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wanted to try it but wanted to make sure

Posted By: there are compatible. on 2007-10-21
In Reply to: I use Incredimail with my Comcast account... - Yes


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New. Wanted to put in a better card to support a game my 17yo DD wanted to play.
If everyone wanted to make a little effort...
And take an area to call, I bet the information could be obtained from the hospitals, etc. There is no reason you couldn't call and say you are considering a procedure/doc there and want to ensure your private information is secure and you would like to know if their billing/transcription is done in-house, outsourced or both, and if outsourced, to whom. I have received answers, but sometimes I have had to make a few more calls.
Yes, Clinton wanted to make sure Hussein
didn't have weapons of mass destruction, that's why we had inspectors, etc., and guess what it was working because everything we were told before going in there were lies....he didn't have any and Bush has admitted that fact.
Wanted to make stuffed cabbage but sm
Wanted to make stuffed cabbage but wasn't sure about Internet recipe. Made teriaki chicken instead. If you have a good recipe, would you mind sharing it?
The only way I'd make what a man wanted for dinner every night....
......would be if that man made $200,000 or more a year and I didn't have to work, period. ; )
I am trying to be really nice, just wanted to make sure someone else thought so, too.

I do love these other two docs, it's just that this one is making me nuts. Knowing that the OM has already talked to her about this twice, mentioning to me as well that she is not comfortable with the HIPAA issue, I though might give some more leverage to the OM. I also thought that was less personal than me saying something like "I find this disrespectful to myself as a transcriptionist."

I appreciate the insight. Thanks!

Thank you - that is what I have, but wanted to make sure as the doctor is correcting a previous repo
Just wanted to let you know (SM)

That my cat is doing much better than a few days ago.  He's eating food, and I saw him drinking today.  I've been giving him subcu fluid for the last couple days.  We are moving to Nebraska on the 6th, so I hope the trip isn't too stressful for him.

Well, I'm having fun playing with this ...I was in mtstars withdrawal there for awhile.  Hope you all are having a great day!

Bye for now



Come to work for Soft Script.  If you are a "newbie" transcriptionist, do not mind us stealing your lines, enjoy rude, threatening, and hateful e mails, and among numerous other things - you like to work for less than minimum wage, then we have the perfect position for you. 

Yes folks, this is what you will get when you go to work for Soft Script, it is a lot of fun, everyone should try it. 


That was exactly the one I wanted to take.
However, there aren't any Irish dance instructors in my area.  I searched ebay for the instructional videos last night.
I have always wanted to eat my
I can't believe you wanted to
Lame 'O' Rama!
I just wanted to be sure you all saw my...
"Thank you" down below. The response to this post was crazy and I appreciate the solid support you have given. Please pray for me to have the courage to face this leap of faith. He says he wants to make things better and that he loves me. I have not told him that I love him since he hit me in the eye two weeks ago and he has noticed. I think he realizes that I am tired of all the nonsense and that this could go either way right now depending on his behavior. I am strong, but I just have to believe in myself. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks again. J.
Just wanted to say thanks

to all of you who responded to my post a few weeks ago about insomnia.  I decided to try the Melatonin, and it works wonders!!! I sleep like a baby every night and I don't suffer any side effects.  I also like knowing that it's all natural

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!

i wanted to say too
when my mom was contemplating having the surgery, the surgeon provided her with names and numbers with patients who already had the surgery so that she could talk to them and see what their experience was.
I wanted to be....
An archaeologist/paleontologist (sic), a zoologist, or a veterinarian. Then I found out how long it took to go to school. That ended that!

I wound up going for computer programming. Hated that. Loved typing and computers but hated the programming end of it, so went into accounting. Me....who flunked math in school, but it challenged me and I was good but not enough typing for me. Then did typing for a book company...got bored. Now I'm an MT. What a life!

Please don't ask my age. LOL
Just wanted to add . . .
It is a blessing to have this site to go to where there are others who truly understand the pain/abuse we take/put up with. Only another MT could possibly understand what it is like at times.
I also wanted to add this ...
Many may actually know the terminology but make mistakes in their transcription or typos. Still, it is incorrect and it cannot be accepted.

Hearing correctly is one thing; transcribing it correctly to the document is another.

I think many errors happen on the transcription phase, not the hearing/understanding phase.

