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word 2003

Posted By: sue on 2009-02-25
In Reply to: If you got Works alone, you don't have Word, just the - sm

What I got was Works Plus 2008 and it does come with word 2003. I have it installed on my computer and it runs.

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Microsoft Word.. The oold Word used to do this and I'm new to 2003 Word..nm
Info/help on open Word 2007 docx with Word 2003.

I have a friend who sent me a document with .docx extension, presumably Word 2007. I can open it in Word 2003; however, all I see are musical notes and highlighting, no text (this is a document with words and highlighting only, no pictures, music notes, etc.). I tried to open this with Notepad and only see the usual gibberish.

I know I opened another 2007 Word doc before and I remember seeing the converter load at that time but that was probably a year ago. Is there something that has changed that I'm not aware of?

Darn Microsoft.

Is any one running ExText with Word 2000 and EditScript with Word 2003 sm

I am interested to know if anyone is running two platforms with a different version of Word on one computer.

I am running eScription's ES with Word 2003 and want to run ExText but their version of Word is 2000.  Has anyone done this or doing it now.  If so, have you run into any problems. 

I can't seem to get a straightforward answer from the Techs at either company.    I can't just load ExText and jeopardize it interfering with eScription. 

I am interested to hear any and all comments.  Thank you so much in advance for any help!


Changing Excel 2003 Addresses Into Word 2003 Addresses

Hello !

I have a large amount of addresses listed on an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.  I need these addresses for Word 2003 letters.  I end up copying the address from Excel and pasting it into Word, but as you can imagine, the pasted address is in a straight line and I end up having to type the address so it displays correctly for a letter.  Does anyone know if there is a simple way to change the Excel address format to a Word letter address format?  Thank you for your help.

Switching from Word 2000 to Word 2003...
Has anyone upgraded from W2000 to W2003? If so, did all your autocorrect entries and normals transfer easily? I would like to upgrade but don't want 2 lose my shortcuts and expanders! TIA

Can you transfer them from Word 2002 to Word 2003?
I was able to transfer mine from one computer to another when I had Word 2002 on both of them.  Now I have a new computer with Word 2003, and have not been able to do it.  The autocorrect has a different file name. 
I dunno about Word 2007 but Word 2003

has AutoCorrect, which is probably what you're meaning. When you program a macro, it records your Keystrokes and actions and is more complicated than what you're needing.

In Word 2003, type the word/phrase you want (i.e., degenerative disc disease) then highlight it. Go to Tools, AutoCorrect Options, and your highlighted word should be in the "with" box. Type your shortcut (i.e., ddd) in the "replace" box. Click Add then OK. To use the new entry, just type what you put in the replace box (ddd). No other keys necessary. I would guess it should be about the same in Word 2007.

Hope that helps! Feel free to email if you have more questions...

Word 2007, Word 2002, or 2003
How many transcriptionists have switched to these versions of Word?  I am still using Word 2000, and it works well for me, but have been offered job with a company that uses Word 2007, and another company that will let you use Word 2002 or 2003.  I am fighting this and am at the point where I just might not accept a new job because of this change.  I can't imagine why they would want to change from Word 2000.  Your opinions, please.  Thank you.
Word 2003 and Word 2007....

If you have Word 2003 and upgrade to Word 2007 - will you still be able to access your Word 2003 documents? 

I am still kinda confused on this as everything I have read about this states that the Word 2003 files will be opend in a "compatibility" form, as opposed to normal. 

Would it be in my best interest to save the Word 2003 files to a disk first?

Actually Word 97 through 2003 (sm)
are essentially the same. A document created in 2003 can be opened in 97 with no problems. You aren't missing anything and you saved a bundle!

Does anyone on the board here know how to subtype in Word?

Word 97 to 2003

I am finding that my Word 97is bogging down and two accounts that I work use 2003 and I believe there might be interference between the two programs.  I would like to know if anyone has transitioned their documents to 2003 and if there have been any complications.


