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typo/ should have said definitely. Thanks

Posted By: opinions needed for affect/effect on 2005-07-25
In Reply to: Nobody here seems to definately know answer Thanks see mssg - opinions needed for affect/effect

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Sorry for the typo and...
I'm also going to post this on the company board in case this is the wrong board for this. Thanks.

Just noticed typo - should've proofed before sending.  Sorry for the incorrect spelling of through.
It was a typo
My father-in-law signed my husband up for this and I thought I would give it a shot to see if we could make some extra money. I really am a medical transcriptionist. I work for a company out of Brentwood, TN, but I get to work from home using ChartMatrix and VoiceWave.
It's a typo - get over it! nm
Sorry about that typo!

I meant to say [resent] instead of recent. I hate typos, even in postings---must be the MT in my blood!
Your VPN, no you. typo! nm
Sorry, typo, but I'm not ..
even sure it is the right drug without the context.
sorry for the typo


Sorry---meant 500/wk!
their typo
That is they are here not AR. sorry typo nm.
Sorry for typo. sm
Sorry for typo. Yes, you are right. It's such a small amount, but the principle of the matter as well as her arrogant disposition prompted me to do it. Her lawyer is taking it to trial. We could have settled this thing, but maybe her lawyer is milking her and stroking her pride. Anyway, someone is going to get paid, even if it is not me.
Was told I could NOT take a vacation....or, not one that included the entire weekend - lol!
cataract and not enough coffee. :)
"It" not I. sorry for the typo. nm
it was a typo - LOOKOUT.....NM

yes, but there are not just typo errors. sm
A wrong word, i.e., peroneal instead of perineal, and the list goes on ad infinitum, or a sentence ending in the wrong place.  There are any number of things a spellchecker will not catch. I proof totally when I transcribe. Having worked in QA for a long long time, even very very good MTs make some pretty bad mistakes from time to time. 
sorry for typo, should be "looking bad" (sm)
Sorry for the typo...should have been "looking bad". I just woke up and am checking my email, etc. I worked 2nd/3rd last night. I know it is no excuse for a typo, but my brain is not in "work mode" just yet.......

[[[[[[Seems like I've heard that you have to let it get a certain length before you wax? Waxing seems like it would be great, but if I had to wait even 1 day with it looking back, or heaven forbid, dayssss, no way. Is that true, or can you just do it as soon as you see a sign of more growth? Seriously, I've always wondered about this....not OP, but this post caught my eye too.]]]]]]

Please, one typo is NOT the problem..
typo--that should be WEBSITE

long day

I would count as a typo
especially if I felt the MT knew her stuff.... this kind of thing happens - QA supposedly was an MT themselves in a previous life- do you think this never happened to them? I might not even count it depending on the MT and my mood! :)
Please disregard the typo . . .
I see that I have mixed the words. It just makes me mad to see QA with "experience" pick on those trying to make it. Seems like you tend to forget how it was in your beginning years.
oops -- typo
Fingers are not working today. Sorry. :(
My blooper typo-of-the-day! sm

Doctor dictates:  "Extremities are warm and well perfused."

What I almost typed:  "Extremities are warm and well PERFUMED." 

    Time for a break

Ooops! Typo.
I did type it wrong on my original post.  It is Ctrl+Insert+Insert that I use.  I am out of it today...typical Monday blahs.   Thanks! 
I repeat - and YOU have never had a typo?
Landlord (sorry about typo) nm
of all the places to put a typo!
I made a typo - sorry! nm
This wasn't just one typo, there were several.
Excuse the typo
I mean't go not bo in earlier post.
Sorry about the typo - forgive me
Sorry for the typo . . .
wow..got me on a typo...see!!..you are worth
Please excuse the typo...
Should read... if I can swing the 8 cpl that was offered to me.
You probably had a typo in several of your passwords
when you typed it.
Why did it go through one time? That's when you typed it right.
Maybe they blocked you, were your emails 'nasty'?

The Daily Typo: - (sm)

What was dictated:   "He had normal fundi bilaterally."

What I typed:  "He had normal FUNGI bilaterally."

Mental image that conjured up:   Dude with large mushrooms sprouting out of his ears!     

Thanks! I'm assuming that was a typo, you
meant *hook up to both MONITORS* I hope....

But thanks for giving me a starting point....I'm gonna ask about that switch the Best Buy near my house...

Thanks again!
Hey you made a typo. Why would you go backwards? Cause you don't like your job.
That's why people don't like editor. Read between the lines. This editor/poster feels it is going "backwards" to be an MT. I rest my case.
That should be "can" - typo police. nm
Sorry for typo above (Tansforlife-error)
When I found this to be true (work available but blocked out), I called and questioned it. Perhaps she should do the same.
How the heck do you edit a typo??


Oops....typo alert!
That should have been "to do radiology reports" not "to radiology reports."  My proofreading skills are on standby, I guess.
Sorry for the typo!! I meant wondering nm
keyboard, would make me believe it is just a typo.
my typo - should've read.....sm

kids, not kinds - putting all kids in public schools - (but not in today's world)

Oops! I just noticed a typo. Does anyone know of any....sorry about that.

oops typo should be each 30 seconds, not each second nm
oops typo - OP could have WORKED...sorry....

bad hands day - sorry for typo....*L*

Are you a MT-typo error honey!!!
Proofread before you send out. I sure hope you are not a MT????
Sorry typo - Softmed company name. :)