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seems to me, since WE are anon., you could mention EITHER company or client, but not both

Posted By: kt - nm on 2006-02-26
In Reply to: It is ok to mention company, not account. You do not - me


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    This is not the Company Board, Anon. nm

    Do you always answer a question with a question? 

    It is ok to mention company, not account. You do not
    see accounts mentioned here all the time because it is a violation of posting rules and they are usually deleted if posted.   You don't go around and advertise a company's account,. 
    I agree. I forgot to mention that my company
    gives each doctor a test to see if they qualify for VR. I do not know what the criteris is to qualify, but I noticed that the ones who are heavy ESL do not do VR. So, I should modify my response above, in that some companies, at least mine for a fact I know, keeps the high ESL on straight typing. That makes sense, because the turn over in MT labor would be enormous. I guess what I would do is delete the VR content and type as fast as the wind on that heavy ESL at 40% less the rate of straight typing. That would be my solution, rather than sit there and correct.
    Anyway, you are right about the bad dictators being off VR, and my company apparently recognized that already.
    there a note on the company board from QA regarding cherrypicking and they mention "line padding&
    This is a new one on me.  I've heard of cherrypicking but what constitutes line padding?  Isn't everybody typing what the doctor dictates?  How can you possibly add extra????
    I guess it depends on what company or client you work for. nm
    Amen to that!
    Where in the world do you work that you have never made less than 50,000???? I have done this for 15 years and the most I have ever made is 31,000 and I am considered very fast and knowledgeable. Let me know!!!
    I cannot believe how mean and nasty you are.  You need to get a life.  How do you know that my weight problem is not health-related?  I am truly sorry that you lost your husband.  I cannot even imagine that!  However, there are no circumstances in life where you need to be so negative and hateful.  I for one will not post anything on this board again due to all the unfriendiness.  I thought this board was to assist MTs in work and life issues.  GEEZ!
    Not Anon
    I am sorry that you took my post as directed to you.  I was just floored at the remarks that "anon" posted.  Unbelievable.  I was just asking if COBRA could take away dental coverage that I originally had when I started with COBRA and ended my employment.  I am going to be on the phone looking for other coverage.  Insurance can be a real pain.  I thought I was covered with everything I had for at least the 18 months of COBRA before I had to move on.  My plan was to lose the 70 pounds at least and then try to get on with my husband.  I have 25 pounds down and 45 more to go!  Wish me luck! 
    Sorry, No Way, but anon and the others are right. NM
    I respect the right to her opinion, but I am not ignorant and I will not sit quietly by while someone refers to me as such. When the namecalling begins, the gloves come off.
    the thread is out of line, the she I was originally referring to was gspal and no, her opinion did not matter as much to me as a fellow American. The original post was meant to be informative and it was for American based MT's. This whole thing is fast approaching ridiculous and I just realized you were responding to the earlier part of the thread, so for that I am sorry for my response.
    thank you for your understanding and quick forgiving nature. I need to calm down, I don't what possible difference I think jumping in the fire will make! and yes, we agree. I really don't mind other countries improving; they live in terrible conditions. I just think we should be put on a sacrificial alter. It seems not to matter that the inflation is killing us and to tell you the truth, not everybody is offering 9 cents a line; that would almost double some of them I have heard. They want to come down to 4 and 5 because we know they can get it even cheaper over there, but our bills are not coming down commensurately. Thank you again. L
    Thanks, anon!
    I have not been able to get any autotext entries to save.  Or I can save them, but when I reopen the program they aren't there.  Even my employer didn't know and thought it was a conflict with the platform we use.  I just did this tip you listed and so far it is working.  We'll see how it goes tonight though once I am actually working.  Thanks!
    I see why you posted Anon
    That's nice that you are prejudice.  I have three children who are mixed.  They are wonderful children.  I know this has nothing to do with your post about the little girl, but your admittance of being prejudice really offends me.
    Thanks ANON (see inside)
    For bringing this publication to our attention - and giving us the opportunity to write to the editor.  Our job in no way can be compared to any of those you listed - and I haven't made a profit in several years as an MT, much less ever been offered benefits, time off with pay, etc.  I have been offered a minute amount of money extra to work holidays - but not ever company even offers that to ICs.  I will definitely be sending in a letter to the Editor on this subject - we need to ban together and take our profession back from those who have taken it from us - or abandon it all together and let the big companies suffer through it - while trying to keep up the work with newbies.  My motto has always been - if you can't resolve something with a phone call - you should then write a letter.  Thanks again - for bringing this to our attention.
    anon, my apologies, not down on you,
    but I do see a lot of posts reflecting what I was talking about, so I did not mean to direct it all at you per se, just saw an opening for my "soapbox."

