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not a bit homophobic. love queer guys for straight guys.

Posted By: sorry on 2005-07-10
In Reply to: My problem is you being so hostile - dolfan

these guys are clever and witty and have good taste.  they are who they are.  not a problem.  i have problems with boy-men who are currently trendy now.  that's my taste.  and it's kind of scary that women are attracted to these unisex boy-men culturally. no big deal unless you make it one.  this is a board to exchange ideas right?

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    I love you guys! Too funny!!!
    Thanks for making me start the day with a good laugh.
    Gay guys can be your best friend and truly understand women. I love them.
    I would rather have any of the fab five for a friend than some PMS female who is jealous. There is nothing bad about being gay - well unless you are ULTRA "flamboyant"
    I think Taylor did a much better job last night than a lot of the guys. I love Ace to death but was
    not that impressed by his song.  I think Will is gone, he's good, he just out of his league with guys that sing for a living.  He always reminds me of someone who is just standing up singing at the 4-H talent show, hasn't had time to develop his voice or true showmanship.  I think Gedeon did a wonderful job last night, too.
    WOW.. you guys should all get together....sm

    and contact the Dept of Labor.  If they were stupid enough to put their broken promises in writing, you have every right to start a lawsuit.  We all have complaints about different companies, but what they've done is downright illegal !!!

    I am sure you guys are right,
    evil MQ is at it again. That must be it. LOLOL! It never ends, and yet you continue to stay there.
    The spy guys in Mt. Dew ad...sm
    Last year we went to a sports bar, and about 30 of them came in dressed up! The women were dressed as the white spy and men were dressed as the black spy. Mountain Dew got the idea from Mad magazine. You can probably do a Google search to see what they look like. There isn't much to the costume. I suppose someone made it for them.
    how about these guys?
    has anyone ever heard anything about peachtree, x-press transcription, or all-med radiology transcription?
    Thanks guys. I don't know what it is
    Especially this year, i'm just feeling blue and usually I can yank myself out of it.  I've always hesitated taking herbs, and I think i'll just keep that on the shelf for now.  That light thing i'm going to try, thank you for the suggestion.  I might need to go into talk to someone too and get my meds balanced out because i'm just diagnosing myself and getting the meds off line.  Probably anti-anxiety meds cause a little depression since it brings you "down" and my anxiety level is through the roof the last couple years so i've been medicating that.    Thanks again guys.
    Thanks guys......
    All very nice comments - thanks guys!! We would not want to feel we were stealing work from you.....
    You guys are definitely right.
    I need to get out more.  I'm just having a hard time lately.  My daughter is finally in first grade, I had been trying to work things out with her father and of course it didn't.  I did try online dating, but so far either I don't like them or they don't like me.  That's the worst thing about this job.  I do need to get out more.  I went to a kid's birthday party today and was talking to a father there.  I don't know if he was single or not, but it was just getting used to talking to people.  Thanks for the advice.  Home Depot is cheaper than dating services anyways! 
    Thanks you guys, I'm going to try these
    I was up until 5:00 a.m. downloading and scanning with programs just to find out they were not free and then I'd have to start all over trying another one.  The free ones have not been successful at removing Dealhelper yet....hopefully one of these will work!  Thanks so much!!!!!
    Wow, I'm not too far from you guys...
    Thank you guys!!!!!
    Hi again and thank you all for the input.  I had pretty well decided to not mention anything about the cost of printing, but just wanted to get some opinions here.  Patti, I have several accounts that I type for, but have never had any ask for both digital copy and paper copy, so that's why I asked (didn't know what other people do).  I am an IC so I'll just write it off with my other expenses and, oh yeah, I bought my own computer too.
    Boy, you guys will never get over

    That's what cracks me up

    Thanks guys! That is exactly
    what I needed!
    Thanks guys.:)
    what do you guys think?
    I hate reading how some are not getting paid for the hardwork we do. Do you think if we started reporting these companies to the local news that helps the battered consumer it would help? Maybe at least give them some bad coverage. Maybe even contact the local news where the company is located.
    Thanks you guys!!!

    Come on GUYS!!!
    Please, please, please help me out here!!! I need some advice.

    Ok, so I work in-house at my local hospital. I get paid a decent wage by the hour. We get annual raises and cost of living raises. However, I have been put in charge of transitioning all of our clinics to a new dictation/transcription system and have been meeting with all of the doctors, setting up templates, meeting with the product vendors and deciding how we want to go about implementing the new system. In addition to this I have been making my minimum line count EVERY DAY. My question is...Should I ask for a raise in pay since I am doing all of this extra work for the hospital even when I have been getting annual and cost of living raises anyway? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
    Thanks guys!

    and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 

    A lot of my weight problem is medical, but I think more so is my emotional state.  I have a very emotionally abusive husband.  He rides me all the time about my weight.  When I was thinner (wearing a size 7 - - now wearing a size 28), he would badger me then about my weight.  It got to where I was sneaking food and of course what happened?  Now it is even worse.  I try, I really do.  I am definitely an emotional eater though. 