Thanks so much! That was exactly what I wanted to know....nm
I really wanted to ask
my former PS to send me a picture but I was too shy and knew I should not anyway.  His voice sounded sexy and just by the way he talked about things in general I had a feeling he was. 
yea... i NEVER did whatever I wanted
and as an IC i had every right to, but I stuck to my 24 hour TAT for seven years unless I was sick... i NEVER did vacations, I Never took time off... EVER. Now i'm kicking myself for it since after 7 years they have betrayed me.
Wanted to add
I wanted to add that I do work someplace else also because I don't believe in this industry you can put all your eggs in one basket but I do think Transcend is a nice place to work overall.
Just wanted to say
THANK YOU for the replies. I did receive an e-mail response also, and appreciate that too :).

I am feeling a bit better about this, but still worried too . . . just part of my personality, I guess.

I would still like to hear from others who have experience with this, and thanks again!
Just wanted to say

 that I welcome corrections from QA's who make corrections that are legitimate, a mis-spelling, wrong term, wrong word, that sort of thing.  I actually look forward to feedback when I get a particularly tough dictator and had to send it in with blanks so I can see if the QA was able to make sense of it so I will have a better chance of getting it next time. I appreciate your help in making me a better MT.  The QA's that I have a problem with are the one's that send my stuff back with "corrections" that are not really corrections, things that would not impact the document in the least.  It is silly, anal, and just makes everyone's job harder.  I just wanted to put that out there because it sounds like from the posts that there are a few good QA's out there that just want to do their job and help us get better as opposed to nit-picking every little, tiny, miniscule thing they can find.  I also especially appreciate the QA's that just give the feedback or explain why the feedback-not the ones with attitude and arrogance and nasty remarks.  Those are the people that need to change jobs, because they are not helping anyone.

What I wanted to do but never did (and probably shouldn't)
I always wanted to tape record about 20 minutes of the yapping and then play it back right outside when the neighbor had a window open, preferably in the middle of the night!
Big rig info wanted

Kids are gone.  I'm single.  I'm sick of being in the house 24/7.

I'm thinking about truck driving school.  I love driving. I can drive forever.

I'm going to do my own research regarding schools, salary etc., but would appreciate any "insider" or first-hand knowledge.

I know I need a change.

I have always wanted to be able to use "sic" ...
in reports where we know darn well it's wrong but that's what they dictate.  Sic means "just as" and is used where the writer/typist knows something is incorrect or unusual but that was the way it was presented (in our case, the dictator).  That way the reader of the reports would know it wasn't our error but the dictator's.  However, I have never seen where this is allowed in MT.
you could fix it if you wanted to or is it verbatim? nm
I wanted to offer ...sm
our RV that is in our yard. DH reminded me that the kids still sleep there because of our house fire (dishwasher door caught fire). Our house is still in disrepair.

I'll have to find another way to help.
I don't think I asked about MQ. I just wanted to know the
Shorthand and Shortcut, so I can buy the best one.
Not OP but wanted to post about rad. sm
I work for Keystrokes on two different accounts. One is the best account ever, and I literally type 22-26 reports per hour. I have been on the same account for 4 years, use Shorthand religiously, sit and type straight through 6 hours 6 days a week (my choice). About a year ago, I got a bug in my bonnet and asked to change accounts. It was right as the new residents came in, and it seemed to be the worst group ever. I moved to another account, and my counts cut in half.

So, I would recommend Keystrokes for radiology accounts but by the report and make sure that it is an account that either pays links or pays higher because it does not pay links.

Yeah, that's why I wanted to know what it was.
I think you wanted to stir the pot
You wouldn't be celebrating the "holiday" if it weren't for the birth of Christ, why celebrate at all if you want to leave the "religion" out of it since that is the reason for the holiday.  I think that you wanted to "stir" things up otherwise you would just be observing quietly and not making a fuss about what your bliefs are or are not.
I wanted to thank everyone who helped below
about DHs red blotches.  He is feeling fine this morning.  I did tell him the signs of anaphylaxis and to go to the ER if he has any of those symptoms.  We may never know what caused those blotches.  Thanks again!!!  You all rock!
I don't, but my daughter wanted one . . .sm
She wanted a vine (like a bracelet) around her upper arm.  She was 20 at the time so I really had no say in the matter except, "Why don't you wait until we go see your grandmother in short sleeves." We did and she scrapped the vine idea in a hurry.
I for one look at the help wanted all the time. sm
I'm not applying, just like to keep abreast of what is offered.  So, I'm sure others do this as well. 
Just wanted to share..
I just had a doctor, after stumbling over some words during dictation, say "I'm sorry, you have no idea the horrible handwriting I am dealing with"
not convertible, but I have wanted

I have wanted a Jeep Wrangler for years!  You know, the kind where you drive around with the top completely off. 

I have 3 small kids, so it will be a while. I'm 35 now, so I guess it will be my late midlife crisis vehicle and I will look silly - just gotta hope I can cover the grey and my legs are still firm.