    It is great that things are good for you and you are not seeing the issues a lot of us do in this profession, but for the rest of us to make light of them and pretend they do not exist is not going to make it any better.

    We should be standing together. Even if you are doing great, you have a lot of sisters who are not. In fact, many are hurting real badly right now.
    Anon that is a really good...
    ...advice. It is one that many people should pay attention to.
    Anon, question...SM
    What new jobs are they being put in at Kaiser? Are coders being displaced too? Thanks!
    You're not alone, anon - sm
    It seems like we are limited in this profession because IC status is an absolute MUST for us because we have health issues. It's not that we cannot work or do not want to work. We can work every day, including weekends. It's just that becaue of our health situation, we need a very flexible schedule. We work when we are able to and not necessarily "when it pleases us," as one recruiter stated to me recently.

    I still have a job, but it has been very difficult because the company I work for over hired and work has been coming in, in dribs and drabs, and they don't pay when they are supposed to. They don't pay ICs through direct deposit, either.

    I have over 5 years experience as an MT, but my experience is mostly in clinic work. I was trained in the Basic 4, but now they are getting real picky and I was told by one recruiter that although I did exceptionally well on the test, they need MTs with recent acute care experience, so "Go get the experience and when you do, let us know." Talk about BS!

    Now I see something happening to my present company and there seems to be a lot of work all of a sudden and it looks like the reports are just sitting there, which is not hurting me because now I don't have to scrounge for dribs and drabs. It would be an okay company to work with if they would only get their heads out of their butts and pay on time.

    In my opinion, the MT job market is saturated now. Have you looked at the Job Seekers Board lately? For each job posted,there are like 800+ views which means you might as well try to win a lottery if you want to find a job.

    I absolutely refuse to be sold up the river with VR (and there are plenty of those out there). I am told that VR is here to stay. It's not a bad thing, but at least PAY a decent rate for mercy's sake! It takes about the same amount of time to edit a report as it does to type it in most cases!

    I just wanted to say that I feel for you and don't give up. Something has to come up sooner or later.
    They are still there today! Thanks again, anon!
    I am so excited about this that I have to post another thank you message to anon! I opened Word w/o the MT platform and did the tip and then every time I saved something while in the platform when I was working it still saved it. They all appear to be there today too. I have searched and searched for a solution to this and now I have it. Yippee!
    Thank you, anon, for this post...

    I appreciate your comments and it does give me more insight into things on this board and particular MT's replies. I pray very much for all the women here (and men, if applicable) who are being so stressed out and overloaded with unrealistic expectations, and feeling they are somehow lacking if they don't meet more demands of any kind placed on them...by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Work more, work harder, faster, better...God did not mean this for us. He loves us, and calls us into His Sabbath rest. Our families and children are suffering because of this, as mothers and wives are being worn out and overloaded, and feeling guilty about it on top of that!!! "Be still, and know that I am God."

    anon...this information changed me and

    ...sharing the information was the only way I could live with having it, if that makes sense.

    We are expected to accept so much in our world/society (violence, pain, suffering) these days, and in our hearts I believe we know some of these things are not 'right'; yet, our voices have become smaller and smaller, for some reason, and when someone does speak out they are labeled one thing or another, or dismissed, or worse. 