    My husband rode me and rode me and TOLD ME to get the bypass surgery.  I had everything set up (this was about 5 years ago) with the surgeon who brought bypass to the United States.  I felt totally comfortable with him, and to top it off he is my regular physician!  Then my husband totally freaked and said that with MY LUCK, something would go wrong and he would be stuck with an invalid for a wife, and DEMANDED  that I not do it.  So, here I am - - a total of 160 pounds overweight -- and need to lose 70 of it by the end of February to have insurance.  I get so depressed sometimes that I do not even want to get out of bed.

    I am going to look into Alli and the liquid diet mentioned.  I really appreciate your help and suggestions. 

    I definitely think I need a support group, but I don't know who that would be.   

    Anyway, I am going to look into these things.  I think I will try the liquid diet and see how it works. 





    Thanks guys!

    I really am starting to feel better about it now.  My biggest fear was that my company wouldn't wait for me to get better.  I don't mind doing the hard work, putting in more time, researching blanks, listening over and over and over, as long as they don't mind getting many blanks for a while ;)

    I guess only time will tell. Thank you for the encouragement!

    Don't know about you guys,

    but I seem to operate about 90% on 'muscle memory' , which is why changing accounts is such a problem for me. 

    I learned to type in high school which was a loooong time ago.  So after 40+ years of period-space-space I'm supposed quit it because some dilbert decides so?  If this becomes a QA issue, it might be the hill I choose to die on. 

    Thanks guys!

    for the feedback and encouragement.  Cranky, I started off on a typewriter too, many moons ago :-)!  I will keep plugging away at it. 

    By the way Cranky, what in the world is in the picture.  I have looked and looked at it and I cannot figure out what is in your picture - lol!


    Thanks guys! It's just hard. . .sm

    Very small neighborhood.  Houses are very close together.  We've lived here almost 7 years and we all know each other and chat and the neighbors help each other out, no matter what. 

    These people just scare me because everything is drawn up tight and the "skinny" woman of the house seems very nervous.  I've only seen her "husband" once and he looks as if he may be the thing that makes her afraid.

    I have gotten to the point, however, where I will make some phone calls.  The poor dog finally stopped barking, but my daughter went out back with her friends to swim in the pool (behind an 8 foot stockade fence) and all you can hear is "yap, yap, yap."


    regarding the hot guys post below (sm)
    One man that has definitely aged well is John Travolta.  He is sooo sexy!
    Can you guys say who these companies are? Thx. nm
    You guys are awesome. Thank you!!!
    You guys are pathetic
    Can we just wait until we get the darn packet before we start crying like babies -ENOUGH ALREADY!
    do you guys think it would be easier on the

    To work a split shift, example 6-10 n then 3-7, OR would it be less painful to get it all done at once so you have more time to rest fully?  My hands kill me constantly.  I've tried everything.  Don't want to be in more pain if the split would end up being worse.  Thanks.

    You guys crack me up
    Come on now, cottage cheese is not very inventive, but it is a good suggestion. The bell pepper thing sounded great too, but feeding too many kids for that to go over well I think. Maybe a Ceasar sald and bread with it is all I really need. Don't cook for people very often.
    You guys are actually taking this???????
    Come on, guys - surely someone can
    I'm really wanting to know!
    guys don't yell at me, but do you need to get a
    business license of some sort or inc. yourself before starting?  I've never thought of it from the "owner" aspect before.  at what point do you stop being an ic and become a business?
    i agree with you guys...
    they don't care about MT and what's good for the field-just bringing in dues-everything is about money and not doing what is good for the mt as a unit.  sure seems like they're on this board more than normal.  might be time for me to find another mt board to visit----have any suggestions??? like you said, if i was interested in what they have to say i'd be on that site, which i'm not.  that must be why they are polluting other boards since not enough people visit their board!  
    do you guys think merideth and
    mcdreamy will get together now?
    Tks so much you guys. I'm thinking this:

    I will take my old computer and just turn it on in order to access my DRUG book and STEDMAN'S until I have enough $$ to buy newer versions (use one of your ideas there, :)

    Buy a new tower so that it has SPACE, WINDOWS XP, AND WORD IN IT so that I can have the capability of AUTOTEXT AND AUTOEXPANDER. 

    I just can't type anymore without an expander!  You literally beat yourself to death without them.

    I'm wondering at this point if I can't load PRD onto my present WINDOWS 98 machine and have it work.  If it would, I wouldn't have to buy a new tower.  THAT WOULD BE FABULOUS,   

    Right now my PRD is IN my program that Medquist has had on my computer for all these years.  But since I don't have WORD on my WINDOWS 98 (for some reason/I wonder where in the world it went?!)........

    So wish me luck and thanks for all the feedback.  I for sure will go to the site somebody mentioned here and post the PRD question and space questions.  GOOD IDEA TO THINK ABOUT THE SPACE. 

