steadiness, until it was some old person - and I have a feeling that is what started it all, maybe an old person fell in the parking lot using the small cart sort of as a walker while they took their groceries out.
I'd keep the habit but change the IT entry
so that it comes out the way you want it - make it adjust to your habits.
no but these remote companies have a habit of pulling the
Tell you one thing and do another once youre under lock and key.  I don't trust them anymore, so I'd rather stay right where I am.
patient denies change in bowel habitus? shouldn't this be habit? MD says habitus. HELP!

backup, backup, backup!! Always, make this a habit even with your auto corrects. (sm)
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