    In my opinion, I think some of it is fear...it seems to harden us, as you mentioned. 

    This is a terrific board...very 'colorful,' and by that I mean a lot of different points of view, which I find thought-provoking. 

    MTStars does a great job and service, in my opinion.

    Anon, which post are you replying to?
    Only work 8 hours a day?? (Anon)
    I honestly don't know how you do it. After 17 years of doing MT, my C-spine is a mess, i.e. DDD, bulging disk, bone spur, cord compression, disk dessication, etc. Four hours of transcribing IMHO, considering the intensity of the work (eyes on screen, hands on keyboard, foot on pedal, headphones on, glued to chair) is equivalent to the 8 to 9 hours I used to put in daily as a medical secretary with the breaks at the water cooler, and just having different tasks to break up the day. An MT can't even listen to a radio while working. Four hours is my limit. Friends and family will comment on how lucky I am to only work a 4 hour day. If they only knew how much work I do in those 4 hours...
    With all the anon posters, how would you sign?
    Lots of talk but when it comes down to it, how many people are really willing to sign a petition with their real name in an open forum? I would be willing to bet that the idea of possibly losing a job that pays the bills and puts food on the table would win out over the ideal.
    Extremely welcome, Anon. Just passing it on like much came from others. nm
    I assumed anon mean testing regarding
    post against offshoring. Anon didn't say anything about SS. Maybe you're just looking too deep into it.
    I think anon is same poster with kid problems
    Well anon at least you're batting 50%!
    Mine are not there--but I did figure out how to save my normal.dot in a different file in a different place, so now I just have to build it up again.  Truthfully I suspect tech support.  Last time this happened I asked them and they said something about "unauthorized macros" or some such BS, which is none of anybody's business how I do my job as long as I do it and do it well just leave me and my autotext alone!
    I totally agree with you anon!

    That MT30+ person got me once before also.  Mean, spiteful and cannot understand how the moderator has not shut her down.

    She does have some valid points (this time) but just has to keep on force feeding everyone her darn opinion until it is so far down your throat it comes out the other end. 

    To Appalled:   I am sorry that she feels the need to lift herself up in this manner instead of giving you some helpful ideas to deal with this situation that you are not familiar with.  Not all MTs with lots of experience treat others in this manner.  Whenever you see her posts.... duck and run.


    If you do, get thee to Al-Anon. Hubby-alcoholic
     got blasted for the last time at a 4th of July picnic 5 years ago - went to AA and has been clean ever since, bless his heart. But you better get into Al-Anon. You would be surprised how much you "help" the alcoholic be successful at failing...
    Re: anon posting - here on an open forum it's (sm)
    pretty much a "must". And a while back, someone started an online petition about personal information in healthcare records, and even when I sent it to people who were NOT in the healthcare industry, they were afraid to put their actual names out on the internet, and so many of the signatures were "anonymous". Totally WORTHLESS.

    Here's one way it might be done: Once a consensus has been reached about an effectively-written form letter, it can be posted so it can be downloaded. The recipient could sign it and send it themselves, and/or send it to one person on the board (who is NOT management, and deemed to be trustworthy, of course) to collect. Or, instead of a long form, letter, it could be a short blurb about "agreeing with and supporting" the letter that has been chosen, and that short form can be affixed to a longer petition.

    Anyway, now that I'm confusing even myself, what I mean is, there should be a way so that the "keeper of the petition" has actual, original, handwritten names, not just typed or copied.

    Another thing: Many MTs seem to feel that if they supported a national "outing" of what really goes on in this industry, that they could lose their jobs. Maybe there needs to be some sort of a consensus that if anyone who signs loses their job, then we ALL go on strike until that person is reinstated. Food for thought, anyway.
    Anon, I notice you are very critical to anyone who supports SS or the other
    done anything personal to you or are you just stirring the pot?
    Maybe I'll change it to Anon or MT, you know, something nonspecific ;-) nm
    Yeah, Anon, the dirty dogs!!! nm
    I totally agree with you anon, and sorry Appalled.