    Those foreign guys

    Yeah, we've all had our share of "those" guys.  I worked in Radiology for a Spanish guy for about two years.  He thought his English was perfect, so anytime there were blanks he went off of his latino-rocker.  So I finally get this guy "nailed" where I can transcribe his reports just as fast as the others, and then what happens..  ? I lose the stinkin' account to VR!  So he still sends me work on occasion and guess what .... he's crystal clear NOW, and why?  Voice Recognition doesn't DO gibberish ... it trained HIM!  HA!   (Course he has to speak slowly now, losing lots of "billable hours"  And of course, they had to hire an Editor to clean up the reports, punctuate, and correct his English.)     Go figure!  ');>

    Seriously, though, if you can't stay with that ESL day-in and day-out for at least a month, you will never get him.  Why companies bombard MT's with different docs from day-to-day is just beyond me.  If QA were REALLY that important, they wouldn't do that.

    Thanks guys for all your suggestions!

    Wow, you guys are sure scaring me...
    Thank goodness you are both okay! I have a different type of problem. Once in a while I have a difficulty breathing situation with liquids as if it goes "down the wrong pipe", I guess it's aspiration of liquids?? Feels like I can't catch my breath with very slow wheezy breathing and it lasts a minute or so but feels like forever before it finally goes away. Does anyone else get that and/or know why?
    Hey guys.. question for all you MTs

    out there.  Over the recent years I have developed osteodegeneratie arthritis in both hands. In April right hand had to have a thumb joint and a wrist joint put in.  My left hand has to be done soon, but can't afford right now.  He said I had the worst hands of anyone he had seen that is my age (46).  My upper back hurts all the way around under my breasts and my pecs are alway swollen.  Does anyone else have this kind of problem.  Wonder if muscles stay swollen because of constant hand use.  Make sense?


    You guys are SO great! Thank you again! (sm)


    I have spent the morning polishing up my resume, and I must say... I think it looks pretty fantastic.  I have sent out about half a dozen so far and will print some for mailing when I get out this afternoon for resume paper.  You guys really helped dry my frustrated tears and feel confident that I was doing the right thing in feeling like I need to get out ASAP, even though I love my doctors. 

    I'm sure you won't be too shocked to hear that I have not worked a whole lot so far this morning. Funny how we're a lot more motivated to work when we're actually getting paid, isn't it?  Ha ha! 

    I just wanted to say thanks again.  I was feeling very alone last night and you guys really came through.  {{{{{{{{MT Boardies}}}}}}}}}

    You guys are mean, mean and unfair
    Honestly, hopefully you two never make any mistakes because if you do you will have quite a ways to fall off of your pedestal.  Everybody has trouble the first day, I hate first days and even the first week.  But if they can't take the time to help out of the first day and point out where the errors were -- even if it was terminology or usage or whatever -- they are not worth working for.   Believe me it would have only gotten worse as the time goes by.  If they cannot give you help on your first day imagine what it would be like on the 5th, 10th or 25th or if after a month you made a mistake.  But to prejudge like you two have, like I said you have sure put yourself on a pretty high pedestal.   I agree a reason should be given because you can never correct a mistake unless you know you have made one and if I have made a typo during this message - forgive me but I am a little upset with the above two posters.  
    At least in this country the bad guys can be -
    I guess that, as with everything else these days, something really BAD is going to have to happen as a result of offshoring personal info. before anyone will do anything about it.
    You guys are awesome. Thank you so much
    for your support and helpful suggestions. I don't know what I'd do without wonderful MTs on the boards. *SMILE*
    Thank you guys soooo much!
    I knew this was the place to come to get help! 
    geez, you guys.
    You will find that everywhere you go with every job. Where there is a group of women working together, you will have all of that crap. It's the way of the world!
    MT - CNN says hot job 12/27/08 Did you guys here CNN -jobs to go into
    This morning 12/27/08 CNN had some economic expert on there telling people about the HOT JOBS that will be secure.  First one he said Medical Transcription.  He said 18,000 MTs will be hired a year.  Where is he getting this info?  Just thought you guys might be interested.  I find that questionable.  What do you guys think?
    You guys are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!
    Boy, you guys are confusing. Are you talking to me or to her?
    How do you guys pinch your pennies
    Anything, how to save on toiletries, can you mix and match what you use for your hair as well as dish soap, split the toilet paper into two separate sheets?  I absolutely hate using coupons because I end up buying what I don't need just because I have a coupon so those are out.  Any under cover stores to find cheap scented candles?  Cheap produce?  I think if I could cut back it would save me a lot of stress on where my money is going, it just leaves my pocket so easily these days. A way to get all the food groups in without breaking the bank because thats where most of my money disappears, toiletries and groceries.  Advice needed!
    thanks guys. I've tried the SafeType
    Spent over 300 dollars on it and its collecting dust.  So i'm afraid to waste more money.  I was thinking of the Ergoflex so I  can spread them apart as much as possible.