Word 2003
Buy the student version.  My daughter did and it was so much cheaper and works just as well. 
Word 2003 help

 HELP! I've used Word 2003 for years. I bought a new computer with XP, NOT Vista, loaded the program back on and it seems to work fine EXCEPT I always worked in normal view, just like it better. However, now in normal view will NOT display the entire status bar words as before; i.e., Ln does NOT show up. For example, if I wanted to skip to Line 6.75 or whatever, I have no clue where it is. Print view, I know, displays all of this. In normal view, it  never shows page breaks either which it did before. My problem is, I really like to work in normal view and have done so for years with the above items showing up on the status bar. The status bar is there at the bottom but won't display Ln at all. I have two reference books and cannot for the life of me figure thisout. Any ideas? Perhaps reinstalling it again???

MS Word 2003
I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post on, but does anybody know where they sell MS Word 2003 alone (not the Office package)?  Thanks!  
MS Word 2003
Thanks everybody!
Word 2003 help please.

Hi all! 

I accidently bumped something -- I have no clue what!  But now I have two tools bars on my Word 2003 screen and I cannot seem to get rid of the duplicate.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Word 2003
Not sure of how to help with that - but was told by the IT people where I work not to update to the newest version or it would interfere with the connection with Escription -
Word 2003
I tried that -- it didn't remove the double tool bar and I didn't update anything either so it didn't get messed up from any updates -- just me typing too fast and hitting something that I shouldn't have.  Ugh!
i have word 2003 so how would i do this nm
word 2003 help
When I am typing, all of a sudden my cursor goes away. It is really annoying! Every time I get on a roll with something I have to stop and click the mouse to get started again. Do I have some kind of virus or what the heck is going on?
MS Word 2003 - Where can I buy it? nm
MS Word 2003 sm

I need the regular (not student/teacher) version of MS Word 2003 for eScription.  Does anyone know where these can be purchased?  Microsoft is now pushing their word 2007 so I haven't had any luck on their site.  Without purchasing the entire MS Office 2003, any ideas???



In Word 2003... sm

Go to the top where the drop down menus are.  Go to "Tools" "Autocorrect Options" "Autoformat As You Type" and check or uncheck the boxes as you prefer.  There is one for a fractions and for 1st.

I don't have 2000 so I can't tell you how it is different off the top of my head.

Word 2003
I need word 2003 - I went to ebay and purchased one. No problem and was brand new.
Word 2003
If you only want Word 2003, it is difficult to find one even on E-Bay.  I also have been looking for it.  I don't want the entire 2003 Suite, just Word 2003.  If you find one, please let me know where.  Thanks.
ms word 2003
Is MS word 2003 compatiable with Vista?????
Alt J isn't doing anything for me. Do you use Word 2003?


word 2003
I just recently purchased works 2008 with word 2003 through an online store on ebay for $59. This was just in the last week. I don't remember the name of the store, but it was out of Arizona. Just go into ebay and do a search for word 2003 and you will find it. Good luck with your test. You definitely want to make sure you have good references and if you are going to be working from home, you may want to make sure you update. I just had to, am working from home now after 13 years of working on site. Stedmans sure got a nice chunk of money from me lol. You can actually get download versions of the books right onto your computer so you won't have to wait for the mailman. If you need to get a pedal try www.tvps.com (Executive Communication Systems), this is where I have found the best deals on the pedals I needed. The best of luck to you.
Word 2003
Does anyone know where I can find Word 2003 for cheap if at all possible?  I need it to begin a new job but of course, I hardly ever have any money.  I tried ebay but some want over 100.00 and i can't do that right now.
word 2003
That was me. I did indeed get Word 2003 with a copy of Works 2008 plus from Glendale, AZ on ebay for $59.95. The seller is dimensiongifts-2008. I am using it every day with no problems.
Good luck.
Does anyone know where I can get Word 2003?
I have 2000 currently but need 2003 for a new job. I am not finding it available anywhere...am I missing something?
Word 2003
I bought mine in 2007 online from Viosoftware. Had to Google and check several places to find it in stock; not all that easy to find. Good luck!
Word 2003
Word 2003 help

Highlight the heading, go under format, and click change case.  It may take a few clicks to get it to be all caps.

Word 2003

I am wondering if anyone can advise me on Word 2003. I did have 2007 but had to switch back to 2003, and apparently I forgot a lot.

I cannot remember, nor can I find, how to change a heading to all caps. I have found under format how to change on all documents, but I just want to know how to change when needed.