    That MT30+ person got me once before also.  Mean, spiteful and cannot understand how the moderator has not shut her down.

    She does have some valid points (this time) but just has to keep on force feeding everyone her darn opinion until it is so far down your throat it comes out the other end. 

    To Appalled:   I am sorry that she feels the need to lift herself up in this manner instead of giving you some helpful ideas to deal with this situation that you are not familiar with.  Not all MTs with lots of experience treat others in this manner.  Whenever you see her posts.... duck and run.


    Actually, I've seen Anon post negatively about other posts regarding SS.
    anon - the almighty $ will show in personal injury/malpractice cases. (nm)
    not to mention
    Wages are going down and difficult dictators on the rise, bad quality on the rise.  Does anyone know of any other profession where the starting pay is as exactly as it was 10 years ago, maybe less?  I started out at 7 cpl and they are STILL offering that as starting pay today!!  Doing this 10+ years and every report that comes up is worse than the last.  Fight hand fatigue and pain as well.  Its very depressing, this business.
    Not to mention
    Destruction of the barrier islands that could have reduced the damage, the poorly maintained levies and all the national gaurd troops die for lies in Iraq instead of providing services to the States.
    I should also mention...
    that I didn't think women called OTHER WOMEN that! WOW
    Please, please, mention this..
    when you set up your appointment next week. I feel your fear and I cried a bit for you as I was praying. Take care. Let us know what happens.
    not to mention--sm
    being wery wewiabow, too. jeez.
    why not mention it?
    not to mention...
    that what a person prefers to speak at home or with family/friends is completely different than what language someone should be speaking PROFESSIONALLY! I'll speak Korean all day long at home but once I start working or leave the house, it's English only. I hate it when people come to this country them demand that signs be put up in THIER language (HEAR ME MIAMI???) or that we accomodate them because they're just to darn lazy to learn the national language and use it properly. In my mind, it's a lack of respect for the USA. Believe me...you can't go to Germany and then expect them to accomodate you because you can't speak German. They expect outsiders to learn their langauge and if they have any in English, it's a gesture of courtesy and not because they feel like they should.
    What you did not mention, however, is that
    she is NOT following the client's specific instructions.
    Should also mention - sm
    My musical preferences tend to change depending on my mood.

    Today my mood is rockin. I am listening to Beck, Emigrate, Alice Cooper, The Fashion, Bangkok Five, Ride The Boogie, AM Radio, Bryan Adams, Poststardom Depression, Brad Sucks, Fischerspooner, Northern Mississippi Allstars, Cowboy Mouth, the list goes on ... quite a mix.

    Whatever keeps me groovin right?
    Should probably mention . . .
    I have only ever had 2 jobs as an MT. First job was with a local hospital for almost 5 years, and now I have only been working for an MTSO for 9+ months, so haven't quite gotten comfortable yet.
    You don't mention where he's from

    but maybe it's a place where bargaining and haggling for everything is expected.  He may figure that your 'final offer' may be a whole lot lower than what he's been paying. You already proved that by reducing your price to 9 cents, and now he doesn't believe you're worth even that.  You gave him a 10% discount, now he wants 50%.  Soon you'd be paying HIM for the privilege of working for him.

    I also would have charged him some kind of accounting fee for the time it took me to recaluclate the line count for billing.  What?  You should work for free to do this? If he did not understand that 65 characters equal a line, no matter on which line they appear, then he is definitely not bright enough to be a doctor.  I think he was just yanking your chain on this so see how much he could get away with. 

    I'd let him leave and go with the new company.  When the honeymoon is over, their ESL MTs can't understand his ESL dictation and they don't meet TAT and their quality is crummy maybe he'll be willing to pay the 10 cents.  At that point, if he contacted me to take over again, I'd ask for 12 and settle for 11....  maybe.