Not everybody wants or wanted to be a mother. (sm)
I am 40, soon to be 41, never married, working from home, well educated, and making a great income. Mother's Day never has and never will bother me. Why should it? If someone says, "Happy Mother's Day", I either return the greeting, just to be polite, or I say, "I'm not a mother", and leave it at that. I never wanted to be married, and I never wanted to be a mother, so Mother's Day never bothered me (truthfully, I never even thought about it until I read your post). :-)))
I've always wanted to do that!
Where do you go to get a license - and do you have to have your own bike first? I've ALWAYS wanted to try motorcycle riding - it looks like so much fun.
Please do not post job wanted ads. (NM)
Please do not post job-wanted ads. (nm)
Serene - just wanted to say thanks . . .
Someone on this board recommended Serene herbal tablets for sleep and muscle relaxant - just wanted to say thanks.  I ordered a sample; they work great for me and just ordered a full bottle.
Just wanted to say thank you all for your opinions. sm
I decided on 1 resume to give my 2 cents as the MT was a newbie and only had 1 misspelled word and in the email told her that I would keep her resume, but could not hire her at this time as I did not have time to train for this account. I was lucky enough to receive a Thank You email instead of a ripping. As for the rest of them (and some were soooooo bad), I decided to leave well enough alone. Thanks everyone!
Cable wanted me to pay $8,000 out of my
from the road down the driveway to my house.  Yes, you read that right - $8,000.  I live in a rural, most federal preserve land area.  They have cable line along the road, but will only go so many feet to a house.  Since my driveway is 1,500 feet long they said to run a buried line with boosters every few feet, it would take them 20 years to recoup their costs, so I would have to pay it out of my pocket.  We offered to dig the ditch ourselves, but they said it would still be that much due to the boosters needed.  Satellite was my only option.  There are some companies out there that will hire satellite users.  Some are under the misconception that it is easy to steal a satellite signal - which is hogwash.  It is no different than someone who has their DSL or Cable set up on a wireless network and their neighbor uses their signal to get internet access - you have to have all the privacy options in place to prevent that.
I think I wanted to be a teacher
Please do not post job-wanted ads. (SM)

If you are looking for a job, we have a free Job Seekers board and a free resume bank available.  The job postings are very specific.  If you have questions about a job posting, please contact the company as directed.

If you wish to ask about specific companies, please do so on the Company board.


I have always wanted to get into paralegal! sm
I used to work for a lawyer back when I graduated high school.  I was a secretary of course doing transcription, but I always liked the paralegal on staff.  He was so nice and would share stuff that he did.  One of the secretaries working for a lawyer in the practice actually went on to school to become a paralegal.  She loves it.  I actually talked to the lawyer's wife when I saw her in passing about a year ago, and she said "Linda loves her new job".  She paralegals for the same firm!  I was so excited for her.  I have kids too, so I am not looking to go back to school yet, but I'm 36 and have more years to work as well.  I was thinking about trying to go to school when they get just a tad older, and then go back to an office setting.  Would you be kind enough to e-mail me with the program you plan to attend?  I am very interested in what they have to say.  Good luck to you, and I think you are making the right decision.  It is scary though, and I am just like you in that I thought I would never leave MT and probably won't all together, but I like your thinking and I like your post..... 
And what if you wanted to do it in ShortHand?
Pretty please?
Company wanted

Now THAT'S what I'M talkin' about!  There was a time when workers/employees could actually influence, shape and at times, tip that balance you so eloquently satirized.  Ladies and gentlemen.  It would help us to realize that our issues are indeed political issues. 


You want to take back your job and get the respect you deserve?  Take back our country first.  Participate in the process.  Don't wait until next summer.  It is never too early to activate a political agenda.  It does not only belong to us.  It is the same agenda of those whose jobs have been or are going to be outsourced, a number of Americans that is expanding exponentially from what I understand.  It is the issue of hard-working folks that do not have medical insurance or other benefits that were commonplace only a few short decades ago.  It is the agenda of anyone who expects a living wage or better for an honest day's work and the ability to have, raise and educate their childern.  It is for any person who believes profit and prosperity are not the same and that neither arises out of exploitation or oppression, be it in the work force, undocumented immigrants, sweat shop workers overseas who our corporations engage and with whom we are replaced, not even the refugees, survivors, casualties and other such collateral damage our war produces. 


Look around.  Surely you will find agendas and their supporters with ease and in large numbers.  Speak out loudly and listen attentively.  Go to the polls next year as an educated voter and do what you believe is the right thing to do.  Keep trying until we get it right.   

Company wanted
Awsome!!!! :)