Regarding Word 2003 post from way below--sm
To the person who posted a suggestion for correcting the non capitalization problem of Word 2003 from far down the list of posts, the suggestion you gave was SOOO correct!!!!  Thank you so much!  You have no idea how aggravating that was.  I did what you suggested and the first thing I did was to uncheck the "automatically add words" to the exception list box.  Then I started typing and waited for it to not capitalize a word.  I went back into the exceptions list and sure enough!  The word had been added!  I deleted it and went to type the sentence again.  It worked this time!!!  I am SOOOOO happy.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  YIPPEEE!!!  How can I ever repay you??     
Love Word 2003
I used to use Word 97 also, just up until about a year ago. I also had lots of error windows with it because it is not compatible with the new Windows XP programs. When I switched to 2003, it will read all of the Word 97 formats, etc. No problem at all. It is much friendlier and easier to use, however very similar still to Word 97. It just looks prettier. I hope this helps.
Abacus and Word 2003

Has anyone used Abacus with Word 2003 and does it work?  If not, any other nice line count programs out there that creat patient lists/invoices?



question about Word 2003
I use Auto Correct for my shortcuts.  Does anybody know how to print the list?  TIA.
Smartype/Word 2003
There are no new fixes for that problem. If you call or E-mail Stedman's they will refund your money when you return the software. They know this is a problem. I have noticed that it only happens to me if I hit a combination of two hot keys. You could try turning off or not using those keys. I have found it to be the best solution as I am just more comfortable using Smartype. I tried other expanders, but just like Smartype better even with this problem.
Smartype/Word 2003
Not sure how to do that when I cannot get anything for Smartyupe to open--properties, settings, help, etc. I bought Smartype many years ago, from a different company, so not sure what to do. Thank you!
question about Word 2003

There is only one way I know of, and it is very, very tedious.  You can bring up your Autocorrect file, do CTRL-PRTSCN (print screen), and then open up a new MS Word file and do CTRL-V.  Better still, you can record it in Photoshop or other similar programs, since you would be able to easily crop the extraneous stuff out of the picture.  This will give you only four entries at a time (I said it was tedious! ) but it's better than nothing....sort of.  The only other alternative I know of is to just open up two MS Word windows and open Autocorrect in one window and copy the entries into the second one.  Also tedious.

Sorry I can't be of more help....

if you purchase Word 2003 (sm)
buy the CD. If you purchase the version that is already loaded on your computer you will never be able to recover that software should your system fail or something happen to your hard drive. If you purchase the CD, you can use that copy on something like three or five computers at your home, and you can reinstall a number of times. Once you run out of installs, you will have to call Microsoft for a new verification number, but if you tell them you only have it on X number of computers at home and you had a bad hard drive, they will give you the verification number so that you can reinstall the program. Otherwise, if you purchase the software from the download that came with your computer, you will not be able to do this - it will be a one-time install only. Ask me how I know *_*
MS Word 2003....please read
Hi, I have a question.  How do I create fields in my MS Word document so I can just tab forward to each field?  Thanks.
vista and word 2003
I have seen ads on ebay I think. Where are you getting your computer and are you getting it with XP and then putting on word 2003?
vista & word 2003
Thank you very much.  I want to make sure everything will work together before I go out and spend all that money on equipment.  Thanks.  Merry Christmas. 
Word 2003 question

Hey, folks.  Need some advice/info, etc.  These old eyes are getting somewhat worn, and I need to increase my documents to the 105% view.  Is there anywhere I can set that as a default?  Not to sound lazy, but I'd like to be able to just open a document and have it automatically be that size, instead of getting halfway through it and trying to figure out why I can't see what I'm working on!!!

Thanks in advance,


Word 2003 Question
I used to do this in some of my accounts. If you base your documents on a template, the template will open in whatever the view size was when you created the template. Hope this helps.
Word 2007 and 2003


I have word 2007 and I know I need 2003 so does anyone know where you can find it or what to do?  I would appreciate it and thank you very much.


Word 2003 Question

I currently use Word 2003.  When I started Word this morning all of my entries in my custom dictionary (that I use for spellcheck) were gone.  Has anybody had this happen to them before.  As far as I can tell my medical spellchecker is working ok it is just the custom dictionary. 

Any help would be appreciated so this does not happen again.